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About This File

And the saga continues..........


Korriban shall be as it always was. A graveyard for the darkest of the Sith Lords, still whispering within their tombs. It shall always be a source of evil, spawning threats throughout the millennia. It, like Malachor, brushes the edges of the empire that waits in the dark. And like Malachor, the Sith have forgotten it … for a time. They will remember.


This mod creates new areas for the player to investigate on the planet Korriban.






This mod allows the player to further explore the Sith world of Korriban.


Gameplay Tips


The player MUST NOT HAVE PREVIOUSLY VISITED KORRIBAN. (See saved game folder in the zip file if you need one.).


The player must continue to explore the ruins of the Sith Academy in search of Jedi Master Vash and confront Darth Sion.


While exploring the academy, player will find clue that allows passage to new areas after leaving the academy. Hint: Uthar Wynn's room. Check map after leaving academy for new waypoint.


To complete full quest, must find Jolee Bindo first.


Always check journal entries after update. There are 2 quests: The Enemy Below, and The Great Escape. They will guide you. Check them even after completion for final notes.


Known Bugs


Once Jolee is in party, player cannot return to Ebon Hawk. Did not include any check to remove him and reinstate Kreia to party. Will cause problems in gameplay.


Few missing lip files here and there. Some are not firing. I'm not concerned about it, so you shouldn't be either.




TSLPatcher - click on the Installer file and follow the directions.




Only real potential problems would be any mod that changes the 701Kor module. This mod includes a 701Kor.mod file which replaces the original ERF file.


Any mod that made changes to Party_Jolee_NPC line of Appearance.2da.


This mod IS compatable with TSLRCM. See Readme in the attached TSLRCM file for instructions.


Voice Actors


Special thanks to following for adding their voices and talents:


JuniorModder - Darth Fang, Jett Darklighter, Jawas


Austin Parish - Sith Clerics, Forestall, misc. slaves


Oliver White from VAA(Voice Actors Alliance) - Belloq


Mauri "Darkblade" Majanoja - Raynor Vala


Zhaboka - Darth Loqi, Kazius




Special thanks to Kha for use of his Hood Mod.


Special thanks to DarthStoney for help with TSLRCM.


Special Thanks


Fred Tetra
Stoffe - you helped me more than you will ever know.
JdNoa & Dashus


For their wonderful tools and applications they developed without which none of this could be completed.


Thanks to everyone at Holowan Labs for their help with questions and problems.


My Beta testers: DarthStoney, Sith Holocron, Logan23, VarsityPuppet - I didn't use all your recommendations but appreciate your help and encouragement.




I can be reached at Lucas Forums.


Any use or reproduction of this mod or elements of this mod without the consent of its creator, ME (Newbiemodder), is prohibited. Besides, it would just be rude.


Ask and you shall receive.


Hope you enjoy it, and if not, I don't want to hear about it.


Make sure you read the ReadMe before playing. Hope you enjoy.


I made it compatible with the original TSLRCM release. The only conflict area was the 401kor.git file. If the TSLRCM crew did not do any additional changes to that file then there should be no compatibility issues. I haven't kept up with all the TSLRCM updates.
Note from Sith Holocron: If you're concerned about compatibility issues with TSLRCM with M4-78 EP and Coruscant, I suggest reading this post before you install.

User Feedback

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A very cleverly designed mod that obviously has a lot of efforts poured into it. Definitely would give 5 star if not for a series of immersion-breaking bugs:

  • 80% of the dialogues are skipping. I have to read them through feedback. One of the biggest incentives for me to install this mod is Jolee. However, the whole time he is just a walking doll because all of his dialogues are skipping and I can't interact with him either. I checked tslpatcherdata and found all the sound files from Jolee, and am 100% positive that they're supposed to play.
  • Some new items are cool (e.g. the star forge/revan robe) but as soon as I try to wear them, the game crashes and quit
  • At some points the maps are completely white out, I believe it happens whenever I return to an area that I have entered before

Some other minor issues: those are purely my two cents and may not apply to anyone else, and I do not intend any disrespect to the author in any way.

  • The quest description is kinda confusing throughout, and there are many locked doors that only unlock after certain progress is made. For example, when I got the quest to find a shuttle, I went back to the valley twice because I think there might be new trigger points there, and completely forgot about the locked doors. There are also other confusing situations. When I rescue the Mandalorian, I am immediately transported to outside the temple. I thought it was just another bug and went back into the temple to find the mandalorian in the detention area. As I couldn't find him there, I thought the game is broken so I reloaded, and was put in the same situation, again ... Turns out that instant transportation is intended, and the Mandalorian is right there, 200 meters in front of me. If some transition animation is added, or if the Mandalorian is placed closer, it would be a lot less confusing. Adding more annotations on the map could help, too.
    TL;DR ... When I fail to make tangible progress on a quest after running literally everywhere, I start to lose interest. This applies to the vanilla game, too, especially on Nar Shaddaa.
  • The reused Malachor depth map has a lot of broken textures, and the whole Malachor surface is something that I could do without. This applies to the real Malachor surface, too. The most negative impression I have about this mod comes from the beginning: a broken, reused Malachor map, and a Jolee doll whose dialogues are completely skipped ... Things get a lot more exciting in the temple, though.
  • I could do without some of the prequel lines. I think the author might intentionally put it there for a laugh ... while I did crack at those lines, they felt kinda out of place and cliched.
  • Sion's guest appearance and his lines also felt out of place. The quest concluded very abruptly and makes little sense. This impression may well due to dialogue skipping. Yes, Sion's lines are skipped, too. 🤦
  • K1's tombs are great because 1) there are motivations for you to visit the tombs; 2) each tomb is associated with unique story and character: Ajunta Pall's tomb has a regretful Sith Lord and Shaardan; Marka Ragnos' tomb has a desparate rogue droid; Tulak Hord's tomb has a insane hermit; Naga Sadow's tomb is the final confrontation between you, Yuthura and Uthar. The tombs in this mod, while conceptually and visually as amazing as the tombs in K1, lacked both elements. You enter the tomb just for loots and fights. Arguably the last tomb in this mod remedies this deficiency to a degree, but it still feels lacking.

Things that I really liked:

  • The reskin of the Onderon Royal Palace, it's SO well done and fits Korriban perfectly well.
  • The dialogue where you recite Jedi code against Sith code is very clever despite the fact you shouldn't know what Nihilus looks like at that point of the game, 10/10
  • The voice acting. Judging from the dialogues that aren't skipped: the Mandalorian and Loqi are 10/10. After listening to some Jolee's voice files I think it's a decent immitation of K1 Jolee, 8/10. The Jawas? LOL
  • Jolee taking on an apprentice. Clever resolution for a temporary companion, too bad all the dialogues are skipped!

Might totally give this mod another shot in the future if the immersion breaking bugs are fixed for steam version, somehow. It makes K2 Korriban 5x more interesting.


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