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  1. No problem. The enthusiasm is honestly refreshing.
  2. No worries. Like I said, the real draw is which weapon is relatively more or less expensive than the other. The basic blaster rifle is the cheapest in its class, but if we do as you suggest and raise the price of upgrades then the player will have to decide whether it's better to keep the attachment bonus or to sell it at the increased value (Or to possibly purchase a different upgrade at a similar market value). This could add an extra gameplay element, or allow some players to leave the starter planets with more credits at the cost of the added blaster feats. If you'd like to keep discussing this particular project in more detail, we can move this to PM so that those curious about this won't have to read pages of dialogue; and so we can keep eachother apprised on the day to day.
  3. Looks good. It's fine if we have a relative price, so they can be tweaked to account for inflation or to balance the economy. You get some of the blaster rifles quite early, and we may need to set the market lower so that the player doesn't end up with a fortune before even leaving Telos. These seem pretty reasonable compared to eachother. I would guess the carbines are cheaper than the basic blasters to give them more reasons for use?
  4. I'm liking this price upgrade you're suggestion here. Perhaps there's room for an "Economy Rebalance" Addon in future updates? Very glad you're getting such a kick out of the experience of finally making weapon purchases abundantly more useful. I'd enjoy checking out the spreadsheet once I'm done getting this TSLPatcher process streamlined. As it stands, I have to reload all 60ish entries every time I make a change which takes exponentially longer than making the actual changes.. So, at the moment I have to ensure everything is how I like it before I actually build the install, which itself takes about an hour to create.. It's quite the process, but it will at least ensure compatibility with most other mods which I feel is worth it in the long run.
  5. Yeah. I can only guess that Obsidian missed something and left it misnamed. A lot of game developers do that fairly regularly. I've been plumbing the depths that are Bethesda game files, and it's wild how many errors they just plain ignore.
  6. Malkior

    Blasters Reloaded

    Yeah, I made the Carbines more useful by giving them more heavy fire rate and higher tier feats on average since the rifles are basically either upgradable or more distance focused (Higher chance of adding Sniper Shot feats for instance) If it's cool, we can probably move this conversation to this page here as I'm sure Tyvokka isn't keen on me having 3 pages of discussions on a mod page.
  7. Malkior

    Blasters Reloaded

    That is great to hear. There are still quite a few weapons that use the higher tiers of Targeting, but it's still a lot fewer than if I would have needed to add the other Prerequisites. I'm so glad you're enjoying this mod as you have. Your constant stream of feedback has made working on this so much easier, and you have my thanks for that. As always, if you have anything you want changed or found some sort of huge problem just let me know.
  8. Malkior

    Blasters Reloaded

    Interesting.. I guess that means I'm going to have to add more feats to a lot of the weapons. Well, better to know now. Thanks again for the info.
  9. Malkior

    Blasters Reloaded

    Precise Shot was there as a buff since adding damage would basically be a retread of mods like SUP. I figured that allowing it on levelup wouldn't unbalance anything other than giving the player an extra boost with the blasters. I didn't give Targeting as much thought as I'd like. (For instance, I didn't know it was only available to Scouts) I could see about unlocking it for other classes if you'd prefer, since like Precision, I really I just used it in the mod as a non damage buff to blaster weapons to help differentiate between rifles and pistols.
  10. Hopefully there's no misunderstanding. I meant the playback speed of 14 frames per second. That makes it play faster depending on how many frames created.
  11. Malkior

    Blasters Reloaded

    Cool to know. I actually added a few buffs to blasters in Kotor 2 with the Precision and Blaster Proficiency bonuses since those were added by Obsidian. I generally play using high damage mods like Sheml's old mod of which a compatibility patch is bundled into the Kotor 2 version above. It makes fights so much more interesting, and that version also patches the animals to have similar high-damage so blasters aren't the most OP. I might revisit that mod again, since I think they could do with higher defense like Creature Hide and not just a high damage if they manage to get into melee range. But, that's going to be planned for a bit further along since I still have to finish this patch and the full Kotor 1 version of Blasters Reloaded right now.
  12. Malkior

    Blasters Reloaded

    This is awesome. I should be getting an update done *much* sooner than expected. Your help has been invaluable. You're definitely going to be credited (obviously) as without your assistance I don't know if I would have been able to solve these issues. If anything else causes these feats to show up unexpectedly, please let me know so these mods can be seamless. Also, I'm glad you like the concept. It's been a favorite of mine in how it makes weapons more of a commodity and gives you a reason to buy the blaster rifles over the pistols. I've done a lot of fancy things with the more rare weapons like Bendak's Blaster and the like, so if anything is unbalanced, I can change it if you prefer it.
  13. Malkior

    Blasters Reloaded

    Looks fixed in my game. Wow. Such a simple file.. Thank you very much for that tip. Going to go through and update the installer, but this should prevent everyone from getting the feats.
  14. Malkior

    Blasters Reloaded

    Heh.. Well how did I miss THAT? XD Thank you so much for the info.
  15. Malkior

    Blasters Reloaded

    Ah.. That's irritating. I guess this problem will require more work. Thanks for letting me know though. There must be some script or 2DA I can't find that's doing this..