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  1. Uh, there is an N_alien01_low model? Where? Anyway, I'd go for "unknown generic filler alien".
  2. Uh, I thought it was linked somewhere above, anyway: Extract the files somewhere. It can be a bit technical if you're not as old as me (I grew up with DOS and command line prompts). However, JC included some shortcuts for that, place your mp3 in the "in" folder, double click "encode_music.bat", that should process/convert what's in that folder. The output/converted file will appear in the "music" folder. Next you can rename that converted file to a filename that the game uses, make a backup of the original file in the "streammusic" folder (for if you ever want to undo things, for example add "bak" to the filename). Now move the converted file to the "streammusic" folder, test things in game. In my experiment I replaced mus_area_cant1.wav and mus_area_cant2.wav of KotOR 1; the 2 variations of cantina tunes. How to know what the original files sound like, in order to pick something you want to replace? It looks like you can probably also use SithCodec to decode things the other way around and play the music in more modern audio players, I haven't looked into that myself. What I do is copy a file (or all if you're up for that) from the "streammusic" folder, rename the/all file extensions from wav to mp3. Most modern music players don't like the format you have now, but you can use an old one. For example WinAmp (free), who apparently doesn't care about the extra KotOR info in the files. I have v5.66, I'm sure other versions will also do the job. https://winamp-full.en.uptodown.com/windows/versions
  3. I did a test not long after my post above, input and output had those specs, that worked fine.
  4. afbeelding.png.9b33922cd831c3b811107c33f9ccff4b.png

    Happy 10k W.I.P. :D

    1. EAF97


      Happy to contribute.

  5. Hey, no problem, just saying. Just make a new post in this mod request section of the forum (if it's not related to an existing post) and add as much details as you can.
  6. No, a rar file is a compressed file that can contain 1 or more files, just like a zip. Compressing things into a package like that makes the download smaller. You can download the free program 7-Zip to extract files like that (.rar, .zip, .7z). You can move the files to the override folder after you've extracted the files. p.s. you could have just googled this, this thread is almost ten years old Anyway, welcome to DS!
  7. Uhm, I don't think you understand how forums work, don't add unrelated things to a topic, make your own. When you do... there's no Tulak Hord armor, if you are referring to a mod (Seikan's?) then mention it like you did with Varsity Puppet's. That said, I get what you're saying. Also, welcome to Deadly Stream 🙂
  8. "It's not easy being green" ~Kermit
  9. I hadn't noticed that tool before, I think I'll try somethings myself. These might be cool to play around with: https://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20111201
  10. lol I think Mr. Dylan Smith indeed forgot some of Mical's details, since that's a screenshot of a mod request I did.


    1. EAF97


      Odd. I never had that issue with the PMHH01 model when I ported it to Kotor 1.

    2. Effix


      Sent them an email, said that I didn't mind but that it's not accurate. They've changed the image now, with one that is Mical, but with a modded outfit, close enough.

  11. Effix


    http://www.lucasforumsarchive.com/thread/135226/page/1 http://web.archive.org/web/20040906000000id_/http://xfer.lfnetwork.com/starwarsknights.com/AIOFPM3.0.1.zip
  12. Not an expert, but as you can see all the files have the extension .wav. I think all the music files are mp3s but with the .wav file extension (Yes, quite odd, I think sound effect files are real wave/.wav files). So yeah, experiment with that, simply rename the mp3 to wav. I'm not sure about the forms of mp3s working or not working. You might get some clues with certain audio programs if you open vanilla files, but I would first try your full quality versions.
  13. Another sneak peak, in the concept design phase.


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    2. Effix


      Yes, DP provided me with a headless version.

    3. Effix


      Phase 2: From Photoshop concept to texture & in game testing


    4. EAF97


      Is this another version of Atris' robes or is it something else?

      EDIT: nevermind I read the thread.