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  1. @djh269 I may try to edit the .git files for tat_m17af where Helena is, and tat_m20aa where Griff is, since those each appear in the same module as either an NPC or placeable associated with the Tatooine Job Office mod. I could copy the data and coordinates for each NPC and put it into the .git file using K-GFF and see if that works, and just make the dialog/coversation conditional rather than their spawning itself.
  2. Played through the Brotherhood of Shadow mod and since so many reviews have been written on the actual page, I figured I'd post it here:

    To start with, there were many things which I thought were great about this mod:

    1) The flashbacks to battles in the Mandalorian Wars that players could relive

    2) Dealing with the ancient Sith--Akirakon Sin was honestly an interesting villain, as was Darius Solomon

    3) Shadow & Kobayashi--I thought they were both good characters although I thought Kobayashi's Jedi background was too hastily fleshed out toward the end.

    4) New areas, I honestly enjoyed traveling the Korriban Wastes and the Czerka mining facility

    However, there were many ways in which this mod could be improved:

    1) alternate endings: I felt like in many ways playing as Revan, I was sidelined and basically had to watch at the end as Solomon ultimately wins in convincing Shadow to leave. It also felt out of place for her to just leave in the middle of the war and hook up with her lover to just become a smuggler again--I wanted a chance to be able to prove as Revan that I had either changed, or that I could still hold Shadow in awe as a follower. Given her slave background and initial reason for joining Revan, I felt like this ending was forced and honestly weak and that she and Kobayashi should've only temporarily left but showed up to help on the Star Forge, depending on my choices.

    2) Designs. Especially for Akirakon Sin since he's a Sith pureblood, he shouldn't have facial hair. There were also "force-cages" which the player gets put into by Solomon but just looked like plants from Telos (not sure if this was a glitch).

    3) Voiceovers: Shadow and the Sith ghost (Akirakon Sin) should've just spoken in basic and had actors. Same with Daemon Drexl (honestly I felt Daemon's character should've played a larger role and reappeared in Solomon's Revenge depending on the player's choices)


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    2. EAF97


      @Mephiles550 interesting thoughts. My main issue with the Rakata VOs in Kotor is that if you listen closely, they basically just sound like they're speaking a few lines of Huttese but in a different tone which is barely different from most other aliens. Also aside from the plants glitch, I did in fact get the "Rakata-on-spit" glitch with Solomon's gravemarker. It looked...odd😅

    3. Mephiles550


      The problem with 2/3 of alien dialogue in the first kotor is that they're all the same words but the aliens just have different accents, it's a universal problem.

      Again, my headcanon is that the Rakata, after the infinite empire, caused their language to be the universal prototype for several alien languages.

      Real talk, it was bioware being lazy and not wanting to make 5 different types of Klingon 

    4. EAF97


      @Mephiles550 I'm actually in the process of acquiring samples of the alien VOs from the SWTOR MMO and replacing a lot of the VOs especially for the Rakata and Selkath. As for the rest, I'm debating using a text-to-speech engine and creating custom VOs which can then be programmed into their dialogs with custom lip files to match.

    Minor details like this definitely add more to the overall experience of the game than some would think they do at first glance. Would definitely recommend for playthroughs!
  3. Thoughts on this? I'd personally like to see characters like Shadow from the BOSSR expansion show up, and for a more flexible companion slot system where many of the comps become conditional like Juhani and there are more of them (potentially Yuthura as well as Shasa and again, Shadow). But of course anything from BOSSR being in the remake is sadly a distant hope at this point. I'd also argue for a better treatment of T3-M4 here, as he was mainly a plot device in both games but especially in the first one where he was pretty much useless once leaving Taris. Give him more abilities and have his "dialog" actually show words on the screen similar to how Astromechs are shown "talking" in formulas on SWTOR. I'd personally give T3 a personality similar to T7-01 in the Knight story in SWTOR.

    5 Things the KOTOR Remake MUST HAVE - YouTube

  4. I assume this means go to the party first, get the uniform, exit the building, and then come back in to get it from the interrogation?
  5. Currently experimenting with creating custom VOs for characters by using text-to-speech engines that allow voice inflections and tones to be added to make the VO sound more natural. May possibly use it to add in English/Basic-speaking VOs for some of the aliens or custom lines for other characters that I'm porting in for my mod. Will most likely test and release some samples in the next week.

