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  1. here you can see the mimicked texture again and its definitely not smaller than in my Kotor version: (you notice the orange texture does have different brightness in the first pic? The same effect you will have in my mod when moving the camera around ) Yes, its a huge project and i cannot tell if it will be finished, but currently its making very good progress. I understand that you guys fear that our game wont look like Kotor anymore, but to be honest with you - what makes the Kotor series so special is the storywriting, the soundtrack. Things like the area models & the general texture layout/coloring wont change - the areas should be very well recognisable after all (absolutely not like Apeiron!). However, i dont like to make sacrifices on quality - and i would, if i only use vanilla designs on textures like my previous TELOS Origins overhaul. Nice phrase, but Xuul said that a long time ago, and time 's not standing still, todays game visuals have evolved infinitely comparing to 2005. As i said before, Resident Evil 2 was a good game back then, but if you want to overhaul the visuals as good as possible and only creating a high res tex pack for it thats not enough! And you cant tell me that the new Remake is not a masterpiece. We cant do this for Kotor, but what i try to do is to create sth. in between - to mimic the visuals of todays games as textures and you know what? It feels like a Star Wars game, more than the original one.
  2. i probably should send you some files to check them out directly - dont judge them too early on the screenshots... the fish screen replacement is modeled after this: (it also has that glow effect like shown here - but it changes intensity/color slightly when you turn the camera ingame). -> it feels very bright at times quite a bit like here: Honestly, im a bit suprised you guys dont seem to like the new iterations much, compared to my previous work - at least ingame - ive never done any texture work before that comes close to this overhaul qualitywise. In Vanilla Kotor, everything is in the same grey color - Peragus, Telos, Nar Shaddaa, Ravager, Ebon Hawk and even Dantooine. No differences at all. And vanilla Kotor uses the same textures like these about 20 times ingame: Dont tell me you guys want this: using the same textures over and over for every planet with only slight differences in Color/Material! With the result that you dont know if you are currently at Dantooine or Nar Shaddaa or Peragus... Remember, a 1:1 Overhaul would work fantastically with a modern game like Witcher 3 Reworked, but this is a 15 Year old game - so in absence of a proper Kotor 3 for me the best approach to handle this is to split the game in different areas and give each & every one of them a unique look but with major similarities between them like console design etc. and draw inspiration from todays ressources. During that process the vanilla art design at least for key areas should be remain untouched if possible. And honestly, Peragus just feels as it should, like an sparsely lit, abandoned mining station in the SW universe. In contrast to that, the main reactor chamber should feel more industrious, technical - in vanilla Kotor 2, its the same textures again... That sounds like some idea, however, cant get Ray Tracing run properly atm. If thats fixed, i think true emergency lighting could be used very effectively particulary on the Harbinger, where i could darken the lightmaps/ screen to almost pitch black - then the emergency lights flash only for split second - and everything goes black again... that should really intensify the haunting atmosphere there. (in contrast to this, i would do something like flickering lights at Peragus station, which indicates the low energy level but is not as radical though)
  3. Glad you found the texture - what im planning to do is to give it an energy core texture that runs straight upwards (unlike the vanilla smoke tex which constantly turns counterclockwise: like the core of these energy beams here:
  4. I appreciate your effort, but unfortunately its neither - when testing them, i assigned a fully transparent (empty) tex for both PER_tube & PER_tubespec; and this is what happened: Tubespec txi got any Cubemap assigned (with "blending punchthrough" in txi the pillar becomes solid black): when using "blending additive with CM_tube" always this animated "flame" appears: So this flame pillar is the only obstacle in the way right now.
  5. Well, im certainly more of a beginner to 3d modeling then you If its so difficult to implement those trees, what do you think about importing fully modeled tree ressources from the Internet? Btw, does that mean you are able to add models to any planet/ area of the game at will?
  6. Nah, I checked most of the fx & PER files already. Seems I have to check files 1 by 1. That Ep1 screenshot clearly has some 90's vibe which has something to it. Once I find out which tex is involved, I'll figure something out. Mostly due to personal taste, I have to admit that vanilla kotor engine makes visuals looks too washed out in comparison to modern game engine; I tried diff. locations many times and I have to say that subtle use of reshade will help closing that gap by the use of advanced effects like SSAO & godrays; the darkening seen in screenshots don't do the actual in-game experience justice, since the bright areas remain bright. The colors pop more and the lighting feels more natural.
