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    What about using a suit similar to the Manaan underwater worker or the Leviathan Sith space suit, in a similar fashion but functioning as an external heat exposure protection suit to get to the star map walking across a lava field or inside a thermal vent? The star map portion of the quest should be unique in its own way, not sure how it was truly intended to be in the game, but winning enough arena battles = access to star map? Any designs for warring Hutt cartel type quests to progress the storyline? I saw a mod for KOTOR, a long time ago back when filefront was still up called Undead Yavin or something like that, where they had put these giant spiders (looked professionally done) in place of the kinrath. How is the KOTOR engine for npc model space? Would be cool to have a new lava-based creature to fight or some kind of volcanic crab/flea insect like the Mustafarian creatures. Rancor's / Terentateks would take away from the experience of fighting them on the other worlds I think, but I've done skinning if anyone's up for making some new creatures. If any of you played SWG when it released the Mustafar expansion they had dozens of new alien species to encounter that lived on the lava world which was an interesting albeit short-lived experience. The Sher Kar, which was in a deleted drafted scene for Episode III would be an interesting arena boss type fight:
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    I will upload a sample when I have made one. I know, JS's style is not one easily mimicked like one can do if trained properly to most classical artists or modern day musicians. If you noticed though, he did do the Bounty Hunter soundtrack as well and those themes are not that far off from KOTOR's in terms of style. So if the limit is 51, is that means there is room for 2 more pieces of music to the game?
  3. musicforthepiano


    Sithspecter, In the files as well as in the concept for Sleheyron, it stated that the Star Map was in a Volcano. I was reading various depictions of the journey on the planet and that's why I titled my track "Volcano Assault" on the KOTOR Piano project for the action piece on Sleheyron. Of course this was almost 5 years ago when I did that. Can you address any validity to there being a volcano in this mod? The droid on Dantooine refers to the planet as 'volcanic,' but other than that and the miserable way its described by Yuthura, there are few in-game descriptions of it. Just to clarify, I was pretty sure that the "barren" and "volcanic" confusion was cleared up long ago with Korriban being the barren planet and Sleheyron being the Volcanic one, though I could be wrong. Also, I'm working on getting some instrument patches for my FL Studio that sound similar to what Jeremy Soule used for the creation of the KOTOR soundtrack in terms of winds and synths, and maybe a few tribal drums, and when this mod is more further along I will be able to draft two pieces of music, more if necessary, at the semi-professional style level so that it will be a new experience in-game without the clone effect of old music. I think the sound of Sleheyron should be about 1/3 orchestral 1/3 industrial and 1/3 synthesizer mix with some soft drum underscoring a beat (a mix of Taris lower city, Anchorhead, and Dreshdae for example). For the action piece, I would like to make it fast, bombastic, with several crescendos to reflect the nature of fighting in the arena. I could perhaps do two action pieces, much like how most planets have 2 action tracks (Manaan has one for all above water fights and one for every under water fight, Tatooine has one that only plays in Anchorhead (and if you play vanilla game this track only plays one time!) as well as one track that plays in the dunes and a third that plays in the tusken enclave, and again re-used in rakata clans). The second action piece for Sleheyron would play anytime there is a fight or scuffle not in the arenas, and would be much lower in forcefulness similar to the track black vulkar gang. What do you think?
  4. musicforthepiano


    I second this, making this an afterturd post. I would love to compose an original soundtrack to go with the Sleheyron Mod, once it gets rolling from existing modules into a comprehensive storyline project. I can do Jeremy Soule's style and will make the soundtrack dynamic enough to fit in with the other KOTOR tracks, truly making this an enjoyable experience. Just need to get a modder, a scripter, and voice actors now!
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    Looks amazing man, can't wait to see more on this!
  6. Cool, let me know what you think, you guys are the first one I've shared the link with!
  7. It's been a long work in progress but here it is. Hope you all enjoy, I spent a lot of time on this one! Happy New Years everyone! To see a specific track, click 'show more' and find the time marker.
  8. musicforthepiano

    Knights of the Old Repubilc - A Piano Anthology

    Yes I will be including every track that Mark Griskey composed for the score.
  9. musicforthepiano

    Help with a YouTube Issue on one of my Star Wars piano adaptations?

