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  1. Trying to contact anyone who has texturing and modeling skills.

  2. Hoping to find someone with greater skill with modifying models and textures for my project.

  3. The model is in both games. I found the models when I started. I tried to combine textures. Insignia on the shoulders and chest of TSF armor is not easily covered with Republic armor textures, and the chinstrap is difficult to fit over another head model. I had difficulty with lighting retexturing SithSpecter's Republic helmet. I found an earlier form of Republic armor. This is an image of Republic soldiers during the Mandalorian Wars, but the armor would be more difficult to make than to merge textures. Note the armor plates and the different helmets with orange-tinted visors. Seen in this image are variants:
  4. I mentioned I found the head model and the base clothing model for Sarna. Does anyone know the designation for the model for the underclothes for the White Female Player Character, and does anyone have the skill to create a female variant of armor like that in the pictures I have posted? I was trying to modify Sith armor to resemble it. The visor on Sith armor starts below eye level.
  5. I thought the number for Bastila was 0. I believe coordinates that would work for tat_m17ab would be (-11.17, -37.85, 0.00). Several years ago (2015), I tried creating a dialogue tree to recruit a new character. I asked Rece for help. He removed me from friends lists on three platforms because I often mentioned problems with textures and models without porting and took a long time to think of what a new character would say. FairStrides would not help due to porting rules. SithSpecter said he did not know how to create new armor. I tried to contact InyriForge. There exists the problem also that dialogue changes following recruitment.
  6. I checked the files. One should consider the posted information is dated several years ago, but I am trying.
  7. Does this work for KotOR or is it specific for TSL?
  8. I had to look up sites that gave information, and it may be that the function does not work with the Steam version any longer. I tried adding "EnableCheats=1", but cheats did not activate. I am checking the CD version. I may have to use the conditional of helping Sharina and spawn Sarna in the same location, or spawning her where the Duros was after meeting Helena.
  9. I am trying. It has been years since I used some editing and information features. I looked for online guides, but "EnableCheats=1" appears not to work on the Steam version of the game.
    This can help, but retextured (applied in GMax) new models require lighting to keep correct appearance.
  10. I asked in 2015. I found basic tutorials, but more detailed tutorials sometimes required are not available through links.
  11. I have forgotten how to use the "whereami" function. Creating new armor is difficult.
  12. I have located Sarna's character template and I am modifying it. I found all models and textures for the head and base clothing. I have modified objects, reassigned textures, and found positions for characters and other objects. I have made some items by modifying game models and textures. I have modified weapon and armor templates. I have created other models.
  13. I have programs and mods that add characters. I saw the basic tutorials on how to recruit characters. I was never able to place characters, create a working dialogue tree, or assign scripts and voice files. I found the head model and basic body model for Sarna. I was never able to create the armor I was thinking of, but I thought a female version of the red Sith armor would work best for the body. I can try to alter the armor or find similar armor, but I have difficulty working with lighting. I had to message SithSpecter when the TSF helmet model I made did not have proper lighting, and the resource he gave me is no longer available.