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  1. I assume it's because of the new layout/host after the upgrade. Ironically I didn't notice them as much since my phone blocks ads carte-blanc and I primarily use my phone to browse the site. Blocking ads chokes potential funding for upkeep of the site and so is bad for us, right?
  2. Malkior


    Some progress on my various projects in a visual format.
  3. Hmm.. I have been editing a lot of lightmaps lately; not that I'm volunteering per se but creating that look would be fairly easy once it was determined which lightmap affected which object and which D-Light needed to be changed.
  4. Technically, it's not quite as unethical if you're using the license to learn the product and not trying to make money off of the things you make with it. I too used it as a student (in an actual 3d modeling class) and I felt that my license was wasted once I finished the class and had to focus on other courses. I believe the makers of 3DS max just want people to use the Student trial to get used to their product so that they purchase it in the future once the trial expires.
  5. My first thought is, "Collectors Edition"?! It probably doesn't help that I've never even heard of these.
  6. Fair enough. I was just thinking of a way to get Steam to comply since they will likely do nothing if it's just an internal dispute between modders, but would reconsider if it was a potentially more. My chief concern is that once Nexus removes the files we won't have any proof to pin the guy who ripped them to Steam. Indeed I am perhaps overthinking it...
  7. So, do you think I should comment in the Steam section that the files were stolen from another thief on Nexus before those get taken down by the Nexus staff? EG: "These files are material in an ongoing investigation and should be removed immediately"
  8. So get this, I can't even remember contributing to the mod nor do I use my screename on Nexus. The mods that Steam guy stole from the Nexus were likely lifted from here (Or I was helping someone out and they accidentally added my DS Screename to the list of contributers) , and the Nexus has a much harder line when it comes to theft. EDIT They stole the older version of a rain effect I made and just added my DS name to the credits. I also clearly recognize other mods (not mine) like "HD Fire and Ice Whee", but yeah. The Steam guy stole from the Nexus guy who stole from DS. Glad there's a neat little REPORT button on Nexus. I would suggest those other effect modders affected also report the punk on Nexus.
  9. Here's a link to the full story on Ray-Tracing including a link to Marty's WIP Path-Tracing shader.
  10. Yeah, that was more or less my impression of the entire thing. Copy the OT storyline by creating a new successor to the Empire and new Rebellion, fine, but at least have decency to make it plausible. Although, it would have been cool to see Cade Skywalker in his drug fueled adventures across the now ruined New Republic on the big screen instead of a rehash of what we've already seen.
  11. In reference to my post, please enjoy this outlandish (but still totally probable) theory.
  12. Malkior


    I really like how you got the hair folicles and skin in the lips to look so lifelike. Is this a facescan or a render? (Or did you just make it in Photoshop?)
  13. I really hope RLM is right and it has time travel.
  14. Interesting. Sometimes I wonder if the Obsidian art crew had even a clue of what they were doing.
  15. Yeah. That's likely a bug in the original game. Basically, the .TGA files have Alpha (Transparency) information that the TXIs use to generate the reflections (cubemap) into the skin. However, for some reason the Appearance.2da uses the "default" setting of six asterisks instead of specifying which cubemap to use. It's a bit complicated, but the gist of it is to download Kotortool and use its built-in 2da editor to change the Envmap section from six asterisks (*) to whatever Envmap the TXI says to use (I believe it was CM_Specular) You can open the TXI with notepad or any text editor, and there should be one line that says "Envmaptexture" followed by whatever cubemap it needs. The reason removing the TGA files fixes the transparency is because the Alpha data inside the texture is what causes it. Removing the TGA and TXI is effectively removing the mod. Alternatively, you could just remove the Alpha information by opening the file in Photoshop and turning the Alpha channel 100% white, but doing so will also make the bumpmap not show as it requires the cubemap to be visible. (If I recall correctly)