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  1. Snigaroo

    Steam or GOG Version?

    I know, and that was why I was clarifying. Though there's no reason why the Steam version wouldn't run on Windows 10; I've only ever had a single user report an irreparable issue with Windows 10 before, and to be frank I don't really believe even that is unfixable.
  2. Snigaroo

    Steam or GOG Version?

    It's not the case, Steam version works fine with non-Workshop mods. Indeed, that method is recommended. The Workshop isn't particularly good for modding, and only an option for KOTOR 2 anyhow.
  3. Snigaroo

    Steam or GOG Version?

    If you already own the games on Steam, there's no reason to repurchase them. Even if you encounter Aspyr-based bugs, the KOTOR 2 Steam version is perfectly functional if you revert to the legacypc beta, and if you don't encounter issues the Aspyr version doesn't cause auto-minimization on cutscenes, which can save quite a bit of time and doesn't necessitate manually patching in widescreen or upscaling cutscenes. That the traditional plethora of fixes is still an option on the Steam version means that you have more options with it than the GoG version.
  4. Snigaroo

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    I've got it now, I hope.
  5. Snigaroo

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    I've unpinned the 2016 Mod of the Year voting thread, but since I don't want to touch the NWMax thread since there may need to be discussion of whether the KOTORMax thread (I presume there is one?) may need to be stickied in turn, I'll leave that to a staff member more familiar with that area than myself.
  6. Snigaroo

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    We didn't handle the situation as well as we should have and we definitely had an unacceptable delay in communicating our reasoning, and we'll own up to that. But the threads weren't locked to prevent discussion, and we're not hosting cracks just for the fun of it. The Steam version of the game still experiences what I call the fullscreen bug, which forces an auto-minimization whenever two cutscenes are played back-to-back. Usually this bug results in the window being unrecoverable, which means that the game can't even be properly booted into--intro cutscenes are, after all, still cutscenes. This is a major problem and the #1 piece of tech support which /r/kotor deals with on a daily basis, and widescreen guides (such as Xuul's) are an integral part not only of our tech support on the matter, but also of the mod builds' recommended procedures, precisely to prevent this bug from ever happening. If you guessed that widescreen patching requires an unencrypted executable on Steam, you would be right, and that's why we're here. Even Xuul links to these executables directly in his videos. They aren't optional stuff for people on Steam who want to be able to play the game normally; even I have to utilize these .exes every single time I mod the game. We're not hosting these lightly, and that's precisely why we're not calling them cracks: they're named "editable" so people directed here to download them might not think about it too hard, and the threads in question are locked to prevent users from pointing out that they're cracked, just in the hopes that there's even less chance people who would use them for malicious purposes would notice. Realistically there are much easier ways to pirate KOTOR and KOTOR 2, especially since the GoG executables are fully unencrypted as-is, but we still took precautions just in case. As I said before, this wasn't a matter taken lightly. But the main concern is that the sites on which these .exes are currently hosted are positively infested with viruses, malware and pervasive ads, as you would expect. It isn't safe for users to get them from there, and yet in order to play these games properly many users positively require these executables. The staff have discussed the matter now at some length, and we've agreed that it's not justifiable to continue asking users whose only crime is owning the Steam version of the game to go to unsafe sites in order to download necessary materials just in the name of principles. We don't advocate piracy, but collectively the staff has (thus far) unanimously agreed that these are beneficial as tools, and that their potential uses for piracy (which their usage for, so far as we can police it, is still fully banned) are outweighed by their benefits.
  7. View File KOTOR 2 Editable Executable This file is a hex-editable KOTOR executable for use in widescreen patching. The file was originally produced by Squ1zZy, and therefore DeadlyStream offers no technical support for the file or its use. Submitter Snigaroo Submitted 07/24/2018 Category Modder's Resources  
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This file is a hex-editable KOTOR executable for use in widescreen patching. The file was originally produced by Squ1zZy, and therefore DeadlyStream offers no technical support for the file or its use.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This file is a hex-editable KOTOR executable for use in widescreen patching. The file was originally produced by FairLight, and therefore DeadlyStream offers no technical support for the file or its use.
  10. View File KOTOR Editable Executable This file is a hex-editable KOTOR executable for use in widescreen patching. The file was originally produced by FairLight, and therefore DeadlyStream offers no technical support for the file or its use. Submitter Snigaroo Submitted 07/24/2018 Category Modder's Resources  
  11. I believe I replied to you on reddit as well, but yes; you can read the announcement here.
  12. Thanks very much for this, Leilukin! I'll be giving it a whirl in my next build test for sure.
  13. Snigaroo

