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  1. Snigaroo

    New Installation Load Order

    Thanks for the ping @Qui-Gon Glenn. You want the honest to goodness truth, the answer is just a lot of trial-and-error. Before I reached my first stable build release I had to play the games through, shifting order and switching mods out, 4-5 times before I could even complete one. That was back before I was more familiar with what I was doing, but the moral of the story, if you will, is still the same--depending on what you're trying to get to work together, it might just come down to a lot of tinkering. That said, JC is absolutely correct that incompatibilities are pretty rare. The most common type you'll have are obvious straight file overwrites, which are disproportionately texture or model changes. In those cases it's as simple as installing what you want last. More rarely you have file overwrites that involve more important files, which you can sometimes get away with overwriting if you know that the file from one mod is just minor changes (a rebalance of values in spells.2da, let's say) while another makes additions. Obviously in that case you keep the one that makes the additions, if you're dead-set on both mods, and either manually re-implement the balance changes or just eat the loss. Properly major file overwrites, like two loose appearance.2da files, can still be made to work if you've got the know-how and patience to merge the data from both files. Otherwise it's a matter of deciding which mod you prefer. TSLPatcher mods are more stable, but whether you'll encounter stability issues as a result of them is often less obvious, as they tend to do more (just by the nature of what mods benefit from using the TSLPatcher) and warnings the patcher spits out can sometimes be intentional, or benign even when unintentional. You don't always know which is which, and even if you go through everything with no errors thrown at all, you can still get a conflict at the end of the day. There's nothing you can do for that, though, except try to structure your install order logically and be smart about what mods you want to integrate. The more you add, and the more that anything you add edits, the more risk you inherently run. Determining a provisional load order is where you're going to be doing most of your legwork, and it's the step that will most directly impact the stability of your final build. This is probably the one thing I might be able to give some useful advice on. For the builds, the install order favors installing loose-file mods first, then larger TSLPatcher mods descending down to those with the most minor changes. The order of importance thus goes from the most trivial loose-file mods to the most important loose-files, then shifts to the most important TSLPatcher/.exe content down to the most trivial. In addition, mods of similar styles (texture replacers, model edits, mechanics changes, etc.) and those with similar thematic foci (Dantooine, let's say) are also grouped somewhat closely together. I've found that this is helpful in determining where you're likely to have conflicts, because by starting with the smallest mods first you'll have less stuff to go through in your override when/if you have a direct file conflict so you can easily determine what mods you're going to be forced to select between, and by grouping themes you're more likely to run into those potential conflicts back-to-back. From the TSLPatcher side of things, installing the largest mods first lets you know right away whether or not your most important mods are throwing any errors in their install phase, and also allows for mods with more specific changes (which are generally smaller) to overwrite the changes made by your larger, broad-stroke mods. Your final functional order might not be similar to that, but installing a test run in this way is the best way I've found to quickly diagnose problem areas or potential issues in what you intend to install, which will let you fine-tune what you're using and when you're installing it to get better results. Once you've cleaned up the obvious issues, though, there's nothing for it but to do a run and make sure everything works. Sometimes it won't--most times it doesn't, for me. A little over half the time I have to restart or modify a test partway through due to unforeseen issues that didn't crop up during the install phase. If you're bound and determined to use a bunch of mods, that's just how it goes.
  2. Snigaroo

