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  1. Hey all, I was wondering if someone can tell me the quickest way to change a models texture name? I have done this before but for the life of me I can't remember haha, I believe it was with the renamer function in mdlops. I tried last night and wasn't able to. Many thanks.
  2. Yeah I should probably read the read-me, my bad haha. Thanks for the speedy reply as ever
  3. Hello all, I was going through my playthrough again with K1 Community Patch and have noticed a few things: - Calo's inventory isn't the same on Tatooine, you don't get his Mandalorian Heavy Pistols - The Sith students on Korriban don't have robes - There's a random Aqualish standing in the opening initiation in the Korriban academy? - footlocker03.utp in the Sith Base (manm26ab.rim) has Jedi Master Robe and a Sigil Crystal in the footlocker? Don't think it's vanilla. Many thanks P.S. I am unable to take screenshots with the function enabled in the swkotor.ini and pressing the prtscrn button, weird.
  4. Hey guys, I've noticed a couple of issues whilst on my playthrough: - You can't reenter the Vulkar Base to kill Kadon's main (female) bodyguard and his two henchman after basically betraying Gadon and fighting Brejik. You can tell I'm playing a darkside playthrough haha. I have a save for this issue just in case. - I am unable to find Calo's body in the fallen debris after you defeat Davik and Calo whilst trying to escape Taris. I also have a save for this just in case. - Zaalbar and Canderous are standing in weird places when you enter the Ebon Hawk for the first time, just before fight the Star Fighters. I have a save for this issue. If I find anything else I'll report back
  5. The mod is quite old, at least 10 years I presume, seeing as there's a quote of "" in the read-me haha. Here's a K1 / TSL comparison without the model being edited just simply placed into the respective override folders:
  6. I used: mdlops0-5-0 for lightsabers and mdlops06a1 for everything else and it was the replacer function I used haha. It was quite inconsistent IIRC some models wouldn't work whatever version I used. Thanks for the great advice as ever P.S. A while back I noticed that mod author maverick187s custom made TSL Ion Blaster's model worked in both K1 and TSL which is rather unique, I was wondering how that's possible?
  7. So if a model doesn't use a supermodel I just go through the usual procedure with loading the ASCII file then extracting it as Binary but without the supermodel in the folder? I remember porting some USM models with a really clunky MDLops version back in the day How things have changed.
  8. What super model is required for me to port: Lightsabers Masks Melee Weapons Etc. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the pointer I'll have a nose around with the ASCII
  10. Could all this be done within MDLEdit or would you have to use Gmax for the changing of the animation scale?
  11. There's a mod to fix this: I can't find a download link for it though.
  12. Just don't mess with his dog! P.s incredible work
  13. Does anybody have any gaming monitor recommendations? I want to play Skyrim / Witcher on a gaming monitor but I have no idea what is best, 144hz / 240hz or 1440p / 1080p etc etc. My current monitor is a Sony Bravia that's only good for movies etc. Witcher 3 looks blurry when I play it and I have a 1080ti graphics card. 

    1. Stormie97


      I have a Samsung 27" Monitor 1440p at 144Hz, slightly curved and it's absolutely awesome (full ref: LC27JG50QQUXEN).