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  1. Malkior


    Yeah. I want to roll this out as soon as I can, but I'm considering redoing the rest of the foliage as well. My immediate plans, however, are to remake the greenery on Telos...once I figure out what Obsidian had originally envisioned for it.
  2. Setting up the TSLPatcher installer with .ARE files for the first time ever. Does anyone know what is the best way to go about it?

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    2. DarthParametric


      Using RIMs would typically be considered the opposite of compatibility, since the standard practice is using MODs. Not only do they override RIMs, which would mean other mods would likely break your mod, by patching a RIM you are basically destroying vanilla content which would make a clean install the only practical option for reverting changes.

      There are a couple of unique edge cases though. The Korriban academy module in TSL, for example, won't recognise a MOD, so you must use a RIM for that instead. I think there's at least one other case of that in TSL, not sure if there are any in K1.

    3. Malkior


      Wow. I've had it wrong this whole time.

      Thanks for letting me know.

    4. Malkior


      So, there's no 401DXN.mod yet there's a 401DXN.are (There is of course a 401DXN.rim)

      What's up with that? More importantly, how would I set it up to install without interfering with compatibility?

  3. Malkior


    One of my favorites as well. I've always enjoyed Canderous' war stories and Mandalorians in general, so it was a treat to see some that weren't just thugs. Also great that they get the drop on you, but you can still decide to resist them from willfully taking you to their camp. (Sort of breaks the captured by a possible ally to further the plot trope) Although now I'm a bit curious of how the game continues if you kill off the faction required to get motivation to get into the palace.
  4. Malkior


    Some progress on my various projects in a visual format.
  5. Malkior

    Blasters Reloaded

    How so? I've run it with TSLRCM last time with no issues. It just removes the feats from the setup; if you prefer, I can remove that prerequisite but then you would literally have to ignore the feats on your own since their very existence defeats the entire purpose of the mod. I don't have as much free time as I used to, but I'd like to keep up on modding, so if you can tell me exactly what is causing the incompatibility, I will see what can be fixed since I care how this plays for others as well.
  6. Arguably, Star Wars (at least originally) was aimed at all audiences rather than just at kids. That's why the sudden push for kids toys and overall more kid-friendly characters like Jar Jar gave so many people whiplash when the Prequels rolled around. (The Ewoks seemed so out of left field as well) There's always been a decent adult audience for Star Wars content which is likely part of why novels like the Rogue Squadron and Thrawn series caught on so well. As long as George R Martin shows restraint and doesn't rely on brutal imagery and explicit sexual content, then it could provide that adult audience with something more in terms with their tastes. (Heck, if we actually care whether a character dies or not it will reinforce the fact that these are in fact Star [ul]Wars[/ul] ; and not just negotiations, which I'm all for) However, if they decide to go full bore with everything and make it an adult only viewing, then it will likely split the demographic and possibly the fanbase. (Plus it will cause the obligatory protest from concerned parents once they find out)
  7. Thank you very much for this. I too was confused and I regularly use Photoshop to batch convert files myself, so I should have no excuse. To avoid burying your instructions (Though hopefully the author can pin it) I will be brief. Thank you for helping out with this, Av. Jorak, I love your mods and hope to install them properly now that I know how.
  8. I see you found the baby... No but, seriously that texture has been a mystery for a long time. Many people have tried to find a definitive answer, but to my knowledge none have so far. Out of curiosity, have you seen the nun, yet?
  9. Kex, please let me know of your findings as it may make possible a project I've been trying to finish for nearly a decade.
  10. Well, I have a 3 day weekend, so I can re-download Blender and take another crack at it if you're still interested. To be fair though, it was already mostly finished aside from weathering and effects.
  11. I would react with "haha", but it honestly makes me kind of sad.
  12. If a Sith holocron getting Darkside points is a detriment, then the world truly makes no sense.
  13. "2.) Frustration" I see nothing wrong with this.
  14. People can keep their HARMYs edits and "respecialized" editions, this is by far my favorite edit of the Star Wars Prequels ever...

    -/ Warning: Contains Excessive Use of the "Kaliedescope Filter", Significant Instances of Hip Hop and/or "European Techno, Crudely Constructed Music Videos, Severely Altered Norms, Drug References, Coarse Language, and Suggestive Dialogue-/


    Please Enjoy!


    1. Malkior


      So perhaps posting this a day before April 1st was a poor decision. This is actually a legitimate video and perhaps one of the best parodies of Star Wars I've ever seen (I'm counting Spaceballs in this) Imagine Bad Lipreading crossed with Kung Pao that somehow convincingly casts the jedi as the "bad guys" and Sidious as the last hope for Anakin. There is some profanity and a great deal of drug references, but otherwise some great videos.

  15. Having recently purchased and built a new PC, I have been busy collecting and downloading every mod confirmed to work with TSLRCM and have arrived at a bit of a quandary. Even if my mods work with one larger mod, how will they interact with eachother? Now, I am aware that larger mods say to "install their mod last to prevent any conflicts", but how does one proceed with multiple mods that say that very same thing? Unfortunately, to my understanding, we only have an order of basic TSLRCM and M478EP installation while mod installs are simply listed by type rather than which one to install after which. TSLPatcher while useful in ensuring mods playing nice together can still cause problems if you install certain mods over others. Thus, I have decided to ask you, the DS community if you might have some insight on how you made your many mods work together by compiling a sort of "master load order" of mod installation with as many mods (TSLRCM confirmed compatible) listed as possible to hopefully eliminate conflicts. My hope is that as more users confirm each mod's place in the list, we could hopefully have a concrete way to allow users to pick 100 random mods and guarantee them to work together without reading 100 readmes. If this idea causes more problems than it fixes or if it's already been done at some capacity, I'm willing to concede, but my hope is that this can become a useful tool in the future for the average user.