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  1. Still alive, still kick’n. Thought I check in since it’s been awhile. See some old familiar names still here. Crazy.

    1. LDR


      Good to see you old friend!

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Glad to see you still with us. Any chance you'll revive the remake of Korriban Expansion?

  2. Have you updated or been able to fix your Korriban Expansion mod regarding the voice files for steam users and the replacement of Kreia by Jolee? I had read those were issues in the mod initially.

    1. N-DReW25


      There was going to be a Redux for the Korriban Expansion which fixed a variety of things wrong with the mod, VO for Steam included, but that mod wasn't being developed by Newbiemodder (At least not the lead developer anyway).


      The "best" way to fix the audio in the Korriban Expansion would be to either:

      A) Open the KE mod's TSLPatcher folder and delete the audio files, this would create "missing file warnings" during installation but it will still install the mod without audio


      B,) If you already installed the mod, track down the KE Audio files inside the game files and delete them.


      This isn't a good fix, but the problem with Steam and .wav files is that the audio would skip in-game thus meaning you cannot hear what is being said or read the subtitles. By deleting the audio, you can at the very least read the subtitles so you can "somewhat" experience the mod for yourself.

    2. EAF97


      Right, I had read Sith Holocron was the main person doing the Redux but haven't seen any recent updates

    3. Sith Holocron
  3. There has been a great disturbance in the Force....Sith Holocron has apparently left the building. Apparently, due to reasons I am not totally clear on, Sith Holocron has decided to step away from the DS modding community. This has a big impact on this work thread due to the fact that he was the motiviating force behind it. I was enjoying my modding retirement when SH approached me about this Korriban revival/update. I gave him my blessing and offered any help I could. Many people here have contributed their time and talents to this project as a result of his efforts. So, where does that leave us? Well, the brakes are going to have to be pumped on this project. Things are going to slow down. I've slowly started to get back into the modding mode albiet on a very limited basis. I'm not going to lie, my renewed interest was reignited by SH's influence. I plan to release an updated version using the new voice files that have been submitted as well as all the patch work that ndix UR has been working on. I also plan to make a couple subtle changes myself. I also plan to release with the updated version a mod I mothballed several years ago...Korriban Expansion 2...a little add-on which introduces additional areas to the story. I have no don't ask. Don't expect it anytime soon. Like I said, I've slowly started to get back into the groove. I've forgotten so much and SO many more tools and advamces have been made here in the kotor modding community. I kind of feel like a noob again. Stay tuned...…. newbiemodder
  4. I 'm excited again about modding! I love th e idea of moving assets among series. K1 <=> K2!!!!! 🙌 Blowing the dust off my K1 discs.
  5. After going through the voice files collected by Sith Holocron, we're going to go with the followong: Darth Fang: Trayusstudent Sith Cleric 1: Darth Varkor Sith Cleric 2: Mellowtron Grunt: UnusualCharacters Slave: UnusualCharacters Ever Arden: Darth Varkor Revan(male): UnusualCharacters I want to thank everyone that has submitted voice samples. They were all really good. There are a lot of talented modders out there. I am humbled that so many of you decided to volunteer your time and talents into upgrading a 7 year old mod. It took me about 3 years to make it. A lot of late hours at the computer after the kids had gone to bed. I really learned as I went along, trying new things, trial and error. Hope you've enjoyed it. NM. Personally, I think this is a little scheme by Sith Holocron to relight by modding fire. We'll see. There is some unfinished business out there.
  6. I wonder if Disney is going to treat Maul like Thanos from Avengers. A cameo here a cameo there, overlapping single movies leading up to Maul being a feature villain in a movie. I don't see a Solo sequel where Han meets Maul. His view of the Force is pretty strong during ANH in the scene when Luke is training with the remote. I think it would contradict.
  7. I thought Solo was o.k. Give it ⭐⭐ maybe ⭐⭐⭐. I enjoyed it much more than Last Jedi and Rogue One. I thought the story flowed nicely and the actors were good. I did not like the Darth Maul twist at all. Leave the cartoon stuff out of the movies!!! I know of the Maul story line but I didn't watch either of the series, too old to watch kiddie shows. I'm sure that left quite a few older moviegoers scratching their heads. Also, enough with the droids with charisma. Annoying.
  8. The gender conditional should be there in the dialog conditional with t he appropriate voice file from gsme.
  9. I miss the Signature on the member responses. I used to have a couple quotes at the bottom of my responses that are no long we there.
  10. One possibility......I would think you need a script to play the animstion. The existing script that fires the animation would reference the old placeable starmap.
  11. I was always kind of a hack scripter, piecing together scripts from examples from existing tbreads. I don't know a lot. However, when faced with a similar problem, I would start each dialog firing script with, if I recall correctly, AClearallAction, ClearallCommands entry. And/or i would put a delay of 2-3 seconds on the start dialog.
  12. The body, mainly the torso and arms. Did u play with the geometry of the with assassin to get the wider sleeves or is that an existing body? Looks good,VP!