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  1. I like this mod. I thought the same about empty chairs when I first played TSL. I watched it in-game, the scene became better. I also noticed a few things: 1. The camera mainly uses either shots from long distance or close-ups of main council members (Vrook & Co) that prevents taking a good look at the additional masters. Only rare shots from a medium distance allow to see in detail jedi on the left and right of speaker. 2. Added jedi-statists give off a feeling like they unconcerned about the meeting (or aren't allowed to talk). I understand that they play no role in the story, and you probably didn't want to add anything that may break the impression of such important moment, but still it turned out to be a little weird to me. I think both issues can be solved, while only slightly affecting the scene: Have a council member with an alien VO say one short neutral line, for example, "Is anyone want to add something?" and then zoom in camera on every added jedi-statist for a second when they stay silent, blink or shake their head (if they have such an animation). Vandar can use some very short one-liner like "Hmm...". The scene can then continue as usual. I hope you 'll address these issues to make the scene even more immersive if you decide to release v3.0 of this mod.
  2. Now that you mention it, this model fits surprisingly well with Zherron and Administrator Adare, even better than in K1. Think so too. Now you can see the face suitable for the old man. This model looks great in TSL. Amazing quality of work, @Dark Hope! I'd love to see your versions of Kavar and Zes-Kai Ell!
  3. Damn, so I barely missed all discussion? I should, probably, register there. Although I generally agree with you about Carth, there is only 5 years of difference between K1 and TSL, and middle-aged people (Carth 43 years in TSL) often have fewer face changes than after 50. Therefore, I can somewhat accept the K1 model for Carth in TSL. As for the Jedi Masters, they must be older than Kart (because they had already held positions in the High Council by 3964 BBY), and 10 years is a long enough period for some aging. Yes, I know that force-sensetive can live longer than other people, but, for example, Jolie and Obi-Wan Kenobi looked their age. Or so I was about to write, but I see that you have already dismissed this argument in Discord, BEFORE I started this topic. It feels weird when you look at 2 different resources on the same topic with the same members at the same time. Anyways, I think I can find other examples of Jedi who have aged properly. And at least there may be differences in hairstyles (people often follow the fashion or Zes-Kai Ell can still have forehead hair). So I got such serious idea because of tiny misunderstanding? LOL!
  4. Huh, I knew about that scene, but never thought about it too deeply. Cool theory. I look forward to it ☺️ . Btw, I read your blog posts about unused/unrestored Bao-Dur content - interesting stuff. Hope, you return to Bao-Dur's restorations someday. That's my point. It is just there without any real purpose, its completion doesn’t change anything, the game doesn't care, if you win or lose as far as I remember. After other minigames we get cutscenes, responses from opponents, or teammates, but here the game world completely ignores the fact that you destroyed entire enemy squadron over the Palace. The game QUIETLY gives 850 exp to the player, but again without any visual reaction. I am thinking about learning kotor modding tools and creating a tiny mod that will add some sort of proper ending to the mini-game if there is no unused content for it.
  5. That recent animated aging avatar by Sith Holocron made me think about the external signs of the age of the Jedi Masters in TSL. The Council holorecord was from 10 years prior the game, but the members of the Council did not visually change (do they use the same models?). And obviously they could not be too young to begin with. Especially Vrook, he was same old man in the TSL (3951 BBY), in K1 (3956 BBY), in the holorecord (around 3960 BBY), in the comics "KOTOR" set shortly before the Mandalorian Wars (3964 BBY). He was even in the Council in the comics about Duron Qel-Droma (3993 BBY) and looked like he was already over 40 (this might just be an oversight, but funny in the context of this post). In less than 10 years, Malak received tattoos, unique armor, skin changes due to the influence of DS, lost his jaw, replaced it with a metal plate, as a result received a new voice and, in the end, was killed. Revan shaved / grew facial hair all the time. But the members of the High Council didn't even change their hairstyles (let's assume that Atris had closet full of same white librarian' s robes). This may be a reasonable idea for a mod or, perhaps, some kind of expansion to Full Jedi Council mod to visually reflect passing years on masters, for example, to make Atris and Lonna Vash younger in Holorecord and to age Vrook in the present time. Kavar and Zes-Kai Ell can be changed in any direction, I'm not sure about them (they appeared only in the background of one comic book). What do you think about this subject? And is anyone willing to create such a mod if it fits the lore?
  6. It is amazing how after all these years there are still many things that can be restored. I admire your perseverance in finding and restoring all bits of the unfinished content! Was there anything interesting or different from the final version? And about Onderon in general: is there any information in the files about the planned additional content? The Iziz section seemed very linear and short for a large and mass-populated city. And one other thing that interest me in particular: is there anything explaining the inclusion of turret tower minigame in Sky Ramp? To me, that minigame is the prime example of unfinished content requiring restoration.
  7. Great idea to combine Deadman's mandalorians with Kotor colors! Looks familiar enough and fresh at the same time!
  8. @Hassat Hunter Is this mod not included in TSLRCM 1.8.5? And what exactly does it change (the video on moddb no longer opens, at least not for me)?
  9. @aneeryrlue Is the fixed version still unavailable? Have you lost the fight to Windows 10? Please, return, there is still interest in this mod.
  10. Thanks for releasing these models separetely! I have been fan of your tunics since finding them on Filefront. If you don't mind some small feedback: Darth Malak's Armor is a little too bright-red and dark (especially in the abdomen and chest area) compared to more natural color-scheme of others tunics in pack. Personally, I think "Mandalorian Tunic" from your old "90SK's Tunics v2" mod would've looked better and more natural as Malak's Armor. Anyway, excellent work!
  11. The problem lies in Angelus6 texture pack. File "C_Gammorean01.tga" is unfinished (comparing to C_Gammorean02.tga and others). Delete it or copy "C_Gammorean_Low" (or other Gammorean texture) and rename it as "C_Gammorean01.tga".
  12. Are you sure that "Aliens re-detailed" and "Angelus6 texture pack creatures and NPC" can work together? Both of them affect Gammoreans.
    Her hair is certainly pleasant to look at now. Altough she is now look a little too neat comparing to concept art, where hair was more ... voluminous.
  13. Great idea for a mod! I have some suggestions. Make Revan use head chosen by player in Kotor I and use unmasked model in Korriban cave. It may be too ambitious, but can you reuse unmasking animation from KOTOR I for that scene? It would also be great if the player could transfer Revan's custom head (from mods) to TSL for the Korriban scene (for example, insert a custom head file into the mod folder and then run TSLPatcher for installation). In addition, T3 can show umasked Revan hologram with high influence. Also, it would've been cool to meet Suvam Tan again. Some Trandoshans can still have scores to settle with him (why am I thinking about The Red Eclipse). Another idea is based on the outcome of "A Chieftain in Need" quest: Exile can find some enslaved wookiees in cage and Czerka employee in one of the rooms on Nar Shaddaa or some free wookiees-workers (in that case they can be located on Telos with Chodo Habat). Can be turned into side-quest to free/enslave them. Actually those wookiees can be sold to Eclipse, Czerka, Exchange for different price. And add some gizka to the game!