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  1. Question, will this mod be compatible with Brotherhood of shadow ?
    Nice integration of cut content, looking forward to its next update.
  2. MAQS

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    After playing twice with this mod, I want to recommend it, I am really looking forward when you make the epilogue explaining the Genoharadan.
  3. MAQS

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    Oh I forgot to mention it yes I used the patch and had no issues, the only reason I am thinking Legacy had anything to do with it is because it uses some lines from extended enclave, I will check and get back to you.
  4. MAQS

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    I tried a playthrough with this mod, EE and partyswap, I installed Partyswap, first, then EE and then this mod, is this the right order or is this mod not compatible?
  5. Just tried the mod, its great to be able to visit the planets from kotor 1 in kotor 2, this mods adds a sandbox possibilities for these games.
  6. There is this patch for that, However I dont know if partyswap and extended enclave should be installed intermediately after installing TSLRCM and m4-78
  7. Did you use partyswap on this run? or did I miss it?
  8. Thank you for that as that helps me a lot! I will take a look.
  9. Glad yo see such a ambitious Mod still around, you can PM me whenever you need a tester. Can link this to R/kotor so people there know they can try this?
  10. Hello I see you made a mod build with story mods, I wanted to ask ifyou installed and played with extended enclave, partyswap, genoharadan legacy, Azgath N'Dul's Tomb im looking to do these for my next run. 


    Appreciate it.

    1. Mamita


      Uhh. YES.

      It'll work. Assuming you use TSLRCM and that you're not using Coruscant. You can also throw in the Korriban Expansion- I promise it's entertaining!


      Have fun.


      I have kittens crawling on me.


    2. Mamita


      It'll work with M4-78 as well.


      Buncha stuff about making it work with Coruscant



      And if you want, you can have Coruscant if you're willing to add mods mid-playthrough. Add Partyswap and the Extended Enclave patch in after you beat Coruscant, before you first enter Dantooine. It'll disable reaching Coruscant by Map Travel, but you'll still have your swanky loot from the Jedi Temple.


      However, if you do this, you will be restricted in your playthrough due to Planet Travel Order constraints.

      Dantooine must first be visited after completing Coruscant, because you need to install Partyswap after Coruscant.

    3. MAQS


      Thank you, so after tslrcm and m4-78, partyswap extended enclave the pacth for them and the others on my list, excellent, I already played coruscant, korriban expansion, the 2 sith tombs on korriban and dustil restoraton on a previous run, I want this one to be a more or less what the developers would have wanted to add to the game run. so im skipping coruscant, curse of the sith and korriban expansion because they are very amateurish in a way, I remember what I had to do for korriban expansion to work with all those mods lol, thank you again for your reply.

  11. Hello all! Basically I want to make a run with TSLRCM, M4-78 EP, Extended Enclave, Partyswap, GenoHaradan Legacy, Azgath N'Dul's Tomb, Liskis Restoration, Thorium Charge and N-DReW's Mini Mod Collection. Those in terms of story content. Gameplay wise, I want to add: High level Force Powers, Improved AI, and the Improved Gameplay mod. These are the mods I want to install mandatory wise. I think they are compatible but the order of installation is messing with my head. Also after installing those is it OK to install other textures/skins mods or those go first?
  12. Yes that is more reasonable, thanks for the advice.
  13. I just finished my studies and got a stable job which only requires 40 hours a week of my time, been looking for some hobbies outside of what I usually do and KotOR 2 is probably my favorite work of fiction. I'm seriously thinking about learning to mod and finish this mod. Does modding this particular type of content require anything other than time and focus? Can a noob with plenty of free time and willing to learn complete this? Or is there a skill check so to speak?