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  1. In case you missed it: I released the first two spotlight videos on the Kotor Reddit Mod Builds. Feedback would be appreciated. 

    Episode 1:


    Episode 2:


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    2. jc2


      I like the short length, seems more concise than some others, but I'd suggest grouping a few together if they are that small. Yet, at the same time, if the idea is to put these links directly under each mod in the build, then I'd understand why you would be hesitant to do so. Still you could try segmenting them in the same video with timestamps to seperate. 

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      The reason they're individual is less for adding them to group them together but so that they can be removed from the playlists down the road if the mods are upgraded by newer versions or surpassed by different versions.  The idea behind it is that his playlist will mirror the Snigaroo's Mod Build on Reddit and will always be able to stay current.

    4. ebmar


      I have watched these 2 episodes, and I really like the concept here! Keep-it-up and looking forwards to another episodes! :cheers:

  2. Going to be starting another stream soon. More Kotor Mods to test

    1. ebmar
    2. N-DReW25


      Recon you could upload that stream as well?

  3. I will  be doing a small livestream to test out some mods in about 20 min if anyone is interested.

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    2. Xuul


      Alright VOD is available now with the chat burnt in. Let me know if it is too much and whatnot.



    3. N-DReW25


      If you ever do a Brotherhood of Shadow video PLZ bring back Jack Star and do a Jack Star playthrough of it.

    4. ebmar



      Alright VOD is available now with the chat burnt in. Let me know if it is too much and whatnot.

      Maybe on the next livestream you could re-arrange the layout to be something like this Xuul:


      I found it's hard to look at some details when you were pointing to contents that are located on the left side of the screen because they were covered by the chat's stream.

  4. Xuul

    Let's Play SWTOR Together?

    I think Star Forge might be the place to go then, seeing as it is the server that holds my old characters atm
  5. I really haven't played SWTOR since release. During a recent livestream, a few of my viewers suggested that I try playing it again. I thought it would be fun to do as a livestream thing since I actually have a reliable setup now. So I wanted to see if anyone was interested in joining us on our adventure. Questions I have from people who actually play SWTOR. What class / faction / server should I play? Anything I need to know/ do? Do I need to have a subscription to make this viable? Let me know if you think this is a good idea and if you want to join me. I don't have a time set up yet, so that is something to discuss too.
  6. I'm thinking about trying to play SWTOR again ( possibly during a livestream). Any one have any thoughts suggestions or ideas.

    1. VarsityPuppet


      Let the community know, get a group going and do a flashpoint!

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      [deleted - moved comment to your thread]

  7. New Website lookin' slick

    1. ebmar


      Cool! Lots of new stuffs goin' on here 👽

  8. Hello Everyone, May the 4th be with you! That's right. It's Star Wars day, and you know what that means... Sales. Right now on Steam you can pick up the entire Star Wars collection at 72% off. So if you have been waiting to pull the trigger on that purchase, now would be a good time to do so. Since I don't want the entire post here to be 3 lines long, lets talk about some other happenings in the community. If you missed the last update, you can check it out HERE. And if you usually skim or skip these posts, you might want to stick around to the end of this one. Just sayin' Deadlystream 2017 Contest winners To start off I want to once again congratulate the winners of our 2017 Mod of the Year (Leilukin) and Community Member of the Year (DarthParametric). You both have done amazing work for the community and I don't think we can thank you enough. So once again congratulations from myself and everyone here at Deadlystream. I know not everyone was happy with how I ran things (myself included) but the winners of the overall awards and the category awards I didn't mention deserve all the praise and accolades we can give them. Thinking about these winners while this Star Wars Sale was going on gave me an idea. It's an idea I have had for a while but never thought of a good way to implement it... Until now. Game Giveaway Contest I have personally been buying a bunch of random games over the past year or so with the intent of doing a giveaway of some sort. Most of these are Star Wars Titles but I also have several other select popular titles available as well (read this as i'm not giving away just a bunch of shovel-ware). At the end of the month I will be giving away these games to a fair number of people. But to win you need to do something for me first. To enter the contest all you need to do is write a review of a mod on Deadlystream (It needs to be at least one paragraph, the more detailed the better) and then make a post in this thread linking to the mod. This way the reviews will be with the actual mod, but I can keep track of who is entering the contest. You may submit multiple reviews of mods so long as they are of sufficient detail. If you would like a bonus entry, you can also provide feedback of the M4-78 A history series Sith Holocron and I worked on. Post your review/ feedback (again at least a paragraph but preferably more) in THIS thread. Post a link back to the thread here to show you are interested in this contest as well I'm sure there are other things I missed and I reserve the right to edit this post to clarify any rules and/or exceptions. Also, if you don't want to win anything, I still urge you to post reviews, it helps motivate authors and improves the quality of the website. If you wish to abstain from the contest post reviews and then don't link back to this thread. I hope to see some great posts and hope that everyone across the site benefits from today. Thank you very much for watching and have an excellent day!
  9. This thread is here to serve as a hub / discussion thread on the "M4-78: A History" project. At the time of this post there are six episodes (5 chapters and an introduction). You can watch the series in its entirety in this playlist If you have suggestions, ideas, criticism or feedback, please post them here. While I do read the Youtube comments that come my way Youtube's systems for that sort of thing are difficult. If you are giving feedback on a specific chapter, please also include the title or chapter number somewhere in your post so I can more easily identify what you are talking about.
  10. Xuul

