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  1. Of course i will. Just don't forget to mention me as author Tnanks) Well , old imageshack gone done, so i can make new screens if you want. In any case, after release of JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1 i'm eager to make my mod with it. But i can upload Kainzorus Prime's Robe Model Reskin as modder's resource Thanks. That's what i'm going to do) But i want to avoid editing appearance.2da for it to be more compatible with other mods I see now. But, for example, there is only 3 officer .utc files on Taris Sith base (g_sithcomm003.utc, n_sithcomf001.utc, n_sithcomf002.utc). I originally thought that there is something like "sithofficer001.utc" which, if you change it, will affect all sithofficers in the game. I'm glad that the game is made that way, that there is different npc utc's for different moduls. Although, i'm limited in one module anyway, but it's enough to implement my idea)
  2. Hello everyone. I reading forum for 4 years already, and haven't logginged once until today, though i'm reading posts everu day and downloadings mods The reason i'm back, because my hands are itching to make some new textures for the game. I have several thoughts for modding one one them is making variety of sith republic and sith soldiers. I don't know will be there eventually a mod, but at least i can show you what is already done. In any case, if i will became too lazy, i will upload it as a modder's resource) First of all, i always wandered 2 things: 1. Why do sith officers use shoulder-belt (cause blaster is not heavy at all, and there is no shealth for a sword on the belt). Well, actually i understand why (cause it looks like more militaristic and offensive) 😶 2. What soldiers (not sith officers) looks like without armored-uniform The first one is easy) As it is not needed it can be removed, but when i remoced it, i realized that, well, uniform became too pale. 😃 So, second point game me idea to make uniform more detailed: As you can see on screenshots i made 3 types of uniforms 1. Soldiers (grey uniform, grey cape) 2. Low Ranking Officers (black-grey uniform, black-grey cape) 3. High Raning Officers (black or dark-brown uniform, black cape). The last one is a attempt to use Saul's pattern of uniform So, here are some screenshots: Making separate textures for males and females was pain in the ass) It's interesting what you guys think about retexture like this. And i was wondering. Well, i can make unique npcs to wear this uniforms, but is there a way to make common sith officers to use different uniforms ? (as i understand correctly one npc = one texture for body, right ?)