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  1. djh269

    KotOR II High-Res Icon Suite

    The last post was 3 years ago, I'm guessing it's a dead project.
  2. djh269

    K2 Sith Lord mask ported to K1

    Wow that was fast thank you! Where did you get the armor the player is wearing? I like it, looks like Jolees Armor!
  3. Hello, Is somebody able to port this mask into K1 as a mask or a head model please? Like this mod has done: Many thanks!
  4. djh269

    Mission Vao with Mira's outfit mod?

    This topic became dark pretty quick!
  5. djh269

    Playable wookie PC for KOTOR 1 & 2 Mod?

    Try this:
  6. djh269

    [Question] NPCs vs Placeables

    What about Placeables as Doors?
  7. djh269

    Download:4k Atton

    It now says "Under Moderation" So I guess they're looking into it. I bet it's this DarthRevan author I keep seeing with other peoples mods under his name!
  8. djh269

    [WIP] UC's HK-47 Mini Romance Mod for TSL

    After seeing the Solo film this has made me smile! Even psychopathic droids like HK-47 deserves love!
  9. djh269

    [WIP] Selven "Legends"

    "I dragged all the contents along with something called a TSLpatcher into my KoTOR folder and it doesn't work, I'm quitting modding"
  10. djh269

    Vadász Modding Central

    Informative comments are a gateway to admin privileges, you don't want to get into the heavy stuff SH!
  11. I noticed that in KoTOR 1 there's a lot of Sith Apprentices and Dark Jedi that you have interactions/battles with, but from what I understand the term "Dark Jedi" is used for practitioners of the darker aspects of the force that have no allegiance to anyone but themselves, they are mostly turned Jedi that have no specific affiliation with a certain group. This is what I've picked up from the Darth Bane novels anyway. So is it correct to call the random Dark Jedi you encounter Dark Jedi and not something like Sith Acolyte, or Sith Student / Apprentice? And maybe change the names of Sith Apprentices to Sith lords or something like that. Even in Dark Malaks/ Revans army there should be Marauders/Assassins and Sith lords. Just my thoughts.
  12. djh269

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [HK-47]

    I like plain screenshots of modules but the idea of looking wishfully across the module with a character is a nice touch, try Jolee in Kashyyk next and see what that looks like. I like your work!
  13. Please don't leave buddy! 

  14. djh269

    [WIP] Pazaak Revamp

    I'm loving your little WIP threads!! Love the card design so far! Yeah I did think Uno when I first saw the card designs but I think they look great still.
  15. djh269

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [HK-47]

    Wallpaper worthy! Or new loading screens?