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  1. @AxtasisN7 Uhh, you also installed Brotherhood of Shadow. Afaik that has crippling compatibility issues with other mods. That row in 2da looks good to me. I'm not entirely sure what is going on. Since other armband mods also failed to work, I'm inclined to believe that something else is at work here. Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, was busy last week..
  2. uwadmin12

    Muur Talisman

    There should be a log generated after you ran TSL patcher. The log will be in the same folder as the mod. If you haven't deleted that folder, could you copy and paste the log text to the thread linked below? If you already deleted the mod folder, you can troubleshoot by checking the following two things: Could you find "k_talisman.ncs" in your override folder? Find the "spells.2da" in your override folder. Open it with 2da editor and check the row "RowLabel=99" to see if the "impact_script" column is "k_talisman" If both checks passed, then afaik you shouldn't encounter any issue with power activation. @AxtasisN7 By the way, you can open the 2da file with this tool, I find it much more user-friendly than KotorTool. Just make very sure you do not save the file, because if you mess up anything, all the mods that changes spells.2da will be ruined.
  3. uwadmin12

    Muur Talisman

    A couple more questions if you don't mind my asking: How did you install this mod, did you drag/drop to override or did you use TSLPatcher.exe? Did you install anything with steam workshop? If you drag/drop all the content into override instead of running the patcher, I can see how the item is available in game but can't be activated.
  4. uwadmin12

    Muur Talisman

    It's possible that K1R has conflict with this mod. Did you install this mod before K1R?
  5. @Stormie97 Happy to report that KOTORmax works with 3ds max 2021. Time to uninstall blender 😉
  6. Rofl ... Yeah I had student 3ds Max with KOTORMAX before I changed PC. I was using 3ds max 2019 and had some compatibility issue, too. I remember going on some old bioware website to get an slightly newer (but still outdated) nwmax thing ... can't remember the details. Now that you mentioned it, I'm gonna give 3ds max another try. Hopefully it will work out this time. Anyways, if only there's a CLI tool to convert ascii mdl to obj/fbx directly, and vice versa.
  7. I did not install NeverBlender. It's probably either the code is outdated and not supported by newer version of blender, or a bug on blender's end. @AmanoJyaku Don't know what the issue is ... but with 2.79a version I am able to install the plugin. Gosh, Windows GUI sucks with bugs (not saying there is a better alternative for modelling software, though).
  8. Any help is appreciated!! I tried to install KOTORBlender on blender 2.82 So I imported the plugin ("Install from File" because manual installation > doesn't show up in the list of add ons): Both are enabled, but I can't import mdl file, as in there is no option to!! What is going on, should I switch back to Blender 2.7x?
  9. Hey @Salk, excellent troubleshooting; the tweak looks good. And hey, thanks for offering to test! I sincerely hope there won't be another Human without a SubRace ... but anyways man, really appreciate it 👌
  10. Hey @Salk, thanks for the report! Unfortunately, I no longer have the proper set up to make/test a mod. If you have KOTORTool + the base game, and are interested in fixing the issue, feel free to do so. If one wants, I can make an update and be sure to credit. Looking at the source code fp_saberthrow.nss, Selkath race is most likely a missed condition check, here: if (GetRacialType(oTarget) == RACIAL_TYPE_DROID) { effect droid_stun = EffectDroidStun(); droid_stun = SetEffectIcon(droid_stun, 30); DelayCommand(2.55, SP_MyApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY, droid_stun, oTarget, 0.5)); } else if (GetRacialType(oTarget) == RACIAL_TYPE_HUMAN && GetSubRace(oTarget) != SUBRACE_NONE) { effect sub_stun = EffectStunned(); sub_stun = SetEffectIcon(sub_stun, 11); DelayCommand(2.55, SP_MyApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY, sub_stun, oTarget, 0.5)); } I am unsure what RacialType/SubRace the problematic Selkath has, it's most likely an edge case. To fix this issue, one needs to: Install this mod (prerequisite) Tweak the second condition check (or insert an additional condition check + stun effect) to catch this special case you mentioned. Compile the fp_saberthrow.nss with KOTORTool Drag the compiled fp_saberthrow.ncs to override. Test in manm28ac module Sanity test to make sure it doesn't break anything else (e.g. test on other basic RacialType/Subrace enemies too to make sure it doesn't break anything)
  11. uwadmin12

