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  1. I'm doing a playthrough with this mod and I'm wondering if you can still enable the player to have Level 2 Scout and Level 18 Consular as a playthrough?
  2. I've recently decompiled k_pdan_saber17.ncs and got the below: void main() { ActionPauseConversation(); ActionDoCommand(ExecuteScript("k_pdan_player01", GetFirstPC(), 0xFFFFFFFF)); DelayCommand(2.0, SetDialogPlaceableCamera(30)); } Is 0xFFFFFFFF an error?
  3. Going by this post in Lucasforums, is the below chart correct for K1? Code: Damage type Constant value (in hex) (in Binary) ----------------------- -------------- -------- -------------- Bludgeoning 1 0x0001 0000000000001 Piercing 2 0x0002 0000000000010 Slashing 4 0x0004 0000000000100 Universal (all) 8 0x0008 0000000001000 Unstoppable (disruptor) 16 0x0010 0000000010000 Cold 32 0x0020 0000000100000 Electrical 64 0x0040 0000001000000 Light side 128 0x0080 0000010000000 Fire 256 0x0100 0000100000000 Dark side 512 0x0200 0001000000000 Sonic 1024 0x0400 0010000000000 Ion 2048 0x0800 0100000000000 Blaster 4096 0x1000 1000000000000
  4. Thanks for your assistance, I've been able to edit the ASCII and fix the issue.
  5. Hey all, I was wondering if someone can tell me the quickest way to change a models texture name? I have done this before but for the life of me I can't remember haha, I believe it was with the renamer function in mdlops. I tried last night and wasn't able to. Many thanks.
  6. Yeah I should probably read the read-me, my bad haha. Thanks for the speedy reply as ever
  7. Hello all, I was going through my playthrough again with K1 Community Patch and have noticed a few things: - Calo's inventory isn't the same on Tatooine, you don't get his Mandalorian Heavy Pistols - The Sith students on Korriban don't have robes - There's a random Aqualish standing in the opening initiation in the Korriban academy? - footlocker03.utp in the Sith Base (manm26ab.rim) has Jedi Master Robe and a Sigil Crystal in the footlocker? Don't think it's vanilla. Many thanks P.S. I am unable to take screenshots with the function enabled in the swkotor.ini and pressing the prtscrn button, weird.
  8. Hey guys, I've noticed a couple of issues whilst on my playthrough: - You can't reenter the Vulkar Base to kill Kadon's main (female) bodyguard and his two henchman after basically betraying Gadon and fighting Brejik. You can tell I'm playing a darkside playthrough haha. I have a save for this issue just in case. - I am unable to find Calo's body in the fallen debris after you defeat Davik and Calo whilst trying to escape Taris. I also have a save for this just in case. - Zaalbar and Canderous are standing in weird places when you enter the Ebon Hawk for the first time, just before fight the Star Fighters. I have a save for this issue. If I find anything else I'll report back
  9. The mod is quite old, at least 10 years I presume, seeing as there's a quote of "" in the read-me haha. Here's a K1 / TSL comparison without the model being edited just simply placed into the respective override folders:
  10. I used: mdlops0-5-0 for lightsabers and mdlops06a1 for everything else and it was the replacer function I used haha. It was quite inconsistent IIRC some models wouldn't work whatever version I used. Thanks for the great advice as ever P.S. A while back I noticed that mod author maverick187s custom made TSL Ion Blaster's model worked in both K1 and TSL which is rather unique, I was wondering how that's possible?
  11. So if a model doesn't use a supermodel I just go through the usual procedure with loading the ASCII file then extracting it as Binary but without the supermodel in the folder? I remember porting some USM models with a really clunky MDLops version back in the day How things have changed.
  12. What super model is required for me to port: Lightsabers Masks Melee Weapons Etc. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the pointer I'll have a nose around with the ASCII
  14. Could all this be done within MDLEdit or would you have to use Gmax for the changing of the animation scale?
  15. There's a mod to fix this: I can't find a download link for it though.