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Found 12 results

  1. Well, to put a long story short, this mod makes the text you see when you investigate into Elassa's murder in the Republic Embassy into an actual cutscene. (For a more detailed description check the ReadMe below.) ReadMe Screenshot YouTube Video [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] SMRE Version 3.0: DOWNLOAD Source Scripts (For Modders): DOWNLOAD
  2. Fallen Guardian

    Sunry Murder Recording Ehancement

    Version 3.0


    In the vanilla version of the game there was a quest on Manaan which inolved you becoming a lawyer for an ex-Republic soldier who had supposedly murdered a Sith. This, if you followed it far enough, would eventually lead you to investigating around the embassies of both the Republic and the Sith. When you found some evidence, it was presented in the form of text, though referred to as a video by said text. I have taken this text and turned it into a video (a cutscene) showing the events which the text described.
  3. Emperor Turnip

    Emperor Turnip's HD Gizka

    Version 1.0


    Yet another HD retexture. May just do the rest as one big release! As usual, drop in override
  4. Tyvokka

    The Times They Are a-Changin'

    The Times They Are a-Changin' After what seems like years(oh wait...) I am excited to announce the release of the latest Deadlystream overhaul next Wednesday (5/23). What's New: New theme - Updating the homepage and forum to have a more up-to-date look and feel. New forums - We have had a large backlog for new forum requests and they will be fulfilled beginning next week. Clubs - The ability for members to create and manage their own micro-communities within Deadlystream. Much like sub-reddits or the "social groups" feature of LucasForums. Chat - Not exactly new but the chat room is coming back to a forum near you! Bookmarks - Allows any member to save content and come back to it later (think reddit save feature). Wiki - Adding wiki functionality to Deadlystream to make tutorials and general knowledge sharing more intuitive. Discord - We will be endorsing an official Discord for the KoTOR community and displaying Discord stats on Deadlystream directly. More to come soon. Admin tools - A much needed update to admin and moderator tools for the staff to help make their lives easier. What's Changin': Gallery and Blogs - Modernizing and adding new features to both applications, making them easier to use and adding some must have features. Community Engagement - Updates to polls (surveys), raffles and awards. We want to see a big uplift in the number of community events hosted by both Staff and the community as a whole. Downloads - Many small enhancements to the downloads section and many optimizations to make downloads faster and easier. Login and Profiles - Login with discord, steam and google and new fields to display your steam and discord users directly on your user profile. Premium Members - Additional premium only features such as DS email accounts, chat rooms, forums and more. New Users - Updates to initial communication to new users, helping them understand Deadlystream and the KoTOR community overall. Modders Account - Focusing on advertising this feature to the community, its free and provides a bigger upload limit, access to a new modders only forum, and additional features around the site. Bans - More transparency around bans, why a member has been banned and how long the ban is for. Staff - We will have more announcements around available positions and general staff updates in the near future. Other - Hundreds of small tweaks to posting, uploads, downloads, user profiles and the overall user interface. What's happenin': 5/23 - we will release the site update, forums will be updated immediately, the front(home) page will be down. June - roll out of new features, forums and general updates. Optimization of the site and new features throughout the month. Mid-June - Discord integration, community announcements / updates. July - Homepage will be brought back online, tweaks to the site and features as needed. New admin tools rolled out. I am personally very excited to be able to finally announce these changes. Any questions are more than welcome. May the force be with us all!
  5. Emperor Turnip

    Emperor Turnip's HD Dewback

    Version 1.0


    Massively upsized and updated Dewback Texture. Part of an ongoing monster update for Kotor. Drop into Override, and enjoy
  6. Hey Kotorians (yes I want to make that a thing) – I am excited to be announcing a big update to the Kotor community. The short version is Deadlystream and /r/Kotor are moving forward with a merger of our communities. So what is happening? Immediately we will begin co-moderating Deadlystream and /r/Kotor. I am being added as mod to /r/Kotor and Snigaroo is joining Deadlystream as an admin, while Goat is joining as a moderator. We will be expanding staff cooperation in the coming months. Moderation of the /r/Kotor Discord will be shared and modding channels have already been added to the discord. This will become the official discord for Deadlystream going forward. Additionally, wee will also be cross-posting content across communities to encourage /r/Kotor subscriber engagement on Deadlystream and working on increasing modder participation on /r/Kotor. We hope these actions lead towards growth for both communities. What about rules? Each community will still have a unique set of rules, processes and procedures to follow. Deadlystream’s forum based community and the reddit community are very different beasts, each with a different need we fill for the community, our rules will never be 100% aligned but we will align where it makes sense. We will have more information announced over the coming weeks while Sniggles and I work on our integration ideas and planning. Speaking of rule updates, we do have two changes that will be implemented beginning today and they are as follows; · Our rule around porting of content being banned This rule is being replaced by the following rule: · Mods and Assets that are of the same game series (ie KoTOR 1, KoTOR2 and SWTOR) can be ported between games and uploaded to Deadlystream. Porting from other copyright game assets is not allowed, although any fan created content (even from other games) can be hosted at Deadlystream as long as there is no copyright on said mods, files and/or assets. You will still need to abide by all other mod hosting rules. -All mods submitted going forward will require all modder's to fill out 1 additional field, this field is called "Contains Port Content", it is filled out by selecting either yes or no from the drop down menu. -Any modder that has ported content will also be required to fill out a second field called, "Source of Ported Content", this will be a free text field that the modder can describe where his ported content is from. · Rule 19: "All content on Deadlystream must be uploaded by the original creator/owners of the content. Uploading content that is owned by someone else is strictly prohibited, unless explicit permission can be demonstrated by the uploader. If you are found to upload content that is owned by another person without explicit evidence of permission, the first offense will result in a warning via PM and removal of said content. Any additional infractions will result in a permanent ban. Deadlystream Staff will from time to time reach out to authors of content not currently hosted on Deadlystream to see if there is an interest in having their content uploaded to Deadlystream. This activity should only be performed by Deadlystream staff members." This rule is being changed/updated to: · "All content you upload must have been created by you or given permission for use in your mod by the original author. In the event that there is a mod (which you did not create) that needs to be uploaded for preservation to Deadlystream, the following will occur; - The community member will message a moderator via PM with the mod attached and any other information about the mod and about where you downloaded it from. - The admin will follow the “Guidelines for Re-uploading Abandonware Mods” (look for this in the coming days). - If admin sees that the mods meets the guidelines, admin shall upload said mod. - The uploaded mod will have a disclaimer stating “it is not actively supported and that responses to support requests should not be expected.” Please note: Removal of a mod upon request from verified mod authors will be honored, please reach out to an admin for assistance.” Snigaroo, myself and the rest of the staff are very excited about what the future holds for Kotor and our communities. This is only the beginning, there is much more to come. May the force be with all of us! -Tyvokka
  7. Emperor Turnip

