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  1. opss!!! I'm very sorry. I copied the quoted tip from My "Play'MULTI-MOD'through" thread (the author @DeadMan is correct there) but I confused the names in the post of this page. Edited and corrected. Thanks for the warning.
  2. It's a personal tastes matter. According a tip from @DeadMan: "My mod covers only vibroswords, IRoberts will also change vibroblades and vibro double-blades, so I say use his version. If you like my weapon skins more (look at screenshots) you can mix them - install my mod first, then his but do not overwrite conflicting files." In my last Playthrough I did that, I installed first Vibrosword replacement pack 1.0 and after [TSL] Vibroweapons replacement pack retexture 1.0 (without overwrite files). Don't worry asking. When I don't know something ...I ask
  3. Oops!! I didn't remember this one!! Or I missed it in my selection or, decided not to install Party Swap, I let it apart.
  4. You haven't missed it. I didn't use it. According the posts of the download page of Party Swap it's not compatible with Extended Enclave
  5. HI MAQS I used most of the MODs you're referring to. (Always after TSLRCM and M4-78) - Extended Enclave must be installed before go to see the Jedi Council, most accurately, before enter to the Jedi Enclave from Enclave Courtyard. - GenoHaradan Legacy must be installed before reach Telos for the first time. - Azgath N'Dul's Tomb must be installed before reach Onderon for the first time. - Thorium Charge must be installed before reaching Dxun, or more accurately, before reaching Dxun Jungle from Dxun Jungle Landing. Anyway take a look at this thread, maybe it can be helpful for you.
  6. It must be the same droid identified by @Kainzorus Prime in the thread "A similar screeching static, possibly due to a bad encoding, was found in one of IS-43's files in the Industrial Zone. It's his system overload warning performed by a female voice. However, this particular file does not seem to cause the game to crash." I've downloaded the files but by now, without KotOR installed and without Saves, I cannot check them.
  7. I haven't installed KotOR now. Never got to identify its correct folder but if can be useful -for you or anybody- It's the droid (if I recall allright) that change its own programming, related with the side quest about the original colonists.
  8. I didn't know that the conversion was already made. Glad to see the problem is fixed. What about the same static/scratching noise -but without crash the game- of the voice droid in the Research and Develop room?
  9. The motherboard linked to my brain needs expand the RAM and I'd need more storage capacity... I forgot mention another thing . At some time after defeat the 3rd HK team, (re)entering at the Ebon Hawk you must see a cutscene showing HK-47 torturing one HK-50 -to confess the location of the secret factory. That is the best clue for to know that the MOD is working and you'll get the factory later on.
  10. I think that you can talk with HK-47 about the HK-50 at anytime. I don't want be wrong but I think the sequence is (keep it in mind if you have modified something with KSE and keep in mind that the valours change according the sequences): 1- Reactivate HK-47 and talk him about the source of the HK-50. You'd already must have a device -I don't remember the exact name- that HK-47 can recognize and track but you need defeat three HK teams before he can do it (I think that is here when the quest is started/updated). 2- Defeat three HK-50 teams (quest updated). 3- Talk with HK-47 again (in some of that dialog options is when shows up the dialog saying you can't go there now). I'm not sure if the quest is updated here. Even if all be OK you will not know nothing else about the secret factory until will be there. If after the second visit to Telos Academy you don't start automatically the Secret Factory with HK-47 as your PC the game, at least the secret factory, is broken. This kind of glitches are over my capacity. If is not due some other MOD that you can identify try with different combinations of the video options. Sorry for not be more helpfull about that.
  11. Hi @mackmitchell94 I don't know your Playthrough but, beside be needed defeat the HK teams, the secret HK factory starts automatically after the last encounter with Atris in the Telos Academy, where you go (automatically) only after see the Jedi Council in Dantooine ...which means that you've found already all the Jedi Masters. I can't recall exactly the terms but after defeat the HK teams, talking with HK-47 about go (or find) the secret factory, shows up a dialog line saying something like you cannot go now and will start later on. What I don't know is that modifing the quests via KSE you can be ruined your game.
  12. @Elwood288 In fact, some weeks ago, with the game and the MODs still installed and checking things, I re-run Peragus from the start and found another footlocker with the gear in the Administration Level (at the back of the big screens, I think). Keep in mind that in the first run -during the Playthrough- by this zone, the MOD wasn't installed yet.
  13. There is an interesting thread about this problem: Anyway (and I think it has to work with all versions of TSL) there is an effective trick for avoid the crashes. It consists in rename the folder where are located the voice over dialogs of the droid. I haven't checked if the crash is due a particular file(s), there are 49 (in that case I assume would be enough rename the particular file(s)). The path of the folder is "...\SWKotOR2\StreamVoice\802" (at least in the 4 cd's version) and the folder is called "blackmark". I've renamed it as "(NO) blackmark" and works fine. Now you can talk with the Black Market droid without problems, you'll not hear his voice but you'll see the text dialog.
  14. Hi Nika First "Shem's Ultimate Sound Mod for TSL and KotOR" then "JC's Sound Effects for K1 1.0" I found that solution in the Reviews section of JC's Sound Effects in a review from @ebmar
  15. ------------------------------------------- (Irony MODE ON) Glad to see you consider it funny (Irony MODE OFF), but that means you haven't understood nothing