  7. I suppose you mean Peragus? The beams are still a placeholder texture - somehow i cant find out which texture the flame-pillar inside the beams are. Since the scene (obviously Obsidian too) is inspired by this - in the end it should look a bit like the purple ones here: (if you insist on orange ones, it could be made optional: The darkening of the screen comes from reshade which is optional - personally the increased contrast via HDR effect really suits the game but that is optional as well. What i try to do is to get a bit more realistic look to the game- with peragus being a bit more gritty and e.g. Telos restoration zone buildings very weathered & rusty:
  8. No i meant Telos & Peragus - those areas are almost done - the glyph textures are still ressources for unfinished areas like Dxun Temple & Korriban.
  9. Hey, you noticed ^^ And it was hell of work to mimic them...btw. i intend to use them for Dxun tomb and giving Korriban assets a very similar look to Darthomir as well. and when you look at Peragus & Telos screenshots, you will notice that some tex are heavily inspired by FO/ BF2 as well, btw. what do you think about the new look?
  10. Very good to see you keep on going! Are you editing the area models as well? (for texturing nature etc. im using -> which is free & really superb for ground tex etc. ) Also, it would be interesting to see if the grass view distance could be increased further.
  11. Congrats to your awesome work Alvar007! Hope there are much more to come yet😀 those custom animations greatly enhance the immersion factor so badly needed when comparing to todays standards.
  12. No no my friend. There's no way it will take that long to finish. In fact , the project has taken some serious progress on both games, K1 and 2, while I haven't posted screenshots yet. The fish screen on Telos I'm afraid I've already exchanged for some in my opinion better suiting, more Star Wars like designs (still have the old file in case you guys insist on those): (Keep in mind that I might add Godrays & Ray Tracing later) I completely agree that KotOR shouldn't lose its magic, but modernizing some of its art design i feel should positively add to the immersion instead. I don't know if you have played Jedi Fallen Order yet, but it's a blast in atmosphere and I immediately found myself wish for a KotOR with those graphics... I don't want to spoil graphics yet, but here some custom designs that I use, - and there are much more not revealed yet - tell me what you guys think: some pazaak cards: Peragus (it is rich shadowed in game, but the contrast is more balanced in game:
  13. Well, back then when did those 2 Telos iterations, the role model for Telos was Deus Ex Mankind Divided. However, now, there's much more inspiration to draw on at the Star Wars Universe like BF2 or Jedi Fallen Order. Also, since I wasn't totally convinced how it turned out, I decided to redo the overall design again (for the last time i hope), to sth similar to this, which is the exact way I would imagine Citadel in 2020: I respectfully disagree. I've taken a look at Halo 2 Anniversary, and while its good, i feel it could/should have been taken further. For me, if you're talking about a "perfect" overhaul = Remake. E.g. something like Resident Evil 2 Remake - which is something totally out of reach for KotOR though. What we can do is to be inspired by Games like above and make textures from scratch which is much better in my opinion than just 1:1 using the vanilla designs & colors. (if you want to see how it looks first hand i could send you some files too) ----------------- When talking about designs, I completely understand that going for non Star Wars games like Mankind Divided is not a good idea, things should feel authentic after all. That means for me you should feel your in the Star Wars universe on every corner of the game - as I said above, now i finally have enough resources to get the inspiration from to do that - a bit like the SWTOR overhaul back then but with a much greater pool of realistic designs to draw on.
  14. Very, very interesting indeed. This could be a major breakthrough for Kotor similar to those dx11 mods for games like Gothic or Morrowind. Even if SSR has visual artifacts its should be very cool for wet surfaces. Is there by chance a possibility to display "wet puddles" or rain?
  15. This definitely has a lot of potential. I think at least to some degree its even possible to eliminate fake lightsources and only illuminate areas with RT. I wonder if/how those rays react on shiny (cubemap) surfaces - are reflections similar to those shown in Unreal Engine 4 possible?