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  1. JasonRyder

    Czerka Redux

    Understood. And you're the most active modder I've seen. Not just with releases, but with updates/bug fixes, too!
  2. JasonRyder

    Czerka Redux

    Another great-looking mod for KOTOR! Are you planning to do an NPC Diversity Pack for TSL?
  3. I've also reached out to Ashton Scorpius to make a compatibility patch for the NPC Diversity Pack series of mods as well since they've done so for other mods.
  4. Would this mod be compatible with Ashton Scorpius' K1 Ported Alien VO Replacements?
  5. Thank you very much! I will re-install KOTOR once you finish your Czerka Mod.
  6. Thanks for including an addon for JC's Czerka: Business Attire for K1! That's a great mod, too.
  7. How was this not compatible with the most recent version of K1CP and your own NPC Diversity Pack mod?
  8. Yes, I am using KOTOR's screenshot system. Oh and I installed two new mods that could be causing the Human Black Vulkar bug I screenshotted. NPC Alignment Fix and K1 Ported Alien VO Replacement. I doubt these mods would cause the issue since neither affect NPC appearances. Also, I did use Holopatcher instead of the included TSL Patcher for NPC Diversity Pack.
  9. So, could this be fixed by using HoloPatcher instead?
  10. Star Wars: The Best of PC version. It's a single disc that comes with Empire at War, too.
  11. I didn't think I'd be able to time it right. Do you want me to trigger the cutscene and take a screenshot of that?
  12. Sounds great! Did you see my comment about the Human Black Vulkar in the Lower City meeting with Davik's Agent? And will this playthrough include all your other K1 mods?
  13. Found a strange bug. One of the Black Vulkars that's meeting with Davik's Agent in the Lower City of Taris now appears as a human wearing a combat suit. He also has the same face as Davik's Agent. Here's a screenshot: Human Black Vulkar Bug.tga
  14. I know it's been awhile, but here you go! Davik in Onderonian clothes.tga
  15. Haven't been able to find this item in my playthroughs for some reason.