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  1. Leilukin


    The KOTOR Community Portal's modding guide is not new at all. It has existed for years. Previously it was hosted on the KotOR subreddit since as early as 2013. Unlike that modding guide on Steam, KOTOR Community Portal's modding guide involves active collaboration with modders, me included, so I can confidently vouch for the quality of KOTOR Community Portal's mod builds, and I cannot say the same about that modding guide on Steam at all. The thing about installing a lot of KotOR mods is that you often cannot fix a problem with one particular mod by just removing the files of that mod. In fact, doing so likely just cause more problems to your game. Therefore, if you use a lot of mods, and you are encountering an issue that you do not know the source of the problem, the best solution is a complete reinstallation.
  2. Leilukin


    I really do not recommend this modding guide at all. I have no idea how thorough this mod guide tested all the listed mods, and I do not use all the mods listed in the guide. Most importantly, installation order matters a lot when it comes to installing KotOR mods, especially if you are going to use a lot of mods, but the modding guide only groups mods by category, so the lack of emphasis on installation order may cause problems that would be difficult to identify the source, like the problem you are having right now. If you are looking for a mod guide for the KotOR games, I would recommend the one from the KOTOR Community Portal instead, which also includes PartySwap: https://kotor.neocities.org/modding/ Therefore, my only suggestion for you is a complete reinstall of your game, and refer to KOTOR Community Portal's modding guide instead of that one on Steam.
  3. Leilukin


    Are you using any other mods? List all of them and the order you installed the mods.
  4. Did you install my mod after SLM? Are you using M4-78 Enhancement Project? I would suggest you keep track of all the mods you installed and the order you installed the mods. It is recommended to list all the mods you installed when you are reporting issues with a mod, because you can never know if a certain mod you thought might not be the cause of mod conflicts turns out to be the case. Sometimes mod conflict could happen due to incorrect installation order. I recently updated both PartySwap and Handmaiden and Female Exile - Disciple and Male Exile Romance mods, so I would also recommend you reinstall your KotOR 2 game, and install the latest version of my mods to see if you still have problems with installing my mods.
    A great alternative to TSLPatcher as an installer for KotOR mods. HoloPatcher is a lifesaver in particular for installing mods that involve a lot of patching of GFF files (especially DLG files).
  5. I have updated PartySwap to use HoloPatcher instead of TSLPatcher as the mod's installer, to make installing and uninstalling the mod faster and easier. HoloPatcher is a lifesaver for installing mods that involve a lot of patching of GFF files (especially DLG files) like PartySwap.

  6. I have no idea why this is happening to your game. Are you using any other mods? You are supposed to find all the 4 Jedi Masters before going back to Dantooine and enter the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave. Kreia's dialogue about suggesting you to return to Dantooine is supposed to be triggered after you found all 4 Jedi Masters, when the value of global flag 000_Jedi_Found is 4. Can you use KotOR SaveGame Editor to check your current save, looking at Globals > Numerics and see what is the value of 000_Jedi_Found of your current save? I would suggest you go to Nar Shaddaa and complete the questline, because entering the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave without meeting all 4 Jedi Masters first, especially if you choose to spare the Jedi masters, could cause possibly game-breaking problems for the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave sequence.
  7. No, these warnings are not normal. Did you make sure you have installed TSLRCM first before installing my mod? Are you using any other mods? Did you make sure you point the installer to your game's main folder, and not the override folder? Which platform do you play KotOR 2 on?
  8. Leilukin


    Yes, you are out of luck for having Handmaiden in your party and getting her story for this playthrough. This mod only works if you install it before you leave the Telos Academy, where Handmaiden joins you. The PartySwap item only works if Handmaiden has already joined your party. So your only option is either reload a save before Handmaiden joins you, or start a new playthrough.
  9. Thanks for pointing out. I messed up when I was updating the page. It has been corrected now, so the correct installation order is indeed 1. Alternate Revan Romances Redux 2.Atton Rand and male Exile Romance.
  10. @WillJMC Did you make sure you actually pointed the mod's installer to your main KotOR 2 folder, where swkotor2.exe is located? Do not point the installer to the Override folder. Is your lips folder Read-only? Right-click your lips folder, go to Properties and see if the "Read-only" box is checked. If yes, make sure that your KotOR 2game directory and all subfolders are not set as read-only by unchecking the "Read-only" box of these folders. If my above suggestions still does not work or apply to you, you may need to try to verify integrity of game files of your KotOR 2 game on Steam to check if your game has been installed properly.
  11. Yeah, @JasonRyder, there is no need to @ me in the page of someone else's mod, unless there is something about that mod that actually needs my attention. Using the same modder's resource is not enough reason for it. I would second making unique human heads for the Mateles instead of making them Chiss like K1EP does.
  12. What is your operating system: WIndows, maxOS or Linux? If you are playing on Linux, you need to point the mod's installer to the "steamassests" folder.
  13. Do you have a folder named "lips" in your KotOR 2 game folder? Do you play KotOR 2 on Steam, GOG or the CD version?
  14. Are you using PartySwap? Are you using any other mods? Did you choose the Default installation or PartySwap compatible insallation option?