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  1. If using KotOR 1 Restoration is really important for you, read my guide closely and follow the instructions to avoid bugs. There is no good alternative to KotOR 1 Community Patch. K1CP is a far superior mod to K1R for the fact that the former fixes more bugs than the latter does, which is why I recommend K1CP instead of K1R in my guide.
  2. If you were following r/KotOR's mod build and have already installed EE and my comp patch, do not install this Handmaiden/Disciple romance mod, since it will cause mod conflicts. That standalone EE patch was made specifically for players who use both PartySwap and EE without my Handmaiden/Disciple romance mod. That standalone patch was actually made after the release of this romance mod. If you want to install the mods from the r/KotOR mod build as well as this romance mod, I'm afraid the only option is to reinstall your game to remove all the mods, reinstall the mods from the mod build, then when you reach the PartySwap part of the mod build, follow the steps to install my Handmaiden/Disciple romance mod, Extended Enclave and the compatibility patches.
  3. You guessed it correctly. As long as you intend to use Extended Enclave with my mod, you need to install the compatibility patch included in my mod. In your case, since you don't use M4-78EP, and you're not using N-DReW25's EE Patch, the order of installation you need to follow is: 1. Install PartySwap 2. Select and install the "PartySwap Compatible Installation" option to install my main mod 3. Install Extended Enclave 4. Run the installer of my Extended Enclave compatibility patch, first select and install the "No M478-EP install" option. 5. Run the installer of my Extended Enclave comp patch again; this time select and install the "PartySwap Compatible" option.
  4. If you use my mod with a non-English version of TSLRCM, your game will crash, because this mod adds custom dialogues that do not exist in the vanilla game in order to prevent characters from referring to the player character by the wrong gender. The only solution is to play both KotOR 2 and TSLRCM in English. I am not familiar with any of the non-English languages officially supported by KotOR 2 and TSLRCM, including German, so support for non-English localizations with my mod is not going to happen.
  5. To quote my answer from my FAQ article about my same-gender romance mod: Which installation option did you choose when you install my mod: Default Installation or PartySwap compatible installation? In addition to TSLRCM and my mod, are you using any other mods? If you play KotOR 2 on Steam, have you ever subscribed to any mod from the Steam Workshop before?
  6. The game has coded clothing items that way, so even if you mod clothing items to be upgradable, only the underlay can be upgraded. There's not much I can do about it.
  7. I have decided to close this post to further comments, because I had already made my stance on the matter very clear in both the post and the comments. I will not engage with anyone who registers a Deadly Stream account just to argue with me over this post. To anyone who tries to tell me "I'm LGBT myself, and I'm not offended by mods that make gay characters straight", call me "over-sensitive over pixels" and even accuse me of caring more about fictional LGBT characters than real LGBT people, and that "extremists" like me (read: people who are vocal about LGBT-phobia) make LGBT people look bad: Go away with your respectability politics nonsense and stay far away from me. I am far from the only LGBT person who hates mods that turn canon gay characters straight, so do not think you know better than any other LGBT people just because you are "not as over-sensitive" as the rest of us. Also, I am active in my local LGBT community in real life, so do not even dare to assume I do not care about real life LGBT people just because I care about how fictional LGBT characters are represented in media and how they are treated by the audience. I can do both. To any other LGBT people who agree with me and are interested in supporting my mods, feel free so message me or comment on my individual mods to express your appreciation.
  8. The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod's mod page and Read Me already state that the Ultimate Saber Mod is not compatible with TSLRCM, so no, since my mod requires TSLRCM to work. And I will not make a version of my mod that does not require TSLRCM.
  9. I have made an FAQ article for my same-gender romance mods for TSL on Nexusmods: https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/articles/21

  10. Check my replies to your comments on the Nexus Mods mod page. Be patient and wait for my reply instead of posting the same issue multiple times on Nexus Mods and here within a few hours.
  11. As a lesbian who had written the most detailed Juhani Romance Guide in the KotOR community, my biggest personal wish for the KotOR remake is an expanded Juhani romance subplot, while still keep her romance exclusive to female player characters. My hopes for this get higher after learning that one of the writers, Sam Maggs, is a bisexual woman.

  12. No, because both my mod and those two dani's mod modify Kreia's endgame dialogue and Carth's meeting my replacing dialogue files, so mods that modify the same dialogue will not be compatible.
  13. Visually Repair HK-47 sets the TSLPatcher to modify an existing hk47.dlg in the override folder, so to make sure it will be compatible with my mod, you need to isntall my mod first, then Visually Repair HK-47.
  14. Leilukin


    The "Mod Compatibility" section of my Visas Marr and Female Exile romance has already stated: So yes, my mod is compatible with PartySwap. You just need to install the two mods in the right order.
  15. Have you tested if you get the cutscene with my compatibility patch installed this time? I've never received any report about anyone having issues with the Telos Academy with my compatibility patch before. If you still get the issue, I suggest you wait until you start a new game with your own save file to see if you still have the issue.