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  1. Check my replies to your comments on the Nexus Mods mod page. Be patient and wait for my reply instead of posting the same issue multiple times on Nexus Mods and here within a few hours.
  2. As a lesbian who had written the most detailed Juhani Romance Guide in the KotOR community, my biggest personal wish for the KotOR remake is an expanded Juhani romance subplot, while still keep her romance exclusive to female player characters. My hopes for this get higher after learning that one of the writers, Sam Maggs, is a bisexual woman.

  3. No, because both my mod and those two dani's mod modify Kreia's endgame dialogue and Carth's meeting my replacing dialogue files, so mods that modify the same dialogue will not be compatible.
  4. Visually Repair HK-47 sets the TSLPatcher to modify an existing hk47.dlg in the override folder, so to make sure it will be compatible with my mod, you need to isntall my mod first, then Visually Repair HK-47.
  5. Leilukin


    The "Mod Compatibility" section of my Visas Marr and Female Exile romance has already stated: So yes, my mod is compatible with PartySwap. You just need to install the two mods in the right order.
  6. Have you tested if you get the cutscene with my compatibility patch installed this time? I've never received any report about anyone having issues with the Telos Academy with my compatibility patch before. If you still get the issue, I suggest you wait until you start a new game with your own save file to see if you still have the issue.
  7. Which cut scene were you referring to? Was it about you meeting the Handmaiden sisters and Atris on the Telos Academy? I'm confused, did you mean you got the cutscene after you installed N-DReW25's Extended Enclave Patch, but you didn't get the cutscene after you installed my compatibility patch? Were you testing the downloaded save file with PartySwap this time? I tested my compatibility patch with my own save file, but only during the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave portion of the game, because as I said, my compatibility patch only makes modifications to the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave sequence and nothing to the Telos Academy.
  8. I'm guessing there is a possibility that the downloaded save files you used are not compatible with the latest version of TSLRCM (1.8.6), and/or other mods you're using, since according to the description, the save files were made with TSLRCM 1.8.4. So I suggest you actually start a new game with your own saves, ideally with only mods installed being TSLRCM, M4-78, PartySwap, Extended Enclave and Extended Enclave patch and my compatibility patch for the best results.
  9. By "the mod", were you referring to PartySwap or Coruscant Jedi Temple? If you're asking about Coruscant Jedi Temple, I don't know for sure if the mod actually modifies anything about the Telos Academy, because I never used the mod. If you're asking about PartySwap, it modifies many of Atris and Handmaiden's cutscenes and dialogue, by making the cutscenes trigger as long as you have Handmaiden as a party member instead of basing on the PC's gender, and modifies certain dialogue if you play as female PC. I suggest you ask DarthTyren himself directly if you have more questions about PartySwap specifically, since he is the one who made PartySwap, he would be the one most familiar with how PartySwap modifies the game's content.
  10. @Alex Star There is a conflict between PartySwap and Coruscant Jedi Temple mod since both mods modify k_sup_galaxymap.ncs, the script used when you travel between planets by using the galaxy map. I'm not entirely sure if this conflict was the cause of your issue, but I won't be surprised if it is, and I would suggest you not use those two mods together regardless. You'll need to choose between PartySwap and Coruscant Jedi Temple and its related mods. If you choose PartySwap, do not install these mods when you reinstall KotOR 2: Coruscant Jedi Temple by deathdisco HK-42s Jedi Temple Expansion mod Coruscant - Jedi Temple Compatibility 1.1 I cannot help with making compatibility patches between PartySwap and Coruscant Jedi Temple since I didn't make either mod. If compatibility between those two mods is really important to you, I suggest you contact DarthTyren, the author of PartySwap instead.
  11. My compatibility patch does not modify anything related to the Telos Academy, both before Handmaiden joins your party and after the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave, so my patch shouldn't be the source of this issue. I've never encountered this issue when I use PartySwap and Extended Enclave either. Where did you download the save files? In addition toTSLRCM, M4-78, PartySwap, Extended Enclave and Extended Enclave Patch, are you using any other mods?
  12. I make no promises that I will add an early-game version of this mod, because I don't play KotOR games for the gameplay, so I didn't make this mod with game balance in mind. Not to mention what is considered balanced is very subjective.
  13. My PartySwap and Extended Enclave Compatibility Patch has been updated to add an installation option to make PartySwap compatible with both Extended Enclave and Extended Enclave Patch.
  14. My PartySwap and Extended Enclave Compatibility Patch has been updated to add an installation option to make PartySwap compatible with both Extended Enclave and @N-DReW25's Extended Enclave Patch.

  15. One of my biggest pet peeves as a modder is getting reports of bugs that could be solved if the user actually read through the Read Me file of my mod.