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  1. Ran into some cut kreia content on youtube. 


    1. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      Wonder how much more is out there?

    2. Mellowtron11


      This was probably cut early in the game when the developers decided to make Kreia a neccessary  party for the Exile's  team to go to Onderon during the Civil War quest.

  2. "history will list you among the contenders, but how will history remember you?" To think I almost missed this post entirely, wow. She definitely has an enticing voice for harbinger.
  3. Pseudo Guide to Installing Mods on Android. By jc2. Part 1: What I Can Teach You. Texture mods are your bread and butter. Let's go through 3 popular texture mods from deadlystream and install them. Dark Hope's HD Twi'lek Female < https://deadlystream.com/files/file/982-hd-twilek-female/> This type of mod is a Retexture mod, because it retextures vanilla assets. Retextures are simple, unzip (find a program that can unzip) and go into your kotor folder create an "override" folder.Now copy and paste all of the UNZIPPED files from this mod into the override directly. It's installed. Let's try another texture mod, but this time it adds new modded content with new textures. JC2 Robe Mod. This is not popular for good reason, but it is useful for teaching. (Promise me you will delete this!) This type of mod adds textures and adds new items (jedi robes), but it does not have any 2da files, like appearance.2da. This type is Added Textures & Items No 2da. Unzip files, copy and paste files from each subfolder that you want into the override folder. As simple as that. Now delete them... you promised. Robe mods are usually a good type of mod to have on Android because they do not require 2das, especially appearance.2da to function (each mod is unique though, please check each mod's files before installing). TSLPATCHER MODS: Let's try to install a TSLPATCHER Added Textures & Items Mod. JCarter426 or JC *the OG* created a JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes For K1 1.2 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1378-jcs-fashion-line-i-cloaked-jedi-robes-for-k1/ This requires a TSLPATCHER to PATCH the 2das, but this mod doesn't have 2das, thankfully. Brief summary of how a tslpatcher works. Tslpatcher starts with the vanilla 2da files within its tslpatchdata, and the modded content is patched unto it through the tslpatcher, allowing it to patch other 2da files within the override folder, however, on Android you cannot run a tslpatcher, thus you cannot install this mod. Not all hope is lost, you can install this mod on PC (see this video on how to do this), then take those post-patched files and copy &paste them into your override folder. *Important note, you can find a full dialogue.tlk file on deadlystream in this mod. CAUTION: This is extraordinarily risky as many things can go wrong, too many to list. Please proceed with caution, and the less mods you install this way the better. Let's say you want JC's Fashion LIne and you want to install JC's Jedi Tailor for K1 Run the tslpatcher of one, then before copy & pasting it over override, install the other mod into that folder before moving the combined collection of files into their respective folders. Because! JC's Jedi Tailor has a modules folder as well as an override folder, both will go in swkotor/Files as 2 different folders. Do not merge these folders. Now let's go back to JC's Fashion Line, that mod doesn't have 2da files, the tslpatcher there is simply for speed and simplicity. You could *WARNING* actually just take the files directly out and paste them into your override folder, this is very rare and should only be done with mods that have no dialogue.tlk, 2da files, or module editing. If noob, do not try this at home, even this mod could be updated and no longer function. What that means, is JC2's Fashion Line could be installed without a PC, but JC's Jedi Tailor requires a PC due to the modules editing. *Note* If you have a PC, you can install multiple mods into one override folder using the tslpatcher, which should patch the 2da files allowing a smooth and compatible installation. Never overwrite a 2da file unless you are completly removing that mod from your override, left over files can cause issues. We can add textures, retexture, add items, add robes, but can we add merchants & dialogue related mods? Yes, JC's Jedi Tailor adds a merchant & dialogue. What about lightsaber mods? Lightsaber mods that add new lightsabers, new hilts, and new crystals are TSLPATCHER 2da mods. Most of these mods will require a TSLPATCHER, but we can install on PC like before, some don't though, and if they don't that's the one you'll want if you have Android only. (often times these are older mods, found on https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic) Here's an example of normal 2da Tslpatcher lightsaber mod https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic/file/long-saber-crystal-pack Here's an example of a non-tslpatcher lightsaber mod by SithSpecter https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/1222 Finally, if you want to install something HUGE that will radically effect your endgame of kotor *shameless plug* you should check out Lehon Mandalorian Expansion This is a massive mod that is going to be one of the worst to install on Android, because of its use of multiple 2da files and its reliance on custom audio. It requires a tslpatcher to install, requiring a PC. Recently updated Shanilia. will now have a Android version that has already been patched by the tslpatcher allowing the User to copy and paste folders directly, without needing a PC. Types of files generally okay to install: .nss & .ncs (scripts), .dlg (dialogue files), most uti's (uti's are items) {unless they come with a 2da, then double check}, utm's (merchants), Questionable files (proceed with caution): utc's (NPCs) {if they have appearance.2da alongside them}, any 2da file, globalcat.2da, appearance.2da, etc, Mods to double check: If they alter any vanilla module, if they add any additional module, multiple robe mods (incompatibilities), high definition texture mods (will slow down or crash Android). Mods to avoid: Music mods (they won't work) & Brotherhood of Shadow (You may break your playthrough). K1R relies heavily on tslpatcher and patches a mass variety of files. Part 2: What I Cannot Teach You. How to Get BrotherHood Of Shadow to Work on Any Device Known to Man. Here's a youtube video on it, I hope it works for you. Get TSLPATCHER to work directly on Android. Opening 2da files & GFF files on Android. Enabling Cheats on Android. Give you a good reason why the custom Sounds/Audio doesn't work & how to fix it. How to make K1R work on Android. Part 3: Good advice Always read Readme's. Always look at reviews, sometimes mod's will be incompatible and people will mention it. Always doublecheck and open install logs when using tslpatcher mods, especially if you are on Android. Unless you are confident do not install 2 mods that both alter the same module (map area). Go to the forums & /r kotor (they have a discord) for questions and help. It's better to have less mods without crashes, then risking crashes for a more mods. Never overwrite a 2da file, unless you are fully destroying all mods assosiciated with that 2da file ( for example if you installed multiple mods into the override folder, put it in the Android, and then later installed more mods and tried to put them in the Android which results in the option of overwriting the 2da file already in the Android. This would be bad, if you did not then purge all the files that were connected to those 2da files.) I hope this helped in some way. -jc2
  4. Looking at the Youtube comments of Sheml on that video You have to change the script for her to wield a lightsaber which was done for the USM mod by Darth333. "floridadeathmetal666: I didn't change that script. I'm using Darth333's script that she wrote for the Ultimate Saber Mod." If you can find that script you can just put it into your game and avoid the other parts of USM. Edit1: After looking through it I think you will want to grab and input this script into the dlg file of that cutscene. "give_kreiasbr.ncs" from USM by darth33 You'll have to edit the source script though, because as of right now, it will try to replace the sword with a lightsaber unique to USM.
  5. jc2

