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  1. I have decided to re-upload the credited version back to Deadlysteam as our mod hosting policies have been changed to allow more flexibility in this area. It seems best that a version that can resolve install issues be available here.
  2. Why do my post keep getting  blocked so I get no help from the community . Please return my status to normal.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Please point out these blocked posts. Provide links.

    2. Canderis


      There are no restrictions on your account as far as I can tell.


      Do you have any screenshots or links? It might be a different issue either with our system or yours.

    3. Tyvokka


      yeah i dont see anything either, you'll need to be more specific.

  3. So it seems google keeps turning on this new auto ad placement feature they rolled out recently. I keep turning it off but it won't stick, I opened a ticket with them about it. Gonna mess with the theme to see if I can hide them today.
  4. Tipjar Requirements & Regulations 1. Deadlystream permits modders to present users with links to tip jars under the understanding that these systems are to be fully optional for both parties. Users who give a tip to a modder through the tipjar system should not expect, request, or be entitled to additional support, influence, or access to a modder as a result of their gift; similarly, a modder should not hold donations over the heads of users in exchange for promises of further support, mod releases, specific content production, etc. The cornerstone of the system is its voluntary nature, for both modder and user. This also means that a modder may choose to display or not display a tipjar entirely at their preference, and on a mod-by-mod basis, at their complete discretion. 2. In order to further reassure users of the voluntary nature of tipping our modders and avoid unwanted solicitations, tipjar links should not be included in signatures, sent to users via PM, or posted on the forums in exchange for anything, even mod or crash support. Tipjars are to be housed on the mod download page(s), mod forum page(s), and/or readme(s) of whichever mod(s) you as the creator choose to include tipjar links on, and nowhere else. 3. To facilitate their use, a user may have multiple types of tipjar for end-user convenience (such as linking both Paypal and Ko-fi), but any site used must comply with the following basic criteria: It cannot include any system whereby the modder has enough control over the tipping system that they can force tips to become recurring. If a user sets their pledge to recurring, we expect the modder to get in touch with the user and confirm that was intentional. This is meant to be a courteous system on both sides. It cannot be housed on any site which promotes or allows illegal activities. With these regulations in mind, sites like Patreon are not acceptable. Sites and methods including Paypal, Ko-Fi, and Bitcoin donations are acceptable. 4. Although sites which allow the locking of certain content behind tip levels (such as a private chat, unique mod content, special updates, etc.) are allowed, these features within these sites cannot be used; no special features, unique content, private chats, or any other benefit of tipping can be provided from the action of tipping, whether facilitated through the site itself or not. Similarly, while sites that allow the locking of tip levels to a certain minimum requirement (such as a $5 minimum) can be used, these minimum donation features cannot be used, and tippers must be permitted to give at whatever level they feel comfortable with. 5. For mods with multiple collaborators, all collaborators must completely agree on the presence of a tipjar and the split of its earnings for that mod to be able to include a tipjar link. The tipjar links for these mods must be separate from your typical tipjar (you must completely segregate the money that you get for each collaborative mod made by different collaborators OR any mod with a different agreed split of money between collaborators under an entirely different account) in order to be absolutely sure you and your collaborators know exactly how many donations any given project has earned, separate from personal work and other collaborative projects. For the purposes of these regulations, a "collaborator" is determined to be any individual whom you implemented direct assets or work from; it might be polite to consult those you received significant advising from, but we don't mandate it. In cases of collaborative tipjars, funds are to be split precisely according to the agreement of all parties when the tipjar is initially established, at a timetable or monetary ratio (for example, once every six months, or every $10) also agreed on by all parties. Collaborators are fully free to retract their right to any of the money gained from any given mod's tipjar at their discretion. Deadlystream staff WILL NOT arbitrate disputes about monetary dispensation. If a disagreement is reached about tipjar use, the right to use a tipjar on a given collaborative project will instead be instantly and permanently revoked.
  5. Yeah we had a donate button for a while I just turned it off until I was ready to turn it back on, not quite there yet.
  6. Eh probably won't change much, but that is the plan.
  7. Google changed their ads to be bigger so that is probably what you are seeing. Ads are the majority of the minuscule revenue DS gets at this point though a few people here and there donate which I greatly appreciate.
  8. I'm happy everyone came together and figured it out. 😂
  9. Thanks for the heads up, I will get that updated here asap. The reason why it looks different as a guest is because there is a different editor theme applied to the main theme vs the small header theme.
  10. Yeah the native builds of Kotor 1 for Mac OS have always seemed to have a few issues. in terms of the textures, the animations could be a likely culprit. You may be able to go into the kotor 2 apps container files and upgrade the wine components to a new build to fix the issue. To be honest if you own it on steam, it may be worth it to run steam in wine on your Mac. Then you can take full advantage of all the TSLPatcher mods.
  11. If they (aspyr) are just launching wine or crossover mac on mac os to run Kotor 2, then most likely this is an issue with the version of Wine being used for Kotor 2 for Mac. I believe Kotor 1 runs native on Mac OS where as Kotor 2 is not compiled for Mac but instead just run inside a wine container.
  12. Two factor is now working too @DarthParametric
  13. I like your porject, it does seem cool. How would it work exactly? Just download the mods and add them into that yaml config?
  14. @Sith Holocron @DarthParametric There is now compact header theme available (you can change the theme at the bottom of the page)