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  1. Yeah, I saw so many posts where people who completed the game 2-3 times complain that "GO-TO is obviously unfinished, since we have never seen the man himself after the yacht". They never found out... When there is only one available slot for teammates on Onderon, who will choose rather weak and "unfinished" GO-TO (you can make him somewhat useful after manual leveling and equipping him, but other companions will still be better)? And Dantooine, surely GO-TO isn't the first choice when you think about that planet. The problem, in my opinion, is that there are no situations in the game where the presence of GO-TO in the active party would be more beneficial for the player than the presence of other team members. I can only name 2 moments when I wanted GO-TO in my active party and both of them from M4-78 mods: 1.The original M4-78 Mod mostly consists of fights with endless swarms of droids. I vaguely remember one diffucult fight where strong spider-droids with shields from Kotor I and a bunch of others just surrounded my party from all sides. Using GO-TO's ability "Manipulate droid" there can be pretty fun and useful. 2. In the M4-78 EP 1.2 at the beginning of the planet player must use one of the droids, and each droid has unique sidequest. So we have a reason to try GO-TO there (reminds me of Leviathan from Kotor I).
  2. It is a little sad when mod that gives GO-TO cool new look and items, feats to improve his combat capabilities has less downloads than some Twi'lek head fix for npcs. But it also shows people dislike him not just for his gameplay problems. Personally, I was dissapointed that after all this build-up with Jedi bounty, Exchange, assaulting his yacht, GO-TO didn't have any significant presense in the story after joining aside from his interactions with Remote (of all things!). I was expecting to visit his base, resolve his conflict with Vogga, maybe new sidequests, at least meeting him in person with max influence. And while his 'reveal' is interesting, I didn't like how he was tied to Telos (when there are droid-factory and droid planet). It felt cheap.
  3. Just installed it. Looks nice. Author mentions in readme that some menus will remain dark green, but it's nothing important. Thanks a lot, Sith Holocron.
  4. Hello. Thank you for your hard work. Such small things greatly affect overall experience. May I suggest that you release these fixes as packs: main game fixes, M4-78 fixes? It's not a problem to download and install 5 of them, but I can imagine fixes count rising to 50 in the future. And while some people might not like the idea of Academy Cleanup because it remove content, other fixes are must have.
  5. I know you found your solution, but you never specified name of that kotor 1 mod you used. So I wanted to add: there exists ancient mod by Darth333 called "FORCE POWER FOR TSL: LIGHTSABER FLOATING" http://www.geocities.ws/d333mods/d3_saber_tsl.zip Mod doesn't use TSL Patcher, so you probably need to manually merge file contents with other force powers mods for compatibility.
  6. I can't find mods that change green GUI to blue in TSL. I think I seen one of them on knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com years ago. There is actually old topic here about them You can see it on screenshots of some old mods:
  7. Good mod. I always wondered, why Obsidian cut Heavy Weapons Feat. While removing Implant Feat made Constitution Attribute finally useful, removing Heavy Weapons Feat didn't bring anything new. I'll look out for empty handed NPCs, but if they can't equip heavy weapons, most NPCs still have close ranged ones, right?