    Better late than never

    Hello everyone, i'm Xuul. Welcome to Deadlystream. Today marks the release of the latest entry in the “M4-78: A history” documentary series. This time we take a dive into the work that lead to Stoney's version of the Droid World and examine, how this in turn eventually lead into the Enhancement Project we have today. You can catch this latest episode by following the link HERE. It is, by far, my favorite entry to date and featuring: failed plans, much drama, and of course, history. If you are not familiar with the project go ahead and check it out via this playlist HERE. You will probably want to clear off some time to view this one, as it comes in at a whopping 31 minutes, but don't worry, all of it is great. Just like last time I want to remind everyone that basically all the work for this documentary is done by Sith Holocron, while I have edited and hosted the videos, he is the mastermind who has done all the research, interviews and million other little things that I can't think of. If you like the series or just want to contribute to the next entry, you can go to this thread HERE to ask questions for the next episode of the documentary. This next episode will be a ways off yet, as there are many things still in the works for M4-78EP, so things might ending up being a bit different. In other News (we can't have the entire post be about a project i'm involved with) we did have a winner for Community Member of the Year. This probably should be it's own post, and I feel bad for including it here, but I sort of ended up with the job of running the whole thing last minute and ended up not doing the best job of things. Despite my lackluster job DarthParametric fully deserves the title of Community Member of the Year, for being such a valued member of the community. His continued presence on the forums, providing advice and doling out important information on numerous forums about modeling and other modding aspects. DP is also notable for his generosity in the requests threads, providing a way for the many modding noobs (I include myself in with them) to have some of their (Admittedly sometimes strange) desires into reality. You are a great member of the team here DP, I can't wait to see what you can do through this next year. As per the norm, I am also going to highlight some mods that I thin are worth checking out. Today I will suggest you take a look at the replacement loading screens mod by Sith Holocron. These mods replace the low-resolution loading screens with in-game footage that looks so much better. This mod ensures that the "feel" of the loading screen is respected, while updating the look. It feels almost like an official update more than a mod, and even though my load times are very short, I still plan to use this mod myself. You can find the mod divided into parts here: 1, 2, 3, Another project that I think is worth mentioning has already been involved in some small amount of drama. The project is the Unofficial Patch for KOTOR 1 complied and maintained by the user A Future Pilot, this mod is a collection of several bug fix mods, as well as a few original fixes for the game. I have spoken publicly before about how tedious it is to install the large multitude of bug fixes needed to install (I mean seriously, look at the number of mods found here that are just a tiny bug fix), so I think that this will be a great resource for everyone in the community, and perhaps eventually help bolster the community as it is recommended by outside sources. This project is an example of how things should be done, with clear permissions and great utility. There are still bugs left to quash, so if you want to help out on this project contact A Future Pilot to see if anything can be done. And finally, in no particular order, Mods that I think look cool: There is a great Darth Sion skin HERE A 4K exterior Ebon Hawk HERE A weapon Re-balance mod HERE That's about it for now, if you have any suggestions for future topics, be it interviews, mod highlights or anything else, please let me know. Thank you for reading. Have an excellent day. -X
  11. Xuul


    Hello DeathScepter, Welcome to Deadlystream.
  12. Voting Thread for Community Member of the Year 2017 It's that time again. Time to go out and vote! For the month of March you can now vote for the community member of the year of 2017 as nominated by you. Since this thread is already 4 days late, here is what the thread read last year. The mods are what make Deadly Stream good, but the members are what make it great. We have so many fantastic members that make up the forum offering advice, criticism, insightful comments, and just plain hilarity. Deadly Stream wouldn't be the same without all the people that spend time here. Give it some thought, and vote for a community member that has helped you out, been there for you, made you laugh, or maybe created a cool mod.
  13. Xuul

    TSLRCM 1.8.6 - A "what if" thread

    This is a bit off topic, but a lot of the recommendation are small bug/model fixes. It's great that each of these fixes have been made but it is a pain to have to install each mod separately (take a look at the reddit mod builds to see just how many minor tweaks exist). If TSLRCM is not the best venue for these then it would be cool if the fixes could get bundled into some sort of TSL unoffical patch or something like that.