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  1. Even in 2015, people would look at my idea and my effort, comment it is interesting, and leave. I want to prevent the project from dying. Even if you do not mean to shame me, think of what others who read this will think of me. I do not think I would get any support.
  2. People always seem to lose interest. Is it necessary to shame me for as long as this site is active?
  3. When I tried to extract this to my KotOR Tool folder, I did not see "deNCS.config" and the file "DeNCS.jar" is recognized as a compressed folder. I get the message "Destination Access Folder Denied"
  4. Unable to set up deNCS and finding bugs in modeling tools . Attempting to analyze compiled script.

  5. I followed instructions for use of "deNCS", even finding the Java version specified, but it does not seem to work. Even the command prompt gives the message "Access is denied." STUNT_18 plays without the .ncs file in my "Override" folder, but I found another problem. STUNT_18 shows Sarna instead of Bastila, odd because the Template ResRef I used for Sarna is "p_sarna", and her .utc file is p_sarna.utc, but STUNT_34 plays. Sarna disappears (she is not available as a party member) after Carth lands the Ebon Hawk. It looks like TSLPatcher may have sent files to the wrong destinations when I tried to configure it for STUNT_34. Otherwise, could this have resulted from use of the command GetObjectbyTag("Bastila", 0)? If another NPC is recruited, the tag must be the same as the one replaced, so the template is different, but the tag is the same. If a new tag is used, even her original tag, "sarna021", you can get duplicates of the character. I have seen this happen. While I try to find cause, I was able to improve the GMax/NWMax helmet model, though, given its size and clipping issues, as previously mentioned, I will have to attach it directly to a modified head model. For some reason, though I now have KotORMax, I still find something seems to interfere with textures when I try to attach the helmet model pulled from the Sith Commando model (n_sithcommando) to the head model (comm_w_f). Can anyone tell me why this might be happening?
  6. I hope I used the correct configuration. When I looked at recruit script tutorials, I never expected something this complex.
  7. KotOR Tool shows a compiled script, "k_scene_start.ncs", the full identification being "k_scene_start.ncs (479)" in data for "STUNT_18.rim", mentioned under "STUNT_18_s.rim". I have been attempting to configure TSLPatcher to replace this with the modified ".nss" file (TSLPatcher only accepts new ".ncs" files if they are to be moved into the "Override" folder) by using the "Replace existing" option with the ".mod" files, which, for some reason, are in the "lips" folder. I have not yet completed configuring TSLPatcher, but I will test the new script as soon as I can. I do appreciate all the assistance I have been receiving.
  8. The script works to get past the cutscene, but it leads to the player being stuck in the cockpit/bridge portion of the Ebon Hawk with Bastila as the only other character. The rest of the Ebon Hawk disappears. There is an object that is identified as "cutscene start", but this cannot be accessed. I would guess this is due to the next cutscene being Carth and the player on the Ebon Hawk. I am attempting to configure TSLPatcher. This will be the first time I have had to use it for a mod of my own, and it will take time to learn. Looking at compiled script, I noticed original script has the line "JMP off_000001DD". New script has "JMP off_00000189" and is shorter. I should ask, I have noticed most module information is kept in ".rim" files, and "STUNT_18_s.rim" appears to be triggered by entry into "m44aa". This entry seems to trigger "stunt_unkhall.are", which is part of "STUNT_18.rim". How do I set TSLPatcher to replace script dependent upon and responsible for triggering so much other script? Also, what happened to the reference number for the script (479)? I will keep trying, but everything seems to be getting more confusing. TSLPatcher instructions appear focused upon ".GFF", ".2DA", and ".tlk" reference.
  9. The only script I can find for cutscenes is in compiled format. There is compiled script, "k_scene_start.ncs", string ref 479, but would the script provided override the compiled script? If not, how do I alter source script for this scene?
  10. Neville


    Sarna waiting for Star Forge droids. Uniform texture by Effix.
  11. Removing the .utc file did not work. The only Bastila mods I have are to correct the romance script, restore dialogue, and make robes appear as variants of her base clothing. I was thinking there might be a way to temporarily remove Sarna, like Zalbaar on Kashyyyk or Bastila during the Jedi trial on Dantooine, and bring her back later. It may be possible, further, to avoid adding Bastila again. Reviewing script, some characters (Kel Algwynn, Sharina Fizark, Yuthura Ban, Belaya) can go to other planets and continue dialogue, but I do not know how this is done. With these issues, I still must ask if someone could help with the helmet. I cannot seem to add a new visor.
  12. Do I need to change tag or string template resref?
  13. Can you direct me to any of these "experts"?
  14. When I save, the game will not load.