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  1. No idea. Please attach your .blend file. Also, which Blender version?
  2. Could be not a bug, but here's something I've noticed while batch processing TSLRCM files: a_turnkreia.ncs in 907mal.mod has wrong extension. It is a source file, not compiled script. I'm on version 1.8.6 of TSLRCM.
  3. Didn't know about this program-wide setting. Currently, you specify absolute or relative paths in Texture Search Paths (importer preferences). Alternatively, copy all textures to where the models are at. Could be a subdirectory. To display textures in viewport, set shading to Material Preview.
  4. In 3.5.1 I have added Rebuild All Materials operator under Object Properties -> KotOR Model. Execute it on every top-level (MDL root) object, if you want to bake lightmaps in pre-existing Blender files. I wanted material setup to stay flexible as a developer, and not have to implement all sorts of heuristics when baking lightmaps.
  5. Weird, I have no lockup issues in 2.93. You can enable Material Preview shading and set render pass to Diffuse Color. Best way to strip dynamic lighting and shadows, and see only textures. Bake does not create images, it will output to image of any size. You can resize an image using UV Editing -> Image -> Resize.
  6. Oh, snap. I only tested with latest Blender version. KB 3.5.0 beta2 should have fixed this.
  7. At the moment it will only work for newly imported models. Or you can try rebuilding material in Object Properties -> KotOR Model Node.
  8. Okay, I gave it my best shot. In KB 3.5.0 it is now possible to batch bake lightmaps for the whole scene (in Render Properties, set Render Engine to Cycles, then do KotOR Lightmaps -> Bake).
  9. Who would've thought you would be scripting Blender one day 😅 That looks like one way to do it, yes. Although that script does not cover creating UV maps. Is that not what you wanted? Only baking lightmaps onto existing geometry?
  10. You don't necessarily have to use a separate plugin. Blender can lightmap pack multiple objects out-of-the-box. It's just that these objects need to share the lightmap texture. As for limitations, I don't see any, but it is not obvious how to connect these things in code.
  11. True that. Described process is the only way, as far as I'm concerned. It can be automated, but I will probably never find time to do that.
  12. Fully custom models are possible, but it's not going to be that easy. At a minimum, to be able to export this, you need to: Create Empty object Under KotOR Model Node set Type to MDL Root Rename to match exported filename or it could crash Reparent your Mesh object to a newly created Empty object
  13. Can't help without seeing your .blend file. Long story short, you need to duplicate vertices to emulate flat shading. This is a limitation of MDL file format. It's normals are per vertex, but in Blender normals are per triangle. Here's how you can workaround that: Mark edges connecting your flat triangles as sharp Add Edge Split modifier to the object (ensure that Sharp Edges flag is set) On export, this will duplicate vertices on sharp edges, creating a flat shaded look.
  14. You have loose vertices in Cylinder01. Select that object and do Mesh -> Clean Up -> Delete Loose. Meanwhile, I will have to think how to handle it properly.