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  1. Drop the files from the attached archive into tslpatchdata folder before installing the mod. The armor will be on the first Skeletal Corpse on the left in the Valley of Dark Lords. You will need a save before arriving on Korriban for the armor to spawn. sith_stalker_armor_drop.zip
  2. oldflash made a modular mod Jedi Robe and Armor Reskin (https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic-ii/file/jedi-robe-and-armor-reskin). New Jedi Master models and textures are located in the MasterRobe folder.
    A functional and easy-to-use tool that would be great for adding/editing elements in modules, if not for 2 major bugs: Rarely adding a copy of an object, undoing a delete, or sometimes even just double-clicking on it can mess up X,Y-orientation of half the objects in the module and break/remove/move half the triggers. It's easy to miss when this happens to objects on the other side of the map. Usually you can return everything by clicking the 'Undo' button, but if you saved and closed the module, it is faster to repeat the work from scratch. One time after saving an edited module in KotOR Toolset, it became corrupted: the module would not load in the game and would not open in the tool. Therefore, always have a backup copy of the module you are editing. Because of these issues, I had to use KotOR Toolset to only view the objects, their coordinates and positions, and do all the actual editing in K-GFF. Still, KotOR Toolset greatly simplifies and speeds up the mod development process. It's a pity that this great tool can't be used to its full potential.
  3. I don't know what was in the full original description of your mod, so I'm assuming the permission consisted only of what was written in the post. You're right in saying that 'using the work in a mod' does not mean that 'uploading the work unchanged by itself' is okay, and that the person in question misinterpreted your permissions. But speaking generally about permissions, I think there may be a flaw in your logic, SH. Since there are no universal written rules and explanations about what proper modding etiquette is, different people may understand it differently. For example, my experience with permissions comes mostly from using models from Sketchfab and similar sites. Many models are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CCA). In the Comments section under models, in addition to discussions, advices and screenshots of a model ported into the game, sometimes polite people also ask about permission to use the model in video, games, etc. And I noticed that some authors responded with something like “Yes, that’s why I specifically published the model with a free license. Why are you still asking? Just use it already however you like". And it’s easy to understand why: the authors release dozens of models, hundreds of people download them, even if every 100th asks for obvious things (about permissions when they are written on the page), it will become annoying. At the same time, I've seen some modders (retired and active) respond that they don't care/are not interested in what people do with their old mods as they move on. Some authors ask to inform them about the use of their work in other mods because they are interested, but others do not specify anything at all and I wonder if they will be bothered if I write to them about some years-old model? Since then, I've taken a stance: if the modder has allowed everyone to use the mod/model, then be grateful, respect the author and their time, and don't bother them unless you have something to say/to show. In my opinion, it would be better to thank the modder and show them how their work helped create a great new mod, than to ask for permissions (which are already given in the Readme), waste the person's time, create expectations and then fail to produce anything. Modders in the KOTOR community usually don't publish mods under licenses, but the terms 'You can use/modify the mod, just credit the author' written on the mod page or in the Readme file can be considered the equivalent of CCA license. It does not impose any obligations other than “attribution.” If the mod author does not specify additional requirements/wishes, then the user (especially if he is not an active member of the community) may not be able to know their preferences and will have to rely on his own inner judgment. Whether he contact the mod author before or after the release, or not at all, depends on the user. To avoid misunderstandings about 'permissions', modders should write their requirements as clearly as possible, so that there is no potential ambiguity, and expect users to do only what is written in the permissions.
  4. @Kaimur https://deadlystream.com/topic/4656-kotor-tsl-where-am-i-armband/?do=findComment&comment=48573
    Good model, nice texture, sword icon is present. The only drawback is the need to use cheats to get the sword.
