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  1. Great to see you progressing so fast. About the rocks, i see that they dont have the usual shape we are all used to in Kotor...are you somehow sculpting them? Btw, to have more complex models is it possible for you to import 3d model ressources as well? If so, that would add a whole world of new possibilities...
  2. Breathtaking stuff Kex! Coruscant looks unreal with those 3d clouds! Personally, adding the traffic is a must-have here, since it upgrades the realism factor by a mile.. Love it!
  3. You did an admirable job in that short time, dont let your shoulders drop People tend to wait to make sure that something rocksolid is in the making, but then, with a clear task, they will help. Btw, about reusing modules, Thor110 has converted the K1 planets as ressources, you might wanna check those out - im sure, if you reskin them, they could be used to mimic very different environments from vanilla. Or even further by piecing together small bits of area models like dungeons, shops, hallways from both games to create a unique huge new district.
  4. No need to apologize! Glad you like my work. The footlocker & panel seems to use a totally different texture than mine. Can you check the PLC_CompPnl & PLC_FootLker if its using a txi file? If so, then delete the .txi and check again.
  5. Yes, absolutely. It gives a bit of an exclusive touch to the uppercity. As you see in earlier posted pics, i try to give every area a unique look, which may differ greatly even on the same planet. In Vanilla, everything is too conform to the point you dont really feel much of a difference.
  6. first of all, just fantastic work already! Ive hoped that someone would step up & do this! Its great that you give the Cathar a unique look.. Now, i think Bastila needs more attention though- while you did well for an early build, she should have that instant recognizability.. So far, imho the best Bastila ive seen is this one from Mike Wilson. Maybe you could get her more in that direction?
  7. Thanks guys, glad you like my work!😀 Means a lot to me also for keeping spirits high to go through the non-fun stuff like redrawing textures. About Telos i still seeking inspiration regarding especially the lower & undercity / Daviks Estate. The Upper Apartments are almost done though: I know the door is a tad too clean, but the texture model is totally messed up, so i cant promise to change it:
  8. Here some updated screenshots - its amazes me how much graphical improvement can be made with texturing alone, although adding custom lightmaps is something thats hopefully is doable later, too. Recently created highly detailed heightmaps for a realistic look on (uneven) surfaces: Vanilla texture: recreated tex: Ingame: primarily used on Korriban: misc planets: Please give me a short feedback whether you like/dislike the new look and why.
  9. Love it! Great work, excited to see what you have in store as well!
  10. About walkmeshes etc. you should ask Darth Parametric. Hes the expert regarding all 3d modeling stuff here. Btw. i like your idea creating a K3 very much, in fact ive been waiting for this to happen since a long time. But since im working on a mammoth sized texture recreation project myself i know that time is an important factor and if you can make things easier (without sacrificing quality), why not? Here some suggestions for your project: What do you think about making the whole thing not as standalone, but as addin /DLC for K2 instead? It would make Kotor2 campaign feel fresh again and has further advantages: 1. you are much more flexible regarding the overall size/time you invest into your project. 2. the K3 campaign story assets are accessible already: Remember that Kreia on Malachor said that Revan went to the unknown regions to search for the true sith? What if you move this dialogue to Dantooine, where Kreia killed the 3 Jedi Masters? If you let an enraged exile fight & lose to Kreia afterwards, with Kreia disappearing after the fight, this gives you the opportunity to start your Mod seamlessly in the campaign: Remember the Navicomputer on the Hawk? With Kreia vanished the Exile decides to follow Revan to help eliminating the threat of the true sith, T3 hacks the navicomputer and founds 2 destinations: Lehon & Starforge. Now, the cool thing is - if you like the idea - these 2 planets are already integrated & fully playable in the Kotor 2 campaign (mod ressource by Thor110). So, if you start the mod this way, you have 2 bonus planets intgrated already plus you can add a third planet (btw. Sleheyron is also intgrated to K2 by Thor110)... This way you can basically start your mod from the "halfway" line & dont have to make everything from scratch... What do you think?
  11. Thank you. I'll see if it can speed up my editing with this. ---
  12. How do you mean exactly? When i tried out custom cubemaps, in MdlEdit 1.0.104B there was an option to rename texture instances; however, the texture rename didnt work after saving the file. It only worked when i hex edited the mdl manually. As it seems, you have another solution for this?
  13. quite simple - for example for Telos you have TEL_HW1, TEL_HW8, TEL_HW10 that use the same texture : Instead of having the same texture loaded 3 times into Kotor, i hex edit the area model to have only one instance, lets say TEL_HW1. That way visual quality is the same but it uses much less system ressources. Of course that goes for any modded texture as well. About the Hawk, its still needs a lot of polish, im thinking about giving it a matte metallic shell, but lets see how it turns out.
  14. Thank you, thats nice to hear! Quantity-wise, the planets are all textured now, so you dont have to worry about the mod release. However, there is still quite a lot of work regarding model editing, QC on the textures & performance Optimization to do - for example i'll hex different instances of textures to use the same name to increase fps.. Also, many textures still need special attention to details like small lights etc. to radiate that Star Wars flair at every corner of the game.
  15. @BekHavent revealed the Hawk yet. And what do you think about Manaan, Dantooine?