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  1. Request for help: Hi All! Its been a long time, hope everyone is doing well This is the first time playing Kotor 2 on my new PC & on windows 10. Everything was going well until the Telos Restoration Zone .... Crashes every couple of minutes without warning, but was able to fix this by changing my graphical settings. However, now when ever I leave the first module (Crash Zone) and enter the 2nd module (Mercenary base) of the Restoration Zone, the game will crash in the loading screen. The error I get is: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime error! Program: A:/1..... This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. I have looked online to see other people have similar issues with Windows 10, however all fixes presented I have tried and have had no luck. I am wondering if anybody has any knowledge with dealing with this issue and may be able to advice me. I have an heavy modded game - the only mods that I can think directly impact that zone is TSRCM and the texture packs. I had a copy of my game directory with all mods, excluding texture mods, so I tested the game with 0 texture mods and still ran into the issue. I can provide PC system details if you think it is relevant. Many thanks.
  2. Doing my first modded playthrough of K1 in 5 years. Figuring out compatibility of mods is a nightmare these days, never any clear answers...

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    2. LoneWanderer


      Since Recruitable Kay use TSLPatcher, chances are, it is compatible with K1R (or, at least, won't break the game), if the they don't have .ncs scripts with the same names.

      Look at the situation from other position: you can be the first person to inform community, whether these mods are compatible or not! 😉

    3. Mephiles550


      What's even more of a nightmare is trying to modfix the incompatible mods yourself to make them work with eachother and you keep missing something so you get new problems every time

      Trying to make brotherhood of Shadow compatible with my specific mod build has been quite the challenge and I'm definitely not done yet. 

    4. Thor110


      I've said it before and i'll say it again, while all the customisation is great, some users just want a complete package and to not have to spend their time learning how to mod a game just to play it with mods.

      The community could still really benefit from a complete overhaul of both games that combines essentials and the best of the best into one package, only problem is organising such a thing and getting everyone to work together, unfortunately and understandably everybody is so busy with their own little ideas for the game that this sort of thing is unlikely to ever happen beyond say the reddit build list.

  3. Don't visit that often these days, but i am noticing a lot of spamming lately....  

  4. Hello All, Been a while. I'm trying to reinstall Kotor 2 again as my last modded game ran into an issue where I couldn't proceed with the Restoration Project Droid quest, as the Telosian Solider (Who triggers the Thugs in the Dock) wouldn't talk to me, thus stopping me from proceeding with the Telos Main Storyline. Realising my backup vanilla files are on a external harddrive that is broken, I need to reinstall the game via my old 5 disk copy. Unfortunely when installing, it told me certain data couldn't be extracted… I am now in a predicament where either I can install my Collection edition, which historically I have had issues modding with my old PC, or re-buy a copy of the 5 Disk Version, and then there is the Steam version to consider, which I have never tried before. As I haven't modded the game or played these versions in a long time, I have sought the wise council of this knowledgeable community to ask: What is the best version of Kotor 2? Or more specifically which is the best version for mods? The OG 5 disk is dependable, but sometimes can be a hassle, and it doesn't contain the shinny new perks that come with the newer versions. The collection Version is cool, but I have had problems with mods like Jorak Ulin's TSL Origin's mods which are essential for me , however this maybe not true anymore, as it was 6 years ago I last played the collection version. Where as the Steam version I have never played, although I have heard it has similar issues to the Collection Version regarding mods. Let me know which version I should go for :)
  5. After Dantooine - Tatooine, Kashyyk, Manaan, Korriban. Korriban is best with the Revan reveal and added dialogue, also fits great with Brother Hood of Shadow
  6. What I have done before is install it in a new folder, the installer will copy the files into that folder creating the correct sub folders like override, moudles, movies.... Then you can always copy the files from the new folder to your TSl folder. Hope that helps as a quick resolution
  7. Everyone from the UK, just renember to vote today! Dont let your say go unheard. #IVotedRemain

  8. Anyone else going star wars celebration? cant wait to see dave filoni's pannel! :)

    1. Kexikus


      I will. It's gonna be great :)

    2. Rinku


      I wish I could go T_T keep us updated about everything :D

  9. May the 4th be with you! :)

  10. Hey guys, long time no see! After a long break I thought it is about time that I have a play through of TSL - experiencing all the new mods in the last 2 years. But most importantly have my first play through of the new (ish) update through Steam. This is my first Steam game I have bought and it is all installed right to the best of my knowledge. So I installed my mods the classic way with Copying & Pasting, as well as TSL patcher like it was the disk game. I have been installing it to the steam workshop folder as told in Xuul's guide and it been going fine, quite a few mods in. But here's my problem! When I went to install the Jedi Temple mod and the Dustil Restoration mod, I would direct it to the folder, but then do nothing. Then when I clicked on the TSL patcher, it told me it was not responding. So I re-downloaded the mods and the same thing has happened? So I'm confused and puzzled why some TSL patchers are working for me and other have not. I reckon if I tried to install all my mods over individual mods, it would do the same thing. What do you reckon guys?
  11. Just to out do milestail, possting from the top of the shard in London :P

  12. Happy Birthday, supreme administrator Sith Holocon! Long may he reign :P

  13. This is brilliant haha, I would say add the Doctor (also know as stream) but most of the new guys don't know who he is, but I think a mod called deadly stream should at least have some nod to the creator