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  1. Sorry, I haven't been to tatooine for a long time, what did you do to the texture? Yes, it is completely possible, just add the new meshes under the MDL root object. Play around with the mesh properties, such as diffuse map (the texture shown) and a few checkboxes. Custom assets usually look weird in game, don't forget to apply position and scale when you are done editing, so they look exactly in game as in blender. The last thing to make it useable is under the MDL root properties, click "assign node numbers". After that, it should work right away. Good luck in the work you are doing! 😀
  2. Did you create the new module from the "Clone module" option? I have seen a few issues with it. As for the spawn point, I think it's on the module.ifo Black voids in doors seem to be a problem with the VIS file. If so, it's because the VIS doesn't reference the new module's area models.
  3. It's inside a room model named after the module it's from. Search for it at the "Core" tab in the toolset you are using. Then search for tat_m18aa, you would see a few numbered models. I think it was the fourth model of the area.
  4. Kotorblender for blender 3.0.1 it's here
  5. I just looked the mesh on blender and it says it uses a single texture called V_dShanty01, which is quite big. It's 1024x1024, but for a mesh that huge it seems low-res. Good luck if you want to upgrade it!
  6. I've been looking into the modules to find a reference to the area map texture, however, I couldn't find it. I've also looked into the official documentation, but I couldn't find any useful information. Is it located anywhere else?
  7. From my short experience as a modder, I've found two comfortable ways of including text on a mod: 1.Using localised strings directly with the tools you are using, this way is the easier one, but the mod creators usually only put the english string, leaving the other ones blank, so that's why you see no text in some mods. You are lucky by only lacking the text, it sometimes crashes or does unexpected behaviour. This usually makes translating harder, since you have to look all the text in each file through whatever tool you are using. You can look at the official documentation for localised strings here. 2.You can append text to the tlk easily by using TSLPatcher (not sure if it works on Xbox 360), where you can reference all the names and descriptions as StrRef(x), where 'x' is the position on the append.tlk file you created with any .tlk editor. I think this way is the best for making translations, because you can have things more organised . You can download the TSLPatcher with its documentation here (sorry, it's only in English, however, I can help you if you want, as I speak Spanish too). The porting work you have done looks great, hope you keep doing that 😀. I don't know a lot of Kotor Xbox modding, so my information may be wrong.
  8. Thank you for the information. That is what I believed these bytes were for.
  9. Does the dialog.tlk file have any reference to the language it has been written into? And if that's the case, where is it located?
  10. From what I've seen in your blend file, the hierarchy is wrong, the empty object tagged as "MDL root" is parented to the trimesh. Another thing you need to do is set the animation root in the MDL root as that same object. Another problem I see is the poly count, it's too big to export as an .mdl file. A warning will pop up saying that "Int is too big to convert". This can be resolved if you reduce the model into simpler shapes, try using quads remesh, it's located into "Object Data Properties" when selecting a mesh, and set the face count as 5k or something not too big.
  11. This is what happens when you remove the Kotor 2 folder when playing it (no digital creatures or people were damaged during this process, well, maybe yes).Screenshot_20220712_171650.png.cef2b04b33d57115e713b04d269dd7e6.png

  12. Hello again, I'm the guy who complains about the smallest details. Jokes aside, I think the tool used the windows-1252 encoding since february, but that doesn't apply to localised strings, which still use ascii and therefore, many latin characters can't be used in it. Edit: It does not only happen to the dlg editor, it occurs to any localised string, I just found this issue by using the editor.
  13. Funny note: the surfacemat.2da has some interesting labels on it.


    Looks like a developer just decided to remove some materials on the file and wanted to note that those entries weren't useful

  14. I think I'm doing something wrong, I would appreciate some help. Whenever I create a model from scratch or import one and I edit the position of a single vertex on "Edit" mode, I get an error saying "bpy_prop_collection[index]: index 0 out of range, size 0" when exporting to an .mdl file. I've looked on the blender forums this issue and it says that there's a vertex outside any group, does it change anything other than position when moving?
  15. Sounds interesting, I may use it for a mod I have in mind. Thank you for this resource.