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    Yes, it is a big shift, but what I meant when I said that was that there isn't going to be a systemic and continuous realignment of either community towards some nebulous (and weird) unifying centerpoint. There have been rules changes associated with the merger mostly so that the heaviest punishments in both communities are in line (IE so something perfectly fine on reddit isn't worthy of a permaban here), and I'm not going to deny that I think the changes are beneficial, but my emphasis was merely that I'm not foreseeing anything beyond what has already been changed. As for TOR content, I imagine it's because it's in the same game series, and I believe some of its assets are already hosted for free from legitimate sources online. I don't know much about that, though, so I'll let others clarify. It really is my actual username. Snigaroo is something I have to use because Sniggles was already taken on reddit and most people know me via reddit, but I go by Sniggles wherever I can.
  14. Snigaroo

    K2 Community Patch

    So far nothing the K2 patch has added has needed to be censored, but once something has AFP has said he'll make a specific installer option for the spoiler-free builds that lack the spoilers in the info file. But thanks for looking out, JC.
  15. Snigaroo

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    (If anyone's hunting for the Discord link and can't find it, it'll be put up later this weekend, but you're more than welcome to join now from here!) Hello everyone! Although I hope many of you will also read some of the announcement on reddit to learn a little bit more about the premise behind what we’re doing, I know many of you probably don’t like reddit, or at least its format. For those who don’t, I figured it’d be a good idea to present myself here and explain why I think what we’re doing is a beneficial move—and, if I can, to allay any concerns you may have. Although I’ve spoken to and cooperated with many of the modders here before as part of my work on the mod builds, I was a hanger-on in the community a long while before the first mod build was ever posted, back well into the filefront days. At that time I modded for myself, in much the same way that I continue to do even today, the builds being a reflection of my interests. I mention this because I want to reinforce that modding KOTOR is and has been important to me, as important as I’ve claimed it is in the reddit thread. I mod my games because I enjoy the process of doing so, and I rely on and respect the mod community for producing the content which I utilize. If I believed this merger would in any way limit or harm the capability of you folks to do the work you do, I wouldn’t have agreed to it. This merger is happening because both of us, Tyvokka and myself, think that there will be a clear benefit to both sides in the process. That does NOT mean that the rules, culture, or expectations on either site are significantly shifting. Although there have been rule changes both on reddit and here on DS now with the implementation of this merger, we don’t expect any further changes in this vein. Our goal is not to homogenize or forcibly integrate either of the two communities, but to create a sort of fluency and ease-of-communication between them. In other words, we seek to have two separate communities that willingly cooperate with one another, not a single mega-community, which I think would be both impractical and unhelpful. The actual “merging” will therefore remain a primarily administrative one, wherein we hope to share the burden and work together to improve both communities, but with the goal of retaining their uniqueness specifically in mind. The sole exception to this is the Discord, which we hope will serve as a nice, casual mixing zone for the entire KOTOR community, including users and groups not affiliated with either reddit or DS. So, what exactly do we plan on doing then? I’m going to give an answer which might sound worrying, but I hope you’ll come to see as actually encouraging: we don’t know yet. Now, don’t take that as us having no ideas, because we have plenty. For one thing, as soon as wiki functionality here on DS is fully up I’ve already agreed to migrate /r/kotor’s wiki here, which includes many troubleshooting guides which we’ve refined over the years which some of you folks might find helpful—the mod builds, too, will eventually be cross-hosted. But as for everything else, we’re going to take things slowly and play them by ear, because we’re not sure how to best proceed yet. Our end goal is to allow the Deadlystream community to harness the large userbase and skills of the reddit community to help test and develop content for mods, while also encouraging reddit users who may be interested in developing their own mods to give it a try; on the flip side, we would also like to see mod and feature suggestions from the reddit community engaged with more actively from the folks here on DS. For direct interactions, with the exception of the Discord, that’s *all* we’re looking to accomplish at this time. How we get to that end goal, though, is a matter yet to be formalized. That’s because we want to try to find the best possible system for both sites, and are going to continue to take suggestions and test options until we find something that works, ideally without causing any hassle. We’re not committing to anything right now because we want to hear suggestions, thoughts, and questions first, and then we want to see whether our first ideas shake out well or not. If they do, more power to all of us—if they don’t, we’ll go back to the drawing board until we get it right. But whatever the final outcome is, I want to reiterate that it will be a system which will be minimally invasive. I take the shared administration of DS seriously, and I want to make sure as much as I’m sure everyone else does that there’s no “help reddit” quotas, influxes of members who haven’t the faintest idea of the rules of DS, and so on. We will change whatever needs to be changed to make sure that this integration goes as slowly as it may need to, with best possible outcomes on both ends. With that said, I think I’ve written enough. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if most of you had additional questions, and if you do have them please ask; I’d be happy to go into more detail about anything that you may be concerned or confused about, including any questions you may have about me personally. I’ll end by saying I’m excited at the prospect of working more directly with the mod community as I did working on the builds that released today, and I’ve got nothing but hope about where both sites go from here. P.S. – For those of you who do hate reddit’s format but would like to use the site, the best thing I can suggest is to disable the redesign from your account preferences at the top right, then download the Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) extension. It gives a lot of additional user-controlled features that can make using reddit tolerable.