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  1. Hey, thats very innovative! Love the 3d effects, especially those geometric vector patterns look pretty damn cool!
  2. Congrats to the release. Welcome back!
  3. Nice catch, Marius. Welcome back! I still remember your work on good ol Holowan & Lucasforums. Really like your lightsaber ports, if your planning to edit blade colors at some point too you may checkout these ones here: Ambient LS
  4. @ZeldaTheSwordsman thanks for posting a detailed guide regarding the XnView installation. Very much appreciated! The CM_Baremetal should be identical, so you can overwrite/ skip it safely. Either option will be fine.
  5. Hi, hab dir ne PM geschrieben. Glaub du hast die übersehen ^^

    1. Jorak Uln

      Jorak Uln

      @AmanoJyaku Was ist eigentlich dein Problem? Ich seh dich hier nur am rumstänkern und Leuten blöd kommen. Mach mal was Vernünftiges!

    2. Jorak Uln

      Jorak Uln

      @AmanoJyaku Wie alt bist du, fünf? Dann wirds langsam Schlafenszeit. Auf gehts, und Zähneputzen nicht vergessen, mein Bester 😄

  6. Hello there, when texturing the Onderon Western Square/Market place one thing stands out: every building is using the same 2 -3 textures. I'd like to get rid of that by assigning different instances for each building - usually, this was possible by renaming each instance (e.g. LEH_wall01 -> JEH_wall01, JEH_wall1a etc.) in a Hex Editor, however, at Onderon it isnt possible. Theres mostly only one texture instance to be found in the mdl. Now, i'd like to know - is there a way to assign more instances to each of those buildings? Example: when editing the 512ondd.mdl theres only one instance of OND_wl05 and it covers the whole area: texture: hex edited area: Do you guys know how to fix this?
  7. well, the easiest solution that comes to my mind is: - the Aurora based Neverwinter Nights had a feature called "automatic quicken spell" that allowed the player to attack every round - in combination with using hotkeys for the spells it was a much faster paced experience. And as you might know, in Kotor we also can use Spells via Hotkeys e.g. 4 = supportive Powers like heal, R = standard attack, 3= currently selected offensive Force power... If its possible to assign all available force powers to hotkeys in a separate menu, enabling every round attack and shorten the time for every round to <3sec. should give a more satisfying feel to combat already. -------- That said, nothing comes close to actual real time combat though. Honestly, if managable, that would be perfect. For balancing, i think Jedi Knight might be a good reference - in general, blaster bolts & lightsaber should be deadly, like 1 hit kill. With the games progression, in later stages (jedi master lvl) you should be able to block most blasters easily. Lightsaber fight would be very interesting if every strike is blocked/ dodged. -If the saber is blocked, fight goes on until either Combatant is hit e.g. with critical strike which kills him on the spot. (if relevant stats STR & DEX are similar ). -If the saber is dodged, theres a good chance for a counter that kills the opponent immediately (high chance to dodge if STR & DEX are much higher) However , if your opponent is much stronger than you, you are overpowered & will die from the first hits & vice versa (if relevant stats STR & DEX are much higher). About balancing this, i tried out a very similar existing mod once, "the super enhanced mod" with on hit kill blasters & Lightsabers, with no other mods installed, where i got 1 shotted from Peragus Mining Droids, but as the game progressed the character development felt very balanced & rewarding with everything else stayed vanilla. (the Defence bonus from Handmaiden felt huge and the moment you got the lightsaber was incredibly relieving, also things like stims or grenades suddenly becoming essential). So, with weapon stats like in the SEM the game & everything set to realtime the game should be already quite balanced i think, quite sure there are mostly minor tweaks to be necessary afterwards. EDIT: btw, sent you a PM.
  8. As good as various options e.g. day-night cycle etc. are, personally, i think improving Graphics & Controls/real time combat sounds best. Perhaps even with a freely movable camera instead of WASD?
  9. Pm'd you a while ago. Can you check your PM's? Thanks.

  10. That sounds good, but honestly ive no idea how to pull that off..
  11. Im trying to retexture Nar Shaddaa's Main area, the Landing Platform, but when adding lights to the NAR_fl08 they look totally dim. They are cubemap based for extra brightness; this worked always so far, but not with NAR_fl08 somehow. I did try Txi commands "blending additive & blending punchthrough" with the same result. At the screenshots you see other cubemap based "lights" textures, which are illuminated correctly for comparison. Do you guys have an idea what causes this & help me out? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
  12. Im still searching. Even if theres a strong resemblance with the Falcon from the outside, i think the interior needs its own identity here. Im not yet clear on how it will look, so im open for suggestions too. Malachor should be just pure evil looking, i think Exegol would be a good reference. About Skyboxes: Kexikus v2 are very much recommended & compatible; although there need to be adjustments ( most noticably for Onderon, Nar Shaddaa). So i think at least for Nar Shaddaa i'll have to create a new one - in my view it just needs that glittering skyline flooded with a myriad of adboards & lights. Since creating those will be very time consuming, i'll concentrate on releasing a finished product without the skyboxes for now.
  13. Thanks. But dont worry, the release will certainly not around 2030 ^^ It all depends how well the material & design choices gel with each other and how quick i can find adequate design references in given SW movies etc.
  14. Thanks! i can safely say that the reworked areas / textures for this newest overhaul will be unlike anything i did before. The heightmaps have a ton more detail, the shine is directly linked to the texture noise itself , thus way more natural and overall the tex designs are much more linked to the movies than games for more realism. This, and the splitting of planets into different areas visually makes it a very large project. Current status for K2: Harbinger tex = done, but K2 has a nasty bug with a low res overlay that needs to be solved. Beta: Peragus, Korriban, Dantooine, Ravager (only minor tweaks) Alpha: Telos, Onderon, Nar Shaddaa, Goto (still some work ahead, but nothing major) To be done: Ebon Hawk, Malachor, Dxun, M4-78 (major work to do)