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  1. JasonRyder

    Kainzor's Tinkerings

    Just what I wanted to hear Kain! May the Force be with you!
  2. JasonRyder

    Kainzor's Tinkerings

    You should create two modular bits so that if someone has TSLRCM but not M4-78EP(or vice versa), they can still use your mod.
  3. JasonRyder

    The Playthrough

    Could you list all the mods you're using for these screenshots?
  4. JasonRyder


    What mods are used in this picture? I like them!
  5. JasonRyder

    [WIP]M Unpacking the Enhancement Pack

    I wish you luck at this! It's a shame SpaceAlex completed so much work yet left it unfinished. Good news is that there's plenty of assets to use in mods.
  6. JasonRyder

    TOR Ports: KOTOR Comic Republic Uniforms Admiralty Patch

    Do you have to install the original Admirality Mod before you install this one?
  7. JasonRyder

    [WIP] [K1] Sherruk "Legends"

    Why is Sherruk wearing a breath mask on a temperate world? It doesn't make sense. I'd prefer it if you simply modified his Mandalorian armor to make him look unique.
  8. JasonRyder

    TOR Ports: Handon's Enhanced Waistline

    Just want to point out that if you make Bolook green, there will too many green Twi'leks on Dantooine. Lur Aka Sulas, Deesra Luur Jada, Garrum(if you download a mod restoring him and his master), Crattis Yurkal, and Karal Kaar. SpaceAlex created a unique appearance for him in his unfinished mod here
  9. JasonRyder

    [K1] Republic Soldier's New Shade

    Nice to see you back in the modding scene! This looks pretty good! And it's great that you have a compatability patch for JC's Republic Soldier fix. You two are some of my favorite modders.
  10. JasonRyder

    Implant Feat Restoration

    Of course I can! There were 40 .uti files in the folder.
  11. JasonRyder

    Implant Feat Restoration

    I have TSLRCM 1.8.5 installed, but no other Implant-specific mods installed. Anyway, I haven't played KOTOR II in awhile, but I remember this glitch from my last playthough.
  12. JasonRyder

    Implant Feat Restoration

    I have a bug where the Implants now require you to have BOTH the Implant Feat and the minimum Constitution.
  13. JasonRyder

    [K1] Lyn Sekla "Legends"

    Keep the reskins coming! And I recommend you use SpaceAlex's unfinished mod for some of your own.
  14. JasonRyder

    Jedi From The Start

    I'm most concerned about the story aspects of this mod. Bastila's whole dialogue on Taris and the early part of Dantooine wouldn't make sense now.
  15. JasonRyder

    Armor Skin Names

    I am working with SpaceAlex's K1 Enhancement Pack and while I like how some of the armors look, there are others that I don't like. Particularly his version of the Bronzium Light Battle Armor and the Enviromental Bastion Armor. Inside my override folder are several textures and .mdl and .mdx files. How do I know which files are associated with which armor sets?