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  1. Hi! That's strange. It's a texture modification, it works permanently. Did you do anything after it worked for the first time? Installed some mods? Deleted something from Override folder? Can you share a screenshot?
  2. Hi! Thanks! I'm glad that someone wants to) Interesting suggestion regarding the trousers colour. Guess I'll need to make both and make the screenshots to compare. Unfortunately, I won't have time to continue the mod in the near future. But when the time comes I'll try what you suggest! Thanks again!
  3. Well, if you want to have several robe models in the game I suggest using existing slot for Revan robes. In the TSL it is unused as far as I remember.
  4. Hello everyone! After getting a great tip from Effix I was able to continue my work on the Onderon Military mod. So, here are some screens from Iziz Port master Ordinary soldier in the port The Checkpoint Some Vaklu soldiers Interrigator up close Checkpoint with Captain Gelesi Captain Riiken Gegorran's babysitter Instead of generic soldier near the crowd - a lieutenenat Bridge checkpoint with Captain Bostuco Update: - checked that General Vaklu has apropriate uniform - edited the Lieutenant near the crowd to have Soldier body instead of the officer one, to have the same as in the vanilla version - Tweaked soldiers near the Bridge to have a Lieutenant as a replacement guy (in case the player blows up Batsuco he takes his place) and edited other soldiers to have armor as well Now I'm thinking about Tobin's face (texture of his face looks to generic for a Unique Character), maybe I should add some scars for him. Also I have some thoughts about the General Vaklu Uniform, maybe I should make the top of the uniform also white (Though, in this case it will get some Thrawn vibes, I guess)
  5. Hi! Well, you are right) But I wanted to know what I am doing wrong regarding the texture)) Thanks! Worked like a charm!
  6. Hi guys! I have a question. TSL uses Onderon officer texture N_Ond_Off.tpc for the model N_OndOffM1.mdl for all officers, General Vaklu and Colonel Tobin In the appearance.2da file all tex rows for them have value ****. I added N_OndOffM value for all Onderon officers for the texb row to change the texture variant for the certain npcs by adding clothes with with different retextures for certain utc files (N_OndOffM22.tga, N_OndOffM23.tga and etc) and it works. But in case of General Vaklu and Colonel Tobin I want to change the default texture that they use (so I won't have to edit .utc files). If I add N_Ond_Off.tga it will affect not only General Vaklu and Colonel Tobin but all officers that doesn't have utc files with custom clothes textures (there are some npcs that I can't change with this method because their filenames are presented is different modules) I tried to change racetex, texa and texb values from **** to N_OndOffM2 for the Unique_Colonel_Tobin and I added the texture N_OndOffM2.tga to the Override folder. But it's not working. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Looking from the screen below Tobin npc stopped to use N_Ond_Off.tpc texture, but I can't understand why it's not using N_OndOffM2 appearance.2da N_OndOffM2.tga
  7. A little bit of news regarding the Onderon Military Mod. I've decided to do it in parallel with Sith Uniform Reformation for K2 (at least only 2 playthroughs will be required to test both mods out when I will finish them) and I'm doing both mods for Kotor 2 + tslrcm186 + M478ep version of the game. I made several new "protective coloured" uniforms for Onderon scouts on Dxun (though I'm planning to make them optional for the mod) and started to test Dxun for these uniforms: Colonel Tobin And Random Captain Angry Tobin Captain is leaving Dead Onderon scout with some blood on the back Onderon scout up-close Female Onderon scout up-close Scouts from the distance Scout Patrol Bao-Dur is making a speed-run) Update: - Fixed the model and texture of the Lieutenant scout (know he uses the texture with lieutenant insignias) - Added Onderon combat suit (the one i did for the female scouts) as droppable item from the Lieutenant scout
  8. Hi, Salk! About the k35_enc_captain and k35_enc_lieutnt npcs.(they spawn after getting the Star Map on Korriban with the option of killing all the students in the Sith Academy). If I remember correctly I did g_a_clothes37 with textures which has Lieutenant rank for female body and Captain Rank for male body because k35_enc_lieutnt has female model and k35_enc_captain uses male model. There was no point making Korriban "Yellow" lieutenant and captain ranks for both genders. Regarding Male and female Sith Uniforms 35 and 36 situation was similar at first. This textures were intende,d for n_sithcomf001.utc and n_sithcomf002.utc npcs on Taris base which use female body model. But eventually I faced the problem that both of these npcs are also used in the cutscene when you leave Taris on the bridge of the Leviathan , so I had to cut this idea out (changing them was gamebreaking). So this two textures are not used in the mod and have only female variation. Male versions of these uniforms are like "placeholders" there was no point in making new textures if there are no characters for them to be used on. That being said, if you want/need Sith Uniforms 35 and 36 for male characters I can fix them for you.
  9. Hi! Thanks) Well, actually I was thinking adding both armored and non-armored soldiers. But I agree that without armor they look fancy) At any rate, I finished editing textures for the officers and the final result for Onderon Military looks like this: Armored Soldiers Ordinary Soldiers Officers Onderon Military Uniforms Сheat Sheet Soldiers Officers
  10. A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one