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Found 36 results

  1. As most of you know, Bao-Dur can't equip robes and heavy armor. This is because all of his appearance.2da entries use a personal customized entries to account for his arm. Ergo, they use the same textures as regular versions of the armors, but the model itself is custom and includes Bao's mechanical arm. Obsidian didn't bother giving him the custom bodies beyond type F, which is the medium armor, which is also why he doesn't have heavy armor feat selectable in the game - it would simply crash because of the missing appearance.2da entries. So, my request would be to take the remaining armor models (body types G, H, K, M), and attach Bao's Arm to them, while retaining the UV maps to accomodate the textures, just like the stock bodies he uses now. While there are some concerns about there being a space between the head and body for the robes (body types I, N), using a custom mesh such as the following - - should prove to be adequate, as very few people use stock robe models these days. Regardless, robe addition is secondary to the request of the missing armor types.
  2. Hi, could someone make a mod to have the Exar Kun's armor with its appearance from the old republic game? It is in fact very faithful to the one in the comic (although I remember that it was black, I think I have to read it again), it would not have to be a complete mod as such, the truth is that I have seen that there is an exar armor mod kun, it just doesn't look like any I've seen, so it could be like a retexture of that mod, if the creator gives permission of course, sorry for my English
  3. Good morning, I wanted to know if someone would be willing to make a mod for both kotor 1 and 2 to be able to play as Satele Shan from the old republic game? I have seen very good ones by Kira Carsen and Jaesa Willsaam for both games, so I wanted to know if someone could make a similar one for Satele Shan, both for her head and her clothes, sorry for my bad English
  4. Hello, PMHC06 is my favorite player head but, I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to retexture it (recolor the hair to brown) and possibly include some custom portraits? I know a similar request has been made before but the files are no longer accessible thus the new request. Thanks! walshcon000
  5. I don't know if someone has done this already, but could someone port the blonde guy head from KOTOR 2 to KOTOR 1? or link me to an existing one? I couldn't find it if it has already been done. Thanks! EDIT: This one.
  6. I realize I have made similar requests, my first in 2015, but, as it appears my "Recruit Sarna" mod will work, I hoped someone could help modify and retexture armor to give Sarna unique armor. I believe, if the textures for the Republic officer uniform, the Republic soldier uniform, and Sith armor could be applied to the Sith uniform, or if the models can be merged, the uniform would appear similar to Republic armor from the Mandalorian Wars. I have been trying to create this. I attempted to modify the Republic soldier uniform by removing the shoulder guards and applying Republic officer textures, but the color maps differ, and I could not merge the different shoulder pads. Further, the Republic officer coat extends too far down, and the Republic officer uniform appears too bulky. I had problems similar when attempting to modify models for the Female Sith Apprentice and the base clothing for Juhani. Could someone help create this armor for Sarna? I can give more information.
  7. Hi folks! I'm new around here and I have been searching high and low for a very specific kind of mod with no results. I, myself, am not very good with modding or even coding in general for that matter so I decided to make a request. I highly doubt that this is possible, but if someone sees this and it sounds like something that they would love to attempt, then that would be awesome! Anyways, I am wondering if it would be possible to create a mod for KotOR or KotOR 2 which instead of the game automatically rolling the dice, it would instead have a prompt on the screen appear, then you would roll your own physical dice and enter the result from there. I realize that if this is possible, it's something that could potentially be abused, but I think for those of us who wouldn't want to abuse it, it would be a really fun way to make the gameplay a lot more interactive! If anyone is interested in doing this, or if anyone knows that this is basically impossible to do in- game then let me know! Stay safe and have fun!
  8. Hello my fellow DeadlyStreamers! I hope your Januaries have been treating well! As you probably already know PMHC06 is my favorite player head. However, I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to retexture it (recolor the hair and eyes to brown) and include some custom portraits for my personal use? Here are the files (thanks to Effix!) Many thanks! -StellarExile
  9. I was wondering if anyone could make a Del Meeko mod for KOTOR 1, where the scoundrel’s clothes are replaced by his outfit, and maybe make his face too?
