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  1. I guess you didn't understand what I wrote above. This is the texture that you largely had in mind, that I edited, applied to the female Sith model. It's fine if you want to keep looking for something else, take it or leave it.
  2. You can't really benefit much from the existing Republic textures when trying to transform the Sith uniform, the texture layouts are completely different. You can transform/rotate parts but that destroys the quality. You'd probably be better off just creating something from scratch and using those textured models as inspiration. But for me that's too much work and it's not something either of us want to do. So, how about this? (screenshot from the model viewer, will look better in game) P_SarnaB01.tga
  3. Neville. Is it not allowed to mention the one you're talking about? Come on...
  4. I guess I'm getting old... I feel like your posts are a bit of a bombardment. Anyway, I can't see the full body here, but it looks like what you want is in this screenshot? Or part of what you want? I'm currently replaying KotOR but I can't tell if this was your own texture work. If so then I'm sure you can tweak it some more to look more like that SWTOR artwork from that Galactic History entry.
  5. Just write here what you have in mind for the texture, perhaps there's something I can assist with. I don't do model changes, though.
  6. Hm, I see, no idea, one way to find out: test.
  7. "and that line will create bugs" What do you mean? The only way to add a party member is to replace one. Feel free to pick another. I understand you want to remove the NPC Sarna, but that fact still remains. There's a set amount of party members, not very dynamic, but that's what it is. Not sure if two scripts trying to remove the NPC would cause a problem, probably not, but why would you? One script action will fail, do nothing.
  8. Changing the militias is a bit more complex, but changing the Onderon soldiers/officers isn't so much. It's mostly copy pasting values in appearance.2da (which you can edit with KotOR Tool). For example: row 355, label Republic_Soldier_Mal_w_Helmet, normalhead: 58, modela: N_RepSold, texa: N_RepSold row 607, label Onderon_Soldier_Mal_Masked, normalhead: 146, modela: N_OndSoldM1, texa: N_OndSoldM1 Leave the row and label intact, copy the rest of the values above from the Republic soldier to the Onderon Soldier. There's only one Republic Soldier with a helmet (there's the female one but there's no female Onderon soldiers), so if you replace the few variations of Onderon soldiers + officers with helmet guy it will be Iziz: Attack of the Clones 🙃 Edit: I'm adding a text export that could help anyone who is up for doing this switcheroo. I'm not myself, sorry. appearance.2da.txt
  9. Heya, I made this a while back. It does have some issues with the mouth, but see if you like it. Effixians_PMHH01_from_K2_to_K1.zip
  10. I think I attached the wrong version of add_sarna (nss & ncs), I've updated them in my post above (not in your quote of my post).
  11. The thing is, most modding tools were made before the Steam version. The old disc versions created registry entries such as the path to where the game was installed to. Those old modding tools still try to look up that registry entry to know where the game is located. The Steam version doesn't create that entry so you need to recreate the entry and have it point to where your Steam version is located. My Steam guide may provide some more context: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779622644 That said, I also ran into problems with the compiler from one day to the next, I think I reinstalled something and then it worked again. Weirdness... if you're sure the registry entry is good then at least you can rule that out. Anyway, I don't mind compiling things for you, but I got errors on both scripts so it's best if you can experiment on your own. I'm not an expert but I think these were the issues: add_sarna.nss: ShowPartySelectionGUI(0) ...gives me an error, it works without the zero parameter and I see it without the 0 here: https://bioshazard.proboards.com/thread/18/recruit-npc. You're using DestroyObject to remove the NPC in both scripts, I think that's only needed once (in the "bye" script). B.t.w. you're replacing Bastila's slot if you use slot 0 (a row from npc.2da), just so you know, not sure if you intended to do that. bye_sarna.nss: Here you made an object: object oNpc = GetObjectByTag("tar02_sarna022"); But you didn't use it in the rest of the script, so I changed... DelayCommand(1.0, DestroyObject("n_sarna")); to... DelayCommand(1.0, DestroyObject(oNpc)); bye_sarna.nss bye_sarna.ncs add_sarna.ncs add_sarna.nss
  12. The line that you added... "You might like to know, the Republic allowed ne to enlist. Do you need my help?" ...is not available? I don't really see a reason why since it's on the main branch. (p.s. "ne" should be "me") There's no reason to reuse that row 0 in portraits.2da, you can add a new row, click on the * below the last row. That aside, can you not pick it when you open p_sarna.utc? It should be the first one in the list. I don't know which script editor you use or what could be the problem there. I can compile with KotOR Tool + the Steam version. I did have problems compiling in the past, it can be a pain.
  13. Ok, awesome. can you take over this request? I still have some work to do requested by her. Fun work, but it's a big Twi'lek project for now.
  14. Huh? I enjoy doing requests. But I can't recycle someone's work without permission. To me the screenshot looked better than the K1 version, correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. This is a vanilla skin? (Don't think so)