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  1. In KotOR Tool open appearance.2da (KotOR I -> BIFs -> 2da.bif -> 2D Array -> appearance.2da), here you can look up the texture names of the underwear (column texa) and default clothing (column texb). With that knowledge you go to KotOR I -> ERFs -> swpc_tex_tpa.erf -> P and search for the texture you need, press "Extract file" (And then "Save as TGA") or "Write File" in the Image Viewer, save to your override folder (create one as a sub folder in your game's folder if you don't have one yet). Now you can edit the .tga image and test your changes.
  2. Oh, oops, I think I simply forgot to include a txi file 🙄 Thanks for noticing, I've updated the zip. C_SenBall01D.txi
  3. I'm going to have to get a bit technical... Textures in this game can have an alpha channel, normally you'd think that that's just for transparency, but here it can be areas where another texture "shines through" using that alpha channel, like a background layer. You can include a .txi file to declare which texture is behind those transparent parts, for example one to make those parts look like shiny metal. This mod does not include a .txi file, because I didn't need to change how the unmodded file handled that. You say "heavily modded", so a lot of things could be an issue, I hope the above can give you some clues about where things might clash.
  4. Try: I find it to be less of a hassle than MDLOps.
  5. I think I ran into something similar in the past, I'm not sure what exactly fixed things but I: - Updated "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable", here under "Other tools and frameworks": https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/downloads/ I have a 64 bit Windows (10) and have both "Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x86)" and "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x64)". Again, I'm not sure if that did the trick or which one is used or needed. - Reinstalled KotOR Tool, make sure you grab the latest version from this site. A restart might also be needed after the above.
  6. Saves contain references to items, not the actual items or even their properties. You should be able to find the name of the item with KSE, but it's not likely that you can tell which mod that item belonged to.
  7. I doubt that's it. Just wait until Sith Holocron clears things up.
  8. Probably not my version, looks higher res, shiny and doesn't have the portrait mine has. My mod has the same resolution as the original and doesn't add the shine (I mainly made it for the Steam Workshop and adding that is problematic there).
  9. Effix

    Baby Yoda

    I'm not good enough with manipulating the 3D models, could someone try to edit the n_yoda model to make it look like a baby Yoda? Scale certain parts, scale the animation hooks along with it. I think I could take care of the texture. We could then simply have it follow Mandalore, like Bao-Dur's remote (Like how the Cati Mod by Princess Artemis does with the Gizka), that would be very funny and cute.
  10. lol, I vaguely remember reading about GIMP doing things like that, I've only used Photoshop. Try flipping the image vertically so that the eye is in the top left corner, save as tga and test again.
  11. Sure, give this a try. This one uses the TSL Patcher to add things instead of replacing a player character. Effixians_PFHC06_from_K2_to_K1.zip
  12. I'm with Samuel L. Jackson on this one, though I like to use 2 single blades in the KotOR games. I like the colour to be a bit more towards purple than the violet kind that the games have. I'm not too fussy about the hilt, I like the old Graflex Anakin/Luke ones, Qui-Gon's, Obi-Wan's, Vader's. Some more exotic ones from SWTOR are cool too, white with golden curls and things on it.
  13. I've updated the female red Twi'lek in my Twi'lek PC Pack, I was never really satisfied with it. There's now a better balance in the highlights and shadows and the body matches the face a little better. Her portraits are updated to match the new look.