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  1. Wow. It looks super nice now. I like it! Both Red and Blue one!
  2. I definitely like the result. It looks awesome) That's great! I like this variant more than previous one. Though, brown wrist guards look a bit out of place here for my taste. Just a suggestion: to use the collar and shoulderboards from brown robe for them. Or maybe instead paint them with more darker blue/red colour. What do you think ?
  3. Well. It took me some time to actually find these textures from my old harddrive. The thing is, I'm using JC's Supermodel Port for K1 in me Kotor1 game right now, to be exactly this one (P.S. actually I'm working on reskinning textures for this model): That's why I can't show screens of the robes themselves, but I can share the textures. I'll send you private message with the attached .rar file. To see them in the game just rename them according to existing robes in the game and drop in the Override folder. If you decide to use them in your mod or you want to modify them you have my permisson. Just note me as original author of them if you're going to release your mod with them. I like your jedi knight and jedi master robes reskins. They look great! In my humble opinion, Black Dark Jedi Master Robe looks too Dark. Maybe because of the lightning in this particullar area. As for Jedi robes, they look a little to simple. Maybe if the belt colour was different, or colour of the boots brown it would be better. Anyway its just my opinion, I hope this won't offend you. Keep up the good work!
  4. Hello PirateofRohan! I like your idea! As far as I remember there are 9 jedi robes in the game (maybe plus Qel-Droma robe) and 3 sith robes. As I understand, you want to make 3 slightly different recolours for each robe, right ? So there will be 3 tiers: 3 robes for Jedi, 3 for Knight and 3 for Master robes ? Are you going to change only textures or stats too ? I had some thoughts and even made some recolours with the original robe textures. Though they look different from vanilla robes, I can show them if you like.
  5. Small Update Here! Found at least one problem. In the cutscene at the Leviathan bridge after the espace from Taris n_sithcomf001.utc and n_sithcomf002.utc should have friendly_1 property. But instead, because I used these npcs from the Taris Base, now all n_sithcomf001.utc and n_sithcomf002.utc have hostile_1 property. As a result other sith officers kills them right in the cutscene. So, I decided that I need to make a thorough playthrough to check such things. I won't use this 2 npc files and I hope there will be no such problems in the other cutscenes.
  6. Hello Guys! I decided to make some ajustments to sith caps after my manipulations with Admiral Saul, plus I changed the Saul's cap to look more like a sith cap. Basically I just added the starforge insignia to them. So, here's the result: Plus here's Major Hurka from K1R in proper Major uniform
  7. So, it's time for the new update) This time I made the new uniform for the admiral Saul. Never liked his vanilla uniform (it looked different from other sith officers uniform. I understand that he was in the republic navy, but even then he has too much of the red colour) Made his uniform more formal and more parade-like. Plus I used elements and colours from the other sith uniform that I made before. Moreover, I gave him a white belt, recoloured the hole uniform in black with red stripes and added a pocket with the security keys to his chest. And I replaced his strange insignia under the shoulders with the starforge one. The only issue is - what to do with the cap. Right now I'm thinking about two options, either I'll add the sith starforge insignia to the front of the cap or I'll add it to the side of the cap. To add it on the front of the cap seems more logical because the uniform already has an insignia on both shoulders. But I feel like it looks less Star Wars . On the other hand, on the side it looks more stylish but less practical. What do you guys think ?
  8. Small update here! After the creation of the archaeologist uniform I decided that tech girls on Taris deserve their own uniform. So I made Private and Corporal uniform for techs aka Sith Engineer Regiment (The difference with ordinary uniform is only in the insignia) Plus I created 2 new uniforms - Captain and Lieutenant Korriban Sith regiment uniforms Though, for some reason I encountered only 2 captains during battle through sith academy (maybe it's random)
  9. Thanks Guys! It's decided then. I'll do the first option. It's very cool feeling when I see that someone likes what I'm trying to do.) In my case it's the first real mod I'm doing. I have several other ideas, but I want to finish this one before starting something new. Thanks again for your support and comments! ---------------------- Option 1 for Korriban is Done
  10. Guys! Thanks for your replies! I'll try to make separate textures with the black starforge insignia if I'm not too lazy. But you can always modify uniform textures the way you want. Just note me as the original author of the mod if you're going to upload it. 😄 Speaking about the hats. Actually they're pain in the ass) Because they're a part of the head model, so I have several options here: 1. I can change Sith_Male_Albino model (the one which uses the head model with the head) to another one, without the hat. 2. I can create new heads in the appearance.2da which will be just recoloured Sith_Male_Albino and Sith_female_Albino head models 3. I can make masks which will be just Sith_Male_Albino and Sith_female_Albino head models with recoloured hat textures. And I can try to add them in the npcs inventory. But I guess it won't work. Because these head models aren't designed for that. The easiest one to do is the first option. The second option is kinda tricky for me and it will definitely affect compatibility of this mod (This is my first mod so I'm not used to using TSLpatcher). And the third option may not work. And what do you think, guys?
  11. Hi guys! Small update here. I made several new textures. 1. Korriban sith Sergeant, Sergeant-Major, Ensign with white harness (aka sith patrol squads of Korriban regiment) 2. Korriban sith Ensign without harness (for Adrenas) 3. Archaeologist uniform (brown uniform with shovel insignia instead of starforge insignia) I hope you'll like it! Here are some screenshots:
  12. Well, I tried to use the wrist colour and here's the result. What do you think ? In my opinion it looks like they have holes in the shoulder pads) Plus white patch matches the rank bar.
  13. Thanks) You mean the colour of the patch should be less bright ? Or you're speaking about another colour for the patch ?
  14. Aaaand here is the update. At last I understood what was wrong and why I couldn't change npc clothes in the man26XX modules. It's because race parameter of the npcs in these modules was empty. So now it works perfectly
  15. Salk, Thanks for the comment! Well, originally I decided not to change pants colour so that the cap will still match (because the game has the single "Albino" model with cap one for male and one for female) In case with Commander he doesn't have the cap at all) But anyways, I can try and make recolouring with grey pants and show you the comparison screenshot 😃 As promised, here's the result. What do you think ? Funny thing is if you see this uniform in the bright room these grey pants look like pantyhose))