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  1. With this mod, normal maps will be the least of your concerns, there is much more possible like AO, infinite grass distance, YES: Custom REAL Time Combat, better performance and more, as Seedhartha assured me. Also the games functionalities will be the same as before, that means mods should work as usual. To illustrate the capablities of this baby i did some comparison screenshots from the PBR HDR vid above: Before: After: Before: Here the benefits of dynamic lighting are well visible, as you see. the illuminated spots at the floor are colored differently due to its unique lightsources in realtime: Before: After: the scene isnt always that dark depending on the incoming light: Before: After: And now my favorite ones - note, how much more it feels like Star Wars with those ground reflections: Btw, these are vanilla textures, that means the look can be further improved dramatically by quality texture mods.
  2. That sounds great 😀 What about performance? When i added a lot of cubemap effects & animated textures to my Project its a real hussle even with MDL tweaks to get reasonable fluid FPS.. So out of curiosity, how will the game perform in the new engine? Are there tweaks e.g to increase VRAM usage etc.? Also, when giving e.g. Dantooine a facelift, the vanilla grass distance is horribly low. Is it possible now to increase that distance? Anyway, keep up the fantastic work!
  3. @seedhartha Wow this is unbelievable! Especially the PBR/HDR effects are truly impressive - those lights reflecting on the ground are giving tons of SW vibes: Reone PBR +HDR Im not familiar how this works exactly, but is it possible to play the game entirely in this engine (later)? And what about advanced texturing mods, which change the nomenclature to create more instances (e.g. TEL_wl01 -> JEL_wl01 etc. ) will they work with this as well?
  4. The mod has evolved a lot since i tested it the last time, especially the environmental lighting is much refined. Here some impressions: Off: ON: off: ON: Off: ON:
  5. Its working for K1 without weird bugs with the lighting? If so, thats a good start solving the issue finally. Currently, i've only K2 installed, somehow the GOG account was deleted... but i can test it on TSL of course. So is the file in the PM the latest version?
  6. Not much difference? Have you opened them in full size & wait until they loaded completely? In motion /ingame, the effect is even more prominent. And the issues i meant were not regarding Steam Workshop but Steam Kotor 2 itself. So if you already own the Disk Version- why not just install it instead? The only tool you need to get the proper Screen resolution afterwards is "Flawless Widescreen". Works for both games.
  7. Welcome ilego1, i completely agree that the vanilla textures need improvement badly; but trust me, you wont do yourself a favor by using Steam Kotor /Steam Workshop for improving graphics. By doing textures myself i know the limitations quite well and at the end of the day the GOG Version (and the old Retail version) is by far the best one for graphics mods (works also for 4k). In this thread you may want to check out the comparison screenshots. Installing texture mods is quite simple - mostly you just need to drag & drop them into your Kotor\Override folder.
  8. tried that Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 as well as disabling it. Also set the resolution in the ini manually. Both did not change anything. I know that "fog bug" fix already, tried that as well. You know, its not only the fact, that reflections (=cubemaps) are not displayed in full resolution, the worst issue is they are often not displayed at all or at a very narrow angle - e.g. when you turn a bit to the side, they disappear and the texture looks completely dull. At those reflective spots it appears that the resolution is like 2 times lower. It almost seems that the engine has been crippled with too many restrictions, that are not fixable by simple ini tweaks and such.
  9. I dont know the legacy / aspyre version - are they both steam? But the Gog V. is the best one i know currently & bugfree, too.
  10. No everytjing was set to max at 3440x1440p. Yeah, here you go: all Steam settings to max: no other mods, reshade etc. installed BOTH Versions are set to 3440x1440p: (im using the Steam K2 Version from 2020 & Gog ver. from 2020) Steam floor completely dull: Gog shimmering floor as it should be: Steam Door: Gog Door - crisp, high resolution: Steam Door close-up, blurry: Gog Door close-up, crisp: Steam Medic room: Gog medic room: Steam Wall - dull, blurry: Gog Wall: Steam panel - look, how blurry the displays are - though much more obvious ingame: Gog Panel: even from further distance displays look crisp: As you see, the differences are huge! Even more obvious when ingame.
  11. Basically in the whole game - every planet. The tricky thing is, in vanilla game you dont realize the difference, but it becomes obvious, when you are using quality texture Overhauls. For example, as you know, im using very high res Textures for rocks, floors etc - all the super crisp details on the surfaces are gone/blurry, also subtle shiny metallic textures are completely matte & dull looking. Lastly, bright lights in dark areas for high contrast are not displayed/ pitch black.
  12. i also have quite some games on steam, and i understand its seems comfortable - but believe me, the 2160p resolution is not native 4k - its downscaled even if the menu says otherwise. Btw, its possible to get native 4k at GOG without issues - just use "Flawless Widescreen" and change the resolution in the .ini as well.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. To ensure there are no mod intererences etc. i tested the features mentioned above with a clean installation. And the issues are definitely due to Steam Version - with a clean install of my GOG K2 everything worked as intended. Funny, but when i first started Steam K2, i thought - wow, its even supporting 3440x1440 resolution, and the new UI looks so nice and the game's running really smooth... Its just deception - like a beautiful fruit infested with maggots... For s.o. who wants to play vanilla TSL without any cosmetic mods, then its fine to use it, but it will break any sophisticated visual mod and blur out all high resolution textures to look much worse. Since i own both versions now, i have the direct comparison and i only can encourage you to stay away from Steam & switch over to GOG -> its a night and day difference.
  14. another Panel done, this time "military" themed - fitting the Telos underground base: Mando: Modded Panel:
  15. Thats an important point! However, the SW Universe is full of very advanced technologies. Even in reality, we already have special glass tech, that switches from "clear" to "frosted" whenever you like. That in mind, privacy wont be an issue for a civilization, that discovered interstellar travelling ages ago.