  10. Greetings, fellow Jedi! Hope y'all doing fine. It'd be awesome if someone release a fix for Vandar's false direction; as seen in the screenshot: I believe a fix to the particular cutscene would be necessary as that is one of the important scenes in game and kind of an introductory to the Councils; particularly Master Vandar. Many thanks for considering this and, May the Force be with You!
  11. Would anyone be willing to do Kol and Cade Skywalker's lightsabers? It's the same design for each, I just need one in blue and one in green.
  12. I am just curious, but has anyone considered doing a robe set based on the Green Jedi, otherwise known as the Corellian Jedi? I don't mean a simple recolor of the standard robes, but as a mechanically separate robe type with custom textures? The reason I am asking is, despite the fact that Halcyon, the family name of the most famous lineage of Corellian Jedi, which eventually produced Corran Horn, protagonist of the X-WIng series of novels, is one of the names that can be randomly generated when creating your character, that no one has seized upon the role-playing implications for such a mod. While those that have played SWTOR may be more familiar with the Corellian Jedi than others, I will summarize as best I can. The Green Jedi, named for the distinct coloration and nonstandard(!) patterns of their robes, were a branch of the Jedi Order that had ideological differences with the High Council. They were based in Coronet City on Corellia, worked closely with CorSec, ( the Corellian police force), and had unique practices, such as allowing their members to marry and the passing of Jedi Credits to close associates. Basically, a rather interesting faction that existed contemporaneously, as displayed in the MMO, as the Corellian Jedi are already well established and have already diverged from standard Jedi practices. Now, I'm not saying that I'm a huge fan of the robes displayed in the MMO; I personally find them too gaudy and impractical (See the Wookieepedia page if you want to verify the claim). However, a toned-down version with a different stat distribution from regular robes and a unique model is something that would greatly interest me. However, I have no skill with designing textures or 3-d modelling, so I am incapable of doing this myself. Yes, it's probably a tad esoteric unless you were huge into the EU (Go read "I, Jedi" if you haven't already. Right now. Come back later, just go read it.) but it's the kind of thing that I'd like to see more of. Like it or not, we're not getting more EU content, and adding more of it into the game isn't a bad thing. Besides, everyone likes a new robe mod, and if it's mechanically interesting in addition to good looking? That's even better.
  13. My last couple of modded playthroughs have run great up until this point. Then anywhere from confronting Bastila to landing on the Star Forge I crash. I'd like this save so I can do some tests and make sure my mod set up for my next playthrough will not run into a similar problem.
  14. Could someone port the head "PFHA04" from 'Knight's of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords' into 'Knight's of the Old Republic'? Not sure how difficult that would be, but I'd appreciate it if you could. 😊
  15. Hi everyone! Getting back into kotor modding, and one thing I've wanted to do was improve PMHH02 from tsl into k1, but I couldn't figure it out. So I came here to ask if anyone could 1) port the tsl head (PMHH02) into k1 for me, or 2) give me some tips/point me to a good tutorial. Thanks in advance!
  16. Does anyone have an Obi-Wan ROTS lightsaber mod for K1 and TSL? Or would someone be willing to make said saber for me for both games? I've never seen a standalone version of the hilt. Thanks!
  17. Would anyone be willing to make a Mara Jade's Lightsaber for Kotor 2? I finally convinced my girlfriend to do a Kotor 2 playthrough after 3 years of bugging, and she wants to use the Mara Jade head on here in conjunction with her Saber.
  18. I always liked how Luke was dressed in Return of the Jedi, I think it might fit well for a Grey Jedi kind of playthrough. For those who played Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy, Toshi made a really nice model of that particular outfit. Here's the one I mean, as it is in EA's Battlefront 2. Someone else made a thread about it a while ago and had the original modder's approval. I figured with the new rules and modding tools, this might be a good time to make a new request for it.
  19. I've been checking everywhere for this mod, and I haven't been able to find it again. It was available on Nexus Mods a few months ago, but it was taken down after Gamefront came back online, although I can't find the files on Gamefront either. I checked through both K1 and K2 files on here yesterday, and I can't find it on here either. Would anyone happen to have a working link or a copy of the files for the ROTJ Luke Saber Pack for both games? Or possibly their own version of the saber for both Kotors? Either one is fine, I just want files/models that will work with both games. Thank you so much! *EDIT* Disregard please, I found the files. The search option on Filefront wasn't bringing it up with "Saber" or "Lightsaber" when used for the search. I'll post the the link here in case anyone else has to go searching through for this. If anyone has an up-to-date version of this hilt with higher quality textures, I would appreciate it if you would be willing to share it with me. Sorry for the clutter, hopefully this thread can be helpful to someone in the future need be.
