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  1. I'm pretty sure I've followed a HD Widescreen tutorial, I'll watch the videos and report back. Weird though as my Kotor 1 was running fine until it crashed with 50+ mods installed. I then had to delete my entire folder and reinstall and now UniWS and High Resolution Menus don't work for me anymore. I don't know if it was a Windows Update, because I've changed my scaling layout within Display Settings, a broken driver etc. Odd. TSL I haven't launched in 2 years and was disappointed to see it just flat out doesn't work haha. I'll look into your guides and get back to you.
  2. Excuse the poor pictures but both games have suddenly decided to stop working, I have a fresh install for TSL and only High Resolution Menus for K1 with the decrypted .exe and UniWS installed. TSL: Kotor:
  3. Hello everyone, I have a weird occurrence where literally all NPCs attack me, I believe it was triggered after I killed Xor, I got a black screen and then the Korriban Czerka NPCs started attacking me. I travelled to Yavin Station to collect the last items from Suvam Tan and it triggered the Trandoshans going hostile, then Suvam Tan went hostile and so did all the Gizka. I then travelled to Tatooine and all the Czerka attack me there haha. I downloaded the mods below, I deleted Improved AI after the hostility bug, but it still didn't fix the issue haha. I downloaded and used every mod from this mod build: I also downloaded this mod:
  4. I love how thought out each of your decisions are, the amount of obsolete items you pick up later on in the game is maddening -Leviathan, Unknown World are the worst examples of this. So getting a Mandalorian Pistol early on is massive win!
  5. djh269

    Quanons Calo Nord Skin

    Are you using Jorak Ulns module reskin mods by any chance?
  6. djh269

    K1 Pre-Release Pack

    I like the idea behind the mods for sure! Always nice to have variety. Funnily enough I actually searched for the large Rancor on one of my earliest playthroughs.
  7. djh269

    K1 Pre-Release Pack

    How about: - HK-47 on Taris - Large Rancor on Unknown World
  8. Sorry Marius I'd just woken up, SH has it correct, given Vaders recent appearances he's a very imposing figure due to his design and size. Sions presence should definitely reflect that. He looks much more impressive with the new height you've given him!
  9. He looks a lot more intimidating for sure! Should have a Vader vibe imo
  10. djh269

    Upscaled Computer

    Can I have the icons as well please Dark Hope? They look great!
  11. Does anybody want to test two mods I'm going to release to see if there's any bugs I've missed? It's massive updates to my TSL Inspired Crystals and Crystal Cave redux and upgradeable crystal mods. 

    1. jc2


      Yeah, send it over.

    2. djh269


      Absolute legend! I'll send it over when I get back from work 😀

  12. I love that they've added the Neo Crusader Mandalorians into Galactic Conquest in SWGOH!!

  13. May the fourth be with you all!!

  14. Maybe?
  15. Could be a conflict with the placeable.2da file, is there any mods that have additional rows for the placeable.2da?