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  1. djh269

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [HK-47]

    I like plain screenshots of modules but the idea of looking wishfully across the module with a character is a nice touch, try Jolee in Kashyyk next and see what that looks like. I like your work!
  2. Please don't leave buddy! 

  3. djh269

    [WIP] Pazaak Revamp

    I'm loving your little WIP threads!! Love the card design so far! Yeah I did think Uno when I first saw the card designs but I think they look great still.
  4. djh269

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [HK-47]

    Wallpaper worthy! Or new loading screens?
  5. djh269

    JC's Toolbox for K1

  6. djh269

    Helena Shan Improvement

  7. djh269


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  9. djh269

    TSL Main Menu Model Fix for Widescreen

  10. djh269

    Shadow of Revan

  11. djh269

    Ebon Hawk K1 Fixes