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  1. As in you need to get half the evidence and make the judgement? That explains why I never hear it since I always get all the evidence before I accuse both of them.
  2. "Ironically Master Bolook--who supervises the trial side-quest on Dantooine--is mentioned as "green" at one point but is actually orange." I've played KOTOR many times and have never come across this line. Can someone point me to it?
  3. I like to think at this time, the Coruscant masters are just visiting, possibly to give input on Revan's re-training.
  4. I've got an idea! Maybe you could use EAF97's custom Davik robe for his intro appearance and his armor for his battle appearance. And would you also consider putting the Jedi Masters from KOTOR II into the Jedi Enclave? My point is, you two should work together.
  5. JasonRyder


    What kind of mod is this?!?
  6. JasonRyder

    Custom Robe for Davik

    I like this! Recolors/Retextures of this outfit could be used for Tarisian nobles as well. But only Davik should have purple!
  7. I wasn't expecting for you to have such big plans! Keep up the good work!
  8. Still working on this mod? Haven't heard anything from it in awhile.
  9. JasonRyder

    PMHC04 HD

    Why is it that every reskin of this head has a beard? I know Revan canonically grew it out during the hunt for the Star Forge, but I prefer a clean-shaven look.
  10. This new update is looking AMAZING! Can't wait for this to be 'finished'.
  11. Will this work with your Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1 mod?
  12. Does this work with your Cloaked Robes mod?
  13. Think you could make the female Sand People disguise as a mod? That way if Mission, Juhani, or Bastila wore the Sand People Clothing, they'd take on the appearance of the Sand People female.
  14. Oh and I never knew that there was dialogue indicating Bolook was a green Twi'lek. I've tried to trigger this line, but I can't seem to find it. K1 Restoration may have removed it.
  15. You could apply this to other alien species, too. Like Duros. Also, isn't the Sith Empire speciesist? So why include non-human officers?