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  1. After increasing the visual contrast by brightening the Lightmap files up a bit, I noticed that the shadows on Telos were baked at a differing angle to the shadow cast by your characters. Heh.. who knew?..

  2. Malkior


    Some progress on my various projects in a visual format.
  3. Ironically, I was just in a long drawn out argument/discussion with someone specifically about Ambient Occlusion, so I had to do a bit of research on the topic. It turns out that shader AO or at least Screen Space AO has that problem with darkening the image too much due to its technical limitations. Quite interesting to be having so many conversations about these graphical advancements with Reshade when only a few years ago we could only change the colors and contrast.
  4. I am definitely seeing a lot of potential with this as well. The effect makes the visuals a bit darker than I think the game designers intended, though. Perhaps running a Tonemap shader and boosting the gamma would help? Alternatively, you could edit the Lightmaps to increase the brightness and/or add color to better take advantage of the Ray Tracing effect. Just some thoughts..
  5. Since a few people have been asking about AI recently, I'm reminded of a problem I've had regarding combat in general with Kotor and Kotor 2. Regardless of whether you're controlling or not controlling a character, whenever the combat is activated, they invariably use the weakest attack possible by default (The single sword icon). I know that some mods make it so that in the midst of combat or at least after the first round, companion AI is actually quite good at generally finding the ideal attack for a given situation. However, no matter how good a mod is, the characters always start the battle with the same default weak attack. At this point, I assume this is technically a bug not unlike the issue where ranged player characters rush the enemy as if they're holding a melee weapon because the combat system probably starts with the unarmed strike at the beginning and if you have no weapon, you will just stand there to get shot by ranged enemies. Unfortunately, I don't really know the AI code that well. The only psuedo explanation I have is that this is to keep the player from getting stuck when combat is initiated at which point follow up combat functions determine which attacks to use. However, this is really freaking annoying since sometimes I like to open a round of combat with a grenade volley and my character happens to be carrying a sword; and I don't want him to be running headlong into certain death rather than just blowing it up. So, I was wondering if the grand scripting wizards of the DS could conjure a reasonable workaround or alternative code to address this issue so I don't have to babysit my characters (Cancel the default attack, empty each additional default attack they want to use, then choose the attack I want to start with and hope they haven't already started their kamikaze run sometimes leading to them running in circles as they figure whether to ignore my command) every time I start a round of combat.
  6. At this point I feel like Star Wars is a car I used to love and still do, but I had to sell that car, and I have to let the new owner do whatever they want with it. So rather than stress over what stupid senseless thing they do to it, I can still remember the good times I had with it. In other words, there is nothing we can do since they own it and technically have every right to drive it into the ground on fire while everyone fights over whatever is left. A bit bleak, perhaps, but that is the reality we live in. Alternatively, we can hope that by some chance there are enough fans of actual skilled writing left (That have nothing to do with pointless love triangles, obscure prophesies, or Mary Sues jammed in for no reason; seriously, do these guys even realize how much Horrible Writing Advice has them pegged?) can create something unique and genuinely fun to watch and play. Maybe anomalies like Mandalorian and Jedi Fallen Order can fall through the cracks.
  7. I was just thinking of how hilarious it would be if someone said something like, "Man, Visquis is looking AMAZING today!".
  8. A Falleen might be kind of strange from a story perspective since they use strong pheremones to influence business dealings. Then again, that also might lend itself to more interesting character interactions further along the way.
  9. Should be. I noticed that OTE uses an exe installer, so there's no way to be certain exactly what it does, but the mod page says that as long as the files don't have the same name then there should be no problems. Since Darker Peragus just changes the lightmaps and GIT, this should still be compatible as long as OTE doesn't edit the lightmap textures for some reason. (Which I really doubt since it seems more aimed at area textures) Even so, please let me know if you have issues.
  10. Wait, they were worried The Son of Mortis would alienate audiences yet they created Snoke and a majority of the new characters out of thin air? This really was a case of film writing by committee. BTW The whole Son of Mortis subplot sounds interesting and could have actually tied up the dangling plot threads about Snoke and the Knights of Ren. It's honestly a shame they never went for it.
  11. Very interested in this one. Surprising that Sion didn't even have "ignore pain" since that is literally all he is about. Did you also edit their force powers, or is this purely a Stat alteration?
  12. The funniest thing is something called The Mandalorian rolls in filled with the passion, creativity, and treasure trove of Star Wars history and suddenly becomes an instant fan favorite. It's as if everything that proceeded are cheap imitations and actually caring about Star Wars was the prerequisite to making a good Star Wars film.
  13. I've also noticed on mobile that the convenient links to related pages on the bottom of the page have "ad"s nested between them creating a higher chance of accidentally clicking on a popup to Revan-knows-where.
  14. I assume it's because of the new layout/host after the upgrade. Ironically I didn't notice them as much since my phone blocks ads carte-blanc and I primarily use my phone to browse the site. Blocking ads chokes potential funding for upkeep of the site and so is bad for us, right?
  15. Hmm.. I have been editing a lot of lightmaps lately; not that I'm volunteering per se but creating that look would be fairly easy once it was determined which lightmap affected which object and which D-Light needed to be changed.