    It doesn't make sense, all of the piano was my work, and the images are just supposed to correlate the story with the music to make it an enjoyable experience for those who are musically inclined, (not many but still people do enjoy my videos). Here is the email I got with the notification: " Hi Sonarwave Studios: Due to a copyright takedown notice that we received, we had to take down your video from YouTube: Video title: The Return Of The King: A Piano Omnibus Video url: Takedown issued by: LeakID This means that your video can no longer be played on YouTube, and you may have lost access to some features of YouTube. You received a copyright strike You now have 1 copyright strike. Getting multiple copyright strikes can lead to the termination of your account and the removal of all your videos. To avoid that from happening, please don’t upload videos that contain copyrighted content that you aren’t allowed to use. Why this can happen One or more of your videos contained copyrighted content. Copyright owners can choose to take down videos that contain their content. View details What to do next If you believe you're not at fault, you can try to appeal this takedown by submitting a counter notification. Keep in mind that there may be severe legal consequences for submitting a counter notification with false information. You can also contact the party that removed your video and ask them toretract their takedown. Any idea how I should respond to the claim, which option could I do to get my video back?
  10. musicforthepiano

    Help with a YouTube Issue on one of my Star Wars piano adaptations?

    Thank you, however I have some rough news. Some prick on YouTube just flagged and had my Lord Of The Rings Piano Omnibus for Return of the King taken down, and I may be facing legal repercussion if I try to fight it. As usual, some asshat can't appreciate hard work that someone does and ruins it for everyone. This one was my longest yet, at a run-time of 3 hours + 45 minutes. Also I'm facing an impending marriage and other things at my work, otherwise the KOTOR2 Project would be up already along with several others I had been working on. Sorry for the delay fellas, but I will have them done when all of this subsides.
  11. musicforthepiano

    Help with a YouTube Issue on one of my Star Wars piano adaptations?

    The entire thing on youtube is muted, but the soundcloud one has sound (though no video) Funny thing is yes I've gotten these copyright claims before, and I've beat them all, and for some reason they've chosen to mute this video and not the other ones, which totally messes with my channel. The Return of the Jedi project was the one which I put the most time into out of all 5 (now 6) Star Wars Piano conversion projects. I sent my claim back but I never got a response back. The audio option wasn't even available for a long time until fairly recently, when I opened up the video and I could hear it I was flabbergasted. Then I told another uploader to check it out because he had been wanting to see it but then the sound stopped after one day of working! No new claims this time it just stopped. Does anyone know anyone who works for YouTube I can contact to get this straightened out? I would be very grateful and would be filling to do a song or few on request for anyone who can help me resolve this muted issue.
  12. Hello, some of you may know me from the KOTOR Piano Anthology I created and posted here awhile back. I've also transcribed the entire music to John Williams original score for the trilogy and have posted them in separate videos, and an additional project for Shadows of the Empire. However, I've been having a bit of a conundrum here, my Return of the Jedi Piano Compendium video, here: , was muted a day after I posted it. I've made complaints to YouTube over and over again, and even had my claim looked at but never responded to. I am one of the YouTube partners and they are ignoring me blatantly, and I have not been able to get in touch with someone who works for YouTube, and I'm wondering if one of you can help me here? I did all of the work by myself, and the only audio is my piano playing to match up with the movie. I gave credit where credit is due in the video description, yet they still will not unmute my work. Does anyone know what I can do to get the sound back? The audio option is available under editing, but there's nothing I can do with it. I worked so hard on this and I want the public to hear this, especially since the new movie is coming out, it would be great to network this project. Any advice will be helpful, -Sonarwave Studios P.S. In the meantime if you want to hear it, you can check it out on soundcloud, but there's no video, if you want to look for a specific part, just check the time markers on the YouTube video and then click to that part on the soundcloud upload.
  13. musicforthepiano


    @ Sithspecter, yes that is Interesting. I'm glad you enjoy it. What are those weathervane things? I like that design, perhaps you could fidangle those into the background somehow? The proto-Sleheyron skybox is eerily similar to M4-78's, remarkable how both planets got cut from the vanilla of each game. @ Mephiles thank you, I hope to put a more improvisational twist onto the KOTOR 2 piano adaptation. The first recordings start tomorrow afternoon. Update Posted 10FEB2016, 09:02 PM [EST] Glad this is going through. I may be of assistance with voice acting as I am a recording artist, and I would do it free of charge. Somedays I need to get away from everybody and get my geek on lol.
  14. musicforthepiano


    It's been a long time since I posted, but I have started work on the KOTOR 2 Piano tribute, and I recall that I did write some music for Sleheyron for the first KOTOR piano tribute after studying composer Jeremy Soule's style (he also did Neverwinter Nights, The Elder Scrolls III IV & V, Guild Wars, etc) Sithspectre if you haven't seen my compositions, check them out here on the official KOTOR piano anthology, and let me know what you think. I can orchestrate the themes to sound more KOTORish rather than just have the piano sound, although if you want background music in some modules that differs, I can do that as well.
  15. musicforthepiano

    Filefront down for good?

    What a shame! Damn, does anyone know what date they closed it down? Or why? I used to know a few of the staff there but haven't talked to them in a while.