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  1. After Dantooine - Tatooine, Kashyyk, Manaan, Korriban. Korriban is best with the Revan reveal and added dialogue, also fits great with Brother Hood of Shadow
  2. What I have done before is install it in a new folder, the installer will copy the files into that folder creating the correct sub folders like override, moudles, movies.... Then you can always copy the files from the new folder to your TSl folder. Hope that helps as a quick resolution
  3. Everyone from the UK, just renember to vote today! Dont let your say go unheard. #IVotedRemain

  4. Anyone else going star wars celebration? cant wait to see dave filoni's pannel! :)

    1. Kexikus


      I will. It's gonna be great :)

    2. Rinku


      I wish I could go T_T keep us updated about everything :D

  5. May the 4th be with you! :)

  6. Hey guys, long time no see! After a long break I thought it is about time that I have a play through of TSL - experiencing all the new mods in the last 2 years. But most importantly have my first play through of the new (ish) update through Steam. This is my first Steam game I have bought and it is all installed right to the best of my knowledge. So I installed my mods the classic way with Copying & Pasting, as well as TSL patcher like it was the disk game. I have been installing it to the steam workshop folder as told in Xuul's guide and it been going fine, quite a few mods in. But here's my problem! When I went to install the Jedi Temple mod and the Dustil Restoration mod, I would direct it to the folder, but then do nothing. Then when I clicked on the TSL patcher, it told me it was not responding. So I re-downloaded the mods and the same thing has happened? So I'm confused and puzzled why some TSL patchers are working for me and other have not. I reckon if I tried to install all my mods over individual mods, it would do the same thing. What do you reckon guys?
  7. Just to out do milestail, possting from the top of the shard in London :P

  8. Happy Birthday, supreme administrator Sith Holocon! Long may he reign :P

  9. This is brilliant haha, I would say add the Doctor (also know as stream) but most of the new guys don't know who he is, but I think a mod called deadly stream should at least have some nod to the creator
  10. I think for keeping it balanced with loot, a republic officer should mention most of the jedi artefact/ holocrons/ lightsabers where stored at a secret Republic storehouse. Except for the high security areas which only force user could access.
  11. Yeah, I can confirm this error, noted this as well on my run through about two days ago, the holocron in the Enclave placable has turned into a bed.
  12. I use loot immersion and it should work fine with all those mods!
  13. Its alright no harm done and the main point of my play through was to experience M4 - 78 Enhanced mod, which I did