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  1. "Posted 16 hours ago" I don't understand, it was released October 1, 2023? This mod is not compatible with TSLRCM because it includes an appearance.2da, this removes any changes that TSLRCM and other mods applied to it. There's some more files that can also cause issues. This mod needs the TSLPatcher, that is the way, I have spoken.
  2. I hope I understand which one you mean; I think that mod replaces vanilla K2 robe textures and doesn't actually change the 3D model. JC's mod ports a K2 robe model, you can replace the textures that work with that model with the "collar fix" textures. This mod uses JC's ported model and adds some more texture variations that work with it. So, the 2 shouldn't conflict with each other.
  3. Not sure why, though. Svosh's collar fix only updates textures and then jonathan does the same. But sure, just try/test things and you'll see if something needs adjusting.
  4. Oh, but then it's almost the same as the vanilla PMHH01. I don't really like doing mods that change so very little, it's quite a lot of work for such a subtle variation.
  5. A few people can change the texture layout, I'm not one of them. You can ask in General Kotor/TSL Modding. Azkul without the stubble?
  6. Short answer; yes, and let us know if you run into problems. This is digging a little deeper for Vrook: He's wearing a Jedi Master Robe, but you could change that, have an edited npc_vrook.utc in your override with something else equipped. With KotOR Tool you can change the vanilla item that's equipped to the chest, you need K-GFF to equip a non vanilla robe. For example, one that you added yourself, that uses/points to a new texture. p.s. KotOR Tool also tends to destroy multi language aspects of an item, which is fine for most people, but that can also be avoided with K-GFF. It keeps a dynamic reference to a language specific version intact.
  7. Yes, there's 2 robe models in K2, the padawan one and the knight/master one. One has the flap in the middle and the other has 2 flaps and a gap in the middle. Textures only work with one of those 2 models. Apart from that, yes, you can replace things by making sure the filename is correct. There's 2 approaches if you want to replace the knight/master model: 1 - Edit appearance.2da so that all the player and party members only use the padawan model. 2 - Replace all the item files so that they point to the padawan base item. NPCs are a bit more flexible, you can dress them up with an item or you can change their default clothing (or no clothing look).
  8. Very few characters have non symmetrical textures. Most have one side of the face and that gets mirrored. Exactly the same scar on both sides looks a bit too unnatural. It's possible to change that, but I don't have the skills for it. You could repurpose Azkul's head, change the texture. The first caucasian player head (PMHC01) also has a scar, on his cheek. Both textures are mostly symmetrical but they have a small part with the scar part that goes on top of the symmetrical bit.
  9. These were made for K2, but, they will probably work for the most part if you just throw the files in your K1 override. K1 has very specific, not that easily moddable party selection screen images, those are not included. I haven't tested them all in K1, feedback is welcome
  10. That's not related to this mod. It's a dialogue from Windows Security, it's probably being a bit strict, you can see what you can learn from that link at the bottom. B.t.w. apart from the changed filename, the TSLPatcher installer is not mod specific, it looks at the tslpatchdata folder and uses the files in there (which are mod specific).
  11. Effix

    Effixian's Disguises

    No, these are belts, he's a droid. You can change an appearance with the KotOR Savegame Editor.
  12. Give this a try. You will likely get warnings about files already existing, but that's not a problem. Effixians_Mira_as_Mission.zip
  13. Effix

    Effixian's K1 to K2 Heads

    Heya! Sure, but you will have to figure out the filename differences, for the head textures and the portraits. In K1 you have 5 transition states, for K2 just 3. If things are kept in line with how the vanilla files work, that is. K1 has a standard name for neutral/light, then the same name but with D1 at the end (first sign of the dark side), then D2 is in the middle, then D3 and finally D (without a number). For K2 you can leave out the D1 and D3 files from a K1 reskin mod, D2 from K1 becomes D1 for K2, D becomes D2 (the max. dark side in K2).
  14. I don't see how this is supposed to work. You have "sl_exile_spawn.ncs", but what is supposed to trigger it? Did you forget something?
  15. Thanks again! There was a typo, I've updated the zip.