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  1. I'm way late to the conversation, but I had to say this mod is a MUST HAVE. Its amazing. His "flaps" are animated in every instance and it is overall one of my favorite KOTOR 2 mods out there. Thank you DeadMan!
  2. Here is an interesting question, has anyone altered K2 to be harder to level up? Reducing the xp gained from each enemy by about 30% would get you to around level 20 by the end of the game. I like the idea of having to think through a character instead of just maxing out force powers and becoming an unstoppable god. If someone could explain the logistics of how it can be done or why it can't be done that would be great! I know KOTOR 1 has this kind of mod, but I've never seen it for KOTOR 2. Thanks!
  3. You are a saint good sir. These are my favorite mods to find. when people respect the game enough to go back and fix the small things.