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    A great way to start the year! Thanks for this! 10/10
  1. A great way to start the year! Thanks for this! 10/10
  2. Happy new year!! 😇🥳

  3. Merry Christmas everyone!!

  4. I've always loved your K1 Gameplay Improvement Mod, but I'd love it if it were more compatible with Kotor Community Patch, given the number of Ingame fixes it has, and how the mod is installed; K1R just overrides whatever files it installs, whereas KCP is much more compatible with other large sized mods by the way it changes things in the changes.ini file I look forward to whatever you release mate!
  5. KOTOR1 Gameplay and Immersion Rebalancing By: NecroAvalon Installation: Simple - everything from my mod's Override folder needs to be copied into the game's Override folder. Everything from MODULES folder into the game's Modules folder. And the Dialog.tlk file into the base game folder, to replace the unmodded one. Premise of the mod: Let's start by asking a few questions. 1) Have you ever wanted to arrive at Korriban, and not come across a bunch of Sith students and apprentices cosplaying as Sith military officers? All the way up the ladder to Uthar and Yuthura, who for some reason that eludes me completely, decide to wear military uniforms instead of Sith robes? Not to even mention "Czerka Officers" who for some unknown reason also dress as Sith military? 2) Why can a lone player character murder both Uthar and Yuthura 2 on 1 so easily, in the final trial in the tomb? I mean, they ARE supposed to be Sith Lords, right? RIGHT?! 2) Were you ever underwhelmed by the first "Dark Jedi" encounter, three masked emo-types who turned out to be easier to kill then most regular hostile NPCs you fight on said planet? 3) Why is Juhani such a pushover when you face her in the Grove? Especially for being your "final test"? 3) Speaking of "Dark Jedi", why are all of them clones of the same skinny emo guy, dressed in exact same unibody f***** pajamas? Especially since Dark Jedi Robes are in the game, and they look way cooler. 4) Why are Terentateks, the most hyped-up, overblown "Jedi devouring" threat foreshadowed in the game, so pathetically easy to kill, once you finally get to them? 6) What is the point of all those super-duper high-quality expensive pieces of gear you can buy later in the game, when combat stays so unbelievably easy? So you can hack through the trash in 1.5 seconds with Master Speed, instead of 2 seconds? 7) Has anyone ever felt the need to use stims to buff up before a tough fight? 😎 On that note, is there any fight in the game that can be classified as "tough", other then the final boss? All questions I think most of us know the answers to, so I'll just address the very last one I posed: NO. No, there is not. So I've decided to do something about it. I have modified and buffed every single NPC in every single area of the game, that you get to fight. Buffed health, more items to use, meds, stims, more accurate, better armor, etc. They are now a credible threat to the player. And facing ANY Dark Jedi is now a daunting challenge. They get innate buffs, regeneration, more Force powers, better stats, more Defense, innate bonus energy damage dealt, buffed attack bonus, the works. And when it comes to Masters, you'll be in for an epic struggle for survival, needing to use everything at your disposal. Second, immersion. No more Sith Military Cosplay Club on Korriban. That was my No1 gripe, when I first played through it. It was so immersion-breaking for me, to walk around the Sith Academy, and see military officers duel with lightsabers and shoot lightning. No more. Now, all Sith at Korriban wear dark robes of one kind or another, guards are dressed in Sith Armor, and only proper officers are still in uniform. And yes, Czerka guys are in - you guessed it - Czerka UNIFORMSSS! And third - cheese elimination. Party-wide 15 points energy damage resistance, costing only TEN FORCE POINTS for 2 minutes?!?! What the actual f***?! So basically, you just pop that, and you and your buddies can walk through a firing squad of blasters, without taking any damage. What's the point of personal shields? What's the point of buffing anything else? What's the point of having high Defense? No more. Now, Improved Energy Resistance is a 1 person only buff, nerfed to only grant 10 points resist, and increased in Force cost to 25 points. Same with basic one, except basic Energy Resistance only stops 5 points. Also, spell descriptions fixed, since they incorrectly stated that it doesn't protect from blaster fire, which it does. Next - weapon rebalancing. Blaster weapons in vanilla game are so underpowered it's not even funny. Not only do they do less base damage then swords and blades, they also don't benefit from any attribute bonuses to damage, and every energy shield in the universe can block energy damage, while physical damage goes through most defenses. And let's not even mention Energy Resistance force power tree. All ranged weapon damage buffed. Massively. Min and max. Now those 10 points Energy Resistance, while helpful, aren't an I Win button. You will take damage, even with it. You will need to use forearm shields, you'll need to broaden your defensive arsenal. Also, a lot more NPCs use Disruptors, too (which are also more powerful then before). Just to break the mold a bit, and give you a headache in picking which shield to pop when. And speaking of shields. No more charges. No more constant popping, and keeping yourself shielded indefinitely. All forearm shields now have 1 charge (replenishable), and a massive cooldown on it. No more cheese-popping a shield every 2 combat turns. Now, if you pop a shield, you have to wait 3-5 minutes before you can pop it again (depending on the specific shield). And it can't be switched for a fresh one until recharged. Droid shields work the same way. HK47, our favorite assassin droid. He was shafted badly in vanilla. That ends here. Stats changed. Higher Dexterity, lower Strength, a good deal of Con, to fit his fighting style more accurately. Classes rebalanced. Now there are 3 attack-bonus progressions, instead of two. Scouts, Consulars and Expert droids gain attack bonus the slowest. Soldiers are unchanged. Sentinels now gain AB at the same rate as Guardians. And Scoundrels, Guardians and Combat Droids now use a new AB progression line, even better then that of Soldiers. Oh and Consular health gain is now the same as Sentinels. You may think that would make Scoundrels OPd, with their Sneak Attacks and now with improved accuracy? No. Certain belts, implants and masks now grant immunity to Sneak Attacks. All Class 9 heavy armors (Heavy Battle Armor line) do so as well. Most Dark Jedi are immune, too. These are just the broadstrokes. Plenty of other surprises too, waiting to be found as you play. In conclusion, my goal was to make the game more challenging, more immersive, and ultimately, more fun to play, in my considered opinion. This mod may not be for everyone, but if you like your KOTOR with a touch of masochism in it, give it a shot! Disclaimer: This is a Beta. No TSLpatcher installer, some bugs may not be ironed out yet. Expect updates as I figure out how to make it TSLpatcher compatible. Incompatibility: K1 Restoration mod. Unfortunately, K1R basically overrides a number of .rim module files which my mod modifies, so at present the two don't play nicely together. K1R will override most of my mod. I've tested it with a number of other content mods, and it works fine. Basically as long as module files don't override my own, there shouldn't be a problem. Just to be on the safe side, I recommed you set up my mod first, in a clean game, then install other mods, so they can patch-into it. And make sure module files aren't overriden. Permissions: No parts of this mod may be modified and reuploaded without my express permission. That said, I welcome suggestions on how to improve the mod, and especially help in making it more TSLpatcher compatible. I am relatively new to KOTOR modding. That's about it. Enjoy
  6. I equipped this on HK-47 and I wasn't able to get him to go into stealth mode.
  7. Also, does anyone have any advice on setting a triggers coordinates? Literally never got how people create fresh triggers. Can you use any tools to work out placing them? 

