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    You are using subfolders arent you? This is generally a bad idea; try if moving your textures directly in Override folder solves the issue.
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    Misc TOR Ports

    @DP: regarding the envmaps earlier in this thread i found out a trick lately. Basically you can use ANY jpg/png etc. picture as envmap. The important part is, when - lets say - looking at Sapiens Cubemaps; they all have a .txi file with the entry "cube 1" added. E.g. the Baremetal.tga also got a baremetal.txi. But when you now delete the baremetal.txi, and only use the baremetal.tga, Kotor/TSL doesnt recognise it as cubemap while it acts like one ingame - and it works wonders with shiny surfaces. In general less contrast between the different colors in the picture is better to get a matte shine, by adding a bit gaussian blur to the picture. What you might wanna try out is to make the dirt, screws areas non-reflective on the Triumvirate armor for further fidelity. Other than that, im really hyped for your project - it would be totally awesome to see more of not only the Kotor armors but some of the other iconic armors & jedi robes replacing the outdated vanilla K1/TSL ones.
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    TSL - Ultima Duel Room

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    Thinner HUD Elements

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    High Quality Skyboxes

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    Request: Peragus Texture Mapping

    Hi, during the work on my texture overhaul for Kotor 2 i tried a lot of times to get the PER_Cpanel texture to look better but no matter what i do, it always ends being messed up. Its the black control panel seen in following screenshots and is used for several location throughout the game (Telos, Nar Shaddaa etc.): texture: panels ingame: Conventional texturing gets me nowhere however, so i want to make a request: Could someone map different textures to the various parts of the model where those black panels are seen? It means a lot if s.o. would be able to do that.
  8. Thanks guys for your support - I'm glad you like my textures! Allow me to introduce another name on the list: Cache71. She did a wonderful job on (the still unreleased overhaul for) K1 and is surely an alternative as well.
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    Movie Style

    recreating movie assets...