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  1. I really like the sky - excellent job done here! About the model placement i'd love to see a bit more of the horizon - to make the scenery look bigger, maybe change the height of some front buildings and place some further away behind for that effect? On the yellow windows i could get you some colored variants if you like; also that lights of the big front building look a bit outdated for todays visuals, just as a thought maybe its better to use different kind of windows for that one? But all in all this is a major improvement and already no comparison to Sharen Thrawns old one.
  2. Yeah, it's still not on par with the other planets, but it's getting there - the upper Cantina was actually mdl edited into Oblivion to separate it visually from the lower one. But all in all Taris still needs most work that's why there are still no screenshots here. Beside that im trying to implement an animated SB for the Leviathan Bridge with twinkling stars & hyperdrive animation like newer games use - current resolution is 8k with stars a tad too clunky but trying to reach a subtle effect like here:
  3. I would recommend you to deinstall my other mods, just to be sure. This mod however will be released as a whole, since it's edit so much content (I also plan to hex edit some duplicated vanilla texture spelling for increased performance at same visual quality). That means it's completely incompatible with any other planet texture mod. Only armor, lightsaber, headtextures & partially skyboxes will be compatible. Which is basically a good thing. Consistency is very important to create a believable world and I'm trying my hardest to get every inch fitting in or reminding you of the Star Wars universe, BF & the movies are a great help in that regard.
  4. Well glad you like it! Things like wind & vegetation effects would be certainly cool but probably not possible... However, filling the skyboxes with numerous objects would simluate variety to some degree. Dantooine btw. is done with Naboo in mind: Mod: For the Crystal cave im still thinking about emulating the shimmering effect on the rocks here: Still WIP:
  5. Despite the sparse updates recently, the texture production is going pretty well actually. For the upcoming K1 Overhaul I will open a thread soon, but I can assure you guys it's a massive, epic mod that blows any of my previous mods out of the water. Literally. For instance all textures (already > 7 GB) have been remade over the years from scratch, and it doesnt use repetitve tex either - e.g. some computer panels using the same vanilla texture like the Sithbase ones are now divided into at least 6 totally different animated panels with original designs from the movies. original vanilla panel: Ep VII: Mod: Panel EP VII: Mod: Or this lock mechanism inspired by BF2 is only used for a tiny texture to make the SB door panels feel more realistic: To get an appropriate feel to Taris Lower City i also made some cyberpunkish Light tech and such: But there's much more to come!
  6. While I like the idea to preserve the original look by remastering the visuals it's - at least in my eyes - not enough anymore. Kotor is getting pretty old by today's standards and remaking textures is the only real option when you look at how detailed Dark Hope did those.
  7. I'm just a total noob when it comes to 3d modeling and in the time that it would take me (way too much time) to get into the new software; so I solved the issue the old school way in the meantime. I was just hoping if s.o. had a quick idea to get rid of this issue, but since its only 3 rooms to edit in the end, it's perfectly fine.
  8. @ebmar Thanks for the info! Though that seems only to work for one texture name in general - e.g. when you want to rename all instances of the texture and not specific ones (at least i didnt saw an option to do that). Anyway, in the meantime i tried editing things with the old school method with HxD and suddenly this weird Door bug is happening when editing instances for LTS_Nwall04i at m02aa_01a (replacer= JTS_Nwall04i): (location = south app. where the ithorian is) already checked if some name spelling is incorrect or if the files are in Override:
  9. Hi, to fix some issues with my mod i'll rename a ton of specific tga textures at Taris Upper City to use different textures ( e.g. LTS_Bwall01i -> JTS_Bwall1ai etc. ) which is basically impossible with HEX editor only via trial & error when i dont know how to navigate precisely. A while ago i heard that its now possible to navigate to specific textures exactly, but i cant recall how that works anymore. Do you guys know how i can rename those files directly? Im glad if anyone could help me out on this!
  10. Just when i thought this guy couldnt get any more creepy you released this... Outstanding work as always!
  11. Thanks, Malk! The guide here confirms it too: " Which games are supported by this shader? Unlike Nvidia's solutions, this shader is not restricted to a limited amount of games. Any game where Reshade can get depth buffer from is supported." Now, as we know, reshade does work with Kotor, however, it would be cool if someone could find out if depth buffer works with it.... As we know, RT graphical enhancements are unbelievable, and could get us the illusion as if Kotor was released on an engine like Frostbite 3 or Unreal 4. Some vids from minecraft & quake: Minecraft: Quake:
  12. I'm sure some of you have already heard of Marty McFly's Ray Tracing Reshade. Basically it emulates the Real Time shaders via Path Tracing. Some old games like Quake or Minecraft have been graphically enhanced with unbelievable results that way. Point is, Martys shader is only available via patreon, which means I don't Support currently. Has anyone yet tried out the RT works with the Kotor games?
  13. Sorry for the very late reply - no, it's very unlikely that I will continue this old series. However, the unreleased textures on my HDD are advancements of those Mods and I hope to find the time to release them. ----------------------------------------------------- The mod is NOT dead, though I can't promise anything, I hope I can release the K1 version soon. Short glimse of the remade red/white cantina sign seen here: Set the flame and let it burn:
  14. That should be easy - right? Dont think about ripping them from SWTOR but just download them from Youtube - e.g. this one: and then record the desired tracks with an recording software like Bandicam.
  15. Since its allowed now, what about porting SWTOR tracks to further enhance the game?