    Peragus Update

    Hello fellow modders and gamers, I have been working on a complete overhaul of the Peragus facility. Including new textures varying between 1024x and even 4k (Like the Hammerhead). Eventually I'd like to have this part of the game be interesting enough to not immediately skip over. I'm partially through the reskin now, with a screen from today uploaded with this post Update:
  8. Emperor Turnip

    Download:Emperor Turnip's HD Gizka

    File Name: Emperor Turnip's HD Gizka File Submitter: Emperor Turnip File Submitted: 07 Jan 2018 File Category: Mods K1R Compatible: Yes Yet another HD retexture. May just do the rest as one big release! As usual, drop in override Click here to download this file
  9. Emperor Turnip

    Download:Emperor Turnip's HD Dewback

    File Name: Emperor Turnip's HD Dewback File Submitter: Emperor Turnip File Submitted: 07 Jan 2018 File Category: Skins K1R Compatible: Yes Massively upsized and updated Dewback Texture. Part of an ongoing monster update for Kotor. Drop into Override, and enjoy Click here to download this file
  10. Hello I own the Star Wars : KOTOR Collection CD UK version. It is not the steam version and it is not related to any online services. It is the original edition. I cant make the update happen not in KOTOR 1 or KOTOR 2. I've tried compatibility mode, re installing the games, running as admin and safe mode but nothing seems to work For KOTOR 1: I moved the update files swkotor1_01 swkotor1_02 swkotor1_03 To the game folder. The message/error they give me is this "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic not found. Please re-install the game from the original CD-ROM and try again" The registry entry for the KOTOR 1 is: HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\BIOWARE\SW\KOTOR For KOTOR 2: I moved the update files KotOR2 Patch v201420 UK sw_pc_uk_from201420_to211427 To the game folder. The message/error they give me is this "Missing or Invalid Registry/INI entry. Old file not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match" I've also tried the US version update. Still the same message The registry entry for the KOTOR 2 is: HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\BIOWARE\SW\KOTOR2 BOTH OF THE GAMES ARE V1.0 STRAIGHT FROM THE CD Thank you. Specs: Windows 10 64 bit GTX 970 Version 378.49 i7 2600k
  11. djnugent

    Latest update 5.0

    So.... I got the "Early Access" as a subscriber, so when I logged in on Wednesday to play, it downloaded a huge update that didn't finish until about 2 am. So Thursday night, I finally get a chance to play it. BUGS ENORMOUS!!! First thing, they completely changed the interface - took me about 10 minutes or so to re-locate everything. Also, it reset EVERYTHING - Class skills, Crew Skills, etc - all blank. It re-organized my quick bars, so I had to go through and get them back to where I wanted them. So.. after all that, which I admit isn't super-crappy, just kind of pain... I get a tutorial alert. So I click on said alert, and ALL of my quick-bars are blanked out and all of my class skills are gone AND unavailable - right at the beginning of the chapter. I had to bail (no tutorial every populated, either, and all of my tuts and codex's were GONE). Please tell me some of the rest of you experienced this as well.... I haven't been playing this game quite long enough to know if this is pretty typical for them, but I have got to say that they're Beta-Testers are BULLSHIT.
  12. Fair Strides

    PSA: K1R 1.2

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I have one last mod to integrate (Kainzorus Prime's Manaan and Korriban Music Fixes) and then... I CAN MAKE THE INSTALLER(S)!!! I will be making two installers this time: a TSL Patcher installer for compatibility concerns, and a TSLRCM-esque installer for convenience concerns. The TSLRCM-esque installer will be the recommended installer, but that will also just replace all of your files, so it's to be installed first and foremost in your mod builds.