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  1. Out of curiosity, is there texture generating program (Preferably free) that you guys swear by?


    I've been doing this thing manually forever and I'd like to find some tools to speed it up a bit.

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    2. DarthParametric


      There's also Blender, which has the benefit of being able to directly utilise KOTOR models via KBlender.

    3. Malkior


      I appreciate the tips. I've noticed lately that I've been using a combination of filters for the most dramatic effect on making textures and so it made logical sense to start utilizing tools with a similar approach (Although with more control). 

    4. DarthParametric


      What you're working on dictates what you need to a large degree. Stuff like sabers that make heavy use of envmaps don't really need anything fancy because the texture is going to be mostly drowned out by the envmap anyway.

      Here's an example of one of my sabers using procedural materials. Mostly just simple metal materials with a bit of edge wear and dirt. Here is the source, rendered in PBR:


      And then here's that same model and texture set in Odyssey:



      One of the primary things you'll want is a good ambient occlusion (AO) bake. PBR textures don't have any lighting baked in, since they rely on the engine to provide correct lighting. So the albedo you'll get will be completely flat:


      That's where the AO comes in:


      You take the AO and overlay it as a multiply layer, giving you a resultant diffuse with a bit more depth:


      The lack of a spec map is where Odyssey really falls down here, since envmaps are a poor substitute.

      Some programs may also have the provision to create baked lighting for Blinn-Phong textures. Substance Painter can do this, for example.

  2. Yeah, that's my bad. I saw the pic of the same droid head and assumed.
    This is honestly my new favorite tool! Instantly opens and converts literally thousands of TPC files in seconds with no memory issues and no lag on my system. All it took was learning to hold ALT while dragging the files, and now everything TGA and TXI instantly show up in the folder. Minor caveat, it has no dialogue boxes to indicate when a file is transferred or saved, so just be aware that the second you hold ALT and drag into the program, those files are going to show up in the same folder as your TPCs. Also, for new users, there is no user interface at all, so if a big grey box shows up, that means the program is working.
  3. There's nothing so strangely ironic about having to download your own mods after having lost the originals over time and computer changes..

    1. Effix


      I think I salvaged one of my first mods like that, stored in the Cloud before that was a term.

    2. jc2


      Feels strange, especially if you had notes for improvements, other ideas, or version update and those were not (for good reason) uploaded. On the other hand, it is a reminder of just how neat of a site deadlystream is to remember all our mods we've made throughout the years. Cheers to the Staff and Tyvokka for keeping us alive!

  4. I've given this topic a bit more thought somewhat lately, and I think in the eyes of the internet, the most appropriate method to "clear the air" about a subject is to post a follow-up video with your updated perspective and how it has changed over the years. A blog post is an adequate method, yes, but to get the most exposure and to provide a means to even allow the original video to stand on its own would be to contrast its view with your new one so that the public is aware that you feel the original was too harsh and perhaps that this wasn't your original intention.
  5. Great to see you back! I figured you had left modding to pursue school and then everyday life took over. Glad to see your return after so long.
  6. I'd say treat a mod trailer like a videogame teaser rather than a (now defunct) E3 trailer. Show the best examples of what you've added and really use the opportunity to introduce the viewer to some of your characters or themes. Don't hype the viewer up with amazing music and pre-rendered videos when the final product won't look or sound anything like either. Don't show how you wish the mod will look, just show what it actually is.
  7. Malkior

    Telos Model Repairs

    Does this also fix the walkmesh not matching the area geometry, where in certain places you would sink into the ground?
  8. Jedi Outcast remains one of my favorite games. I will definitely check this out.
  9. Wait, so the armor dexterity effect was capped at a maximum limit? What happens gameplay wise when you uncap it?
  10. I've honestly never had a site force me to leave so quickly.

    Nexus TOS:

    Yeah, originally I thought this was going to blow over, but I can't keep using a site that forces me to sign those kind of terms.

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    2. DarthParametric


      They can prevent you deleting the page, but they can't stop you swapping out the mod files for a dummy archive with nothing in it. Supposedly it's about preventing people from screwing up their mod manager/installer API when using compilation mod lists, but doing that would be "sticking it to the man" I guess. Although I suspect that functionality is really only relevant for Elder Scrolls and Fallout mods.

    3. N-DReW25


      @jc2 Here's what you should do...


      * Find the mod you want to do a dummy archive with, and count how many files is in said mod and be sure to remember the exact names.

      * Then go to another folder, create a bunch of TXT files and rename them to the exact names of your mod files. If my theory is correct, these "mod files" would just break the game as their just renamed TXT files.

      *Delete the tslpatcher.exe with a "tslpatcher.mp3".

      What is "tslpatcher.mp3" you might ask?





      This way we can "stick it to the man" and "do a little trolling" at the same time. Of course, this is a monster dick move... but since it's Nexus should we really care though?

    4. DarthParametric


      It wouldn't even do anything even if it was a proper TSLPatcher mod, since Vortex can only manage basic Override installs anyway.

  11. Awesome. That is great to hear. Yeah, I must have missed the edit, but it's good to know everything's working.
  12. Alright. Thanks for the heads up. I will look into both of those mods and try to parse what's interfering. Hopefully it's an easy enough fix.
  13. Your reasons weren't my problem. This was my problem. Leaving a statement like this is dismissive and leaves no room for discussion. A patch could possibly be made in the near future. Things like that happen all of the time, we could even have a lengthy debate on the various issues that need to be addressed in a separate thread. If you had just said, "there are many issues with this version, so there should be a patch made in the near future" then there would be no harm done. However, this needs to be taken elsewhere. This page is for issues with the mod and I would like to abide by that, which is why I tried to move this to a PM.