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  1. Would you consider making a walk through along your journey? I got 3ds max going for some character model changes, but I'm gearing up towards an overhaul on Peragus. So any info you discover along your way here could be super helpful!
  2. I'll have to load up my backup then, lol. What kind of issues does moving the bones cause?
  3. Never mind, cleaning the history only makes it get less broken than completely exploding
  4. I appreciate the info dude! It seems that when I attempt to move or edit the cutscene dummy objects in 3ds, the model I made pretty much explodes into some weird glitchy shape. Any idea what would cause that? Seems like I forgot to collapse my model's history. Oof
  5. Hey all! Just about finished the base model for a Visas update I plan on finishing. Next step is to bake a normal, optimize my poly count, and then hand paint some textures! I'm thinking a stylized look will age better than attempting realism. Does anyone know what the limitations on poly count are for KOTOR 2? Id like to take this on down to around 2k. Obviously I gotta do the arms and head next too* Forgot to add that part xD
  6. The obvious ones have easy to read names, sure. The the area geometry doesn't appear to, and I had meant them. Things like peraa perab perac or peraba perabc etc really doesn't say much. Was thinking of hand painting some textures to see if KOTOR might look more alive with a different art approach.
  7. I'm beginning to see that, haha. That said, I've taken some time to rework the Vibrosword just to get a good grasp on how 3DS handles unwraps. A whole day later, and a much cleaner (tm) model, and I can now get back to painting on UV maps again, lol. What a process. Are you aware of how I might be able to tell what each .mdl file is without having to extract, convert, then open every single one?
  8. Thanks! Turns out most of the game models are a mess and need a lot of clean up. Like random edges and verts just floating around all over the place. Idk how they ever worked with that, lol.
  9. Alright sweet. I'm about 9 hours of modeling tutorial deep for the last 2 days, haven't got as far as how 3ds looks compared to the work I've done in PS. So I guess time will tell. Thanks again Hmm. Cant seem to figure out how to unwrap all of the elements onto 1 UV map. It keeps trying to unwrap individual pieces Do you happen to know the correct way to unwrap all of the UVs to one Image file from a model in 3dsMax? It seems to only let me add the Unwrap UVW modifier to each section (Head, Torso etc) of the model seperately
  10. Thanks so much for the response. I don't mind taking the time to triangulate the models myself after the main work is done. Would you also happen to know if I use 3dsMax to texture this model, would there be any issues around that? I dont mind hand painting them in PS again, but why do that if I don't have to, right?
  11. Hi there! I'm back from a long hiatus to make the leap from the texture mods I've done to models as well. Currently looking at the Peragus mining droids. (I think that whole section of the game could be made less of a burden to play through). I'm using 3dsMax as my platform of choice, and would like to know how the game handles Quads. I see that the current models are built around triangle polygons, unlike the current quads with triangulation underneath. Will modelling with quads become an issue in game? I may take a swing at high poly characters/heads if this works well.
  12. I've been working on remodeling droids on Peragus in 3dsMax. Have you determined if you can use your own rigs for animations? Or would I be stuck just building around the "bones" that the original models have. Thanks for any info! Love your work, and great to see there are still ambitious modders out there