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  1. Great! Happy I could assist.
  2. Actually, I think it might be easier than I thought: Get the above mod by redrob41, unzip, rename pmhh01.mdx to p_discipleh.mdx, copy that to the override folder (replace my version), done.
  3. Yes, it uses the head PMHH01 (player model head hispanic 01), which has that issue. There's a mod that fixes the standard player head, but I haven't asked if I can reuse that for this. Edit: Sent him a message, but he hasn't been here in over a year. It's something you could combine yourself, but it can be a bit tricky if you're not familiar with modding.
  4. (Oh, there's more info here, I also replied on Steam) p_attonbb is for the body. The head needs P_AttnH1, P_AttnH1D1 and P_AttnH1D2. But.. in kotor 2 the "D2" is max dark side, in K1 just "D" is max dark side. In K1 the order is: no D, D1, D2, D3, D. So in K1 there's 2 more states. In an image editor you can make textures for those in between states by doing a 50% opacity mix of a layer above another layer.
  5. Weapons on them aren't visible but when they fight they do move their arms, a bit like karate chops. You can try it with KSE, appearances Child_Female/Child_Male.
  6. Ah, I see now, subtle. Edit: I think you got the screenshot from a link on the SWTOR forums? Could be someone's own handiwork.
  7. https://www.gamefront.com/files/jedi-robe-skin/download
  8. How is that not the one from your screenshot? Edit: uhh, it appears the download button doesn't always go to the same page, weird. Try it again? You should end up with meeshmans_jedi_robe.zip https://www.gamefront.com/files/jedi-robe-skin/download
  9. I've added the Nightbrother version.
  10. @paramano01: Someone told me you can download Steam mods without owning the game it belongs to, but I can't test it myself. But sure, I will add it here soon. @GNihilus2: Thanks! Yes, mix things up whichever way you like
  11. No, but this should do the trick (not tested): Effixians_Blue_Ebon_Hawk_K1.zip
  12. No problem, we're here to help. It can easily get confusing when mixing Steam and non Steam mods. Steam's TSLRCM contains a lot of important files that get precedence over the same files that you might have in the main override folder. Before Steam you would have all your TSLRCM files in the main override folder so it was a bit more straight forward.
  13. Yeah, with TSLRCM from the workshop you have to point the mod's patcher to its folder, in your case: Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\208580\485537937
  14. Effix

    TSL Mission Vao Deluxe

    Unsub from the workshop's TSLRCM, resub so you get a fresh one, point the patcher of this mod to TSLRCM's workshop folder again, then try setting the appearance again with KSE. Important: KSE doesn't see the appearance.2da file that's being used if you have TSLRCM from the workshop. You should temporarily copy the file from the TSLRCM workshop folder to the main override folder so KSE lists the same appearances. Make sure you remove it again after using KSE. Yes, things can get confusing...
  15. Effix

    TSL Mission Vao Deluxe

    Heya. Switch to appearance PC_MissionX_LRG_01. party_npc_mission is a non working leftover from K1.