  20. Does anyone have a Handmaiden clothing model with the hood removed? Or is anyone able to create one? Getting ready to replay TSL for the first time in years and plan to edit appearance.2da so that she uses her clothing model in place of various armor, but for it to work right I kinda need it without the hood because I've replaced her head with the Jaesa head that was ported from TOR (though I photoshopped the hair to be white). I don't know the first thing about modeling or I'd try to do it myself.
  21. Hello, I am playing KOTOR 1 for Android. I don't have it on PC and currently don't have a PC. I've been using mods to improve it and was really happy to find this one which makes it possible to play as a Twi'lek: In the description the mod author says people can alter the file as long as s/he is given credit. I was wondering if someone could alter it so each female Twi'lek is in her dancer outfit by default instead of the white outfit. I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide! Thanks!
  22. Greetings, fellow Jedi! May the Force be with y'all. I am here to request for a mod that will fix the misnamed bone inside the "comm_a_m" model, appeared in the game as Asian commoners head- particularly this variant: We can see in the screenshot below that usually in any other head models [and its counterpart comm_a_m2], the bone are written as eyeRA and eyeLA respectively: I've tried to rename the bone myself, but in the end resulting in a new problem: Both are results of the compiled binary; either using MDLedit or MDLOps, they leave behind a mark to both side of mouth area. While the new problem is there, the renamed bone resulting in an appropriate eye movement. I believe I have ran out of options to perform the proper fix myself; hence asking the forum a request is the best option it is. I hope the information provided was enough for an attempt, and many thanks for considering this.
  23. Greetings, fellow Jedi! Have a nice weekend y'all. I am here to request for a mod that spawn a Pazaak Deck particularly the plc_pazaak2 placeables, specifically at this marked location: The relevant module is Javyar's Cantina [tar_m03ae] and as listed above, the particular Pazaak Deck variant/model is plc_pazaak2. I have tried myself with trying to spawn the PLC either with using the script [via its on-enter which I assume is k_ptar_a03ae_en? Which is doomed to failed by my own attempt...] or attaching the PLC model to the room model but is having KOTORmax failing to load the placeables' ASCII. The background of this request is because I can't stand to watch Uriah [the NPC] fiddle around with exactly nothing... I hope the information provided above is enough for an attempt, and many thanks for considering this request. Edit: An additional information: The co-ordinates of the PC is:
  24. Greetings, fellow Jedi! Hope y'all doing fine. I have noticed a disturbance in the Force with the Ivy meshes; particularly inside m13aa_01a model [Dantooine's docking area]. My query/request are: [Query] Is that intended? Because I have roamed around the Enclave and every Ivy that are attached; they align perfectly and the only instance of disturbance is on that one. [Request] If it is not; I am hoping for a fix to the mesh/model because as we can see it shown on an important cutscene as seen in the screenshot above. So, I believe a fix would be necessary. Many thanks for considering this!
  25. Greetings, fellow Jedi! Hope y'all doing fine. It's me again; try to get the stream goin', lol- pardon my curiousness. This one is a request rather than a question which is: I would like to request an attached version of commoner's head model to commoner's body model so it'd be an F type model, and then the model be renamed to l_commM for "Sitting Commoner's Male" and l_commF for "Sitting Commoner's Female". On my attempt, it actually is possible to make two low-poly commoner's that were playing Pazaak in Taris' cantina to uses hi-poly model [N_CommM/N_CommF] but on my end they lost their head as only the body model that was applied. I have no specific preference of which heads on this request [but low-key hoping at least 2 or 3 Comm's heads be fulfilled 😂]. I believe it'd be an unique addition to K1; particularly- as it'd complete one aspect of the game. I think TSL uses UTC/script? as their sitt-comms are interactive, and I can't find any instance of them inside its placeables.2da. Many thanks for considering this!