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  1. Very cool. I always had this in my override. Nice to see an update. 66 files to over 200 now. I love it. Sadly notifications aren't showing up for new mods posted but glad I noticed this got an update to it. Thank you.
  2. Michele


    Wow this looks great.
  3. Michele

    PFHA04 HD

    Thank you Dark Hope for all the amazing reskins for the characters we can select in this game. Always amazing work and we are all blessed to have someone with your talent posting this for us. Have a great day!
  4. Two years later replying but I been playing kotor recently and vandar would be facing the wrong way also and I just started playing a few months ago in 2020. Thank you for providing a fix here DP and downloaded.
  5. Wow. This is seriously amazing and makes it look so much better. I never did get the item being on the floor to be honest. Thank you so much for this. It's awesome that years later this game gets mods and mass improvements. Thank you again.
  6. Michele

    PFHC02 HD

    Love it and all the beautiful heads. :)
  7. Michele

    PFHA01 HD

    I love it. So beautiful and one of my favorite heads too! Thank you so much.
  8. Michele

    PFHC05 HD

    So beautiful. I love it! Thank you for making these wonderful reskins to the heads in this game. :)
  9. Michele

    PFHA02 HD

    Thank you for making this. I love it. Of course I use most of your skins. Browsed all you made over the years and realized most of them I am using. It's appreciated the time and effort and makes the heads for this classic game look way better.
  10. Michele

    PFHB05 HD

    Your work is just amazing! Thank you so much!
  11. Michele

    PFHB05 HD

    You are so amazing. Hugs. This is awesome work.
  12. Michele

    PFHB05 HD

    Wow this is amazing. So much better. Is there any chance you could do a remake over for PFHB01. She could really use your talents also with a make over. Ty so much for making this mod!
  13. Thank you so much for this. I love!
  14. Congratulations, you've been successfully invited to play Star Wars: The Old Republic by Sith_Holocron! 7 days of subscription level access with unlimited ability to play all game missions including Warzones, Flashpoints, and Operations up to Level 50 as well as full access to convenience features. Preferred Friends Bundle including a selection of valuable unlocks and customization options via in-game mail. One-time complimentary Character Transfer. It looks like it worked your link. I haven't played the game in over half a year or maybe near a year. I will have to continue and see what is going on. I will probably re sub after the 7 days runs out as income tax will be arriving to do that.
  15. Just found this. Thank you for fixing this also!