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  1. While I can't speak for N-DReW25, he, probably, was thinking more about fixing this scene for male Exile. If you play as male, then Handmaidens won't appear in the Enclave. Instead, Brianna, the party member, takes Kreia to Telos. How did she get the ship on Dantooine if she was traveling with the Exile on the Ebon Hawk all this time? - this is a plot hole. At first I was also surprised by the Exile being taken to the Ebon Hawk. But it is assumed that the Exile was in Hibernation Trance from the shock/pain/effect of the force from the Council. In fact, in DS variant of the scene Kreia stabs herself (and hurt the Exile through their force bond) and says something like "Stay here and die, apprentice, among the wreckage of all that left of the Jedi" as she leaves, which suggests that the Exile is at the very least (mentally-)wounded. The description of Hibernation Trance says: "Hibernation trance was a control-based ability that slowed the user's metabolism and breathing to a standstill, causing the individual to only use one tenth of the air of a normal individual. To all outward appearances, the individual appears to be dead; only thorough testing would determine that they were alive... A hibernating Force-user would appear dead to all but another Force-user". The only non-novice force user in the party at this point is Visas, but she was trained as Sith, so I guess it's possible for her to not recognise Hibernation Trance. A valid point. "Atton in the cockpit on the ground in pain" should definitely be fixed in next update. About the Ebon Hawk I can suggest to not return the ship to Dantooine and leave it in space when the Exile returns to life. Like in the scene after Peragus, when Atton asks about the color of the Exile's lightsaber, you can see hyperspace through the cockpit. This will require changing the picture in the cockpit to hyperspace (or new picture with stars) and, perhaps, but not required, setting the position for Ebon Hawk on Galaxy Map. Hmm, but then it won't be possible to examine the Jedi Masters' bodies and completely explore the Enclave...
  2. So, I managed to port this sword model into TSL with GMax. The texture of blade seems to be more flat and looks worse than on the site. Guess, this is because I applied only diffuse texture to the model in GMax, when archive had diffuse, metallic, Normal_DirectX, roughness map textures. Sadly, no specular map. @Stormie97 said that game's engine supports normal maps, how to apply this Normal_DirectX map to the model? Also, is there any way to get anything useful from metallic and roughness maps? Enhancing diffuse texture with them or, perhaps, using metallic map instead of specular to produce an envmap mask? Do I even need environment map texture file? I'll write the process as I understood it. Correct me if I wrong. 1.Obtain specular map texture. Invert it. 2.In graphics editor convert specular map texture to alpha mask by adding alpha channels to pixels based on their color/brightness. 3.Add alpha mask from previous step as new layer to diffuse texture. Merge them. In result I'll get 1 new diffuse texture, which I'll apply to the model. One more thing about textures, when I applied the diffuse texture to the model, in the Odyssey Trimesh Params the value "#5" appeared in the field Ambient (in Material Editor only Diffuse is set), but standard game's models had "None" in the field. Regarding 'ignore_basepointer' object (triangle in the upper-left window and the line in the lower-left window): how far from the geometry of the sword (parallelepiped) should it come out?
  3. When existing mod is updated, no message about this appears on the “Activity” page or in the release topic. Usually the mod’s author has to write in Status Updates or manually create the post in the mod release topic to let people know about the fact. Currently, to view recently updated files, user has to open Downloads page, select the game and one of the subcategories, then open “sort by” menu and choose “Recently Updated” menu item. There is a “Follow” button on the mod page, but it’s not the same: if you “follow” the mod, then you will receive notifications about not only updates, but also about every new comment (<- I'm not sure that I remember correctly this one); also sometimes you may become interested in mod after update and sometimes you just want to quickly see which mods were updated recently. I have 2 suggestions about updated mods: It would be very useful if “Recently Updated” tab was added to the “File” section on the site’s main page (in the right part of the page). This way people will be able to switch between them with one click (like “First post/Latest post” in the preview window of topics). Make it so that the message appears on the page "Activity" when the mod is updated.
  4. DarthParametric, Stormie97 Thank you for your input! Now I have an idea where to start. So, shining and light areas on metal won't appear on models like this one (just an example of blaster with metal texture, not something I plan to port, at least at the moment) unless I apply environment map?
  5. I’ve noticed that some free models from the Internet have licenses that allow to use them in mods, in few cases even to modify the models and re-release them. No experience with 3d tools, but I want to try porting something relatively simple into TSL, probably, weapons (swords, blasters), since they don’t have animations. I have a few questions: 1. Choosing the suitable model. There are many models of similar items from various authors. The archives have a different number of files with different extensions. One archive with blaster has 2 .odf, 2 .msh, 1 .tga files, other one has 1 .stl, 3 .obj files. Which file types are more suitable for porting? What files should be present in archive with, for example, sword model? Perhaps fan-models from certain games (JKA, Battlefront 2 (2005), etc.) are more preferable than random models from the Internet? How many polygons should have a weapon model? Are there any other limitations that I should know about? 2. What tools do I need to open the 3d model and port it into TSL? 3. The process of porting weapon model. Do you know any instructions or tutorials? What needs to be adjusted after converting a weapon model?
