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  1. I didn't think this was still being worked on! Glad to see the progress!
  2. Thank you! This will really streamline installation.
  3. JasonRyder

    Heart of Beskar

    If you're going to make a compatibility patch for LDR's Crashed Ship mod, does that mean the Crashed Ship mod is compatible with K1CP?
  4. Here are the most important things I'd like restored: -Outcast children in the Taris Undercity -The Taris Sith Governor dropping the Governor's Robe and Sith War Sword items. -The Hidden Beks walking around near the Bek base -Getting a set of Sith Amor for yourself and Carth by attending the Sith party and stopping the interrogation of the Aqualish. -Shuma the Hutt on Dantooine -Iriaz on Dantooine -Garrum and Tar'eelok, the Twi'lek Jedi Master and Padawan on Dantooine -Sharina Fizark on Dantooine -Juhani's cut dialogue -The Rakatan Band on the Unknown World and the puzzle to unlock it
  5. I have a suggestion, what about giving Brejik a Black Vulkar combat suit or armor in Black Vulkar colors? redrob41's modder's resource has some you could use: Modder's Resource: Specialized Combat Suits for KotOR and TSL v1. And SpaceAlex made some armor reskins, that could work with the model. Hope you do a "Gangs of Taris" mod to give the Black Vulkars and Hidden Beks armors in consistent color schemes. I mean, Kandon Arc even says "I see you're not wearing the Hidden Bek colors."
  6. Great update! Looking forward to downloading this once it's released. Oh and will this be compatible with https://deadlystream.com/files/file/693-sherruk-attacks-with-lightsabers/?
  7. I saw N-Drew's Duros: Armed and Ready mod and it got me thinking, could you make Czerka uniforms for the Duros miners on Tatooine?
  8. JasonRyder

    Kiosk HD

    Is the HD Twi'lek merchant also included in this mod? Or is that part of another?
  9. I like the TOR History cinematic version the best and JC could've been inspired by that artwork for his mod. Personally, I use the 100% Brown option. Oh and I noticed that Jolan Aphett, the Pazaak player on Manaan, is now a Rodian instead of a Nikto. Is this a bug or feature? I know he uses the Rodian soundset by default, though.
  10. Your mention of the KOTOR comics reminded me of something. I noticed in your Vrook and Zhar fix mod(and in the K1CP), you switch Vrook and Zhar's robe colors, but they wear red and blue robes, respectively, in the KOTOR comics. The same color robes they wear in the un-modded game. I know you did it to correct an inconsistency with an endgame cutscene, but now it contradicts the KOTOR comics. Also, do any of your mods or the K1CP restore Sharina Fizark's appearance on Dantooine if you buy the wraid plate from her?
  11. Does it restore Sharina Fizark on Dantooine? I don't think it does. So I downloaded a mod that restores her.
  12. I always thought Bao-Dur's arm was a unique design of his own invention. But Brejik having a cybernetic arm does make sense. He might've killed a Hidden Bek who severed his arm, further bolstering his tough, ruthless, and 'a little bit insane' reputation. Another NPC that could wear Bao-Dur's arm is Kandon Ark, Brejik's lieutenant.
  13. Okay, still, would be cool if you or JC did something like that with the Duros.
  14. JC did something similar with Rodians, but he just retextured the Rodian body model to give them Czerka uniforms.
  15. I almost want to install the Twi'lek Diversity Mods again and try this out...but I'd have to start a new playthough.