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  1. Michele


    Way better for Ice. Ty for doing this :)
  2. Michele


    I love it! Thank you!
  3. Michele


    Wow he looks amazing. Love It!
  4. Michele

    Carth Onasi

    OMG, I love this so much. I can't wait until Carth Onasi is released. I always enjoyed him. That is one amazing skin of his jacket. Looks like he has something in his pocket also. I love it.
  5. Michele

    Carth Onasi

    Love it. Can't wait until this is released. Hugs
  6. Michele

    Men's underwear HD

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work Hugs
  7. Michele


    This is so awesome is there any way you can make that into a player head as I really love that head. Either or this skin is out of this world. I love it.
  8. Michele

    PMHA04 HD

    Thank you so much Hope. I think this is amazing. Appreciate you sharing the reskin of all the heads in this game.
  9. Question Please? Is the fix below included in the latest version of TSLRCM? 1.86? If so I will remove it from being downloaded but wanted to be sure first as I just realized so many updates to my TSL game. I am glad I didn't install it on this computer yet. Just let me know please and I would be grateful
  10. I hope they approve your file soon as I can't view or see PMHC05 head.  Thank you for all of your hard work. :)

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    2. VanityFiend


      @Dark Hope Who is to blame for that?

    3. Dark Hope

      Dark Hope

      It doesn't matter.

    4. VanityFiend


      Says who? I would like to know who is responsible.

  11. Michele

    PMHA01 HD

    Thank you so much
  12. Very cool. I like this a lot. So much better. Thank you for doing this.
  13. Michele

    PMHB03 HD

    Thank you so much Hope. It looks wonderful and I love it!
  14. Michele

    Working on the NPC

    You rock. I forgot about NPC's. That sure looks beautiful.
  15. Michele

    PMHC03 HD

    I love this skin. I always rename the head as I don't like dark side transitions showing so I love the LS head through the whole play through even if I do dark side actions. I agree the wounds on the head look so much better and I will use this head in my next male play through. I never use to use this head before as it was really bad but with your re skin I will use any male head now in my play through. Seriously thank you so much for doing the reskins of the Males. P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!