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  1. There's at least one post on the matter here.
  2. I assume you're using MDLEdit, if not then that's the easiest way to go. No face animation means you need to have the super model from the game you're porting to be in the same location/folder as the model you're converting. If you load pfhc06.mdl with MDLEdit you can click on Header on the lower half of the screen, then on the top half you see Supermodel: S_Female03, that means you need to extract the mdl+mdx from K1 with that name. In the whole process you load with K2 on, switch to K1, export as ascii, load that ascii and then you can save as binary. I've seen the line in the middle on several models, but that's not something I know how to fix. It's not a problem with the texture but with the model or slight differences between how the 2 games apply the texture to a model. It might also be that it wasn't an issue when KotOR didn't have those wide screen or higher resolution fixes.
  3. I think po_pDisciple1.txi and po_pDisciple2.txi are missing a "d" before the number at the end. So rename them to po_pDiscipled1.txi and po_pDiscipled2.txi.
  4. Ok, that's quite disturbing... and hilarious xD
  5. Happy to help, have fun
  6. Alright. Effixians_PFHC07_Brunette.zip
  7. See if you like this. Unzip to your override folder. I haven't changed the darkside transitions because the changes would be barely noticeable. Effixians_PFHC07_Brunette.zip
  8. You're welcome, happy gaming
  9. Yeah, still had to do the portraits. See the attachment below, just put the files in your override folder. The dark side transitions are quite subtle. I'm unable to properly test them because I don't really have a save with a dark side Mira and changing things with the save editor doesn't work that well. There might be a slight mismatch there between body and head skin tone. Also because there's a head texture for half way to dark and fully dark, but only one dark side body texture. Effixians_Black_Mira.zip
  10. I'll see what I can come up with. Edit: Would this interest you? Her skin is actually darker than the black player characters, but her head model doesn't really make you think of a black woman. Perhaps swapping her head would be a better approach. I do like this look better than vanilla Mira.
  11. I use HxD, but I'm sure anything else will do. https://mh-nexus.de/en/
  12. I don't know about the order; I did not look at the approach that BoS: SR takes, but it's worth a try. If BoS: SR takes a more sophisticated approach, then you might be able to combine these 2 in that order.
  13. I've looked at the files for a bit, setting up Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge is a bit too much work, but I think I have a theory: Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge adds a bunch of entries to heads and/or appearance.2da to add new unique characters. Then the Mando mod adds rows, adding is good*, but it puts armors on characters that use the disguise property. Those disguise properties might not be so flexible, they might just point to a row number, a row that the first mod added. I'm not sure if the TSLPatcher can even take that into account, disguises are tricky in general. * The Mando mod does use the TSLPatcher but it does not use its memory capabilities. Add row to 2da file X -> store that row number in memory -> add row to 2da file Y, reference to row number stored in memory, etc. That's how you can keep things compatible (again, not sure you can take care of the disguise thing). Possible conclusion: mixing these 2 mods might be a bridge too far (in theory you could fix things manually, but that's a lot of work). I suggest taking the mando mod out, there should be backups of the 2da files in the mando mod's install folder. If you cleaned all that up then it might be in your recycle bin.
  14. Sorry you had to compromise. I think this is the same issue: I have seen the same thing myself at some point with another head, but I didn't see it in my last test with this Atton head.