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  1. Delete legal.tga from override folder.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, aspyr patch only include in steam version of the game, retail versions only can be 1.0(4cd) and 1.0b/1.02b(dvd).
  3. On the previous page in @Pa3PyX post there is a link to download the archive with version 1.3. Apparently, it was not planned to publish it here officially.
  4. @withinashes try to uninstall game in control panel and clear game folder, install tslrcm, if tslrcm wont choose path, install as is and delete by control panel too, and clear registry path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ LucasArts \ KotOR2
  5. If apyr version crash because of Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1, just delete spaces and go through crash moment
  6. I use this mod with Companions' Robes 1.2 and it work fine.
    Im give only 5 star cuz i know how to install mods without any mod managers, if u have any problem, just ask in comments or mod support theme, just click on buttons... Btw, one of the musthave mods, which allows you to get the best gaming experience in one playthrough, many thanks for making this mod and support!
  7. If im not mistaken, workshop version is 1.8.6, just logo hasnt been updated.
  8. Both, >steam library, right click on tsl, properties, beta versions - legacypc, its cancel aspyre patch and restore "classic" version.
  9. I made a small comparison of leagacy pc version with aspyre version, I don't see much difference in the quality of textures, but, I noticed that in the legacy version, lighting interacts with surfaces in a different way. May be gog version have more differences.