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  1. Good to be back on here after a while. Been busy with work and school and the latter finally finished for me so I should potentially have more time on my hands to finish the projects I've been working on here.

    1. Effix


      Welcome back brother

  2. Which software did you use for that?
  3. For now I've paid for a subscription to PlayHT but I may change to a different program that's similar since this one requires a subscription and doesn't seem to have an option to just buy it with a one-time payment. The VOs on there that I've tested are the best quality too https://play.ht/
  4. I have recently purchased some software to generate AI voices and lines (including the tone, pitch, and inflections) and I've started work on a side project to potentially add lines and voiceovers for certain characters. More specifically: 1) I've considered programming lines for some of the aliens to speak basic and replace the generic gibberish they usually speak. This wouldn't be for ALL of them but only for some of the ones who feature more prominently or have lines that talk about crucial plot points. I've considered doing this for some of the Twi'leks like Komad on Tatooine as well as some of the Selkath. 2) I will have a series of upcoming mods which will feature "cameos" of characters from K2 appearing in K1 and was considering making voice-overs to give them additional lines if I am able to make voice-overs that sound close enough to the original. I would like to hear thoughts on this from the community. I understand it wouldn't be for everyone and that people have their own preferences but I would be interested in pursuing this.
  5. EAF97

    Davik's Noble Vestments

    I'd recommend either a fresh save or a clean install of the game. If that doesn't work, feel free to message me and I will try to re-test the mod. As of now I'm planning to make a version that only has Davik wearing the robe when the player first meets him but has him wearing the armor during the escape so it won't fully conflict with Dark Hope's mod. It wouldn't be hard since Davik has two different NPC files and another user had floated the idea
  6. EAF97

    Davik's Noble Vestments

    Could you post a screenshot of what the issue is so I can see what's going on? For testing reasons and due to an issue with the files I actually uninstalled and re-installed the game and then installed the mod and everything seemed to be working
  7. EAF97

    Davik HD

    Awesome job with this. Since I recently made a mod for Davik's robe, I will make an option for people to only install Davik's new robe for when the player first meets him and then it'll show him wearing the armor when the player runs into him and Calo Nord and fights them later during the escape so that your mod won't conflict with mine and people can use both
  8. EAF97

    Davik's Noble Vestments

    Sorry I only just saw this. The screenshots I posted were from a test-run of the mod that I did to make sure it was working properly. I would start a new game and then use the console command "warp tar_m08aa" to warp/teleport straight to his estate in order to check quickly. In some cases it makes a difference if you installed the mod and went to a pre-existing save. You could also check to make sure you haven't installed another mod that uses the onderonian clothing.
  9. Will this be compatible with Ashton Scorpius' mod for the male twilek heads that changes their necks?
  10. Do you usually use 3dsmax and is there a way to convert the files on there?
  11. What software or method would be good then for converting the files from gr2 format to mdl format? That's been the primary issue at this point since the gr2 file is treated as a separate "layer" from the mdl file, the skeleton of which I'm trying to combine it with
  12. I downloaded and installed the Slicers' GUI program that you recommended for extracting SWTOR files. I'm currently testing one of them and was able to successfully find the model and texture for rakghouls (the standard creature/version). I also installed a plugin which enabled me to import the models, which are in .gr2 format, into Kotor Blender as shown below. However I've been unable to get it to transfer into or show up in the .mdl file when I try exporting it into that file. In the upper right-hand corner it treats the imported TOR model as a separate "layer" and doesn't incorporate it into the .mdl file. I've tried testing it by importing the standard rakghoul model into the same file and super-imposing the TOR model over the skeleton and deleting the rest of the vanilla version, however in-game the Rakghouls just show up as invisible. How would I go about fitting the ported TOR model to a Kotor skeleton for this?
  13. I will be sure to recommend this for players to use alongside my NPC heads mod when I release it
  14. I apologize to anyone who has dealt with confusion or issues with the models for my recently-released 'Movie Mandalorians' mod that ported Deadman's Mandalorians to K1. I hadn't tested it enough and the model been imported incorrectly into Kotor Blender where I worked on it, which resulted in clipping issues between the arms and shoulder-plates. I didn't realize this until afterward and had to manually tweak and adjust the model in blender a few times before I could fix that in a way that gave satisfactory results. The issue seems to have been fixed, but please let me know if anyone who has downloaded it has run into any additional problems.

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    2. EAF97


      @DarthParametric I wasn't aware of this but I will definitely look into it. Having tested the mod numerous times there don't seem to be any performance issues that I'm aware of but it's worth examining

    3. DarthParametric


      I don't think it has any adverse effects, but doesn't hurt to correct it.

    4. EAF97
  15. I came across this issue both on my previous PC and on my current one when trying to use this mod as shown below and this was tested with no other mods installed. What might be causing this?