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This mod aims to completely change Juhani's appearance and to bring it close to artist Corbin Hunter's redesign of the character. As a result, her head has been significantly reshaped and slightly retextured. An all-new body model was created and hand-painted from scratch. A new custom lightsaber has been created as well.

As several aspects of Juhani have been changed, this mod has been divided into four editions to accomodate the final user's preferences:
1.    An All-in-one edition which includes all the changes to bring her close to Corbin Hunter's vision of the character.
2.    A head-only edition, which only includes Juhani's revamped head.
3.    A body and lightsaber edition, which includes her new body model and lightsaber.
4.    Finally, a head and lightsaber edition, which includes her new head model and lightsaber.

Please refer to the included images in the 'Editions reference pictures' folder included in the archive to help you determine your preferred edition.



1.    Extract the archive's content somewhere on your computer.
2.    Double-click the "Juhani Appearance Overhaul.exe" file.
3.    Choose an edition to install. Refer to the images included in the 'Editions reference pictures' folder to determine which one you prefer.
4.    Click on the "Install Now" button once you're ready. The installer will try to locate your game installation directory. If it can't find it on its own, direct the installer to the correct location.
5.    The installer will proceed to install the mod's files into your Override folder. Once it's finished, you may exit the installer and launch the game.


If you choose an edition that includes Juhani's new body model and lightsaber:
Juhani will have her new items only if you are using a save that is prior to the moment she joins your party right before leaving Daantoine. If you are past that point in your playthrough, she won't have her new items. You can get them using KSE or via entering the following commands in the in-game console:
⦁    giveitem j_juhsaber01
⦁    giveitem j­­­_juhbody01

Original design by Corbin Hunter: Artstation link

This mod uses JC’s TSL Supermodel port in order to animate the skirt.

Artist Corbin Hunter for granting me permission to use this concept art
@DarthParametric for his help and advice throughout the development process
@bead-v for the incredible tools MDLEdit and KoTORMax


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The single best character appearance overhaul I've seen. I never liked Juhani's default look or clothing. But this? This is gold. How it isn't rated as one of the top mods for this game on this site is a mystery. It even comes with a complete portrait set in the same low quality style as the game's default ones so they aren't out of place. I unironically love that. I really do.

The only thing I disliked was the lightsaber hilt. I prefer her with dual short green lightsabers anyway. Maybe if the lightsaber was a simpler sleeker design with a reflective metallic sheen? Just a thought.

Keep up the good work @Stormie97.

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Prince of Pomp

· Edited by Prince of Pomp

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Great mod, and I love the outfit and custom saber. I wish that the robe was able to be upgraded to help it scale, or at least were set as something other than basic clothing. The saber, on the other hand, has been giving me issues. It's been vanishing from my inventory when I visit a workbench, and, if equipped when doing so, also takes the other equipped weapon. It might be an issue with my installation, but a double-check would be nice. Additionally, maybe give it a free feat , or something else to make it mechanically distinct from a standard saber? Nothing super broken, but, from a real-world perspective, a longer hilt on a sword gives a bit more leverage and therefore more cutting power. Just a suggestion, although that was (presumably) the purpose of the non-staff long-handle lightsabers from Legends/EU material. Frankly, I'd classify this, Kyle Katarn's 3rd saber and Warb Null's as long-handles, and anything longer as a lightsaber pike.


Crap, sorry about the lore rant, I tend to get carried away with the nitty-gritty sometimes.


EDIT: Okay, my bad. I manually had to edit the upcrystals.2da and had to fool around with that to get it functional. The mod didn't have it's own original crystal, from what I can tell, so I guess I can no longer use blue crystals until I can find a unique blade texture and crystal to replace that. Also, I was wrong about the robes, so that means this goes up to 5 stars. Good job.


Response from the author:

Thank you for your review and suggestions. I can't re-upload someone else's work in my own mods. However, my mod has several installation options including one that only installs the new body and lightsaber with which you can use the head you have linked.

I'll look into your lightsaber issue though, and see what I can do to make it more viable as its own item.

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She sounded like a cathar... but she certainly didn't look like one. Now she sounds like a cathar and looks like a cathar... just the way she should have been. Excellent work!

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Probably my favorite character overhaul ever (well, second favorite after Fen's Mission) and it works like a charm. the head shape and eye change were most welcome. and the outfit just pops.


sleek and deadly, like a cathar

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Overall, this is the best Juhani mod out their by far. Only reason I haven't givin it a full 5 stars (yet) is for the same reason as Prince of Pomp stated. Her lightsaber simply vanishes when using the workbench. 

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