TSLRCM Dialog Overhaul (2nd Revision)

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Description of "TSLRCM Dialog Overhaul":

This modification strives to correct the most noticeable errors and inconsistencies found in the dialog.tlk file of
The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM).

The majority of the alterations are based on modern corpora, mainly affecting written speech as well as menu screens,
without changing their original meanings.
Some lines underwent slightly advanced changes in order to be in line with their corresponding voice-over references
while some others were changed to further add context to specific situations.

As this modification was originally meant for personal use only, you will also find some of my attempts at revamping
the punctuation of multiple dialog lines to create a more coherent reading experience in accordance to the sound references.
That includes the removal of hesitations and interruptions that are not reflected in speech.

In its current state, this modification doesn't fix description errors regarding item effects and character building.

For full details on the changes, please refer to the included "changes.txt" file.

Due to the sheer size of the dialogue script, there is a strong possibility that errors have been overlooked in the editing process.
Feel free to report cases of potential overcorrection as well.  
Feedback is always dearly appreciated (on Deadly Stream via private message or comment on the mod's support page).



TSLRCM 1.8.5 is required.

Replace the dialog.tlk file located in your game's main directory with the one from the "overhaul" folder in order to apply the modification.
Certain changes may only occur upon starting a new game.

In case you may want to revert the changes, just copy the included original TSLRCM dialog.tlk into the game directory.



- ndix UR


Special thanks to:

- LucasArts, BioWare and Obsidian Entertainment, for spawning the Knights of the Old Republic series
- Deadly Stream, for providing a great community platform for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic fans
- Those who put their combined efforts into TSLRCM and turned it into an essential piece of restoration for today's fans of the KotOR series and generations to come
- Salk, whose "KotOR Dialogue Fixes" served as a major inspiration
- stoffe, for their invaluable "TalkEd" tool
- Fair Strides, for their handy "TLK Converter"

What's New in Version (2nd Revision)   See changelog


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