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  1. Thank you. I'll see if it can speed up my editing with this. ---
  2. How do you mean exactly? When i tried out custom cubemaps, in MdlEdit 1.0.104B there was an option to rename texture instances; however, the texture rename didnt work after saving the file. It only worked when i hex edited the mdl manually. As it seems, you have another solution for this?
  3. quite simple - for example for Telos you have TEL_HW1, TEL_HW8, TEL_HW10 that use the same texture : Instead of having the same texture loaded 3 times into Kotor, i hex edit the area model to have only one instance, lets say TEL_HW1. That way visual quality is the same but it uses much less system ressources. Of course that goes for any modded texture as well. About the Hawk, its still needs a lot of polish, im thinking about giving it a matte metallic shell, but lets see how it turns out.
  4. Thank you, thats nice to hear! Quantity-wise, the planets are all textured now, so you dont have to worry about the mod release. However, there is still quite a lot of work regarding model editing, QC on the textures & performance Optimization to do - for example i'll hex different instances of textures to use the same name to increase fps.. Also, many textures still need special attention to details like small lights etc. to radiate that Star Wars flair at every corner of the game.
  5. @BekHavent revealed the Hawk yet. And what do you think about Manaan, Dantooine?
  6. What i found very useful recently to give materials like steel, wood etc. a realistic look by using complex transparency -> is to take a color filter and colorize texture areas in desired opacity; if combined, the texture noise gels seamlessly with the transparent areas and you dont notice those sharp edges of the cubemap while crispness & shinyness of the texture remain: Opacity map: Original tex:
  7. the work on K1 is going well so far, i did numerous improvements to the different planets & also implemented a new type of reflections: Complex texture based noise reflections. As every texture has its very complex set of layers, shapes, this technique only highlights certain areas of the texture like only certain crystals on a marble tex or the blank spots on a galvanised metal plate. This makes a much more natural, realistic look possible for a wide array of materials. Apart from this a lot of detail work has been done, like for example the metal application at this wooden Dantooine door: The special thing about it is, that its using cubemap for shine and additionally fakes a Self-illum effect of that tiny lights within: Manaan also got a total makeover: Sneak peak at Dantooine: Kashyyyk:
  8. Jorak Uln

    PFHA02 HD

    @Dark Hope: Good Job as always my friend! Dont worry about it. Some people tend to be overly critic since they only see what todays game engines are capable of & dont understand how much work is involved to get those low poly models a decent look.
  9. Thanks man! Those 8k nature ressources really make the difference! Btw, nice to have ya around again! What about your modding activities?
  10. Jorak Uln


    in this image i just use Cubemap Shine. Upper Taris & Manaan will use both.
  11. I know that feeling all too well. ^^ The new SB looking much more refined, i especially like how the Taris clouds turned out. Kashyyyk looks spot on, except for the the dustrays: Is it possible to blur them out to mask the single rays a bit, like shown here? Anyway, i always enjoy your artwork! If you dont mind the textures being from another author, i just finished Dantooine in UHQ while keeping things close to vanilla, tell me if you want to check it out.
  12. @DarthParametric: Great job to get rid of those arches for a cleaner view. Much needed! About the wall mount i agree with SH. A shield shape - anything that roughly resembles the creatures body silhouette would be perfect: Besides, when scrolling back in this thread i saw those Masks you did previously - they look just stunning as always but could use some texturing. If you like, i'd love to make some textures/animations for them.