    1. LoneWanderer


      What software are you using? I hope that if your research is fruitful, you'll write few notes about the process.

      Previously, I read that best results were achieved by Tacotron 2's pre-trained model in combination with FastPitch.

    2. EAF97


      I'm currently still deciding on which is best, but in any case it'll cost money for the software, at least for things which are more usable. I initially tested it on Play.ht but the demo is limited to how many words I can use or test before they charge me. I'm currently planning on installing Micmonster which costs about $37 and has similar features. Once these voice/speech files are downloaded, you'd need lip files to accompany them which would involve creating phn files and using LipSynchEditor to convert them (make sure you name them the same names as the VO files they're accompanying). Then put the lip files in Override, the VO files in "Streamwaves" for K1 and 'StreamVoice" for K2.

  6. How does that work? Would I simply go to the interrogation and THEN talk to the Sith in the cantina to get invited to the party?
  7. For the record, this mod seems to be incompatible with the Dantooine Patch for DarthParametric's 'Diversified Jedi Captives on the Star Forge' mod. Once one is installed, the other disappears. This happened both when I installed DP's mod after installing this one, and also when I installed this mod after DP's mod. The danm13 module ends up only having one or the other depending on what was installed last. Please let me know how this can be fixed, as I really liked this mod and wanted it in my playthrough.
  8. This is more of a minor request, but would someone be able to write a "fix" for the Sith party and/or encounter on Taris which would put two sets of sith armour in the footlocker and/or to be dropped so that both the player and Carth can have one? I know the work-around when using K1R and other restoration patches, which is to just dismiss Carth from the Party (I also know how to easily just enter a cheat into the console to get the armor), but in my view it would make things more immersive either way to give Carth a set of Sith Armour as well.
  9. So I'm curious regarding the so-called "restoration" patches for Kotor I. There seems to be a rivalry between the Kotor 1 (K1R) Restoration mod and the so-called "Kotor Community Patch." Which of these is generally preferable to most players and what differences, if any, exist between the two?

    Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on this, as I am seeking to decide which of these patches to make my mods more compatible with.

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    2. djh269


      here's some more information on the placeable limit, something to keep in mind :)


    3. LoneWanderer


      @EAF97 I don't know much about K1CP, but I think Pazaak Tournament on Manaan, additional location in Shadowlands (don't remember whether it was restored in K1R), most of Juhani's cut lines, alternate route on Leviathan, several cut NPCs and any other major cut content pieces weren't touched by K1CP.


      @djh269 That's why I wrote "more or less compatible". I know about placeable number limitation and several graphical glitches because of K1R + BoS:SR, but I also know that the game can be successfully completed with them. Which is more than can be said about K1CP + BoS:SR.

    4. EAF97


      ...aaaand this is why we need a full port of K1 into the K2 engine that could remedy these problems 😅.

  10. Finally got around to porting the Handmaidens into Kotor I and will include a small side-quest involving them. They will be standing outside where the Jedi Enclave sub-level and the archive storage would be

    swkotor 2021-10-09 17-01-34.png

    1. JasonRyder


      I thought Atris recruited them AFTER the events of KOTOR 1, not before. Can you explain why they're here? 

    2. EAF97


      @JasonRyder is there any source definitively proving this? It's definitely confirmed that Atris was already moving relics secretly from the Enclave prior to its destruction and that Brianna, the "Last of the Handmaidens," was one of the main Handmaidens who was helping her handle the relics. The Telos "Academy" was perhaps not fully set up by this point but Atris was already setting it up at this time. The Handmaidens' father Yusanis had already been killed by Revan at this point since the player themselves are Revan after all the notorious acts he committed so they would have already been orphans by now. So perhaps the place on Telos was not fully set up by this point, but a case could be made that the Handmaidens had perhaps already started working with her even if the formal setup seen in Kotor 2 wasn't arranged yet. Unless you can find definitive sources establishing when exactly she recruited them and that it was after the events of Kotor 1. If so, then I will reconsider.

