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  1. I play KotOR 2 on Steam, so all my KotOR 2 mods had been tested with the Steam version of KotOR 2. My KotOR 2 mods all work on the Steam version of KotOR 2 as long as you do not use ANY mods from the Steam Workshop. I do not use any mods from the Steam Workshop, including TSLRCM, and I also do not recommend Steam Workshop, which is why I do not and never will upload any of my mods to Steam Workshop. I suggest you read this on why Steam Workshop is not recommended for KotOR 2 modding: https://deadlystream.com/topic/7321-why-not-to-use-the-steam-workshop/ If you plan on installing any mods in addition to TSLRCM, I strongly recommend you to use the installer (.exe) version of TSLRCM downloaded from Deadly Stream.
  2. Did you make sure you actually installed The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM) first? When you installed my mod, did you make sure you point the installer to your KotOR 2 directory, where swkotor2.exe is located? Do NOT point the installer to the override folder.
  3. You got the right files. Deadly Stream does not allow you to upload folders directly, so modders here need to compile the mod files into an archive files like RAR, ZIP, 7Z, etc. You need an archive manager like 7-Zip to extract the archive files to install the mod.
  4. It seems like you keep having issues with 904kreia.dlg, which shouldn't happen now since the 904kreia.dlg is no longer modified by Extended Enclave and my patch. You might want to reinstall the game and the mods from scratch to ensure you get the latest version of the mods run properly.
  5. Can you be more specific about the issue? Do you mean Kreia disappears at the Trayus Core after you fight Sion?
  6. Thank you for supporting my work! 🙂 Support for my mods from fellow LGBT people means a great deal.
  7. I looked at your profile, and must wonder: did you register to Deadly Stream just to post this comment? Seriously? Did you actually read through my previous replies here? Because I had posted this before: It's about respecting representation of marginalized people, like LGBT people, in media and fiction. Fan communities like modder communities are made up of people whose values are shaped by society. If someone makes a mod that makes Juhani straight, they endorse the idea that gay people can/should be "turned straight", which is a homophobic mindset that harms gay people in real life. Gay people like me have every right to criticize homophobic mods like these. Juhani is a fictional character, but given the fact that she is canonically a lesbian, how you treat her lesbian identity reflects how you would treat real life lesbian's sexuality. Do you think these things happen in a vacuum? Do you really think ficiton has no impact on reality? Do you seriously think those modders who go out of their way to make mods to erase Juhani's lesbian sexuality do it out of nowhere? If you refuse to respect a fictional lesbian character's sexuality, how can real life lesbians like me believe that you would respect our sexuality? So yes, I take issue with the existence of mods that make Juhani straight, and I know other LGBT people who hate such mods too. Just because other modders can do what they want, it doesn't mean I wouldn't criticize the modder and their mods and talk about why I find those mods offensive. Just because you don't care, it doesn't mean no one else should care. Frankly, it's offensive that you tried to lecture me, a lesbian about why I shouldn't take offense from homophobic mods like the ones that make canon lesbian characters like Juhani straight, especially if you're not gay yourself. Also, stop using the word triggered lightly. Triggers are a real problem that affects mentally ill people, and it's not a synonym to overreacting. It's extremely disrespectful that you don't take the concept of triggers seriously that you added quotation mark on the term and misused against a lesbian whom you think are overreacting for criticizing mods that reflect homophobic views that hurt real life gay people.
  8. Leilukin

    Full Jedi Council

    Yes. I have used these two mods together without issues. Extended Enclave doesn't change anything in the Coruscant Council scene.
  9. Like N-DReW25 commented above, this mod is meant to be a restoration mod, hence the word "restoration" in the name of this mod. I use a generic NPC appearance in this mod because that's what Xor's appearance was in the Xbox version. Currently I have no plans on making a mod to make Xor have a unique human appearance. Even if I do, it will not be included in this mod.
  10. If by canon, you meant the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, it should be noted that the book was published in 2008, a few years after the PC version of both KotOR games were released.The Campaign Guide didn't even exist when the Xbox version of KotOR 1 was released. Regardless, canon or not it does not change my opinion that it makes far more sense for Xor to be a human than an alien.
  11. I had tried to find a way to change the clothing model in the upgrade screen but with no success, sorry.
  12. The only known issue with using Improved AI with TSLRCM is on Nar Shaddaa, where you'll be prevented from choosing a third party member for Atton and Bao-Dur. However, JC's Zhug Attack Fix for TSLRCM should fix this problem. To OP: My guess is that your issue was most likely caused by mod conflicts between M4-78 and Extended Enclave. The download page and ReadMe file of Extended Enclave have pointed out that "If you DO have the M4-78 installed, after running the TSLRCM Standalone installer, run the M4-78 Compatibility patch and follow the instructions presented to you." Which means if you have both TSLRCM and M4-78 installed, you need to run Extended Enclave's installer twice to install Extended Enclave. Did you follow this instruction when you installed Extended Enclave? Also, Force Fashion II is officially stated to be not compatible with TSLRCM, because it modifies dialogue files that are also modified by TSLRCM. I've read your thread here and on the KotOR subreddit. Honestly, if you install many big mods without having a clear idea of what you're doing, it's inevitable you're going to run into major bugs. When that happens, the best solution is to reinstall the whole game and the mods from scratch. You cannot just recklessly install many mods you like and hope that those mods can sort out mod conflicts themselves. You need to be prepared to do a lot of work if you want to install many mods, especially the major ones that modify a lot of the game's content. My advice: Before you install mods, always read the mods' ReadMe files, make sure you understand the mod authors' instructions, and take note of the author's notes about mod compatibility. If you want to use a lot of mods, I highly recommend you to make a list of ALL the mods you use, and keep track of order you install the mods. The order of installing the mods matters because you may be using mods that modify the same files, which would cause one mod to override the other. Also, If you encounter problems with any of the mods you installed and want to ask for a modder's help, keeping a full list of the mods you use would make it easier for modders to identify possible mod conflicts. If you have questions about some of the mods you want to use are compatible with each other or not, it's better to ask first before installing. In the case of KotOR 2 and TSLRCM, I recommend you check out the official Mod Compatiblity list for TSLRCM.
  13. The only things I did in this update were modifying some of the dialogue of the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave sequence since those dialogue files were updated by version 2.4 of Extended Enclave. As I said, I didn't touch Kreia's endgame dialogue at all in this update, so I believe your issue with Kreia's endgame was most likely caused by some other mods you're using. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't notice that. I upload my patch again to remove the 904.kreia.dlg from this patch.
  14. 1: Thanks for pointing this out. I checked my files again and found out that I didn't add gender check on that line you mentioned. I've re-uploaded the patch. 2: That is strange because I didn't touch Kreia's endgame dialogue in this update at all. I had asked danil-ch about which files had been modified in version 2.4 of Extended Enclave, and according to him, 904kreia.dlg (the DLG file for Kreia's endgame dialogue) wasn't one of them. Have you tried reloading an earlier save to see if this issue still happened? In addition to TSLRCM, PartySwap, Extended Enclave and my patch, are you using any other mods? Do you use M4-78EP?