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  1. Rinku

    Blog #100

    Good luck and safe travels!! I haven't been on the site much recently, so I definitely have a lot of blogs to catch up on while you are away!!
  2. I like what you are trying to do with the voice! Just not sure about the robotic effect, I think it distorts the voice a little too much.
  3. I had never watched these until I saw your post last week. Only have watched Episode 1 so far, but I've really enjoyed watching. I especially enjoyed the scoring, restructuring/placement of conversations between Logan and the party, and the reveal of Saul. Not asking if these could be released as mods, just wanted to let you know what enjoyed during my viewing If anything from this saga gets released as a mod, I'll be sure to try it out!
  4. This is looking great! Excited to see the final product