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  1. I've been having issues when installing mods, particularly regarding when I've uninstalled and re-installed the KOTOR games. Whenever I do that, the game's files just seem to be a copy of whatever they were prior to me uninstalling the game. This is particularly a nuisance with 2da files as they will still have the altered coding in them prior to when the game was uninstalled for some reason. I tried flat-out deleting all game files manually before uninstalling the game itself and then re-extracting fresh versions of the 2da files from Kotor Tool and still got the same result with the 2das not giving me fresh versions but instead with all the altered coding from before. Is there a way to fix this?
  2. Great job! Would you be able to have a version or option of it where the robe is brown? If not, no worries.
  3. I intend to either do this or to include the file in my mod directly. I have Dark Hope's permission to use these textures.
  4. Been a while since I posted, but my NPC Overhaul for K1 is coming along. Here is a new updated look for Yuthura Ban, with Dark Hope's texture for her head and oldflash's Sith/Jedi robe texture for her robe. Let me know what you guys think.
  5. Have there been any HD texture mods made for Dorak and/or Vandar? I am aware that Vrook has a couple of HD textures for him and there are a few mods that basically turn Vandar into Yoda, but I can't seem to find any regular HD texture mods that enhance their appearance.
  6. Note to anyone who's using the Steam version of the game: skip the XnView part and just put everything from both folders into your Override folder. Whatever XnView is needed for is already pre-done to the game's graphics in the Steam version. If you're not using the Steam version, this doesn't apply to you.
  7. The files work correctly for installing it, but for some reason I am unable to have that mod installed at the same time as any other mod that adds new things or NPCs to that particular module (I think it's "danm13aa" or something like that). If I install it first and then install DP's mod that puts in those extra Jedi who are training and also appear on the Star Forge, for example, his copy of the module overwrites the one for this mod and vice-versa. The same is true for djh269's Crystal Cave Redux mod which adds a new NPC there as well. Is there a way to edit the file or installer so that the components for the mod can be installed in alongside other mods that edit the module?
  8. Great work so far, let me know what you think of the dialog for the NPC Jedi that I sent, and if it would still work for when they're encountered in the sub-level.
  9. Hopping on now to reassure people that my project isn't dead, it's just on hold until the middle of the summer. I have the resources and the determination to get it done before the Fall.

  10. He appears only if nothing else modifying the danm13 module is installed so it is incompatible with any mod that adds things to that module, such as djh269's Crystal Cave redux and upgradeable crystal - Mods - Deadly Stream.
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    2. N-DReW25


      I am aware that film was made because the people who made it are in the process of making a Kotor film using the unreal engine. They made MALAK as a result of the Kotor Remaster announcement.

    3. Liserg


      If you know, in addition to the main plot, will the film contain additional material, like an attack on Dantooine or a similar film but about REVAN?

    4. EAF97


      @N-DReW25 I've been following their progress for a while now, I think this will honestly become the fan-made production to unite at least most Legends fans since Disney isn't in control of it.

  11. GOOD NEWS: the new adapter for my main laptop has arrived and I am now back in business so I should be able to resume work on my mod and get it released in the next month or so.

    1. djh269


      Great to see your back bud!

    2. LordMerek


      Hyped beyond words.