    Muur Talisman

    Hey thanks for the comment! Yes. As for DS point, the "DS point earned" prompt after each spell might get annoying real quick.
    FULL OF SPOILERS A very cleverly designed mod that obviously has a lot of efforts poured into it. Definitely would give 5 star if not for a series of immersion-breaking bugs: 80% of the dialogues are skipping. I have to read them through feedback. One of the biggest incentives for me to install this mod is Jolee. However, the whole time he is just a walking doll because all of his dialogues are skipping and I can't interact with him either. I checked tslpatcherdata and found all the sound files from Jolee, and am 100% positive that they're supposed to play. Some new items are cool (e.g. the star forge/revan robe) but as soon as I try to wear them, the game crashes and quit At some points the maps are completely white out, I believe it happens whenever I return to an area that I have entered before Some other minor issues: those are purely my two cents and may not apply to anyone else, and I do not intend any disrespect to the author in any way. The quest description is kinda confusing throughout, and there are many locked doors that only unlock after certain progress is made. For example, when I got the quest to find a shuttle, I went back to the valley twice because I think there might be new trigger points there, and completely forgot about the locked doors. There are also other confusing situations. When I rescue the Mandalorian, I am immediately transported to outside the temple. I thought it was just another bug and went back into the temple to find the mandalorian in the detention area. As I couldn't find him there, I thought the game is broken so I reloaded, and was put in the same situation, again ... Turns out that instant transportation is intended, and the Mandalorian is right there, 200 meters in front of me. If some transition animation is added, or if the Mandalorian is placed closer, it would be a lot less confusing. Adding more annotations on the map could help, too. TL;DR ... When I fail to make tangible progress on a quest after running literally everywhere, I start to lose interest. This applies to the vanilla game, too, especially on Nar Shaddaa. The reused Malachor depth map has a lot of broken textures, and the whole Malachor surface is something that I could do without. This applies to the real Malachor surface, too. The most negative impression I have about this mod comes from the beginning: a broken, reused Malachor map, and a Jolee doll whose dialogues are completely skipped ... Things get a lot more exciting in the temple, though. I could do without some of the prequel lines. I think the author might intentionally put it there for a laugh ... while I did crack at those lines, they felt kinda out of place and cliched. Sion's guest appearance and his lines also felt out of place. The quest concluded very abruptly and makes little sense. This impression may well due to dialogue skipping. Yes, Sion's lines are skipped, too. 🤦 K1's tombs are great because 1) there are motivations for you to visit the tombs; 2) each tomb is associated with unique story and character: Ajunta Pall's tomb has a regretful Sith Lord and Shaardan; Marka Ragnos' tomb has a desparate rogue droid; Tulak Hord's tomb has a insane hermit; Naga Sadow's tomb is the final confrontation between you, Yuthura and Uthar. The tombs in this mod, while conceptually and visually as amazing as the tombs in K1, lacked both elements. You enter the tomb just for loots and fights. Arguably the last tomb in this mod remedies this deficiency to a degree, but it still feels lacking. Things that I really liked: The reskin of the Onderon Royal Palace, it's SO well done and fits Korriban perfectly well. The dialogue where you recite Jedi code against Sith code is very clever despite the fact you shouldn't know what Nihilus looks like at that point of the game, 10/10 The voice acting. Judging from the dialogues that aren't skipped: the Mandalorian and Loqi are 10/10. After listening to some Jolee's voice files I think it's a decent immitation of K1 Jolee, 8/10. The Jawas? LOL Jolee taking on an apprentice. Clever resolution for a temporary companion, too bad all the dialogues are skipped! Might totally give this mod another shot in the future if the immersion breaking bugs are fixed for steam version, somehow. It makes K2 Korriban 5x more interesting.
    Interesting mod, lots of potential! Nice voice splicing, by the way. Most of the lines are super recognizable for those that played this game bazillion times, but they're still fun to hear. Although this mod certainly adds to the replay value, at this stage I feel the Genoharadan faction is way too similar to the Exchange. They have the same base of operation and the storylines are directly linked. The new fight sequences and additional dialogues are nice but don't feel particularly refreshing. Completely separating the Genoharadan storyline from the Exchange storyline and change its base of operation to another planet (something like Telos surface military base) could potentially boost replay value. I would suggest adding some motivation for the Exile to go after Genoharadan. Perhaps instead of the Exile being kidnapped, its one of his/her companion like Atton that's kidnapped. And despite Kreia's disapproval, the Exile decides to go after the kidnapper and is lured to another planet for a final confrontation.
  12. Uh oh, looks like a certain mod author didn't use TSLPatcher to patch 2da files, BADNESS! (Yeah, I know it was uploaded in 2006 😛) Anyhow, per the author's instruction, use Kotor Tool to manually modify certain 2da entries. Since the author did not indicate which lines were modified, the only way I can think of is to download TSLPatcher and use its compare 2da function to figure out exactly which lines are changed by the Author, then make the corresponding changes manually. Alternatively, you could reinstall the game completely for a fresh mod install. This time install the darkside bastila mod first before all other mod that uses TSLPatcher. This could save a lot of headache. There might be better ways to do this but they're beyond my knowledge.
  13. Same here, maybe its conflict? idk. I have a bunch of other added content mod on top of all the texture and sound mod. 🤷 EDIT: pretty sure there is no voice over intended whatsoever. Watched a few YouTube videos and none of them have voice over.