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  1. Tyvokka

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    I have updated the rule to clarify intent of DS on this subject. Thanks SH.
  2. Tyvokka

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    And who needs to be a snarky forum member?
  3. Tyvokka

    Mission Vao with Mira's outfit mod?

    They will be approved or removed at the discretion of the staff. As a general rule we won’t allow content that may be seen as exploiting children (be them real or fictional).
  4. Tyvokka

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    The porting rule was always a bit arbitrary. There is no need for further discussion on the subject publicly, the point of the rule updates are to encourage modding by allowing sources that people were probably using already without acknowledging. Now we know what people are using without being caught off guard. Any issues that come up because of it will be addressed if they happen.
  5. Hey Kotorians (yes I want to make that a thing) – I am excited to be announcing a big update to the Kotor community. The short version is Deadlystream and /r/Kotor are moving forward with a merger of our communities. So what is happening? Immediately we will begin co-moderating Deadlystream and /r/Kotor. I am being added as mod to /r/Kotor and Snigaroo is joining Deadlystream as an admin, while Goat is joining as a moderator. We will be expanding staff cooperation in the coming months. Moderation of the /r/Kotor Discord will be shared and modding channels have already been added to the discord. This will become the official discord for Deadlystream going forward. Additionally, wee will also be cross-posting content across communities to encourage /r/Kotor subscriber engagement on Deadlystream and working on increasing modder participation on /r/Kotor. We hope these actions lead towards growth for both communities. What about rules? Each community will still have a unique set of rules, processes and procedures to follow. Deadlystream’s forum based community and the reddit community are very different beasts, each with a different need we fill for the community, our rules will never be 100% aligned but we will align where it makes sense. We will have more information announced over the coming weeks while Sniggles and I work on our integration ideas and planning. Speaking of rule updates, we do have two changes that will be implemented beginning today and they are as follows; · Our rule around porting of content being banned This rule is being replaced by the following rule: · Mods and Assets that are of the same game series (ie KoTOR 1, KoTOR2 and SWTOR) can be ported between games and uploaded to Deadlystream. Porting from other copyright game assets is not allowed, although any fan created content (even from other games) can be hosted at Deadlystream as long as there is no copyright on said mods, files and/or assets. You will still need to abide by all other mod hosting rules. -All mods submitted going forward will require all modder's to fill out 1 additional field, this field is called "Contains Port Content", it is filled out by selecting either yes or no from the drop down menu. -Any modder that has ported content will also be required to fill out a second field called, "Source of Ported Content", this will be a free text field that the modder can describe where his ported content is from. · Rule 19: "All content on Deadlystream must be uploaded by the original creator/owners of the content. Uploading content that is owned by someone else is strictly prohibited, unless explicit permission can be demonstrated by the uploader. If you are found to upload content that is owned by another person without explicit evidence of permission, the first offense will result in a warning via PM and removal of said content. Any additional infractions will result in a permanent ban. Deadlystream Staff will from time to time reach out to authors of content not currently hosted on Deadlystream to see if there is an interest in having their content uploaded to Deadlystream. This activity should only be performed by Deadlystream staff members." This rule is being changed/updated to: · "All content you upload must have been created by you or given permission for use in your mod by the original author. In the event that there is a mod (which you did not create) that needs to be uploaded for preservation to Deadlystream, the following will occur; - The community member will message a moderator via PM with the mod attached and any other information about the mod and about where you downloaded it from. - The admin will follow the “Guidelines for Re-uploading Abandonware Mods” (look for this in the coming days). - If admin sees that the mods meets the guidelines, admin shall upload said mod. - The uploaded mod will have a disclaimer stating “it is not actively supported and that responses to support requests should not be expected.” Please note: Removal of a mod upon request from verified mod authors will be honored, please reach out to an admin for assistance.” Snigaroo, myself and the rest of the staff are very excited about what the future holds for Kotor and our communities. This is only the beginning, there is much more to come. May the force be with all of us! -Tyvokka
  6. Tyvokka

    New Site Layout/Format

    I probably can change it, it will need to be something custom I do, not something I am looking to do immediately.
  7. Tyvokka

    New Site Layout/Format

    What type of phone, os version and web browser are you using? Modders account will still be a thing, I just need to update how people can apply / sign up for them. I believe this can be changed, I will have to test it a bit before deploying.
  8. Tyvokka

    New Site Layout/Format

    Everyone should be able to view reactions also I bumped the reaction limits.
  9. Tyvokka

    New Site Layout/Format

    Good point looking into it.
  10. Tyvokka

    New Site Layout/Format

    I dont personally have any issues with this theme as is, the point is to have just the one theme that can dynamically fit to the resolution size of your screen. But I hear your concerns so I will think about it more.
  11. Tyvokka

    New Site Layout/Format

    Thanks for the input, we will adjust as needed. I hesitate the add any additional themes but I will keep it in mind. Please do note this is not the final form, just an intermediary step that had to be taken to continue developing the interface of Deadlystream. Thanks for your patience through it all and please keep submitting bugs, ideas and general feedback. I am listening! Preferably keep it to this forum though.
  12. Tyvokka

    High Quality Skyboxes

  13. Tyvokka

    The Times They Are a-Changin'

    Hm I will keep it in mind, we may have options for this later in the year.
  14. Tyvokka

    The Times They Are a-Changin'

    There isn't anything specific to PMs but I may have just missed that.