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    It really gave the republic soldiers the feeling of having been fighting a hard war (the scratched version in particular). Before, they honestly looked like they'd flop over if a sith trooper so much as glanced at them.
    It gave the sith troopers a little more diversity and thus provided a lot more fun in battling units of them.
    Masks could look really ridiculous at times during gameplay, but this actually makes them enjoyable to look at and use normally. A needed mod for all playthroughs!
    It was always strange to be sleeping in clothes, so now things just flow so much smoother! Excellent work!
    Really improved the scene and went beyond the K1CP patch for it. Always a necessity to have.
    Trandoshans definitely look like they live up to their reputation now and make their fight scenes epic! Before they were just miniature little lizard bois that Zaalbar could just chew up and spit out XD
    Really makes getting off Taris so much cooler! I remember seeing my party on the sith bridge in the old days which was pretty funny, but definitely immersion breaking. Also Bastila is definitely just typing with the force, which will explain her far-away typing XD
    Taris dueling is just not the same without this mod. From changing the duel monitors, to the people in the stands, to the animations... by golly you just cannot go back afterwards. Excellent a million times over!
    An essential immersion mod for the leviathan that really brings everything together. Without it, the whole scene just feels incomplete. Also thanks for the Hk animation and mechanics, as he's always my jail breaker!
    One of the absolute must-have mods that can never leave my list (can't even bear to look at the original robes anymore). The no-gloves option sells it even more making it look just THAT more crisp. I even went through and manually fixed things on my end end for mod compatibilities because this mod MUST stay in the list.
    The user interface just looked so clean after using this and now I can never go back XD
    This really helped clean up the screen to bring it up to modern day standards! Excellent work!
    These textures really made landing that much cooler. Before hand, it was like a deep mist was covering the cockpit on every planet. This just makes everything sooooo much better!
  1. AlistairRyder

    Kill Marlena

    Just another great option added to the game, whether you go light or dark, just for more needed content. Also if you go dark and don't bring HK along... then you're really missing out!
    I don't why the PC wasn't in the room in the first place for this important transmission. Now he/she stands there confidently, overlooking the exchange. Such an improvement!