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  1. Random irrelevant news: Today I learned that Stormtroopers have green visors..  Why did no one ever tell me this?! 

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    2. Mellowtron11


      I believe that the original trilogy stormtrooper helmet props were made with green welding visors. Under normal lighting conditions, the visor will look black. When I've seen my brother weld with this type of tinted green visor, the bright light makes the green visor color  stand out more.

    3. Malkior
    4. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      And Darth Vader's helmet had red eye pieces . . .

  2. Malkior


    That's the thing that concerns me the most. We have a great deal of people now re-evaluating whether mods should be allowed and even someone setting a LEGAL precedent that they shouldn't be protected by Fair Use. Potentially, (But I do tend to be a bit of a "doom and gloom" sort of fellow, so I will simply say this development is at the very least, disturbing)
  3. Malkior


    It's more bizarre to me that supporters and detractors alike are calling it a mod. How is stripping the guts out of something and rearranging it a modification?
  4. Been working a lot on a Reshade Preset with adding some new features like,  changing the color and contrast based on the on-screen gamma. 


    Is anyone interested in my results, and would you rather I post in the Reshade thread or the one on my personal projects?

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Interested in the effort but unsure where you should post it. I'll let others offer their own opinion on that.

    2. ebmar



      Is anyone interested in my results....

      Am interested!


      ....and would you rather I post in the Reshade thread or the one on my personal projects?

      I think the incoming thread would be better served at the Modding Tools section, as I believe the thread will have an easier access to gain to, and the way I see it- it fits with the said section [as you will regularly post your research/progress on it]. 🤔

  5. Malkior


    RLM just posted a video review of the movie. That's all I can say. Drat! Parametric preemptively ninja'd me. However, Plinkett's point about the structure being unfocused (four distinct and equally important C stories that just kind of end) and the mood not matching the circumstances (The cheerful scenes at the end in spite the massive body count) were quite fascinating.
  6. Malkior


    Wait. You've just now started working on Apeiron? My apologies I was unaware you just inherited the task of running the project. My dissent is more or less directed at the fine individual who insists on making the many promises and pushing the hype to its very limits for literally years, and then has the gall to say that they don't care they've been misleading everyone in their site's statement (which has been altered several times I might add) I've worked on a few projects myself, so I can kind of see how working on this can be fun and rewarding, but bear in mind that Apeiron has its own share of history, and clearing up what its actual goal and structure is would at least be a start.
  7. Malkior


    Creating a website and advertising the heck out of your project as you have is hardly in the interest of "self" enjoyment. Achieving popularity is a strong focus for many people's projects, and it's even possible that you have the more altruistic intention of providing the Star Wars community with something they can enjoy. However, don't start pretending that your only interest is your own personal enjoyment, since that can be achieved by keeping your project to yourself and closest friends. What concerns me is your blatant disregard for the fact that you're remaking an entire Star Wars game in another engine and still believe it's a Mod..
  8. Malkior


    Well.. Wow! They don't have a legal leg to stand on and yet they don't seem to care. Now I'm just concerned about what the fallout will be once they get caught and/or punished. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Youtube's gaming news channels are at this moment gearing up to "expose" them using that Reddit thread as evidence.
  9. Just learned what "Greebling" is. Wish I knew about this stuff a long time ago.. 

    1. DarthParametric


      Fun fact: greeblies are also known as nurnies.

      Here's a video on the "universal greeblie" used a lot in Star Wars (and many other things):


  10. Malkior

    Kotor 1 Texture to Kotor 2 Game Bridge

    Perhaps. However, in the Hutt's case, the bumpmap info is in the TXI and if I keep it within the TPC, it will cause problems; since this is just a texture replacement and doesn't actually change the models (I believe TSL removed the bumpmap capability of the hutts).
  11. Malkior

    Kotor 1 Texture to Kotor 2 Game Bridge

    There was a topic earlier about the Steam version resetting the TXI data in the 2da files. Their solution seemed to be manually editing the 2da files with Kotortool to point to the proper cubemap. However, I could also just edit out the Alpha layer in Photoshop, but you will get no reflection and the bumpmap may not work.
  12. Malkior

    MOD:Kotor 1 Texture to Kotor 2 Game Bridge

    KotorGameBridgeTexturelist.txt Here you go. Sorry about the delay.
  13. Malkior


    That's actually.. quite a good point. I suppose the reason is simply because they couldn't think of any tangible way to improve on the Kotor code, which would do nothing to increase hype. However, it's not like they have access or permission to use the game code from the Aurora engine, so they would eventually have to recreate the entire combat, conversation, and game loop code from scratch (or improvise using Unreal Tools). Since there hasn't been any work shown regarding even a skeleton of those structures, it's quite likely that they simply either haven't considered it, have been working behind the scenes on it but want to keep it in the background so that hype can be garnered by the visuals, or they have no idea how to create the necessary scripts.
  14. Malkior


    Well, they were originally just a bunch of kids playing in Unreal, but recently they either hired or convinced a legitimate professional to help them. You can see someone reminded them of the fact that they actually need non player characters in.. you know a story-driven game, evident by the character placeholders in their more recent screenshots.
  15. View File Kotor 1 Texture to Kotor 2 Game Bridge A friend suggested that I upload these here since finding these darn things is quite a chore, and because the difference is honestly quite dramatic. It really is what it says on the tin. I took a bunch of Kotor 1 files and collected those that were downgraded for Kotor 2 (Obsidian literally saved them at a smaller resolution for no adequately explained reason other than perhaps to save resources for console release or because the engine was lagging) So, it's a quick texture swap. I've included a far more in-depth explanation for installing in the readme, but the gist is, you drop these in your override to install them and remove them from your override to uninstall them. I obviously take no credit for these nor do I claim any rights/give permissions in their usage. If you wish, I can provide a TXT document listing all of the textures for using your own Kotor 1 files instead of these. Submitter Malkior Submitted 07/31/2018 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes