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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I will get that updated here asap. The reason why it looks different as a guest is because there is a different editor theme applied to the main theme vs the small header theme.
  2. Yeah the native builds of Kotor 1 for Mac OS have always seemed to have a few issues. in terms of the textures, the animations could be a likely culprit. You may be able to go into the kotor 2 apps container files and upgrade the wine components to a new build to fix the issue. To be honest if you own it on steam, it may be worth it to run steam in wine on your Mac. Then you can take full advantage of all the TSLPatcher mods.
  3. If they (aspyr) are just launching wine or crossover mac on mac os to run Kotor 2, then most likely this is an issue with the version of Wine being used for Kotor 2 for Mac. I believe Kotor 1 runs native on Mac OS where as Kotor 2 is not compiled for Mac but instead just run inside a wine container.
  4. Two factor is now working too @DarthParametric
  5. I like your porject, it does seem cool. How would it work exactly? Just download the mods and add them into that yaml config?
  6. @Sith Holocron @DarthParametric There is now compact header theme available (you can change the theme at the bottom of the page)
  7. Yep sorry something I messed up, back to normal now.
  8. Yep will update as soon as possible, troubleshooting some of the changes to how IPB handles css, should be fixed over the coming days. @Sith Holocron @DarthParametric alright gotta think that through some but im not against ditching the full logo for something smaller
  9. We should be mostly back to normal at this point. Thanks folks!
  10. Hi All - I am taking the time during this holiday weekend to do some needed site clean up and maintenance, I am using generic theme during this time while I clean up the the primary DS theme as to not impact site usability. Thanks for your patience! -Tyvokka
  11. Thanks @Snigaroo and the /r/kotor mod team for pulling this together. I think it is very telling that the Deadlystream community can do a lot more to encourage more modding by reaching out on the sub and helping out new members. It is a good reminder that pushing people away from /r/kotor and modding by being combative is not at all helpful in any way and that those attitude are really not useful to Deadlystream. Changes will be coming, I don't want Deadlystream is die a slow painful death, there are improvements in the works from me, @Snigaroo and the rest of the staff, so keep a look out over the summer.
  12. I like the idea of porting the modules between the games for further expansion. I would agree with what has been said, porting the entire story between either game would not be allowed with out specific permission from the publishers/developers/Disney. With that said, I am against blocking of all discussion on the matter, as I think that even if it is only for educational and research purposes it is a great subject to discuss and collaborate on.