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  1. Jorak Uln

    Kotor 2 Movie Style Overhaul

    I think i will combine it with the movie style - a whole makeover would take wayy to much time. ----------------------
  2. Jorak Uln

    Kotor 2 Movie Style Overhaul

    sry, havent seen that earlier - happy belated anniversary !! About the screens give me some time, there are still many changes to make, so it might be best if you/we try out something near/after release. You still have those SWTOR loading templates?Dont delete them if possible, they might be useful later. Currently i draw some inspiration from BF2, amazing textures! Hopefully, i can mimic some e.g. for the med monitors as well. Nar Shaddaa is already done more or less - in ME Omega style however. I'll need to do some adjustments to get a bit more the vibe from the movies though.
  3. Jorak Uln

    Kotor 2 Movie Style Overhaul

    Glad you guys like it! To clear things up, these shots are not final, of course the Peragus screen will get both sides retextured, also the Cidatel & Peragus, Ravager still need a lot of polishing. Hopefully i will have the time to do this. @Sith Holocron: Of course you can use my mod to create your Loading screens.
  4. Jorak Uln

    Kotor 2 Movie Style Overhaul

    In this Topic i want to share my current progress on a project to make the visual appearance of the Planets in Kotor 2 more appealing. While learning to create textures in my previous Mods like the Complete Overhaul Series for K1, this mod is the end- product of that process over the years. The overall goal of this mod is to bring more of the movie flair to the game by emulating the panel designs of the Prequel, Sequel Trilogy and (perhaps in the future) Battlefront II. I know this is a very ambitious project so i cant tell if im able to pull it off in time, but while its already covering large parts of the game, i try to improve it, by adding some textures here and there from time to time. WIP Screenshots:
  5. Jorak Uln

    SKIN:Czerka Sign and Desk Enhancement

    some other iterations with added wrinkles:
  6. Jorak Uln

    SKIN:Czerka Sign and Desk Enhancement

    hehe..well then, here are 2 iterations of it: dark: white:
  7. Jorak Uln

    SKIN:Czerka Sign and Desk Enhancement

    @ebmar: aww, bad timing i guess - ive just come accross this thread and decided to give it a try and didnt see that you are already on it ebmar.. Well, ive done a quick edit already but i really dont want to take it from you, so....
  8. Jorak Uln


    another adboard for Telos
  9. Jorak Uln


  10. Jorak Uln


    how did you know that ? General idea is to get that gritty- neon look to the streets of Nar Shaddaa in contrast to the "clean" look you would expect from e.g. Citadel Station.
  11. Jorak Uln


    Another variant of the screen for the Czerka Entrance Room.
  12. Jorak Uln


    2 variants for the overused Telos Czerka Panel - here a newsnet like seen in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.
  13. Jorak Uln


  14. Jorak Uln


  15. Jorak Uln


    Original Panel from Solo - a Star Wars Story recreated gif image uploaded as well