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  1. The screenplay/sequence described is just the idea for the final/real NPC (I still have to learn set triggers, launch the cutscene and more) and "disappear" would be the end of all the set, after that nothing else, just continuing playing, so after faded out should have no problems. I have installed the Patch 1.03, K1R and the Community Patch 1.7, nothing else and the work is being done running on it. Anyway, still now and in the past, with or without K1R, I get several CTDs, usually at the same points, other times simply random CTDs at any point. The npc test is filled just with a simple "hello/bye" dlg for to check the Destroy Object Script attached to its .dlg file and I created this NPC with its default scripts attached. No more scripts used (as far as I know). Now I'm tried erasing the field -leaving blanck- the ScriptEndDialogu box in the "npc_test.utc" file with K-GFF but, at least fading out, I've got the same CTD result. Edit: Usuful info about the "owners", thnx
  2. Testing asap!! --------------------------------------------- @DarthParametric First, thanks, now I know something else (well, let's say ...just something) about those variables. The general idea that I want design with the NPC (by now is just "talkable/fightable") is: Open Door-->Trigger Talk-->Launch Cutscene of existent .bik-->Talk/Fight-->Talk/Fade Out in its place without move. I had created on purpose a NPC test (close to my entry point in the Module), created a simple .dlg and attaching the .ncs (Destroy Object Script) to it. These are the results with your examples: - No fading out void main() { object onpc_test = GetObjectByTag("npc_test", 0); DestroyObject(onpc_test, 0.0, TRUE, 0.0); } Result: Ok, it works, reloading/reentering in the Module and testing 10-12 times in a row. ------ - Delay before destroy void main() { object onpc_test = GetObjectByTag("npc_test", 0); DestroyObject(onpc_test, 3.0, TRUE, 0.0); } Result: First attempt it took about 10 seconds and then NPC destroyed. No CTD. Second attempt in a row (reloading/reentering), instantly CTD. Third attempt, after restart the game, about 12 seconds delay then CTD. ------ - Fading out void main() { object onpc_test = GetObjectByTag("npc_test", 0); DestroyObject(onpc_test, 0.0, FALSE, 0.0); } Result: CTD. ----- - Delaying fade out void main() { object onpc_test = GetObjectByTag("npc_test", 0); DestroyObject(onpc_test, 0.0, FALSE, 3.0); } Result: Delay 3 secs then CTD. ------ - Delaying command void main() { object onpc_test = GetObjectByTag("npc_test", 0); DelayCommand(2.5, DestroyObject(onpc_test, 0.0, FALSE, 0.0)); } Result: Delay 2'5 secs then CTD. -------- I haven't tried moving the NPC, I guess that the results would be the same. -------------------- What do you mean about if the NPC is the owner of the dlg/script? the dlg/scripts created exclusivesly for it? if that is the case, both .dlg and script are just for this NPC, or you mean the scripts attached by default while the creation of the NPCs? That make me think, could be a conflict with the ScriptEndDialogu "k_def_endconv"?
  3. HI guys In spite many attempts I haven't been able to get a working Destroy Object Script in KotOR 1. It's just for make disappear a NPC in its place after a Dialog. Anyone can help? Thanks in advance
  4. This is the final solution used -and working- just making one Script, using a Local Boolean Variable and the base-game script "k_con_talkedto". So is not needed modify the Globalcat.2da file. void main() { GiveXPToCreature(GetFirstPC(), XXX); SetLocalBoolean(OBJECT_SELF, 10, TRUE); } Attaching this Script in the "SCRIPT THAT FIRES WHEN SPOKEN" box and attaching "k_con_talkedto" in the "SCRIPT THAT DETERMINES AVAILABILITY" box in the same line of the conversation in the DLG Editor. Thanks @TamerBill
  5. @nonameperson66 Frankly I don't know. I don't think that it can be due the card but cannot assure, neither. So bad has been the result?