  12. Most people aren’t aware of this, but there was a cancelled novel called ‘Supernatural Encounters: The Transformation & Trial of Arhul Hextrophon’ which more closely details the origins of the Star Wars universe. It was cancelled largely due to a dispute over licensing with LucasArts, but it’s the closest we’ll get in Legends material to explaining the background of things. With that in mind, I found their explanation for the true origins of the Rakata quite interesting (the whole book is in online PDF format for free). According to this, a number of species were created by beings called the Bedlam Spirits who in turn were created by a Celestial named Wutzek, who was a rival of the Mortis trinity (the Father, Son, and Daughter from the Clone Wars). One of the spirits he created was named Tilotny and she and her siblings created a number of the known species by twisting the 80 or so species initially created by the Celestials and experimenting on them to create abominations of all sorts, including some new sentient species, to use to fight both each other and the Celestials in order to secure their domination of the galaxy. She created the Rakata by abducting Ongree from their homeworld of Skustell as well as Gungans from Lehon (yes, Lehon a.k.a. Rakata Prime was the actual original homeworld of the Gungans according to this book). She unleashed the Rakata on Lehon and then massacred the Gungans who it turns out were helped by the Kumumgah (the ancient ancestors of the Sand People and Jawas who were technologically advanced) of Tatooine who rescued them (presumably aided by portals and/or Force-powered ships given by the Celestials) and resettled them on Naboo. The Rakata were fiercely loyal to Tilotny and spread across Lehon making it their home and their descendants came to worship her as the goddess Onrai in their religion. They also were originally three sub-species called the Ikalik (red-skinned, lived in the forest and glades), the Groot (blue-skinned, lived in the tidal coves), and Bukesek (black/gray-skinned, lived in the volcanic and/or sandy areas) but there was much intermarriage as the tribes eventually united into one people again through conquest. At some point the reptilian Kwa or Kwoth species came to Lehon and educated the Rakata in the Force but the Rakata used them and their technological knowledge for evil and eventually united and drove the Kwa to extinction, basically taking over much of their former holdings across the galaxy. They invented Force-powered hyperdrives and conquered much of the galaxy, the rest is history in Legends. So yeah, the Rakata are related to the Gungans and Rakata Prime was the original Gungan homeworld. This was interesting. Please share your thoughts, and a link to the page on the book in PDF where this is mentioned is included here: Supernatural Encounters. : Joseph Bongiorno : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  13. So I have a question regarding the relationship between the Sith species and the Massassi which were their warrior caste and were like a separate sub-species. They were bigger, stronger and more brutal but also less intelligent and lived for much shorter. Were the Massassi basically what the Sith purebloods were like before fully evolving? According to Legends material the Sith evolved to humanoid forms mostly prior to the Dark Jedi arriving and interbreeding w/ them. Did they basically continue to breed people as soldiers to be like what their ancient ancestors were, or were the Massassi purely a creation of Sith alchemy and enhancement?
  14. UPDATE: The adapter to my computer should be arriving in less than a week so I should be able to resume work on my mod. I appreciate that patience of those whom I have worked with and consulted on this, and hopefully I'll be able to get the first part of this mod released in a month or so 😀

  15. Just had a power-surge and the adapter for my laptop got fried when I was out. Ordering a new one right now but it could take a couple of weeks and in the meantime I'm unable to charge my main laptop where the content for my upcoming mod was stored. I may try to get Kotor Tool and others running on this backup laptop but not until after this week due to final assignments/papers that are due.

    However, on this backup laptop I have difficulty getting Kotor to run properly and the screen goes black. If someone has a tutorial or could explain how I could get it running, I could perhaps still work on the mod from here while getting the other laptop fixed.

    Please let me know.

    1. LoneWanderer


      Does your laptop have an integrated or Intel GPU? KOTOR doesn't like them.

      Please, explain more about your problem. By "the screen goes black" do you mean the game crashes or the screen is black, but you can still hit hotkeys and view inventory, party selection screens, main options, etc.? Does the problem occur when you launch the game, after character creation or loading save file?

      Anyways, there are some general solutions such as disabling movies, changing game's resolution or enabling window mode, disabling vertex buffer (?) or frame buffer effects, etc.

  16. I will be adding some revisions to the appearance of the NPCs as well. Handon and Rickard will have custom appearances and Master Bolook will as well. I'm also considering adding Atris to the archives and making it so the player can report to her when they finish their quest.
  17. Amazing work so far, can't wait to see how we can work the Handmaiden/Atris sidequest into this 🙂
  18. First test for the Handmaiden dialog for the new side-quest in my mod. Feedback appreciated.

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    2. EAF97


      @JasonRyder as for your first question, I'm actually using a text-to-speech engine for the voice and I created custom lip files for it as well. No actor required

    3. JasonRyder


      Brianna should have a unique face and the rest of the sisters should have the one from JCarter436's mod. It's even mentioned that she looks different from her sisters in KOTOR II. 

    4. EAF97


      @JasonRyder I hope to get permission from JCarter426 but in the meantime I'll make do with what I can use. He hasn't been online in nearly a year so my chances of getting permission to use it are slim at this point.

