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  1. ok,thnx see if i can uninstall it edit : seems i was mistaken,it is decompiling,just not showing the code in dencs,if i save and view the save it shows the decompiled code,is that it or am i missing somehting?
  2. ive tried to download java v6 but oldest version i see is v8,any tricks to this or am i stuck with virtual machines? edit : downloaded v6 and installed,still fails to decompile on _every_ script i try
  3. simple,simply load xptable.2da and do math on xp gained(xx * 0.70) on each value shown in kotor tool 2da editor
  4. Nirran

    TSL Patcher

    what im asking specificaly ,is that during tslpatcher run installation,it asks the user for a variable that is used by the program
  5. Nirran

    TSL Patcher

    is it possible to add run time variables when patching with it?such as,i would like to add 1 feat per level to FeatGain.2da,can i do this w/o pre editing the featgain file?
  6. wondering if it is possible,ive managed to make the ai use custom spells,but it wont use grenades,attached is the ai source i have k_inc_generic.nss k_inc_gensupport.nss k_inc_switch.nss k_inc_utility.nss k_inc_walkways.nss st_inc_ai.nss st_inc_utils.nss Hardcore_Mod.nss HC_Control-Custom.nss k_ai_master.nss k_inc_debug.nss k_inc_drop.nss edit : for got to say,non party npc use the grenades,want to add heal and grenades use by party memebrs
  7. no one knows? just wondering
  8. does the exile in tsl have an on heartbeat script?if yes what is its name? thnx Nirran
  9. hello new to forums,dirrected here after asking in curse kotor forums would like to add damage feats for unarmed and weapons,wondering if it is possible thnx Nirran edit : forgot to mention that this question is for tsl,thnx