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  1. djh269

    Mod of the Year 2018 Nominations Are Open!

    It'll be own of the hardest years to vote for K1/TSL mods as there's been so many great modders that are really helpful and posting some excellent mods that'll never be removed from my override but here goes. My votes are as follows... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Best Texture Enhancement: @Dark Hope's Soldier Reskin for K1. A lot of effort went into this mod, and the final work is outstanding. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Best Content Restoration / Addition: @DarthParametric's Diversified Jedi Captives on the Star Forge. It's the little touches that make this mod fantastic, it was always annoying seeing multiple clones of the same reused head at the end of the game, permanent addition to my override. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Most Helpful Community Member: @JCarter426 as he's always kind and patient when assisting others with their modding queries, this place wouldn't be the same without him! I know I can only vote one person but here's some honorable mentions in this category: @DarthParametric, @Sith Holocron, @Kexikus!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mod of the Year: @A Future Pilot's KOTOR 1 Community Patch. I like to think this is a decent shoutout to all the effort A Future Pilot made to get his own work into the mod plus the contribution others have made in the past to fix K1. I loved seeing the community provide permission to use their own work in the mod and the great reception it received during and after the release of the mod. This mod definitely highlights the kindness and generosity of modders in helping others have their visions fulfilled.
  2. New Avengers trailer is out! 



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    2. ebmar



      37 million views in 18hours...

      Dang; and still counting... I mean- those numbers were as expected from the largest fan-based franchise on this planet, I am sure of that.

    3. djh269


      What do you think of the trailer? Looks very emotional, very. Seems to be quite a bit of emotional build up scenes, normally it'd be better in tv shows but as this is the "End game" I think it'll fit with the movie, especially if a lot of the main characters get wiped off the map. 

      It'll be sad to see some of the characters go! 

    4. ebmar



      What do you think of the trailer?

      Well, from the eyes of someone that is not quite a Marvel fan- I got bored with today's trailers; all started with Venom's, and then here- with the Avengers. They looked pretty much the same; the SFXs, the soundtrack, the transition is predictable, trailer-wise.


      ...emotional build up scenes, normally it'd be better in tv shows...

      Yup, that is the trend- right there.

  3. djh269

    Fix iron hands Bao-Dur

    Couldn't you just change his line in the appearance.2da file to have the player models?
  4. Your avatar reminds me of this "British designer Chris Godfrey dreams up a tinned, nine-course meal for gamers glued to their consoles" 


    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Google "turducken" and my avatar will make more sense.  LOL

  5. djh269

    Darth Revan Robe change for Yavin4 Mod

    The Revan/Star Forge outfit is usually controlled by these files: PMBJS.mdl / PMBJS.mdx PMBJL.mdl / PMBJL.mdx PMBJM.mdl / PMBJM.mdx PFBJS.mdl / PFBJS.mdx PFBJL.mdl / PFBJL.mdx PFBJM.mdl / PFBJM.mdx Unless the appearance.2da file is changed to a new model name. Try deleting those files along with any TGA files associated with them (pmbj01.tga, pmbj02.tga, pfbj01.tga, pfbj02.tga etc). Let me know if that works
  6. djh269

    Animated Ebon Hawk's Screen HD

    Looks like it's from a completely different game! 10/10!
  7. djh269

    MOD:Animated Ebon Hawk's Screen HD

    @Sith Holocron I've been looking out for this
  8. djh269


    The leather looks so real!
  9. djh269

    TSL Carth face texture?

    The only textures I could find are: P_CarthH01.tga or P_CarthH02.tga Edit: I checked his UTC file for this in the Telos module. However his name is listed as "Admiral Onassi" so I could be wrong haha.
  10. djh269

    Need help with High Resolution Mod

    Thanks, unfortunately I don't know how to fix your issue as I don't know much about the files that are used. You'd be best contacting the original author to see if they have encountered this issue before.
  11. djh269

    Need help with High Resolution Mod

    Hello GPChannel, I'm assuming you've encountered a problem with the High Resolution Menus mod am I right? Are you able to send a screenshot of the problem? This may help others to locate the cause of the issue. You may need to have this line in the game options section in the swkotor.ini file: [Game Options] EnableScreenShot=1
  12. djh269

    TFU Sion port for TSL

    You could possibly contact Drewton about this reskin:
  13. djh269

    TFU Sion port for TSL

    This isn't a direct port but there's a model in the style of the TFU Darth Sion: