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  1. @Jorak Uln In which location will difference in graphics between Gog and Steam versions be better visible?
  2. @Jorak Uln My main library of games is on steam, and I'm already used to playing on a gamepad in 4k ... Btw, if I'm not mistaken, in steam has ability to use old version of the game by using legacypc in the beta version settings.
  3. Ultimate character and world overhaul, most of darthparametric's, JC's and sithholocron's mods, all hq ingame icons and portraits, all wepons, some armor replacers, improved ai, thematic sith lords, partyswap, canonical mandalore, darth sapiens nihilus and visas, hq skyboxes, backdrops, loadscreens and cockpits, party under wear, to be honest, it's a long time to list everything. These are mainly textures and others graphics things, if we talk about fixes, then I was guided by the topic on reddit.
  4. Apparently I was very lucky, I used an assembly of mods weighing 25 gigabytes(tslrcm and m4-78 include), and in 200 hours there were no crashes, yes, there is a problem with lightsabers handles and skipping dialogues during a long game session, the fog is also broken, but it seems that 2 out of 3 of these problems are can be solved.
  5. Im using steam version of the game, and never seen any error or warning in k1r installation on fresh installed kotor 1(win 10 64), may be problem on ur side...
  6. Just pick polski when installer asks to select a language.
  7. Look at shoulders, belt and feet, model has changed, not only texture.
  8. @MSmart19 I didn't quite understand what was installed and before what, the best way its unsubscribe from all kotor 2 mods in workshop, uninstall game with cleaning game folder, and reinstall, after this, install tslrcm, only after that, u can install any mod what u wish.
  9. @MSmart19 Try to turning off Frame Buffer Effects.
  10. @MSmart19Did you unsubscribe from mod in workshop before installing?
  11. Nope, this work for android, checked on OnePlus 3 andorid 9.
  12. Do i need to install version 1.1 first or need 1.2 right away?
  13. @DarthParametric Looks like I made them work together, thanks for the help!
  14. Same, anyone know how to compile that? And what should I change to zero? All things below?