    5760x1080 Triple Monitor HUD Fix Kotor 1

    I've moved it to the proper category for you now.
  3. I see, I did misunderstand you. Thanks for the clarification.
  4. I'm not a modder and typically I stay away from these sorts of things, so now in butting my head in I hope I'm not misreading your intent, but am I correct in saying you're suggesting that you would like to create an offsite for users to collaborate with you for the development of mods and porting of content in a way which you would define as being beneficial and compatible with the game's original aesthetic/design, and to reduce the frequency of projects created which are contrary to that interpretation? The online thing aside, I'm not sure I understand what you would want out of such an offsite, and why you're worried about alternate aesthetic/design interpretations--universes, as you call them--being developed. Is not the point of creating a mod to allow users and modders to decide what kind of content they would like to use, whether it be in their games, with compatible mods, or simply to draw inspiration from? What is the downside of users having open access to this content, if whatever mods come of it are the user's choice to utilize or not? The only mods which are ever going to be universalist are TSLRCM and a few assorted bugfixes, after all; there is no great likelihood that the entire KOTOR community would become so reliant upon the usage of one new mod that it would become a standard, as TSLRCM has. Forgive me if I am misinterpreting you, I'm simply not clear on this.
  5. I'm well-aware of the situation regarding the K1 mobile release, and I made my statement with that in mind. A market cut would be the likely result of such an act because the "free" mobile version would be more accessible to many, and thus the paid PC version would drop sales as people figured out ways to just use the mobile port alone. No purchase validation is flawless, and platform-to-platform just makes it easier to spoof and much, much more visible when it happens. There may be ways to mitigate the risk, but from a legal perspective it's not something I think Ty will want to mess with. I'm not the one who will make that call, though.
  6. Thanks for the ping, @jc2. From a rules standpoint we have absolutely nothing against a full-game port. Porting some content from one game to another is quite different from porting all content, but again from the standpoint of the restructured rules there is nothing which prevents such a project from being undertaken, discussed, and uploaded here on Deadlystream. With that said, that is different from an attempt at cross-platform porting (IE making a hypothetical KOTOR 2 for mobile), which we did not think to address at the time that we restructured the rules. Frankly I have my doubts about how feasible such a concept would be anyway, but until @Tyvokka and the rest of the staff can weigh in I would offer an initial assessment that we would be against that--no discussion of it, no condoning of it, certainly no uploading of it. While a hypothetical KOTOR-to-KOTOR 2 port could (and probably would) need some form of purchase validation for both titles in order for us to feel comfortable with it being hosted here, a KOTOR 2 made mobile-compatible would be a direct cut into the market for the game, which would quite likely damage sales and increase the chances of ire being drawn over the issue. Keep in mind that this is my initial, singular opinion and assessment of the issue based on the wording of the rules, which as I noted don't fully account for this particular circumstance. When other staff have weighed in, the final consensus may be quite different.
  7. Snigaroo


    I have serious issues with Apeiron in general, especially the progress of its development over the past three years and its online "presence," if you like. I think it's only fair for me to disclose that bias first thing. With that made clear, though, I have a deep distaste for the way the project has thus far seemingly been managed, and absolutely with how it's been conveyed to the fanbase at large, which I believe I would still have even without this accumulated bias. You say that the project lead is the one to speak to about these issues, but you are the first Apeiron volunteer that I have ever communicated with on any forum (to my knowledge, at any rate). I was on the subreddit the day that Apeiron was announced, and I still see every thread that passes through the sub as part and parcel of being a mod. Every Apeiron topic ever posted has only had fans in it to speak on the team's behalf, and the overwhelming majority of those fans have genuinely and innocently pushed the narrative that Apeiron is a mod which is free from C&D threat from any rights-holder. They've believed what you've said, and it's all so much empty words. I don't hold you to blame for this personally, or hold any ill-will towards you or even the idea of KOTOR being remade. My problems are twofold: a complete lack of communication on any channels which aren't dominated by Apeiron fans, and what is--in my view--the deliberate and continued misinformation that Apeiron will be legally treated as a mod. In defense of your team, I should have stepped forward with these issues myself a long time ago, but in my own defense I had (and still have) zero faith that the project will ever see the light of day, in all honesty. With that said, I still find the lack of communication outside of Apeiron-dominated channels disturbing, and the misinformation downright distasteful. Now that it seems that at least some elements of your team are attempting to be more communicative with other parts of the community, I think it would be to both of our benefits if these issues were addressed. I've made unpleasant claims about the Apeiron team's work, including about its overall competency to bring the project to fruition. Many have taken this to be unreasonable hostility on my part, but having been involved with indie development in the past, what I've seen thus far seems to me simply to be a reflection of the same lack of available volunteers that laid my own project to waste. Contrary to those who assume I'm simply hostile for the sake of being hostile, however, I would love to be proven wrong; I have simply never been put in the position of being able to ask questions of a developer before without going out of my way. I don't know how to contact your director, so if you could pass on to him my sincere hope that he would consider immediately removing the mod portion of the FAQ on your website, it would immediately alleviate many of my concerns about how Apeiron has portrayed itself thus far. If you would be further willing to request that he get in touch with me here or on reddit, I would love to coordinate an AMA with your team and the subreddit as a whole. Much of the trouble that exists thus far, I feel, stems from the perception that your team is uncommunicative and intentionally misleading your fans; if both of these misconceptions could be clarified through engagement, it would go a long way indeed toward engaging the remainder of the community with the project. Finally, because most of this post has been presumptuous on my part and I'm well-aware of it, I do want to say again that I don't wish you or any member of your team any ill will. If I'm being entirely honest I still have serious questions about the project, your team's capabilities, etc., but that's why I want to open a dialogue regarding it. I have been incredibly hostile toward the project in the past, but, again, I would love to be proven wrong and to find out this has all been a large misunderstanding on my part. If you all are willing to have an open dialogue, I'm very willing to change my views.
  8. Snigaroo

    Steam or GOG Version?

