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  1. ok I just found out I'd been using old versions of the files, but when I try the new ones it gives us both the male and female options regardless of what you say Revan's gender was, and then it skips to the conversation where Atton talks about you not having a family and gives you a commlink even though you're not at that point yet and he's still in the cage. Oh and I'm playing on the steam version of the game and am trying to make Option B work for the Atton mod. UPDATE so I think I actually got the mods to work together since the "my eyes are up here" response when you first enter the jail on pragus isn't there and the revan romances are available as normal, I just had to install the Atton mod after the Revan one. I still appreciate you getting back to me to help with this though.
  2. So I can't get this mod to work with Atton Rand and Male Exile Romance, I've tried installing them with both this mod and the Atton one first and neither functions bc they both mod his dialogue when u meet him on the Peragus station. I'm wondering if there's a way around this or a patch fix planned. EDIT I've noticed that there is actually a compatibility patch fixing this that comes with the Atton mod, but since it's not actually listed on the page for Atton Rand and Male Exile Romance I had no idea it was there or even necessary because under the compatibility section it simply says that the mods are compatible.