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    Czerka Redux

    During NPC Diversity Patch I got these [Error] [18:31:41] Could not load source file to patch: ('FileNotFoundError', "Could not find the file: 'D:\\Game\\Files\\Star Wars\\Knights of The Old Republic\\Applied\\CR1.0.1\\tslpatchdata\\Diversity\\tat17_12rodia_02.utc'") And when I checked the tslpatcher Diversity folder has nothing but info.rtf and changes.ini Is this intended?
  2. Your additional file didn't fix the problem.
  3. Thanks for the change. Though I already downloaded and implemented this, future mod lovers won't gonna be confused anymore!
  4. TSLRCM had been updated this year... Am I safe to use this now?
  5. So it's not strict about compatibility unless modder says otherwise... Thanks.
  6. Well compatibility said no, I thought it wasn't... Thanks for the reply. Just asking, how can I know the mod is truly incompatiable with TSLRCM when it says it needs TSLRCM in discript but compatible check says no...
  7. This doesn't work with TSLRCM?
  8. Is this mod compatiable with TSLRCM or what.
  9. First I do know ZM90's intention and also I can get Carth out for awhile. I want to talk about getting the uniform itself. We have two events. Sith party or saving Hidden Bek spy. As far as I know K1R made both events appeat in one playthrough so we can get Carth's uniform. But I seemed to stuck, if I go to party Hidden Bek spy doesn't appear and vice versa. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Need help.
  10. All done. Seems like stuck. Thanks for the help, but I'm dropping this one...
  11. Aah, nope. They don't fix it, and new problem popped up:I don't know how and why, but mouse is useless. Can't use it to clikc menu.
  12. Oh wait. I could use them to fix this problem? I thought I should use them AFTER I got over this... Will try.
  13. Oh I already used that.
  14. Only thing I didn't do was renaming exe. And the problem I mentioned is that menu screen is screwd. While I will gonna rename exe, that will be all?
  15. Okay that was my fault. Batch file worked. But still nope, gui files cause problem. My resolution is 1920x1080