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  1. Install my mod first, then install Shem's (overwrite conflicting files). This way you'll have Shem's sounds for single sabers, and my sounds for everything else.
  2. You should be able to manually set path in KT. File - > Manage paths.
  3. My mod covers only vibroswords, IRoberts will also change vibroblades and vibro double-blades, so I say use his version. If you like my weapon skins more (look at screenshots) you can mix them - install my mod first, then his but do not overwrite conflicting files.
  4. This usually happens when you try to run TSLPatcher directly from the archieve. Try to extract all of *.zip content to some folder (not the game directory!) and run it from there.
  5. It's a Nihilus model fix I'm working on. I screwed something up, and now I need to move cutscene dummy up for 11 units in about 20k frames.
  6. Hello there! Is there an easy and fast way to change position for many key frames? I need to move one of the nodes up for a specified value. I've seen a "Mass key tweaker" instrument in KotORMax/NWMax, but I don't get how to properly use it.
  7. IIRC, you can add new 'regular' classes, but it's impossible to add new Force-user classes.
  8. Doesn't look so. At least I still see them
  9. She's just a padawan in K1 And there is not much information about her after it.
  10. If they were upgradeable you may become very overpowered too early in the game, and I don't want to completely ruin games already crippled balance. Another option is to make them upgradeable, but make them available much later in game, and I don't want to do so. It's a matter of personal preferences. I never considered Royal/Shadow guards a 'proper' Force/lightsaber users. In my book, 'real' Jedi use one single-bladed lightsaber ;-) If anyone want to modify this mod to make them upgradeable (or anything else) - be my guest. I have no desire to do it myself, it is already like I wanted it to be.
  11. Hello there! This is definetely a mod conflict. For some reason, the game uses new textures, but old models. Usually this happens when you have TSLRCM installed from Steam Workshop. In this case you need to install my mod not to the Override, but to TSLRCMs Workshop folder and overwrite conflicting files.
  12. I never made one and I'm not intrested in doing it myself. If anyone will want to convert it to K1 - you have my blessing.
  13. You have mods from Workshop installed, that's the cause of conflicts. I believe TSLRCM have modified vanilla master robe models. In this case, you must install mods to TSLRCM workshop folder (overwrite conflicting files), and not in game folder Override. Or you can just search through Workshop folder and delete PMBNM and PFBNM mdl and mdx files.
  14. RAR is an archieve format. You need to extract its contents (with programs like WinRAR or 7Zip) to you Override folder.