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  1. Try selling the item and cheating in a fresh one.
  2. Oooh, proto-saber (with some commercials), pretty sick


  3. That said, and after looking at the textures of all the playable headgear, I'll side with you and say it's not used. But a 2nd opinion is welcome.
  4. I haven't checked, but is it not the Breath Mask? https://www.gamebanshee.com/cgi-bin/search/banshee_search.pl?_layout=KotOR1_Items_Page&_cgifunction=search&kotor_items.game=KOTOR1&kotor_items.id=95
  5. Ah, nice, that works. If you sort by date you can probably find the accompanying icon.
  6. Sometimes it's easiest to just browse through the textures, but that doesn't always work. It's a bit technical, but you can track down the exact name: The details on appearance.2da here should help: That combined with checking out appearance.2da should give you the first part of the file name. The texture ends with a number, that you can look up by opening an item file, or template in KotOR Tool. This can help track down the template name: https://www.gamebanshee.com/starwarskotorii/equipment.php That's for TSL, they also have K1 version. The formula of the filenames are like: P[M/F]B[model][texture], meaning: Player Male/Female Body [model variation] [texture variation] Random example (TSL): Jamoh Hogra's Battle Armor Gamebanshee (or check in game): Max Dexterity Bonus: +2 From "Detailed information of 2da files" post linked above: f = Armor Class 7 items (Anything with a base defense of 7 and a max Dexterity of 2) The max dex. part is most important here, you can't tell what the base defense is without opening the template (this one gets +4 defense through item properties on top of the base stats). KotOR Tool BIFs -> 2da.bif -> 2D Array -> appearance.2da -> column f (texf) = PFBF (female) / PMBF (male) Back to Gamebanshee, you see "Template: a_medium_15", open the template in KotOR Tool, Kotor II -> BIFs -> Blueprint, Item -> a_medium_15 Now you see "Texture variation" = 6, this should pretty much be the last part of the filename. For these textures a 0 is added to numbers below 10. KotOR Tool, Kotor II -> ERFs -> swpc_tex_tpa.erf -> PFBF06 / PMBF06
  7. I don't think that's a thing. On the Steam version(s) there's almost every day a new post about "I can't move after combat" that's caused by those greater refresh rates.
  8. I haven't tested it in game, but I think this should do the trick. Effixians_Keep_Companian_Default_Clothing.zip
  9. Update I added some metallic reflection. I tweaked the helmet a bit, mainly made the visor more black. I worked on the 2nd blaster, there's a part on the top that I'm not sure what to add to because I couldn't find decent reference images. I ran into some issues: Mira is wearing the helmet in the screenshot above, her hair is coming through. Probably something that's not easy to fix, the helmet is already quite large. The Handmaiden is in the 1st screenshot. Left image, bottom arrow: there's a streak of pink here, not sure where it's coming from, it's not in that place in the texture. Middle image: that's the top part of the blaster that's a bit empty. Right image: I wanted to keep that part a light metal, but it seems a part from the dark part of the handle is being applied to it and it ends in a diagonal non symmetrical way. The other model/blaster has a similar issue. The way the blasters are held is not great, but that also goes for a lot of vanilla things. I'm attaching all the files (including .psd) you would need to continue (or, feel free to just play with it). I hope someone can carry the torch. TSL_Sabine_Wren_Helmet_Blasters.zip
  10. Not saying I'll do it just yet, but which ones would you like retextured?
  11. Or use bearded Mullet Man:
  12. It is what it is. There's probably animation/model differences between the 2 games that result in oddities.
  13. I don't understand, which mod are you referring to?
  14. Hey Bek, I enjoy doing small things, my own ideas or requests from others that I like. I will never take on any massive texture overhaul project or things like that, I know my limits. Greets
  15. I've combined Malkior's helmet texture with the blaster I did, the 2nd blaster still needs a texture. The attached files are for TSL, just throw them into your override folder. You need to use DP's K1 mdl & mdx files that he linked to if you want to test things in K1. The icons and texture (the .tga files) should work in K1 and I think the item files (.uti files) work in both games. Cheatcodes: giveitem g_i_mask113 giveitem w_blaste_113 giveitem w_blaste_114 DP_Sabine_aug_2020.zip