  5. @Darth Darth BinksThere was a time when TSLRP could be found on every second file hosting site, but now it looks like either the mod has been removed or Google is deliberately hiding such sites. Anyway, here's TSLRP 1.08b. Some rumors mentioned the existence of version 1.11b, but it was never made public. For history's sake, it should be noted that TSLRP attempted to restore some content that was not even included in TSLRCM 1.8.6, such as the Genoharadan subplot. If you're interested in cut content and TSL restoration projects, also check out TSL Un-Restored Content and K2RP by team-exile (several versions and patches are still hosted on Gamefront). They tried to restore even more cut content, such as Atris-as Darth Traya ending, Sion on Nar-Shaddaa and other things. Mod edit: Please do not upload mods wihout their authors' expressed permission. - InSidious
  6. While there is no news about potential Coruscant Expansion, I decided to make an addon for the original The Jedi Temple mod. My thoughts on updating the mod are mostly the same as what Mephiles550 wrote a few posts above, though not everything will be implemented, because the main goal of this project is to add and fix things without changing gameplay or deathdisco’s original vision. What is included in The Jedi Temple Addon: AI-generated and alien VO for NPCs. Map for the Council Chambers module. Fixed broken walls in the Jedi Temple module (cleaned up models were originally created by Hunter’s Run for the "Enclave Sublevel as a Functioning Jedi Academy" mod) and replaced glitchy blocks hiding them with new crates (not final). Training Jedi-hologram no longer drops items after combat. Party members will not disappear during training battles with holograms. Instead, they will stand on the side of the room and rejoin active party after the fight. Some ideas are currently not implemented because they may or may not affect the original vision of the mod: Since VO are AI-generated, NPC dialogue can be expanded to add lore and explain why the area is closed and why the Temple and surrounding area are in poor condition. More lore-expanding texts and holograms. Few more NPCs (like researchers or scientists) and maybe a side-quest. Additional types of training holograms. And 3 additions that I want to add (probably as optional content): A keycard that will allow players with low ‘Computer’ skill to open the door to the Council Chambers (the skill required to slice through the lock will be increased). Currently, players without Bao-Dur or T3 and with low ‘Computer’ skill can spend dozen of minutes running around before realizing that there is no alternative way to open the door. Alien bounty hunters on the landing pad (hope to find a place for Kel Dor alien that’s available in Modder’s Resources). It’s also surprising how much my idea about adding a corrupt republic soldier matches Mephiles550’s. Coruscant music from TOR in some places. Screenshots: AI voice samples: The mod doesn’t contain files from The Jedi Temple mod and should be installed after it.
  7. Hello! Can someone please create lip sync files for me in CSLU Toolkit? Tried every version, but it just refuses to run. I had already done most of the lip files in LIP Composer, but in some cases this gave unsatisfactory results (because I don't know how to indicate a pause between words in the text) and one time didn't work. voice clips for cslu.7z
  8. @seedhartha How to indicate a pause between words? For example, in the text "Hold on a second, you are a Jedi!" there is a short pause (0.5 s) after the word "second". As a result, in the second half of the sentence, the voice and lip movements become out of sync.
  9. Is there any benefit in using cupscale specifically? Until the recent AI boom, Replicate.com provided the best upscaling among services based on the Real-ESRGAN model (and it didn't require registration back then). For icon upscaling I used https://www.upscale.media (although sometimes the result is better without "Enhance Quality" option), but any AI-upscaling service should work, because the icons in the game will be small and the difference in quality will be not very noticeable. Do you remove alpha-channel from the texture before upscaling? AI upscaling tends to mess it up, so it's better to scale it separately: extract the alpha-channel into a new image, use the 'Turn Alpha to Gray' option in an image editor like Gimp or Paint.Net (with plugins), then scale it up and turn back to alpha.
  10. The amount of detail is fantastic! It's hard to believe that armor in KOTOR can look so good! So, were these textures created using AI? How does neural network generation work: do you just provide the original .tga texture file as input to the AI, or do you have to first edit the model and tweak the UV map (e.g. merge the torso and sleeves) to make it understandable to the AI?
  11. Not long ago I found old Movie Saber Mod by J3d1W4rr10R (http://web.archive.org/web/20061225145237/http://pcgamemods.com/mod/17055.html). In addition to the usual Vader's, Luke's, Qui-Gon Jinn's and Obi-Wan's hilts, this mod features rarer lightsabers such as Darth Maul's Damaged Saber, Kdi-Adi Mundi, Barris Offee, Shaak Ti, Quinlan Vos, Saesee Tiin and Dooku's Jedi Lightsabers among others. Message me if anyone wants to have it in their collection.
  12. Done. In K2, crystals were added to the inventories of Daraala, Geeda and Kex. K2 version is compatible with Movie-style Jedi Master robes, Movie Robes 2.2 and Jedi Journeyman Robes (Luke ROTJ Outfit). In K1, crystals were added to the inventories of Orgultoovak (Two-head) on Tatooine, Eli Gand on Kashyyyk and Tyvark on Manaan. For the items to appear, you need to have a save before the first conversation with the merchants. The mod adds scripts to merchant dialogues, so compatibility with non-English versions hasn't been confirmed. Haven't tested TSLPatcher installation setup. This and updating the Readme file is up to you. ROTJ Luke Pack by Evasto 2023 beta.7z