  6. Looks like the mod actually existed. Maybe, this page will be useful in finding it: https://web.archive.org/web/20150406031410/http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/G0T0_is_Revan;121157 From the description, the author changed G0-T0's model and class. For now, the closest to required mod is this: https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic-ii/file/g0-t0-jedi
  7. I remember that the Red Eclipse slavers on the landing pad and inside the EH, Ubese and other thugs on Nar-Shaddaa have prop weapons in their .utc files. You can use FindRefs to see whether prop weapons are commonly used or not.
  8. What is your version of WinRAR? I already explained to you before (and it seems you chose to ignore it) that files archived with new compression method of WinRAR can be opened only in modern WinRAR. Older versions and 7zip won't work. Can your 7zip open this archive? My version can't.
  9. Your "k_scene_start" script in Override folder loaded instead of "k_scene_start" from STUNT_34 module (cutscene with Carth and the player on the Ebon Hawk). This is why you have to use module injection. Did the game autosaved before this cutscene? If so, then you can exit the game and remove "k_scene_start" script from Override folder. If the scene will work after that, then the problem is simply in "k_scene_start" script overwriting scripts in other modules. In addition, we previously overlooked the fact that, if the torture script temporarily adds Bastila back into the party, then there is another script that removes Bastila from the party again. This script is "k_scene_start" from STUNT_34 module. Remove the line "RemoveAvailableNPC(0);" from the script, you should get this code: void main() { if ((GetIsPC(GetEnteringObject()) == 1)) { if ((IsAvailableCreature(2) == 0)) { AddAvailableNPCByTemplate(2, "p_carth"); } if ((IsNPCPartyMember(2) == 0)) { SpawnAvailableNPC(2, GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("WP01", 0))); } SetPartyLeader(0xFFFFFFFF); AssignCommand(GetObjectByTag("CutStart", 0), ActionStartConversation(GetFirstPC(), "m12aa_c03_carth", 0, 0, 1, "", "", "", "", "", "")); AssignCommand(GetFirstPC(), ClearAllEffects()); AssignCommand(GetObjectByTag("Carth", 0), ClearAllEffects()); } } You won't be able to put 2 "k_scene_start" scripts in the Override at the same time, but you can insert them directly into their .MOD via module injection. I didn't research .rim files enough to answer about loading process. What is this reference number for the script (479)? Where did you find it?
  10. It doesn't work like that. You take screenshot, find it with .tga extension in the directory of the game, open it with Paint.NET (or other editor) and save as .jpg, .png, etc.
  11. Check swkotor.ini and add the line EnableScreenShot=1 under [Game Options]
  12. Yes, but you have to compile it, because the engine can't read .nss scripts. When you place your compiled script in Override folder, the game will load it instead of original script. But here is VERY IMPORTANT thing: various modules can have DIFFERENT versions of the script with the same name. So, if you place such script with common name in the Override folder, it will overwrite all scripts with that name and will break many scenes (for example, this happened to EEP mod). I checked the name "k_scene_start" with FindRefs program, and, unfortunately, it is very common name used for scripts in many modules. This means that in the release version you can't simply put "k_scene_start" script in Override folder, you must use module injection (replacing the original script directly inside STUNT_18 module). Use TSLPatcher for module injection (check changes.ini of EEP or other smaller mods if you want to see, how to set up it). While you work on the mod, you can, of course, put "k_scene_start" script in Override, just don't forget to use module injection in the release version!
  13. It should be possible. You will need to remove Sarna from party members and add Bastila in the k_scene_start script and then attach new script (removing Bastila, adding Sarna back) to the end of the m44aa_c02.dlg dialog. But I think it is easier (and I would even say, correct way) to spawn Bastila as npc for the scene. Try this code for k_scene_start script (may require some adjusting) void main() { if ((GetIsPC(GetEnteringObject()) == 1)) { CreateObject(1, "Bastila", GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("WP01", 0))); // or p_bastilla001 instead of Bastila ? SetPartyLeader(0xFFFFFFFF); AssignCommand(GetObjectByTag("Bastila", 0), ClearAllEffects()); AssignCommand(GetObjectByTag("CutStart", 0), ActionStartConversation(GetFirstPC(), "m44aa_c02", 0, 0, 1, "", "", "", "", "", "")); DelayCommand(0.3, PlayRoomAnimation("StuntRoom44aa", 2)); DelayCommand(2.6, PlayRoomAnimation("StuntRoom44aa", 1)); } } I wonder why Bioware decided to add Bastila back to party members for the scene?
  14. In the 'Bastila's torture' script? Probably, tag that refers to Bastila. I don't have access to KOTOR 1 scripts, therefore I'm not sure. But now, I think, it is possible that something is messed up in Sarna UTC. You don't have any Bastila mods in your Override, right? Try removing Sarna UTC before the scene.
  15. I'm not an expert, but, supposedly, the scene breaks when the script or the dialogue refers to Bastila. Find starting script and dialogue inside module STUNT_18 (Bastila's torture, if I remember right). Try to change Speaker's name for first Bastila's line to Sarna in the dialogue for testing purpose. But I think, it won't help, and the problem lies in script. Update: Does it work when you remove Sarna UTC before the scene?