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  1. @JasonRyder I also got the two errors when installing version 0.4.1 of NPC Diversity, but as I mentioned, I did not get the same bugs as you. That said, I had reported the installation errors to NPC Diversity's forum thread. Did you start a new game after installing these mods? It's also possible that your order of installing these mods might have messed up the game. If you want to use a lot of mods for the KotOR games, installation order matters a lot. You said in the comment section of my Human Xor Unique Look when you used it with NPC Overhaul that sometimes NPC head changes when you reload a save - does that happen in your latest playthrough as well? To be honest, I never heard of things like reloading saves changing NPC head, so I have no idea why such things happened in your game.
  2. The TSLPatcher of version 0.4.1 gives two error messages during installation:
  3. @JasonRyder Warnings about skipping .MOD files are normal because that's just the way newer mods set up to ensure mods are installed correctly if you don't have .MOD files in your game's Modules folder. You got those warnings about skipping .MOD files when installing my male Twi'lek NPC mod because you have installed KOTOR 1 Community Patch first. Also, when you encounter issues with mods and you're asking for support, it's best to list ALL the mods you use, not just the ones that you think affect that area. There's always a possibility that a mod you think do not affect that part of the game was indeed the cause of your issue.
  4. That would be due to my male Twi'lek NPC Diversity mod not changing the bodies of the Twi'lek NPCs. I may address this in a future update I just tested my mod with NPC Diversity and KOTOR 1 Community Patch, and loaded a save before entering Javyar's Cantina, but the citizens are still human in my game. Maybe there's something wrong with your installation? Did you get any warnings and errors when you installed the mods?
  5. They should be compatible. NPC Diversity mod isn't finished yet, and the current version doesn't modify any of the same NPC as my mod does, but if the future version of NPC Diversity mod does, you need to install my mod after NPC Diversity to overwrite NPC Diversity's changes.
  6. I know the NPC Overhaul Mod uses TSLPatcher. What I meant is that that mod set up TSLPatcher by hard-replacing files instead of patching files. For a large mod like NPC Overhaul Mod, setting up installation by hard replacing files will inevitably cause compatibility issues with other mods, especially since as I said, this method of installation makes it difficult for other modders to check or identify what was changed by the mod to guarrantee there would not be mod conflicts. I suggest you post a topic about it on the forums instead. I only use SpaceAlex's modder's resource for NPC stuff and I never used any of the armor stuff from the resource. People are more likely to see your request for help in the forums than the commend section of a mod.
  7. @JasonRyder I still think your issues were most likely caused by NPC Overhaul Mod. I had made effort in making the Xor appearance in my mod unique, including by giving human Xor his own unique entry in the appearance and heads 2DA files, so no other NPC should have my Xor head. I never used NPC Overhaul Mod, and since it is a large mod, and the way that mod set up its installation by hard replacing files instead of making TSLPatcher patch game files makes it very difficult to check and identify how exactly does that mod change things, so I cannot tell you how that mod might cause your issues. Honestly, the way NPC Overhaul Mod set up its installation is the main reason I do not recommend using the mod, in addition to the fact that it has not been updated for years, and with newer major mods like KOTOR 1 Community Patch, NPC Overhaul Mod only gets more and more compatibility issues with other mods.
  8. My mod only modifies Xor alone, who never appears on Taris, and doesn't modify any part on Taris, so the only explanation you encountered these issues was due to mod conflict between mine and NPC Overhaul Mod, or another mod. Did you install NPC Overhaul Mod or my mod first? Are you using any other mods?
  9. If you are subscribed to the Steam Workshop version of TSLRCM and you want to install a different mod that uses TSLPatcher, such as PartySwap, you need to point the TSLPatcher installer to TSLRCM's Steam Workshop folder, not the main KotOR 2 directory. For the TSLRCM + M4-78EP combined Steam Workshop mod, its folder is /\Steam\SteamApps\Workshop\content\208580\1402798020. Since you have got errors and warnings for not installing PartySwap properly, you will need to do a clean reinstallation of your game, then reinstall PartySwap to ensure the mod is installed correctly.
  10. As noted under the Mod Compatibility section on my mod's page: Dark Hope only changes the textures of vanilla Twi'lek NPCs, so Dark Hope's textures are compatible with my mod.
  11. I just tested PartySwap with the latest version of TSLRCM again with the Aspyr patch on GOG,, both with and without my Handmaiden/Disciple romance mod,and I did not encounter the issue with Kreia's "No. It is a battle she must face alone" line, so I'm afraid I have zero clue on why it happened to you, especially since that line is not the only spliced VO used in either Party Swap and my mod, but apparently you did not encounter such issue with any other dialogue involving Handmaiden.
  12. If you play TSL with the Aspyr patch, either on Steam or on GOG, dialogue and voice-over skipping can happen randomly. It can be fixed by restarting the game, or reverting the Aspyr patch. However, if even my file doesn't fix it for you, I'm afraid I have no idea why it happened.
  13. It's possible that your issue was caused by my mod because my mod also modifies the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave sequence. What happened after Kreia's line got interrupted? Did the game stop progressing? Can you try putting this file in your Override folder and see if it fixes your issue? 650jedi.dlg
  14. @jacd28 I never played the KotOR games on Xbox, so I cannot help with modding KotOR on Xbox at all.
  15. That screenshot is from the JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Party Robes for K1 mod. If you are requesting making the cloaked Juhani robe from JC's mod to be wearable by the player character in KotOR 2, no, I have no interest in making it. Making it will require creating separate models and textures just for this wearable cloaked Juhani item.