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  1. DeadMan

    Prestige Classes for Companions

    It most likely conflicts with TSLRCM.
  2. DeadMan

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    That's really strange. I have GTX 970 too, and your bumpmapped models work fine in holograms for me.
  3. DeadMan

    Misc TOR Ports

    There's a lot of items using same model, so I suggest edit some of them to eliminate duplicates. Use the one with red lights for a Breath Mask and the other one for Rebreather Mask.
  4. IIRC, Force Pull was included in Stoffe's High Level Force Powers mod.
  5. Welcome to Deadlystream! As far as I know, such mod is impossible to do - the game is hardcoded to use only specific set of combat animations, regardless of the saber form you are using.
  6. Looks like you properly replaced head model (*.mdl/mdx), but not the textures for it.
  7. DeadMan

    TSL Improved Party Outfits

    Helmet (both original and Jango's) is a part of armor, not a separate item, so it will spoil his identity. IIRC, it will happen only after he joins party on Onderon, 'cause Mandalore on Dxun use different *.utc file. Anyway, you can eliminate this conflict by removing p_mand.utc from your override (but you won't get his armor from this mod).
  8. DeadMan

    TSL Improved Party Outfits

    There will be a small conflict - when you first meet Mandalore he will look like Canderous wearing standart heavy armor. But you should be able to give him any mando armor from my mod.
  9. DeadMan

    [K1] Vibroweapons replacement pack retexture

    Glad to see it released on Deadlystream!
  10. DeadMan

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    Porting may not be a problem. All SW games I own on GOG (both KotORs, JKO/JKA, Republic commando, original Battlefront II, TFU 1&2, Empire at war) have same Disney Terms Of Use. If you read section 3 carefully, you will find the next paragraph: So, basically, Disney allows us to use their assets (not only from SW, but from all their stuff). There could be arguments about new media (such as EA Battlefront), 'cause they will also have EA's terms of use, but everything released before Disney buying Lucasfilm should be OK.
  11. DeadMan

    JC's Supermodel Fix for K2

  12. DeadMan

    Ebon Hawk Model Fixes