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  1. Awesome. That is great to hear. Yeah, I must have missed the edit, but it's good to know everything's working.
  2. Alright. Thanks for the heads up. I will look into both of those mods and try to parse what's interfering. Hopefully it's an easy enough fix.
  3. Your reasons weren't my problem. This was my problem. Leaving a statement like this is dismissive and leaves no room for discussion. A patch could possibly be made in the near future. Things like that happen all of the time, we could even have a lengthy debate on the various issues that need to be addressed in a separate thread. If you had just said, "there are many issues with this version, so there should be a patch made in the near future" then there would be no harm done. However, this needs to be taken elsewhere. This page is for issues with the mod and I would like to abide by that, which is why I tried to move this to a PM.
  4. Downvoting is fine. Disputing a change that was made a long time ago and having that reflect on the older mod page is not. My implication was that you can just as easily vote your disagreements in a Profile Update or even the TSLRCM M478 EP Feedback page instead of the download page. If there are others who agree, then possible changes can be discussed without involving the download page. You could even list your litany of disagreements on its own dedicated blog for others to respond to. There are numerous other options you can choose. A totally reasonable criticism. I too was not a fan of that decision, but it's simple enough to have a discussion of such things instead of taking it out on the mod page. (I also wasn't too fond of the teleport droid, but it was simple enough to ignore) Noted. Still suggesting that people go offsite because of a specific gripe you have with the mod doesn't help matters. We all have strong opinions about this of which is understandable. However, such disagreements can be easily debated elsewhere. This will be the end of my discussion on this page. If you want to talk further about this, there are numerous places in which we can do so.
  5. So your solution is to downvote it then promote a pre-TSLRCM build because they did something that they had no idea you didn't like onto a thread last updated a year ago? Surely there are better ways to voice your discontent. There is a reason that Thread Necromancy is listed in the rules. If you keep bringing up old threads while the original posters are long gone and thus can't defend themselves, you paint their mod in a negative light and give new users an inaccurate impression.
  6. If you didn't like it, why didn't you post your concerns back when the changes were announced? Your account was created in 2016, well before all of these changes were implemented. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but the teleportation was optional based on when you talk to the Fast Travel droid. The only thing I can agree with is that the quest was awkwardly written, but to go out of your way to say that the earliest build from an alternate site is somehow better is frankly disingenuous.
  7. Hmm.. I think that the crest added some much needed color contrast to the suit. (The bright red looked good with the rest of the colors) However, I agree that the way it was added in Vanilla was completely wrong. Perhaps adding some bright reds into the arms, or adding some of the browns into the chest just to give some color variety so it looks less dark? I know this might sound odd, but the bright yellow seemed to look better. especially when put alongside that green. One way I think to solve issues you're having with the pauldrons would simply be to darken the arms (or at least the whitish stripe down the arms) so that the viewer's eye immediately goes to the pauldrons first. That's just my opinion, of course. They are starting to look a lot better than Vanilla, which in my mind is always a plus.
  8. The trouble is, as a modder you should eventually be able to create the content without support. Eventually you have to stop relying on others to tell you how to do these things and force yourself to learn with the tools at your disposal. This may require you to take some classes to learn C or watch tens of hours of Youtube tutorials. When it boils down to it, the one who determines whether a project is successful is you and you alone. I have abandoned many projects of my own because of my own lack of knowledge, and sometimes if you don't find the resources, that's just a reality of making content. I am aware I sound somewhat harsh, but to use hype to convince people to work on a project which you yourself are unwilling to learn is taking advantage of those very people, and this is something a majority of mod makers including myself do not stand for.
  9. No shame intended. Just a clarification of the rules and even some potential solutions so you can avoid bloating the site.
  10. Which one is Ulic, and which is Exar Kun's? I think this one would be a good look for Ulic's almost solely because those large grey shoulders look a lot like those oversized pauldrons that Ulic wore when he went darkside in the comics. This along with the red sleeves would look quite reminiscent of his look I think. For Exar Kun, I think this would be decent with a lot less red and more greys with the same dark pauldrons. In every adaptation, he seems to have black, gold, and dark magenta. You'd just need to change the yellow to either black or perhaps add some green in (If the green doesn't look atrocious, of course). As for Cassus Fett, I have no idea why they chose to color him blue when in every single other visual, he wears bright yellow/gold..
  11. It's understandable as I too have a fair amount of focus on keeping things consistent. Unfortunately, even though I agree with your observations, I can't change things as quickly as I'd like since things I worked on back then are long gone or just in storage somewhere..
  12. I'll talk to Kex about it, but you do realize this mod was uploaded five years ago, right? Best case scenario, I can find my old texture file and Kexikus is cool with adding a small "update" with a new texture where I strictly adhere it to the video. Alternatively, I take the lower Res texture from the download and manually change it. Option A will take some time due to the fact that I have since changed computers and it's probably buried in my old Hard Drive. Option B might be lower overall quality, but it will at least be consistent. Asking Kex to change it might take some time anyway though.
  13. It does have exposed ribs, I just tried to keep it consistent with the original color scheme of the game so as to not stray too far from the Vanilla look. I didn't use the pre-rendered video where the Republic attacks the Ravager (Which in hindsight would probably have been a better choice), but there is a lot of detail that I painstakingly added including ribs, bits of framework torn apart from previous battles, and plenty of deep gashes with carbon scoring.
  14. Alright. Well, in any case, I don't know beyond that what is causing your issue. Deleting the offending UTCs fixed it for me, but since you're using a custom UTC for your mod to function, you can't exactly do that. You may need to seek out experts on your particular issue.. (That is, the blackscreen when going past the Leviathan cutscene).
  15. I had this issue when my Bastila UTC was conflicting with another one. Try saving when you get to the black screen and then loading to see what's breaking the cutscene.