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  1. WOW! Now that looks amazing! Really like the purple & silver one.
  2. Another iteration of the Peragus Console PER_CPanel.
  3. One of many different panel iterations of the generic Peragus PER_CPanel.
  4. Thanks. I'm indeed planning to share this texture (and others). Its part of a bigger ongoing project, overhauling K2.
  5. Jorak Uln


    Oh, nicely done! Really like those eyes, they look phenomenal
  6. Hey, thats very innovative! Love the 3d effects, especially those geometric vector patterns look pretty damn cool!
  7. Congrats to the release. Welcome back!
  8. Nice catch, Marius. Welcome back! I still remember your work on good ol Holowan & Lucasforums. Really like your lightsaber ports, if your planning to edit blade colors at some point too you may checkout these ones here: Ambient LS
  9. @ZeldaTheSwordsman thanks for posting a detailed guide regarding the XnView installation. Very much appreciated! The CM_Baremetal should be identical, so you can overwrite/ skip it safely. Either option will be fine.