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  1. Who dont wanna use unmasked Visas, you can try to install Visas Marr's Robe fix By todevuch it works well.
  2. Russian translation update.(for rcm too)
  3. Mod looks awesome, but it dont conflict with JC's Feat Fixes for K2?
  4. If I'm not mistaken, the difference between credited and uncredited version is that in uncredited version has russian localization.
  5. I use 4k DSR, it works well, but the text is very small, can I fix it somehow?
  6. Yes, i dont have this droid too, but in version 1.3 it is on this place. Quest cannot be completed in 1.5
  7. Ye, same problem, this quest cannot be completed in 1.5. Можешь смело забивать на этот квест. He talks about “Fixing Droids”quest, 3 droids need to be fixed, but the central processor (one of the three parts) cannot be found in 1.5. This "Broken droid" just missing.
  8. Vabulletizer

    Extended Ending

    Do I need to start a new game?
    Another great mod in my collection, thanks! For people who love some canonical things it is brilliant, but unlike the screenshot in game mask is gold-brown.
  9. Mod work fine but i have a question, all phrases work, but battlecry on female character don't enabled, or it's okay? I try to add new strings by my self, but it dont give nothing.
  10. Hi, there are a couple of warnings I don’t know what they are specifically related to, are they critical? From global, i use tslrcm, m4-78ep, characters and world texture overhaul and some hd textures/skyboxes, holograms texture fix. installlog.rtf
  11. Nvm, yes it work, i just add some new strings in soundset file and my character found a voice, thanks!
  12. Jesus, i am idiot. It seems that the problem is not in the aspyr version, I install VO after m4-78 and soundset.2da has not changed.😐 So, VO not compatible with m4-78ep?