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  1. Malkior

    Rescale World Units on gmax

    IIRC, MDLEdit has a feature that allows you to scale model size. I used it to change the size of the fire emitter a little while ago.
  2. Malkior


    Trying to see if the theme will be fixed
  3. Malkior

    Favourite Unknown Games!

    Mine is Tachyon:The Fringe Like most Novalogic games, it was quickly forgotten after 2000 yet had quite a few cool features present in modern games. The biggest draw was that the one and only Bruce Campbell was the voice of the main character, but there was also a fairly complex plot revolving around conspiracies and world-spanning corporations vying to keep the rest of the galaxy in their control. The gameplay was quite similar to the X series in that it has a Slide manuever (you can turn while still in the momentum of your previous direction), third-person cameras of the other ships when you have them selected in your radar, and the ability to manually land on space stations. The combat was also quite fast-paced for a space sim and the AI was downright brutal on the higher difficulties.
  4. Malkior

    Fire effect while running

    Making a new Album seems to have fixed it.
  5. Malkior

    Fire effect while running

    Yeah. I noticed it on my end but hoped it was just isolated to my side. I guess I can just post an update to my personal IP thread in the meantime. Do you know if the issue is resolvable?
  6. Malkior


    Just some stuff I thought might be interesting
  7. I'm a bit out of my depth here, but what if you link the parameters of when they use certain consumables to their combat stance IE Agressive, Jedi, Ranged, Grenade, etc..
  8. Malkior

    Emitter changes with MDLEdit

    Update: I got the OnEnter open, but now I have a DeNCS related question, Is this the appropriate way to do this, or am I way off?.. So, I'm a bit.. stuck.. I dropped the OnEnter .NCS file into the Override, and nothing has happened. Is it dependent on having never visited the area before, and if so, is there a better file to use for my code's inclusion?
  9. Malkior

    Emitter changes with MDLEdit

    Awesome! That looks like it should do it. I shall test it when I can this week, or failing that, this weekend. Next up will be finding the sound files the ARE uses for the thunder sound effect (Or just replace the original with rain and rename the new sounds) and then reading up on Blender so that I can make the animated texture for the sky lightning room effect. I'm just about done with the fireball texture with the exception of a few other minor textures I may or may not work on (Like the Dantooine and Telos grass), so this project may more or less be complete soon.
  10. Malkior

    Emitter changes with MDLEdit

    Alright. Since the OnEnter was the script in question, do you possibly have any tips/links to a tutorial I can use to get the code into the game?
  11. Malkior

    Emitter changes with MDLEdit

    Thank you for the in-depth information and code, but I'm having trouble getting it in my game. (As in I have no idea how) Should I decompile something like OnEnter and insert the new code to run in it, or is there a smarter/better way to do it? Should I even be using OnEnter? Lastly, I can't find a reliable decompiler. I tried DeNCS, but it can't read the files, and HH's Scripting Tool works but doesn't decompile (As far as I can tell)
  12. Malkior

    Emitter changes with MDLEdit

    Alright, now for the 10,000 credit question: Supposing I don't know how to make scripts in the game, how would I get started? Do I crack open Nwscript and track down example scripts, and if so, which are some good candidates to use for a timer-based approach? For bonus points: Can I make do with Blender (Via KotorBlender) to create a new plane for the lightning effect and is there a tutorial on how to export my model to work with the Kotor assets? Lastly, will the thunder sound effect work on the same timer script as the lightning effect? (As the plan is to replace the ambient thunder altogether with a timed script) -This kind of thing is way outside my area of expertise, but I will happily muddle through it if I can-
  13. Malkior

    Emitter changes with MDLEdit

    Alright. 22050 Hz WAV should be quite doable with Audacity. I am a bit ignorant when it comes to scripts, could you point me in the right direction or show me some psuedocode on how you're thinking I should implement the thunder/ lightning effect? (I imagine it would be playing on a timer based on the heartbeat parameter?) Also, were you thinking I should model in a scene for the lightning (Probably by adding lights that play in the sky) in a 3d program, or could I make it in mdledit? Lastly, the info on the grass size working like a charm. Thanks for the tips, guys. (Yes I remade the jungle texture; well I at least blocked in the basic shapes )
  14. Malkior

    Emitter changes with MDLEdit

    I feel like a novice asking this, but do I have to inject the ARE file into the MOD file? Also, I went a little ham with the rain effect and I was wondering, can you add another ambient sound effect (I want to add the sound of pouring rain to the background audio) in addition to the constant thunder to the ARE, or is there a better way to do that?
  15. Malkior

    Emitter changes with MDLEdit

    Update: Okay, so I found out the reason I couldn't locate the lightning emitter... Turns out that "Omen Emitters" are just that; they control the lightning that comes out of your hands during the animation. Sorry about that, it seems the solution was right in front of me the whole time.. 😐 A tad sloppy, but it seems I'm not quite skilled with quaternions yet. (I'm using a calculator online to convert them to and from Euler coordinates) Thanks Ebmar and Darth Parametric for the info on the lightning texture; I have since made my own version (Which is more or less the same as the one in these screenshots), but it's always good to see what others have been able to do. The grass will be another issue entirely. I'm hoping there's some master MDL file hiding in the game assets (As it seems the animation had to come from *somewhere*) but it's also possible that the modelers just kept the slices of grassy area and incorporated them into the area MDL (Which would be next to impossible to find), so I'm going to focus on recreating the grass texture as I had previously albeit hopefully a bit cleaner than my first attempts. I guess in the meantime I will plug away at changing the textures, and if I find more models or anyone has any info on what they're called (Or how the heck to effectively use quaternions), that can be posted here. Again, thanks so much for the help, folks.