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  1. Revanator

    [REQUEST] Hooded & Masked Star Forge Robes

    Excellent, thank you. Is L0ki still active? I might like to contact him about releasing this publicly.
  2. Revanator

    [REQUEST] Hooded & Masked Star Forge Robes

    You have that final model and texture file?
  3. Revan's new addition to the mobile game "Galaxy of Heroes" came with an actually very cool interpretation of a Light Side Jedi Revan. This is essentially a hooded version of the Star Forge robes with Revan's mask. I wanted to know if anyone was willing to recreate this in the game. It may be easier to retexture the Darth Revan hooded & masked model already in the game, I'm not sure. I myself am not very good at modeling or texturing. There are several features I'd like this to have, if possible: 1) The tan and brown color scheme 2) Revan's black and red mask, no alteration needed here 3) The style and feel of the Star Forge robes, with the skirt included 4) The hood 5) No cape If anyone would like to take a crack at this, I would be more than happy to add this into the game and release it as a mod, with you getting primary author credit.
  4. Revanator

    KotOR Sith Trooper Appearance

  5. Revanator

    Organa Headdress (K1 and K2)

  6. Revanator

    Trandoshans Rescaled for K1

  7. Revanator

    Revan's Head

  8. Revanator

    High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes

  9. Revanator

    Quanons Mission Vao Reskin

  10. Revanator

    Improved Korriban Tomb Loot

  11. Revanator

    Leviathan Differentiated Dialogue

  12. Revanator

    Revan's Flowing Cape and Belt Fix

  13. Revanator

    Juhani's New Look

  14. Revanator

    Bastila's Dark Bodysuit by Quanon & Revanator

    Yes, I've recently been made aware of this. When I have some time I'll sit down and try and fix it.