  11. Can anyone confirm that the "Tatooine Job Office" mod by TimBob12 is still having problems? There were comments stating that Mission's Brother and Bastila's Mother no longer spawn in their proper locations and that this in turn breaks both quest-lines for those companions. TimBob12 doesn't seem to have been active on here for several years and no "fix" seems to have been reported on there aside from a fix for the Brotherhood of Shadow Expansion. Would someone be interested in fixing this mod and/or advising me on how I could possibly fix it and the errors/incompatibilities caused by it? I was looking forward to trying it but I would rather not break the game.
  12. EAF97

    Tatooine Job Office

    Have the bugs with Mission's brother and Bastila's mother been solved yet? I really wanted to download this mod but I haven't heard of any fixes for the described problems.
  13. New look for Juhani. Shoutout to @Stormie97 for the head and @90SK for the robe.
  14. Finished porting in Terena Adare (the Dantooine administrator from Kotor II) to the Jedi enclave in Kotor I. Players will be able to briefly chat with her about the kath hound problem and the player's mission to the grove to stop Juhani as well as the general state of the settlement. Star Wars_ Knights of the Old Republic 2021-10-08 02-14-23.mp4
  15. Finished porting in Terena Adare (the Dantooine administrator from Kotor II) to the Jedi enclave in Kotor I. Players will be able to briefly chat with her about the kath hound problem and the player's mission to the grove to stop Juhani as well as the general state of the settlement.

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    2. EAF97


      @ebmar The 'Yoda Theme' from the original trilogy which I'm using for the Dantooine Academy and areas around it. It's just the part in this video from 2:02 onwards

      (1) Star Wars - Yoda Suite (Theme) - YouTube

    3. ebmar


      Thanks for the info! Oh, I see -- not too familiar with OT's piece particularly that one. I thought it was from another franchise, granted that tune at 0:32 should've gave it away, hahah. Nice one for Dantooine as well!

    4. EAF97


      @ebmar thanks! It's used in the background for parts of the Jedi storylines in SWTOR so it seemed like a good choice. For the rest of Dantooine (i.e. the Grove, estates) I'll be using this theme:


  16. That feeling you get when you're racing to get your assignments done for tomorrow and realize you got the due-date wrong and they're due the week after 😅. On the bright side, looks like I've got more time on my hands to work on my upcoming mod.

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    2. EAF97


      @djh269 I have the assignments in my schedule so I plan on getting those done soon as well.

    3. Stormie97


      It's like waking up in the middle of the night, only to find out it's 4 am and you still got a couple hours of sleep ahead

      chef's kiss

    4. EAF97


      @Stormie97 yeah that just about sums it up.

  17. @DarthParametric If I may, I am currently making an NPC overhaul mod and plan on recommending this mod for Handon as one of the mods for players to install alongside mine. Please let me know if you would be okay with me featuring this appearance of him in my screenshots and showcase for my mod that I will be posting at some point soon. If not, I will omit those shots and respect your wishes when featuring my mod.
  18. Couldn't be more true. I realized there are too many green twi'leks in-game (and ironically Master Bolook--who supervises the trial side-quest on Dantooine--is mentioned as "green" at one point but is actually orange. I thus made Bolook green with his new appearance here and for the padawan Garrum in the enclave, I'm making his skin orange. I will also change the other Twilek Deesra (the one who tells you about the terentateks) to either purple or some other color so they all look more distinct. Also--the 'slim neck' models for the twilek males are a *major* improvement. I get the impression the regular male twilek heads are basically just designed after Bib Fortuna (Jabba's assistant in the movies who has that blubbery neck) and just have color variation to differentiate them. Canonically and in most depictions, most Twilek males don't have blubbery necks.
  19. Changed the robes for the Twi'lek Jedi knight Tar'eelok and padawan Garrum who are seen training in the Dantooine Enclave. This is actually cut/restored content as most know, so I would advise that K1R be installed before this mod rather than after so that the robes aren't overwritten. Star Wars_ Knights of the Old Republic 2021-10-05 14-41-35.mp4
  20. Interesting. I never knew about this but of course I almost always go mostly light-sided in my playthroughs of the game. I wonder if the way it was programmed was supposed to be an indication that Korriban was supposed to be played toward the end.
  21. Deesra Luur Jada, the padawan of Master Dorak who is training to become the Dantooine librarian. I used Ashton Scorpius' Male Twilek Remodel for his head, gave him a robe designed by 90SK, and also edited his .utc file to display his full name