    1. DarthParametric


      I create mine in Max, with the module layout loaded. You could do the same in Blender. You need to calculate the offset of each vertex to the pivot, going in (I believe) a clockwise direction. The way I go about it is to create a simple plane primitive, then give it the minimum number of subdivisions to get enough vertices to do the job. If you can get away with four, that's ideal, and will do the job most of the time, but sometimes you have to create a more complex shape. For example, here are some I created for the scene when Mission joins in the Taris Undercity:


      The grey one is the vanilla trigger, an inverted U shape that catches you whichever way you go. I wanted to jump the party so I had more control over where Mission spawns and runs to, so I split that into two separate triggers. Now it knows whether you go left or right and sets up the scene accordingly (red waypoints are the party jump destinations, pink is Mission's run-to destination).

    2. djh269


      I never thought about using those programs! I love the tiered setup of your Taris trigger, that's smart! 

      Have you used the Kotor Level Editor yet? That might also have the function to add triggers. I saw that others are using it for the Revenge of Revan mod. 

  8. Is this a mod? Remember reading this scene is in vanilla but can't remember: 


    1. LoneWanderer


      This scene is accessible in vanilla game, if female Revan romanced Carth, but turned DS in the Rakatan temple.

      Additional option to side with Carth in this scene and alternate ending (all voiced!) were cut before release.

    2. djh269


      Ah okay, thanks for the information, saw it on YouTube and got weirded out by the idea of not having noticed this scene, but it has been years since I've done a female Dark Side playthrough though!

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Mod listed in video description:


  9. "In 3960 BBY, the Mandalorians surrendered unconditionally, with Mandalore having been personally slain by Revan while the others were stripped of their weapons and armor and sent into exile in the Outer Rim."

    If this is true, why does most of the Mandalorians encountered in K1 still have their Armor? Can't remember if a character in the first game references this or not. Just wondering why Canderous Ordo doesn't have armor initially in the first game. 



    1. AmanoJyaku


      The most likely reason is Revan stripped them of their Beskar armor. What we see in the games is inferior:


      The highest quality sets are made by lightsaber-resistant beskar (Mandalorian Iron), but the exceptionally high cost and rarity of beskar has led to the use of durasteel, alum, and duraplast in armor production.

      Even before Revan, the Mandalorians had to use other materials and weren't wearing true Mandalorian armor.

    2. djh269


      Thanks for the information, I read that paragraph and questioned whether my Canderous mod was in line with the games Canon! 

  10. I like that idea, there's quite a few thugs/mercenaries/Sith that should be using poison weapons! That's fair play mate, I look forward to your 1.1 release!
  11. This is such a necessary mod! Poison is underutilized in both K1 and K2, almost makes the Immunity: Poison property useless after early game. This mod definitely changes that! Are you thinking of doing a mod similar to this for Kotor 1?
  12. You've all done excellent work on this mod, can't wait for the new release mate!