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  1. I put that warning against using the Steam Workshop version of TSLRCM for a reason. I suggest you read this on why using Steam Workshop is NOT recommended: This is why I do not use the Steam Workshop, and I will not provide support for Steam Workshop. If you encounter bugs because you are using the Steam Workshop, tweaking a few files does not guarantee you won't encounter any more bugs, so I suggest you just reinstall KotOR 2, use the installer version of TSLRCM instead and reinstall my mod and other mods you want to use. Installing manually may sound like a hassle but that is the best way to avoid bugs and conflicts.
  2. Are you saying you still chose to use the Steam Workshop version of TSLRCM, even though my mod description and ReadMe has explicitly warned against it? Did you install my mod to the Steam Workshop folder of TSLRCM?
  3. By "the T3 hologram for Bastila and LS Fem Revan not playing and simply closing the conversation", did you mean Bastila's hologram did not appear at all? Are you playing KotOR 2 on Steam? Aside from TSLRCM and my Alternate Revan Romances, are you using any other mods? How did you start the conversation with T3 to get the part where you're supposed to trigger Bastila's hologram: By asking T3 "How did you get there" (which requires Intelligence check) or "What's wrong with the astrogation system?"
  4. 020EBO.mod is a module file that was created by Extended Enclave. The error should not happen if you have properly installed Extended Enclave, so if you got such error, there must be something wrong with your installation of Extended Enclave. If you have installed both TSLRCM and M4-78EP, when you install EE, you actually need to run the EE installer twice to install both "TSLRCM Standalone" and "M4-78 Compatibility patch" components. Since you got the error that 020EBO.mod did not exist, I am guessing you only run the installer once to install the "M4-78 Compatibility patch" component only. Is that correct? The installation instruction has stated that "If you DO have the M4-78 installed, after running the TSLRCM Standalone installer, run the M4-78 Compatibility patch and follow the instructions presented to you." Read the mod author's instructions carefully when you install mods. To fix your issue, I suggest you reinstall the whole game and the mods you want to use again, make sure you run the Extended Enclave installer twice, and then my patch, and see if you get the error again.
  5. I use both mods and I never encountered any issues.
  6. What exactly was the error message you got? Please open the installlog.txt file and paste it here. Sharing the exact error message you got would help modders identify the problem. Did you install version 1.6a, which is the latest version of the patch? What are the mods you have installed? I have tested installing TSLRCM, PartySwap, Extended Enclave and the latest version of this patch and I did not get any errors during installation.
  7. The only issue you might encounter is an audio-related issue with the final Ebon Hawk cutscene between Kreia and Disciple when you play a female PC, but there is also a possibility that there won't be any issue. Regardless, I just re-uploaded the patch to fix the error.
  8. Leilukin


    Okay, "TSLRCM addition" might not be the right term. I intended to mean it was a content that didn't exist in vanilla TSL but was restored by TSLRCM. I assumed that people would get that due to the nature of a restored content mod, most if not all content from TSLRCM were cut content that wrere originally considered by Obsidian and not introduced by TSLRCM. Regardless, my point against The Historian's claim that the confrontation wasn't "historically accurate" to Meetra Surik's story still stands. Unless there's actually an official source, SWTOR or not, that proves that it didn't happen, arguments about it not being "historically accurate" is invalid.
  9. Leilukin


    The party confrontation with Kreia scene was indeed a TSLRCM addition, but unless @The Historian could actually provide sources about this so-called "historical records" to prove that it didn't happen to Meetra Surik's story, arguments about certain content from TSLRCM being "historically inaccurate" are irrelevant.
  10. I play KotOR 2 on Steam, so all my KotOR 2 mods had been tested with the Steam version of KotOR 2. My KotOR 2 mods all work on the Steam version of KotOR 2 as long as you do not use ANY mods from the Steam Workshop. I do not use any mods from the Steam Workshop, including TSLRCM, and I also do not recommend Steam Workshop, which is why I do not and never will upload any of my mods to Steam Workshop. I suggest you read this on why Steam Workshop is not recommended for KotOR 2 modding: https://deadlystream.com/topic/7321-why-not-to-use-the-steam-workshop/ If you plan on installing any mods in addition to TSLRCM, I strongly recommend you to use the installer (.exe) version of TSLRCM downloaded from Deadly Stream.
  11. Did you make sure you actually installed The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM) first? When you installed my mod, did you make sure you point the installer to your KotOR 2 directory, where swkotor2.exe is located? Do NOT point the installer to the override folder.
  12. You got the right files. Deadly Stream does not allow you to upload folders directly, so modders here need to compile the mod files into an archive files like RAR, ZIP, 7Z, etc. You need an archive manager like 7-Zip to extract the archive files to install the mod.
  13. It seems like you keep having issues with 904kreia.dlg, which shouldn't happen now since the 904kreia.dlg is no longer modified by Extended Enclave and my patch. You might want to reinstall the game and the mods from scratch to ensure you get the latest version of the mods run properly.
  14. Can you be more specific about the issue? Do you mean Kreia disappears at the Trayus Core after you fight Sion?
  15. Thank you for supporting my work! 🙂 Support for my mods from fellow LGBT people means a great deal.