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  1. I will be adding some revisions to the appearance of the NPCs as well. Handon and Rickard will have custom appearances and Master Bolook will as well. I'm also considering adding Atris to the archives and making it so the player can report to her when they finish their quest.
  2. Amazing work so far, can't wait to see how we can work the Handmaiden/Atris sidequest into this 🙂
  3. First test for the Handmaiden dialog for the new side-quest in my mod. Feedback appreciated.

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    2. EAF97


      @DeathScepter it's actually part of a larger mod which will include an NPC appearance Overhaul plus an extra side-quest on each planet.

    3. Effix


      1:09 Is your companion laughing at her? 😄

    4. EAF97


      @Effix no that's the NPC next to her, I haven't programmed or overwritten that one yet.

  4. New skin for Calo Nord which I'm considering using for my mod. Yea or Nay?


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    2. ebmar



      ...made by another user named Curtis1973 on Nexusmods...

      Ah, that's my initial guessing as well 'cause back then I had it downloaded also [though not recognize his use of Baremetal to the clothes there], and seeing that picture you posted does ring a bell.

    3. EAF97


      @ebmar yeah I've used this texture for him a lot as well. He has no permission terms posted for most of his mods except 2-3 of them which he's fairly lenient on and says folks can just use them without permission. He's also been caught using other peoples' mods (especially XediiiXarwarz) so my guess is he could care less regarding usage of his mods if it comes to that.

    4. EAF97


      @ebmar also for the record I plan to use this skin for Malak, again as mainly an optional manual install for those who want

      it. I figured it gives him a more "Sith-y" look but again some folks will prefer the original so this will be optional and available in a separate folder for manual install

       Whole New Malak - Fixed Download - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Mods, Maps, Patches & News - GameFront


  5. @djh269 I may try to edit the .git files for tat_m17af where Helena is, and tat_m20aa where Griff is, since those each appear in the same module as either an NPC or placeable associated with the Tatooine Job Office mod. I could copy the data and coordinates for each NPC and put it into the .git file using K-GFF and see if that works, and just make the dialog/coversation conditional rather than their spawning itself.
  6. Played through the Brotherhood of Shadow mod and since so many reviews have been written on the actual page, I figured I'd post it here:

    To start with, there were many things which I thought were great about this mod:

    1) The flashbacks to battles in the Mandalorian Wars that players could relive

    2) Dealing with the ancient Sith--Akirakon Sin was honestly an interesting villain, as was Darius Solomon

    3) Shadow & Kobayashi--I thought they were both good characters although I thought Kobayashi's Jedi background was too hastily fleshed out toward the end.

    4) New areas, I honestly enjoyed traveling the Korriban Wastes and the Czerka mining facility

    However, there were many ways in which this mod could be improved:

    1) alternate endings: I felt like in many ways playing as Revan, I was sidelined and basically had to watch at the end as Solomon ultimately wins in convincing Shadow to leave. It also felt out of place for her to just leave in the middle of the war and hook up with her lover to just become a smuggler again--I wanted a chance to be able to prove as Revan that I had either changed, or that I could still hold Shadow in awe as a follower. Given her slave background and initial reason for joining Revan, I felt like this ending was forced and honestly weak and that she and Kobayashi should've only temporarily left but showed up to help on the Star Forge, depending on my choices.

    2) Designs. Especially for Akirakon Sin since he's a Sith pureblood, he shouldn't have facial hair. There were also "force-cages" which the player gets put into by Solomon but just looked like plants from Telos (not sure if this was a glitch).

    3) Voiceovers: Shadow and the Sith ghost (Akirakon Sin) should've just spoken in basic and had actors. Same with Daemon Drexl (honestly I felt Daemon's character should've played a larger role and reappeared in Solomon's Revenge depending on the player's choices)


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    2. EAF97


      @Mephiles550 interesting thoughts. My main issue with the Rakata VOs in Kotor is that if you listen closely, they basically just sound like they're speaking a few lines of Huttese but in a different tone which is barely different from most other aliens. Also aside from the plants glitch, I did in fact get the "Rakata-on-spit" glitch with Solomon's gravemarker. It looked...odd😅

    3. Mephiles550


      The problem with 2/3 of alien dialogue in the first kotor is that they're all the same words but the aliens just have different accents, it's a universal problem.

      Again, my headcanon is that the Rakata, after the infinite empire, caused their language to be the universal prototype for several alien languages.

      Real talk, it was bioware being lazy and not wanting to make 5 different types of Klingon 

    4. EAF97


      @Mephiles550 I'm actually in the process of acquiring samples of the alien VOs from the SWTOR MMO and replacing a lot of the VOs especially for the Rakata and Selkath. As for the rest, I'm debating using a text-to-speech engine and creating custom VOs which can then be programmed into their dialogs with custom lip files to match.

    Minor details like this definitely add more to the overall experience of the game than some would think they do at first glance. Would definitely recommend for playthroughs!
  7. Thoughts on this? I'd personally like to see characters like Shadow from the BOSSR expansion show up, and for a more flexible companion slot system where many of the comps become conditional like Juhani and there are more of them (potentially Yuthura as well as Shasa and again, Shadow). But of course anything from BOSSR being in the remake is sadly a distant hope at this point. I'd also argue for a better treatment of T3-M4 here, as he was mainly a plot device in both games but especially in the first one where he was pretty much useless once leaving Taris. Give him more abilities and have his "dialog" actually show words on the screen similar to how Astromechs are shown "talking" in formulas on SWTOR. I'd personally give T3 a personality similar to T7-01 in the Knight story in SWTOR.

    5 Things the KOTOR Remake MUST HAVE - YouTube

  8. I assume this means go to the party first, get the uniform, exit the building, and then come back in to get it from the interrogation?
  9. Currently experimenting with creating custom VOs for characters by using text-to-speech engines that allow voice inflections and tones to be added to make the VO sound more natural. May possibly use it to add in English/Basic-speaking VOs for some of the aliens or custom lines for other characters that I'm porting in for my mod. Will most likely test and release some samples in the next week.

    1. LoneWanderer


      What software are you using? I hope that if your research is fruitful, you'll write few notes about the process.

      Previously, I read that best results were achieved by Tacotron 2's pre-trained model in combination with FastPitch.

    2. EAF97


      I'm currently still deciding on which is best, but in any case it'll cost money for the software, at least for things which are more usable. I initially tested it on Play.ht but the demo is limited to how many words I can use or test before they charge me. I'm currently planning on installing Micmonster which costs about $37 and has similar features. Once these voice/speech files are downloaded, you'd need lip files to accompany them which would involve creating phn files and using LipSynchEditor to convert them (make sure you name them the same names as the VO files they're accompanying). Then put the lip files in Override, the VO files in "Streamwaves" for K1 and 'StreamVoice" for K2.

  10. How does that work? Would I simply go to the interrogation and THEN talk to the Sith in the cantina to get invited to the party?
  11. For the record, this mod seems to be incompatible with the Dantooine Patch for DarthParametric's 'Diversified Jedi Captives on the Star Forge' mod. Once one is installed, the other disappears. This happened both when I installed DP's mod after installing this one, and also when I installed this mod after DP's mod. The danm13 module ends up only having one or the other depending on what was installed last. Please let me know how this can be fixed, as I really liked this mod and wanted it in my playthrough.