  6. This will help you to add customized Map Notes (the blue/yellow dots in the map of KotOR) and customized names for those Map Notes. This Tutorial is based in a thread by @LDR and a .utw file originally uploaded by him, and the corrections and tips of @DarthParametric So, more than my own tutorial it can be considered as a "How I did it" according their directions. - First of all download the Mapnote.utw file (at the end of this post). Rename it if you wish. - Now you need get coordinates (X, Y, Z) for set the Map Note. In game go to the point(s) where you want to set the Map Note(s), use the "whereami" cheat for to show the coordinates on screen, note them. (If you want set more than one Map Note you'll need get the corresponding set of coordinates for each point). - Get out the of the game and open with K-GFF the .git file of your Module. - Scroll down until you find "WaypointList". Expand it. You'll see all the Waypoints structures. - For avoid destroy any useful structure (and conserve it), Right Click on any of the existent STRUCT and Click "Copy STRUCT" - Now Right Click on "WaypointList" and Click "Paste STRUCT" (when you Paste a Struct always is placed the last of the list, so that is which you have to work with) You are ready for to play with this one. Expand it (if it's not yet) - In your new STRUCT set the Fields "HasMapNote" and "MapNoteEnabled" to 1 - In "Tag" and "TemplateResRef" fields set them to whatever you renamed the .utw file. - Now set the coordinates you get in game in its corresponding fields: XPosition YPosition ZPosition (Leave the orientations) - Now Right Click on "MapNote" and Click "Add String" (if there weren't any) - Click on the new created Local String and now you can type in the white square whatever you want name your Map Note in the map in game. - Be sure to let the "MapNote" StringRef value set to -1 - Save the .git file and now you have your own Map Note with its own name. ------------------------------- If you want more than one Map Notes simply copy THIS same STRUCT (Right Click on STRUCT/Copy) and paste it in "WaypointList" (on "WaypointList" Paste). In the new structure simply change the set of coordinates and the name as you did with the first Map Note. Now all you have to do is compile all the files of your customized Module including the .utw file you used/renamed. -------------------------------- For a Plus you can consult this thread: And for a nice adding to your customized Module you can consult this one for customize the name of the Module in the map in game: mapnote.utw
  7. Ohh, c'mon, it's just a bit of distension, and believe me, I love the refined work.
  8. Well, the thing now is working. Means that I'd have to redo all the (related) work?
  9. Making it easy... The object is a Datapad that cannot be taken, just used (Dialog), and never forever you'll see it again, among other things because it's in a ship that is about to crash...
  10. That means that there are "free" variables already in Globalcat.2da for to use or how it works? Better said, what and where are these locals? (newbie question)
  11. This is the solution and the Scripts provided by @TamerBill that solve the problem getting infinite XP. First of all is needed add a variable to the Globalcat.2da file (open it with the 2da Editor of Kotor Tool) and at the empty boxes type a subsequent number, a whatever name you want to identify the variable and type Boolean. (Selfexplanative when you see the file open). Save and overwrite the original Globalcat.2da (as always very recommendable make a backup of the file before touch nothing). And these are the Scripts for make working the thing: This is the Script for get XP void main() { GiveXPToCreature(GetFirstPC(), XXX); SetGlobalBoolean("nameofvariable", TRUE); } And this is the Conditional Script for avoid get infinite XP int StartingConditional() { if (GetGlobalBoolean("nameofvariable") == FALSE) { return TRUE; } else { return FALSE; } } For sure some things can differe from one user to another but I've thought it can be, at least, orientative.
  12. Yeahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now is working fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks @LDR @DarthParametric
  13. Hi guys Following this thread by @LDR and using its linked download of a mapnote.utw file I've been able to add different Map Notes in the map of a custom module of K1. The dots are there and works fine but I can't make that the name of the points appear in the map. The place where should appear the custom name(s) of the zone(s) in the map (do not confuse with the name of the Module) remains in black with any name. The thread says "Under MapNote, type you want the Mapnote to say" but in the .git file all the fields that could be written a text in the square area are in grey. Unable to type in. Opening the .utw file with K-GFF I can add text to some fields but still no success. Any tip/help?
  14. Ohh... another small -and maybe stupid- thing. Can I erase the .nss files created by the Kotor Text Editor after compile and get the .ncs files? They're compiled within the .mod file but I think their not needed.