  19. New skin for Calo Nord which I'm considering using for my mod. Yea or Nay?


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    2. ebmar



      ...made by another user named Curtis1973 on Nexusmods...

      Ah, that's my initial guessing as well 'cause back then I had it downloaded also [though not recognize his use of Baremetal to the clothes there], and seeing that picture you posted does ring a bell.

    3. EAF97


      @ebmar yeah I've used this texture for him a lot as well. He has no permission terms posted for most of his mods except 2-3 of them which he's fairly lenient on and says folks can just use them without permission. He's also been caught using other peoples' mods (especially XediiiXarwarz) so my guess is he could care less regarding usage of his mods if it comes to that.

    4. EAF97


      @ebmar also for the record I plan to use this skin for Malak, again as mainly an optional manual install for those who want

      it. I figured it gives him a more "Sith-y" look but again some folks will prefer the original so this will be optional and available in a separate folder for manual install

       Whole New Malak - Fixed Download - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Mods, Maps, Patches & News - GameFront


  20. @djh269 I may try to edit the .git files for tat_m17af where Helena is, and tat_m20aa where Griff is, since those each appear in the same module as either an NPC or placeable associated with the Tatooine Job Office mod. I could copy the data and coordinates for each NPC and put it into the .git file using K-GFF and see if that works, and just make the dialog/coversation conditional rather than their spawning itself.
  21. Played through the Brotherhood of Shadow mod and since so many reviews have been written on the actual page, I figured I'd post it here:

    To start with, there were many things which I thought were great about this mod:

    1) The flashbacks to battles in the Mandalorian Wars that players could relive

    2) Dealing with the ancient Sith--Akirakon Sin was honestly an interesting villain, as was Darius Solomon

    3) Shadow & Kobayashi--I thought they were both good characters although I thought Kobayashi's Jedi background was too hastily fleshed out toward the end.

    4) New areas, I honestly enjoyed traveling the Korriban Wastes and the Czerka mining facility

    However, there were many ways in which this mod could be improved:

    1) alternate endings: I felt like in many ways playing as Revan, I was sidelined and basically had to watch at the end as Solomon ultimately wins in convincing Shadow to leave. It also felt out of place for her to just leave in the middle of the war and hook up with her lover to just become a smuggler again--I wanted a chance to be able to prove as Revan that I had either changed, or that I could still hold Shadow in awe as a follower. Given her slave background and initial reason for joining Revan, I felt like this ending was forced and honestly weak and that she and Kobayashi should've only temporarily left but showed up to help on the Star Forge, depending on my choices.

    2) Designs. Especially for Akirakon Sin since he's a Sith pureblood, he shouldn't have facial hair. There were also "force-cages" which the player gets put into by Solomon but just looked like plants from Telos (not sure if this was a glitch).

    3) Voiceovers: Shadow and the Sith ghost (Akirakon Sin) should've just spoken in basic and had actors. Same with Daemon Drexl (honestly I felt Daemon's character should've played a larger role and reappeared in Solomon's Revenge depending on the player's choices)


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    2. EAF97


      @Mephiles550 interesting thoughts. My main issue with the Rakata VOs in Kotor is that if you listen closely, they basically just sound like they're speaking a few lines of Huttese but in a different tone which is barely different from most other aliens. Also aside from the plants glitch, I did in fact get the "Rakata-on-spit" glitch with Solomon's gravemarker. It looked...odd😅

    3. Mephiles550


      The problem with 2/3 of alien dialogue in the first kotor is that they're all the same words but the aliens just have different accents, it's a universal problem.

      Again, my headcanon is that the Rakata, after the infinite empire, caused their language to be the universal prototype for several alien languages.

      Real talk, it was bioware being lazy and not wanting to make 5 different types of Klingon 

    4. EAF97


      @Mephiles550 I'm actually in the process of acquiring samples of the alien VOs from the SWTOR MMO and replacing a lot of the VOs especially for the Rakata and Selkath. As for the rest, I'm debating using a text-to-speech engine and creating custom VOs which can then be programmed into their dialogs with custom lip files to match.

    Minor details like this definitely add more to the overall experience of the game than some would think they do at first glance. Would definitely recommend for playthroughs!