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  1. Hi, To all your talented scripters out there - i'll need some help for setting up a reshade: I know, that "reshade" in conjunction with Kotor has the alarm bells ringing since "ridiculously colorful", "overly bright" with tons of depth of field comes to the mind. I do not intend to do anything like this - but unlike messing with the vanilla lightmaps, reshade has an immense advantage - simulating dark areas like caves with bright spots such as the Dantooine Crystal Cave works wonders without any artifacts. And no Performance hit at all. The only downside is, the cave Preset would not work well on the locations outside. At this point i need your help - basically i only intend to use 1 reshade preset with shaders enabled for those caves & 1 reshade preset with no shaders enabled for the rest of the game. Now my request - could you guys setup a script that enables the shaders only for the Dantooine/Korriban Cave & the Taris Sewers? I really hope we could make this possible!
  2. Yeah, the effect is quite subtle, but its still a cool thing to have especially when getting fine structures on walls/floors etc. visible that wouldnt be possible otherwise... One thing i noticed - somehow, the texture rename doesnt seem to work with 1.0.104B. At least after renaming/saving as binary mdl the walls are still using the vanilla nomenclature.
  3. the 1.0.104B version worked! Thanks a lot! Hope its stable/realiable enough though, since i'll have to edit a ton of files & rename textures for better performance as well....
  4. Somehow didnt find the 1.0.104 version, only the 1.03 from bead-v, so i tried with this one: I dropped the m28aa_01a.mdl & m28aa_01a.mdx from Kotor Tool into Override, loaded the m28aa_01a.mdl into MDLedit and ticked the box for LMA_floor01s. Then i saved the file as "binary" and overwrote the existing MDL in Override Folder. But now that happens: (the bumpmap is not visible and somehow all those tex went invisible...)
  5. The problem doesnt seem to be the bumpmap itself - > for example textures which model has a bumpmp assigned in vanilla already , work fine (also with the bumpshiny etc commands in the txi) e.g. LMA_floor03BMP works with the custom map: The issue seems to be textures, which dont have a vanilla bumpmap assigned by default like LMA_floor01s. @DarthParametricmentioned here that the model needs to be edited for the game to recognise the bumpmap in this case. But ive never used MDLedit v 1.0.9 Beta before, so i dont know how to do this..
  6. Hi, need a bit help here - basically im trying to assign a custom bumpmap to the game, but it doesnt apply to the texture: for example, when i add the needed txi files to Manaan Hraekert rift groundtexture LMA_ floor01s the bumpmap is not recognised (floor tex = transparent for now to see the bumpmap clearly) So ive downloaded MDLedit v 1.0.9 Beta to edit the model, but ive zero experience with it. the tga & txi structure in override looks like this: LMA_ floor01s.tga LMA_ floor01s.txi ( envmaptexture wateralpha bumpyshinytexture CM_asith bumpmaptexture LMA_floor01sB ) LMA_ floor01sB.tga LMA_ floor01sB.txi ( envmaptexture wateralpha isbumpmap 1 bumpmapscaling 2 ) Im glad for any help you could give me on this!
  7. Actually im getting differences also at very small Levels like the Ebon Hawk where i have that glow at one spot and almost in the exact same position (like 1 step to the side) theres no light at all. Since the Hawk is such a tiny hub is it for sure the max lights limit is reached? As suggested before, could it be some issue with the lightmaps?
  8. @DarthParametric: Do you know by chance what causes the lighting bug described earlier? (Ambient light is not always displayed on the same texture)
  9. Yes absolutely. Great work so far with the model, its definitely much better than vanilla, i know that the planes are still a bit visible, but thats due to the engines limitation. Btw, i tried out your testfile, and thats what i found out: I noticed that you use dont use a separate set of textures for the dark purple "core" model but the normal purple Lightsaber + the purple core model. (That way both lightsabers use the same textures). I think, its better if you dont use shared textures, but give the dark core ls their own set of textures. Now, i tried to recreate some SWTOR sabers, and so far it works great for the bright colored sabers (below just some quick takes on the sabers) Green empeth SWTOR: front view in Kotor always seems to be brighter: Those bright LS are covered well now. However, the dark colors are still not working yet - > Kotor planes seem to display dark colors transparent: simple dark core sabers are possible thanks to your core model, but when creating more special sabers like this one here- the red & dark areas are displayed semi-transparent: Would it be possible to somehow create that dark frame around the core (or even the whole blade being a flat plane that moves when you turn the camera)?
  10. Do you have a file with those black core sabers to test it out ingame? That would make it easier to see if/how much motion blur is needed. About SWTOR - i think they do use motion blur, at least for the special sabers (personally, i think its way too much, Kotor blur amount is much better)
  11. the spiky LS tip is typical for SWTOR - very cool stuff.
  12. I think the most important part of the mod is to fix this right: So, - at least in my mind- you definitely should go for 3d - on the long run it would be the best choice, since it not only fixes this bug, but makes other things possible like darker (black) cores like in SWTOR etc.
  13. Eh, i meant: animated rain in your custom skybox...
  14. Yes, youre right - tested it again, and it doesnt seem to be the texture colors that are not reflective but sth. else, probably the lightmaps... same texture, slightly different location: about the settings - i dont know, but you could try to set the priority to max (dont know if 1 or 10 for example is the maximum) further, you might test set ambient =1 and disable dynamic type=0 but im just guessing here..
  15. cant see it clearly on the screen, but do you have rainfall included? Now, animated rain would be awesome😀