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  1. Here's the finished texture. Now, it's been a while since I got this and I haven't been able to test it ingame, but feel free to let me know if there is any additions or changes you'd like.
  2. Sorry for the very late response. As per my Status Update, I finally figured out how to at least basically use Blender. Here is a render of what I have so far. I fixed up all of the problems my previous attempts missed and just have a few bits and bobs to add detail to (Like the targeting antenna) If you're still interested, I can have it done after maybe another day of sprucing up and adding some minor fun things like a metallic sheen on some key parts. My apologies it took so long for me to get back to you on this.
  3. That skybox really sells the effect well. I had no idea there was an irradiated version. Does that mean it will change once you send the droids to vent the area? Also am looking forward to the next set of screens.
  4. Wondering if anyone could point me to an updated tutorial or possibly just explain to me how to use the new Blender 2.8 interface. I used to be able to figure some things out, but with the recent update I literally can't even understand how to preview textures on a model...

    1. Hunters Run

      Hunters Run

      Will this do?


      Blender Tutorial


    2. Malkior


      Thanks for the help. Hopefully it's a simple solution (As it generally is in these situations..)

  5. I just checked footstepsounds.2da, and 0 is listed as "Soft", whereas 2 is listed as "Droid". So, hopefully this confirms what Jc2 is saying; just change the "footstepsound" column of the N_mandalorian section from a "2" to "0" in Appearance.2da with the Kotortool, and that should fix it. (Unsure about the "Soundapptype", as that's a bit outside of my personal knowledge base) One thing I'd like to note is that the Kotortool has an idiosyncrasy where it won't save your changes to a column unless you click onto another one before saving. It's a bit complicated, but I'd be willing to help if need be.
  6. That mod is apparently an unverified number of different textures, so there's no way to track down who's mod is which. If you or someone else could pinpoint parts of it and ask those respective authors (or have proof in their permissions that they are free to distribute), then perhaps you could get some of those textures. Sadly, TSL mods on the Nexus were poorly implemented and a lot of mods were stolen and reuploaded, or people just uploaded whatever was in their override. (Which is tantamount to stealing just without malicious intent; as seems to be the case here)
  7. Sorry. Didn't mean to imply that you don't try to maintain the utmost of accuracy. There's just something about that color correction that elevated the look. If such a change could be replicated, then perhaps other skyboxes could benefit from it as well.
  8. I can confidently say that this is a perfect upgrade of the original texture in every way. It increases the detail and adds visual scope yet doesn't radically stray from the original design (In my opinion, this looks better than SWTOR) Are the rest of your skyboxes going to be color corrected to the original pallet as well?
  9. Indeed. In fact the purpose of me cataloging each of these simple tasks as I learn them is to help those who have as limited of a knowledge base as my own to avoid similar misunderstandings. Hopefully with time and experience, I will be able to streamline this process and maybe create some tailored tutorials along the way.
  10. Indeed. That's why I needed the help. I would have pressed all of those wrong buttons and more on my own. For example, the Oddysey Base isn't actually called "Oddyseybase" It's listed in the items as the name of the model file "PMBC" One of the reasons I clicked that toolbar was because there was an option called "Oddysey Base" that assigned and changed what the parents and children were (which is what lead to the screwy hierarchy)
  11. Heh. There's a lot of steps I took, but I remember some of it. (and a lot of it is listed in this very thread) However, the most puzzling thing for me has to be how the emitter was added where my edited model was supposed to be. My only guess could be that there is something on the left toolbar that I accidentally clicked, or perhaps it happened when I was creating polygons to fix the gaps..
  12. Awesome. The files work perfectly in TSL. Thank you for fixing up the files. After looking over your edits, I think I've gleaned a few things I need to focus on. Namely, not to assign random textures, but also to ensure the edges line up cleanly with the original and to make sure the cap is properly kept on the torso model. (I'm not exactly sure how you made it float there, but I could probably guess you either created the polygons or just re-imported the original model and copied its geometry; either way, thank you for fixing that) I plan to send a copy of my GMax file to bead-v in the hope that he can figure out what went wrong with my file. I might tweak the collar a bit to give it a bit more emphasis. (In case you were curious which direction I was going with this artistically, here's the admittedly strange reference photo I'm using.
  13. I'm so sorry you had to deal with my haggard mess of a modeling job. At least I know some of what I did wrong. So, the reason the head is offset is because when I tried to import my edited ASCII model back into Gmax, the head was 150 px too high and somewhat too far forward on the neck; so I made those adjustments and upon reopening it, the head seemed to be in the right place.(Since it wasn't showing in game I tried literally everything I could think of) Upon reflection, I can guess that reopening the same exported file back into GMax has bizarre consequences as has become fairly evident. I have not idea where the emitter came from or and explanation for the odd scaling. I wish I could provide more insight, but frankly I'm as confused as ever on how that happened. (I hit "export with animations" instead of "geometry only" would that have been what did it?) The arms and torso have different textures because I wanted to see the model with its texture in GMax, and the preview button just wasn't working (Apologies, I didn't think it would translate to the export nor that the arms and torso had their own texture assignments) The goal is indeed a simple replacement job as far as changing the corresponding armor to have collars at the neck. The vanilla armor design terminates exactly at the head cap and looks distractingly ridiculous. (Like they vacuformed the collars to the wearer.) No need to make new UTI files, just add collars to the original armor. The way I modeled it was by cutting a square shape at the back of the neck and wrapping that extruded piece around the entire collar. Obviously, there are better and easier ways to do this, but it was the only one I knew. If there are any specific issues you saw when removing the geometry, I am very interested in them because sadly, that was the best I could do with my limited understanding of modeling and I would love to hear of ways to improve. I am listing all of these details in the hope that others may learn from this experience so that they may not fall into the same pratfalls as I myself have. I thank you for the continued assistance, and hopefully the next steps will get a bit easier..
  14. Nothing new is rendering and I can't seem to figure out why. These are the files. Edited Is there something I'm missing in the export?
  15. Everything's weighted, set to Override material settings, and ready for export. The only issue I'm having is finding the Model Export button. When I click Export Selected, I get the Following Error.