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  1. I was concerned there was some sort of Phishing related reason. Strange that it brings up something like this now of all times.
  2. Yeah. I either forgot to update the tag, or my last submission happened before the tag existed. It should be compatible with literally anything other than a mod that changes his specific MDL MDX path (Or replaces those files) -Tag fixed- Please let me know if anyone has any more issues, or if they have compatibility problems.
  3. It will require a new model. I've gotten decent results, but they pale in comparison to just rebuilding it from scratch.
    When I was running the game windowed at 1024x768 on my Widescreen monitor, everything was horribly stretched. This mod fixed it perfectly. Unfortunately, my Icons are massive but I don't think there's much that can be done to fix that since I'm using a small resolution. -And upon further inspection, my Character Portraits are still stretched.. Everything else works fine however, so It's not a huge deal, just something I want to note so users aren't mislead.
  4. Juhani is only in Kotor 1, so yes it has to be compatible. There are two sections in the Downloads, one for Kotor 1 and one for TSL (Kotor 2). Since this mod is in the Kotor 1 section, it is compatible.
  5. It is only compatible with Kotor 1, since you can't get Juhani in your party in Kotor 2.
  6. Malkior


    Some progress on my various projects in a visual format.
  7. K1R is different from Kotor. Short for Kotor 1 Restored, it changes so many things that some mods can't be played alongside it.
  8. Nexus Mods and Vortex use a totally different game structure (Basically anything Bethesda built), so you'll still be downloading them manually. I don't even know if Vortex can run Kotor nor would I advise trying, since it uses a totally different engine and loading process. If you downloaded 7Zip and installed it, you should be able to Right-Click the zipped file (Rar or Zip, it doesn't matter) and then "Extract here". You could also use "Extract to [name of the file]" which will create a new folder for the download to be in, but it isn't strictly necessary. (Your folders will look pretty messy though) Please note that TSLPatcher is not designed nor is it advisable to run it from inside of a zipped folder. You will want to extract it before continuing past this step. TSLPatcher is a utility that runs like any other EXE; you double click it and follow the on-screen instructions and then select the folder your game is installed in. This varies, but for me it is installed in my C : Drive under Lucas Games and then "SWKOTOR2". Bear in mind that TSLPatcher changes the main files inside of the Modules folder and other main files, so it's always good to use the Backup folder created beside the TSLPatchData folder if anything goes wrong. For "loose" files such as textures and some UTCs (Always follow the instructions on the Readme to prevent installing things in the wrong place), you can extract the files and then move them to your Override folder which is basically a special folder that overwrites the game files with whatever is in it. There are also some mods that require you to move the files to other locations like "StreamMusic" or "Movies", but they are generally rare and as long as you follow the instructions in the Readme, you should be fine. If you have any issues, then we will see if we can figure them out.
  9. How's this? PMHC06-Dark Brown
  10. I can drop it in Photoshop and make the necessary edits. Is it just making the hair and eyes brown?
  11. No problem. The enthusiasm is honestly refreshing.
  12. No worries. Like I said, the real draw is which weapon is relatively more or less expensive than the other. The basic blaster rifle is the cheapest in its class, but if we do as you suggest and raise the price of upgrades then the player will have to decide whether it's better to keep the attachment bonus or to sell it at the increased value (Or to possibly purchase a different upgrade at a similar market value). This could add an extra gameplay element, or allow some players to leave the starter planets with more credits at the cost of the added blaster feats. If you'd like to keep discussing this particular project in more detail, we can move this to PM so that those curious about this won't have to read pages of dialogue; and so we can keep eachother apprised on the day to day.
  13. Looks good. It's fine if we have a relative price, so they can be tweaked to account for inflation or to balance the economy. You get some of the blaster rifles quite early, and we may need to set the market lower so that the player doesn't end up with a fortune before even leaving Telos. These seem pretty reasonable compared to eachother. I would guess the carbines are cheaper than the basic blasters to give them more reasons for use?
  14. I'm liking this price upgrade you're suggestion here. Perhaps there's room for an "Economy Rebalance" Addon in future updates? Very glad you're getting such a kick out of the experience of finally making weapon purchases abundantly more useful. I'd enjoy checking out the spreadsheet once I'm done getting this TSLPatcher process streamlined. As it stands, I have to reload all 60ish entries every time I make a change which takes exponentially longer than making the actual changes.. So, at the moment I have to ensure everything is how I like it before I actually build the install, which itself takes about an hour to create.. It's quite the process, but it will at least ensure compatibility with most other mods which I feel is worth it in the long run.