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  1. Thanks, Malk! The guide here confirms it too: " Which games are supported by this shader? Unlike Nvidia's solutions, this shader is not restricted to a limited amount of games. Any game where Reshade can get depth buffer from is supported." Now, as we know, reshade does work with Kotor, however, it would be cool if someone could find out if depth buffer works with it.... As we know, RT graphical enhancements are unbelievable, and could get us the illusion as if Kotor was released on an engine like Frostbite 3 or Unreal 4. Some vids from minecraft & quake: Minecraft: Quake:
  2. I'm sure some of you have already heard of Marty McFly's Ray Tracing Reshade. Basically it emulates the Real Time shaders via Path Tracing. Some old games like Quake or Minecraft have been graphically enhanced with unbelievable results that way. Point is, Martys shader is only available via patreon, which means I don't Support currently. Has anyone yet tried out the RT works with the Kotor games?
  3. sorry for the very late reply - no, its very unlikely that i will continue this old series. However, the unreleased textures on my HDD are advancements of those Mods and i hope to find the time to release them. ----------------------------------------------------- The mod is NOT dead, though i cant promise anything, i hope i can release the K1 version soon. Short glimse of the remade red/white cantina sign seen here: set the flame and let it burn:
  4. That should be easy - right? Dont think about ripping them from SWTOR but just download them from Youtube - e.g. this one: and then record the desired tracks with an recording software like Bandicam.
  5. Since its allowed now, what about porting SWTOR tracks to further enhance the game?
  6. Actually its not needed - as you said, a system which is linked to some parts of the main quest with 2-3 times of day/night would be more than enough to create the illusion.
  7. FANTASTIC work my friend! I wasnt aware that it was possible to cancel out the huge filesize though. Btw, if going even further, the end-all-be-all would be a day night cycle simulated by linking different skyboxes to major events of the main quest...
  8. It seems the modded textures are not recognised by the game, only the .txi files. Are you sure that you have moved all tga files to your Override folder? If so, then the MAC version may not be compatible with texture modding.
  9. Wow, i didnt knew that, thanks! Is there also an easy way to import 3d models into the game now? Like placing a plane texture in front of the Ebon Hawk cockit screens for easier texturing?
  10. well the lights are already done. The tedious part of work is to hex edit the walls for a smoother look & custom texturing. Btw, gave some custom design to spice up the Telos Cantina Floor: vanilla Custom - with reflecting middle section: for the Telos polar academy i got the idea to replace the lights with heaters as a further indication of the coldness of his place - similar to what you see in ME Andromeda / Mankind Divided - although on the downside have to make them in white though:
  11. Planning to put in "iced" textures to the Telos academy - and, yes, they are reflecting when moving ingame: some experiment for different panels style: before: after- Onderon style:
  12. If you look at todays/modern games, they have a lot of variety in their textures + a ton of clutter to create a lively scenery. Often there are so many details that your eyes cant keep up, but they always seem to use different color schemes - you never will see a scenery just in grey like the vanilla Citadel. In V2 i tried to emulate that at least a bit, and while i agree that V1 looks more conform colorwise, i feel that V2 makes things a bit more lively. (keep in mind that V2 walls are reflecting, while V1 walls are not..) However, when, lets say, switching back from Deus Ex MD to K2, it still looks way to dull - i tried my best to get more details to them, but probably we would need to place some clutter here and there for a adequate effect.
  13. Ah, overlooked that. Btw, the second line is in Galactic Basic means "Group"
  14. Great idea! Havent thought about that. No adequate Picture to represent Telos though; but here you go:
  15. The walls are strongly inspired by Deus Ex, marble tiles with shiny reflections. The thing is, at Original K2 Citadel basically everything is grey. No contrast at all. And - like some other locations e.g. Dantooine Academy sublevel - they are textured in a very lazy way: Look at the trim TEL_tr04 and the floor, just awful. Todays games have much more variety and details on their textures as well. I feel a different look from vanilla here and there is needed to get it a bit easier on the eye.