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  1. Malkior


    Same. I just tuned those thoughts out after watching TFA and haven't looked back. Star Wars is irreparably changed at this point unless the following movies simply didn't happen. Essentially my feelings are recounted as thus: (If you will allow me the indulgence of using a somewhat recent expression) #NotmyStarWars
  2. Malkior


    It's beautiful......
  3. What? All it takes to enable bumpmaps in MDLEdit is a simple checkbox?!

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    2. Malkior


      Sure thing. 

      Also good to know that ascii doesn't work with kotor, that saves me a lot of testing.. 

      I shall let you know how it goes once I have a chance, later today.


      It would seem to work for a second before crashing immediately. Do you think you could check out my files to figure where I went wrong?

    3. ebmar


      Did the issue fixed already, @Malkior?

    4. DarthParametric



      Do you think you could check out my files to figure where I went wrong?

      Sure, PM me the files and I will take a look when I get the chance.

  4. Malkior

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    Might I suggest adding teal or green colors into the core of the storm (or purple if it's a heat lightning storm) as is the case with Supercell clouds?
  5. Malkior

    The Unknown

    There is indeed. Some force users believe in the Living Force and others in the Unifying Force. Technically the grey jedi teachings are roughly based on the latter. The Living Force is more or less the belief that the Force operates through all living beings and thus its will is done when they act. "Living in the moment" as Qui Gon said. It also made Qui Gon obsessive about making things come to pass no matter what the other jedi said. The Unifying Force, in contrast refers to the force itself transcending time and thus placing less importance on individual decisions with more value attributed to the "big picture". It can be used to justify genocide as was the case in the Knights of the Old Republic comics, but it also helps keep force users focused on more than just their own interests.
  6. Malkior


    Not necessarily *us* as a society. More like a select few who stop at nothing to get their own way. The fact that they have such a pull on the media though is a far more concerning thing to me.
  7. Malkior

    The Father of The Revanchists

    I'd suggest Reshade. It's infinitely easier to use and completely customizable. One caveat is to avoid simply downloading presets and assuming that Reshade always runs that slow. A lot of mod makers (and I mean A LOT) have this wierd obsession with eye gougingly high levels of bloom which is one graphical feature that tanks any system. Just disable or minimize that effect, (as well as the AA they also pack in there for no reason) My computer is very outdated, and I can still run all of my games with it while suffering at the most, 10 fps slowdown; however if I disable bloom and area fog, using only the bare minimum of color correction and edge sharpening, I have no fps drop whatsoever. Also, it's got an ingame editing tool so you can tweak any effect you want and see what stops you from losing fps.
  8. Malkior

    Bump Mapping Research

    Since you're listing the new discoveries and features of the new tools, could you list step-by-step how to add bumpmaps to any model? (Be it character or placeable) Kotor has the flattest faced characters in history, and I think it could do wonders for the visuals if we could bumpmap the lot of them..
  9. First of all, that is an amazing auditory likeness to Malak! That said, it sounds a bit like Vanilla Malak has another voice mixed in with his which makes it a bit distorted. A possible way to fix it or mitigate that distortion could be done by trimming some of the mid 200 hertz range or boosting more of the higher freqencies via an EQ filter in Audacity (or Frootyloops if it has one. ) If you send me the files, I can try doing that for you if you like.
  10. Malkior

    Refurbished Astromech Droids

  11. Malkior


  12. Malkior

    WalkSwitch - Collision Map Editor

  13. Malkior

    Darth Nihilus Mask Fix

  14. When he's active, Jorak is second to none in both texture quality and fidelity. The only issues I've run into stem from his use of a different format which the converting to TGA takes a bit of getting used to.