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  1. DeadMan

    [K1] Vibroweapons replacement pack retexture

    Glad to see it released on Deadlystream!
  2. DeadMan

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    Porting may not be a problem. All SW games I own on GOG (both KotORs, JKO/JKA, Republic commando, original Battlefront II, TFU 1&2, Empire at war) have same Disney Terms Of Use. If you read section 3 carefully, you will find the next paragraph: So, basically, Disney allows us to use their assets (not only from SW, but from all their stuff). There could be arguments about new media (such as EA Battlefront), 'cause they will also have EA's terms of use, but everything released before Disney buying Lucasfilm should be OK.
  3. DeadMan

    Ebon Hawk Model Fixes

  4. DeadMan

    The New Face of Malak

  5. DeadMan

    JC's Supermodel Fix for K2

  6. DeadMan

    Companions' Robes

  7. DeadMan

    Proper Sith Assassins

  8. DeadMan

    [KotOR] NPC Overhaul Mod