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  1. But the person doesn't say if it's compatible with Kotor 1 or not. This is not said on the mod. It would be nice if this was said
  2. OK. But that is not what I meant to say. I meant to ask is your mod compatible with Kotor 1. because it doesn't say this at all. This is what I was wondering here.
  3. So I got a huge question for you. Why does this mod say its not compatible with KotOR1? It's a great mod.
  4. So I downloaded the Link stuff and it seems to put it all in something called TSL Patcher that other say you should install right to the KotOR1 folder. I do this and it keeps saying error - everything else from the file downloads good. But I always get at least one file for this that is a error every time. Also I was wondering if anyone here uses Vortex or Nexus Mods. Does this conflict with the mods from here or not?
  5. Sorry I wasn't trying to be snippy okay. It's just that I have been dealing with people that mostly know how to mod. But I really don't know a zip file from a non-zip file. It's hard to talk to people that are these type. Lot of these people on on Nexus mods. They upload their mods and when it's time to fix it or answer questions, they're never around or never fix their mods. It's just very frustrating. About 80 percent of the Modder's on Nexus mods never fix their mods if something happens. Oh wow. So all you do is message me a link to a zip file software. Should have known this from the start. Figures that you be one of those modders here. Thanks a lot.
  6. Wow. That's not what I meant. I said I can download them. But there is no zip file for them okay. But otherwise they download. I have cleared my cache and it still downloads the mod. But as I said you made their mod without a zip file. You say download the mod and then use the zip file. But they don't have a zip file in the mods.
  7. I tried to download this mod and it only downloads as a internet icon nothing more.
  8. Great mod here. But there is just one big problem. Which is that instead of a zip file. It only downloads as a internet icon nothing more. So if this is supposed to be a zip file. It's not downloading as such. Please can you fix it or add a zip file to this?