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  1. I just reinstalled it about a week ago and have a PS4 controller hooked up to my pc and the game showed the buttons for my PS4 controller.
  2. Maps for KotOR Tool View File Maps for KotOR Tool Submitter kyrie Submitted 11/25/2014 Category Modding Tools  
  3. Shem is still around over on Lucasforums last I knew. I asked for and received permission to upload a mod here because there were a few people that requested the mod. Edit: I was almost banned from here due to trying to include someone's mod that I made a patch for to work with TSLRCM, and the author of said mod is no longer active.
  4. 375 downloads

    Maps for KotOR Tool
  5. The area near the TSF offices, with the broken walkmesh.
  6. Stupid question for you Fair Strides, does this mean that the area on Telos station with the walkmesh issues can now be "fixed"?
  7. Malkior if I remember correctly you should be able to add a sound file into the game it just needs to be RAW.
  8. I'm on Ebon Hawk too. My name is Moobe (Jedi Sentinel).
  9. Now that I got your attention I have a deal for you, I recently purchased a copy of TOR with a 30 day game registration card in it that I can't use. I got it for $9. I will email you the game code so no waiting.
  10. I had a level 20 character in less than a week with F2P, then went sub and my new character is already level 25 and I play only a couple times a week.
  11. k_sup_galaxymap.ncs is the file I am talking about there are changes that were made for H4F that aren't in the same file for M4-78EP or Jedi Temple.
  12. Regcod it's impossible with the same galaxymap script being in both mods and each contains info the other doesn't. I was going to tackle this back when 1.8.2 and M4-78EP came out to make it compatible with Jedi Temple mod but then I realized the H4F used the same script file also, further complicating things.
  13. Lord Slash doesn't Rise of the New Jedi Order sound better?
  14. AFAIK Trayus Rank Reform isn't compatible with changes made by TSLRCM 1.8.2.