    I know, and that was why I was clarifying. Though there's no reason why the Steam version wouldn't run on Windows 10; I've only ever had a single user report an irreparable issue with Windows 10 before, and to be frank I don't really believe even that is unfixable.
  9. Snigaroo

    Steam or GOG Version?

    It's not the case, Steam version works fine with non-Workshop mods. Indeed, that method is recommended. The Workshop isn't particularly good for modding, and only an option for KOTOR 2 anyhow.
  10. Snigaroo

    Steam or GOG Version?

    If you already own the games on Steam, there's no reason to repurchase them. Even if you encounter Aspyr-based bugs, the KOTOR 2 Steam version is perfectly functional if you revert to the legacypc beta, and if you don't encounter issues the Aspyr version doesn't cause auto-minimization on cutscenes, which can save quite a bit of time and doesn't necessitate manually patching in widescreen or upscaling cutscenes. That the traditional plethora of fixes is still an option on the Steam version means that you have more options with it than the GoG version.
  11. Snigaroo

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    I've got it now, I hope.
  12. Snigaroo

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    I've unpinned the 2016 Mod of the Year voting thread, but since I don't want to touch the NWMax thread since there may need to be discussion of whether the KOTORMax thread (I presume there is one?) may need to be stickied in turn, I'll leave that to a staff member more familiar with that area than myself.
  13. Snigaroo

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    We didn't handle the situation as well as we should have and we definitely had an unacceptable delay in communicating our reasoning, and we'll own up to that. But the threads weren't locked to prevent discussion, and we're not hosting cracks just for the fun of it. The Steam version of the game still experiences what I call the fullscreen bug, which forces an auto-minimization whenever two cutscenes are played back-to-back. Usually this bug results in the window being unrecoverable, which means that the game can't even be properly booted into--intro cutscenes are, after all, still cutscenes. This is a major problem and the #1 piece of tech support which /r/kotor deals with on a daily basis, and widescreen guides (such as Xuul's) are an integral part not only of our tech support on the matter, but also of the mod builds' recommended procedures, precisely to prevent this bug from ever happening. If you guessed that widescreen patching requires an unencrypted executable on Steam, you would be right, and that's why we're here. Even Xuul links to these executables directly in his videos. They aren't optional stuff for people on Steam who want to be able to play the game normally; even I have to utilize these .exes every single time I mod the game. We're not hosting these lightly, and that's precisely why we're not calling them cracks: they're named "editable" so people directed here to download them might not think about it too hard, and the threads in question are locked to prevent users from pointing out that they're cracked, just in the hopes that there's even less chance people who would use them for malicious purposes would notice. Realistically there are much easier ways to pirate KOTOR and KOTOR 2, especially since the GoG executables are fully unencrypted as-is, but we still took precautions just in case. As I said before, this wasn't a matter taken lightly. But the main concern is that the sites on which these .exes are currently hosted are positively infested with viruses, malware and pervasive ads, as you would expect. It isn't safe for users to get them from there, and yet in order to play these games properly many users positively require these executables. The staff have discussed the matter now at some length, and we've agreed that it's not justifiable to continue asking users whose only crime is owning the Steam version of the game to go to unsafe sites in order to download necessary materials just in the name of principles. We don't advocate piracy, but collectively the staff has (thus far) unanimously agreed that these are beneficial as tools, and that their potential uses for piracy (which their usage for, so far as we can police it, is still fully banned) are outweighed by their benefits.
  14. View File KOTOR 2 Editable Executable This file is a hex-editable KOTOR executable for use in widescreen patching. The file was originally produced by Squ1zZy, and therefore DeadlyStream offers no technical support for the file or its use. Submitter Snigaroo Submitted 07/24/2018 Category Modder's Resources  
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This file is a hex-editable KOTOR executable for use in widescreen patching. The file was originally produced by Squ1zZy, and therefore DeadlyStream offers no technical support for the file or its use.