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    Nice variety! Now he seems a little wiser and more bearable to talk to!
    Awesome mod to make the first game stand up even higher! Worth it force scream alone, I really love that ability ❤️
    A really cool idea that makes Bastilla both unique AND even more useful! Just needs to update her other side so she can have it across the board
    These guys look truly professional!
    I'm not going to question why the flags were yellow originally, but I will express gratitude that they look perfect now!
    It really feels like David should have been the voice actor all along. It just flows so well!
    The voice matches up with the character perfectly and really makes her shine! Plus, more of Lydia's voice never hurts! 😄
    The look on their eye lens is the best part.
    First female soldiers were made a part of the game again and NOW they look extremely awesome!
    It really brings the Duros to life. The detail on the hands really made a huge difference to me.
    Makes sense in lore AND looks great?! Yes please!
    Makes her actually interesting! Major props!
    Didn't even know this ending was a thing, but another added character choice plus an excellent ending is always the coolest!
    Can you really stay mad at a guy that look this good?! Well yes, but it certainly helps 🤣