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  1. Just released updates for my 2 most popular mods. Finally found the drive that had all my KotOR mod tools on it, so I was able to tweak some lines and fix typos in my Leviathan dialogue mod, and permanently removed the hella buggy manual install for Bastila's Dark Bodysuit.

    1. jc2


      Nice! Glad to see you back around mate.

    2. Revanator


      Glad to be back my friend

  2. I've been out of the game the last 4 years or so (college will do that to ya). Any mod releases I should absolutely know about from that time? About to start a new job but I'm planning ahead for my next K1/K2 playthroughs this winter, haven't played in about 5 years

    1. LoneWanderer


      In addition to what was said the last time you asked this question (, I can name 3 major released projects:

      1. New Lightsaber Blade Model by Crazy34 for KOTOR and TSL - adds a dynamic ambient light to the blade. This mod started a new era in KOTOR modding, no doubt. Schematic Lightsaber Mod 2021 already includes these glowing blades, and other authors are also interested in using them.

      2. Content Pack: Feats and Powers by TamerBill for KOTOR and TSL. This is one of the very few mods that adds new feats.

      3. High Quality Skyboxes II by Kexikus for KOTOR and TSL.

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      They've recently updated the mod builds for both games on the KOTOR subreddit.  Worth a look...

  3. Been a few years since I've really been around, any great new mods that have come out I should be aware of?

    1. LoneWanderer


      If you want news about TSL:
      KOTOR 2 Community Patch includes many small fixes.
      GenoHaradan Legacy v.1.0 and few small restoration mods by N-DReW25 have been released.
      Expanded Galaxy by Thor110 is developing rapidly, but it may be too early to try it.

      JC's Player Sondset Restoration for K2

      Intersting visual mods from the top of my head:
      Replacement Loading Screens for KotOR2 by Sith Holocron.
      Movie Mandalorians - Retextured 1.0.0 by Mcfly.
      90SK released updated armor packs.
      TSL/K1 "Better Male Twi'lek Heads" by  Ashton Scorpius has a surprisingly large number of downloads for npc head replacer🤔

      Several Reshade presets for TSL were released on Nexus.
      Some older famous mods have received updates.

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      So what looked interesting now that you've had a few days to look around?

      By the way, here's some news you may have missed about the site...

  4. Yes, this is a known bug with the manual install of the mod. The TSLPatcher version, kindly provided by A Future Pilot, fixes this issue.
  5. Excellent, thank you. Is L0ki still active? I might like to contact him about releasing this publicly.
  6. You have that final model and texture file?
  7. Revan's new addition to the mobile game "Galaxy of Heroes" came with an actually very cool interpretation of a Light Side Jedi Revan. This is essentially a hooded version of the Star Forge robes with Revan's mask. I wanted to know if anyone was willing to recreate this in the game. It may be easier to retexture the Darth Revan hooded & masked model already in the game, I'm not sure. I myself am not very good at modeling or texturing. There are several features I'd like this to have, if possible: 1) The tan and brown color scheme 2) Revan's black and red mask, no alteration needed here 3) The style and feel of the Star Forge robes, with the skirt included 4) The hood 5) No cape If anyone would like to take a crack at this, I would be more than happy to add this into the game and release it as a mod, with you getting primary author credit.