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  1. Does anybody have any gaming monitor recommendations? I want to play Skyrim / Witcher on a gaming monitor but I have no idea what is best, 144hz / 240hz or 1440p / 1080p etc etc. My current monitor is a Sony Bravia that's only good for movies etc. Witcher 3 looks blurry when I play it and I have a 1080ti graphics card. 

    1. Stormie97


      I have a Samsung 27" Monitor 1440p at 144Hz, slightly curved and it's absolutely awesome (full ref: LC27JG50QQUXEN).

  2. Dantooine looks amazing! I love the tiling
  3. This looks incredible! Are you editing the areas models to not have duplicate panels in the same area? And what are your thoughts on the more natural looking worlds like Kashyyyk / Dantooine, which don't feature as much technology as other planets. i.e. swaying vegetation or bugs crawling across rocks etc? As much of your work features animated textures.
  4. I usually go: Tatooine, Kashyyk, Manaan and then I always complete Korriban last. I complete Korriban last due to the "Special loot" merchant you can access after completing the Leviathan and due to the amount of Revan dialogue you can have with various NPCs. The first planet after Taris is Dantooine, where you train as a Jedi. I always like to come full circle and be symbolic with the last (chosen) planet you can go to you train as a Sith.
  5. I believe he'll be like Boba Fett, a man of few words. But if he does speak you'll probably be dead by the time you turn around haha. I'm really excited for a Star Wars TV show, I think they can add a lot of character development / world building that you don't see as much in movies. The CGI looks great, the cast is full of great actors and actresses and the costumes look amazing, and it's released 5 days after my birthday, really can't wait!
  6. I can see that you're using these three mods together: K1R, Kotor Community Patch + NPC Overhaul Mod. This could cause an issue if the modules .MOD file wasn't manually edited for the changes. Both K1R and NPC Overhaul mod don't manually edit certain files within a .MOD file they both literally replace whatever .MOD file is in the Modules folder at the time. I can also see you have a file called "Some Mods.7z", what are the mods in that file?
  7. Hello everyone, A few years back I had a list of about 5-6 large Battlefront 2 mods as a mod compilation installed in a specific order for maximum compatibility but unfortunately I uninstalled my BF2 from Steam and deleted the data a few months ago. I'm looking to play the game again with a mod compilation installed. Unfortunately I can't find a mod list with full compatibility so I was wondering whether anybody has a mod list they can send my way as I don't want to randomly install mods and regret it later haha. Any help will be appreciated. Many thanks all
  8. I completely understand . I'm looking forward to playing this mod for sure! Due to the extensive changes in this mod, can it be used alongside K1R or is it an either or situation?
  9. @A Future Pilot Last year I sent some possible changes to be added, were you able to implement the below changes (a lot are entirely subjective of course ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Statistic Changes: HK's statistics: - I've changed HK's Strength from 16 to 10, as it's a useless attribute for him. I've then added what I've taken onto his Dexterity so it was originally 14 but now it is 20. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reward / Loot Changes: Upper Shadowlands Captain loot change: - He carries a Sith Tremor Sword but it doesn't drop, I have now changed this. Korriban Sith Torturer loot change: - He originally drops a green crystal, which made no sense, so I have changed this to red. Jedi Masters loot change: - The jedi corpse in the last module on Tatooine originally has a Jedi Master Robe and a Blaster Rifle, I've changed the Blaster Rifle to a Blue Lightsaber. Unknown World Footlocker credit swap: - In the Temple you get 5000 credits in one of the placeables, I believe this was a joke by the developers as it's not needed at that point. I've changed the credit drop to one of the Leviathan placeables instead. Manaan Republic Representative reward change: - In the vanilla reward script after you complete the main quest on Manaan you are provided with 500 credits, Cardio Power System and the line: g_w_sonicrfl003, which isn't an item template in the game. So I've changed it to the Arkanian Sonic Rifle's UTI (g_w_sonicrfl03). Yavin Merchant item change: - You can now buy the Advanced Agent Interface mask a lot earlier as it becomes obsolete later in the game. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. The only files I tend to have in my Override are texture, model and 2da files. Any unique UTC files and UTIs I place within .MOD files on top of other mods. I tend be a neat freak when it comes to my Override folder.
  11. I can see n_sithappren001.utc in: sta_m45aa sta_m45ab sta_m45ac
  12. Dropping certain UTC files into the override folder can cause problems as Bioware duplicated quite a few UTC files in different modules. I'd check to see if any files in the Modules section of Kotor Tool references both of your UTC files
  13. It's a cool idea! I've never heard of a Force Enlightenment for K1 so you're all good
  14. djh269


    Very nice, those tree textures are such a contrast though haha!