    Kill Marlena

    In the vanilla you can speak with him and choose to leave him there, Bastila will even say some choice words in support of Marlena's actions. But, if you want a decision to support Marlena while talking to her, mmm, that's an interesting addition.
  6. Merry Christmas Deadlystream!

    1. src888


      Merry Christmas to all wherever in the world!

    2. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      Merry Christmas to you too!🎄

  7. Fallen Order really you too? Star Wars just loves to make copy pasta, stealing from kotor smh...

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    2. jc2


      Well one of the characters 


      presumably cut themselves off from the Force, which later by plot convenience was either A) a lie or B ) completely fixed by that character's decision alone.

      Funny enough it really didn't have any impact on the story, it was just to keep that character from interfering in the MC's story and justify their gameplay mechanics. 

    3. jc2


      @N-DReW25 No the game isn't all that good, decent but I wouldn't recommend it to people.  Graphics are meh, art style is okay, gameplay is easy and repetitive, and it lacks the JKA lightsaber decapitation. The story is weak and pointless, which makes sense because of all the existing plot from the animated series and movies, so the outcome and direction is very predictable and uneventful. 

    4. 1Leonard


      A character going into self-exile/turning away from what they know is a literary device as old as time. What is your point?

  8. Yeah I only watched the trailer as it was dissected by this youtuber here. But it was at that moment, when I realized I would not be seeing this movie, anything that validates cavalry charging on a space ship armed with anti-air guns and squadrons of fighters, it just seems too much like a Disney fantasy.
  9. oaky wait a second how do we that. So there's an icon between the crossout S and the insert link icon, that allows you to tag as spoilers, labeled Spoiler. Alright now I come in and say something suitably heroic... I'm excited for the Mandalorian so far the art style replicates the star wars vibe pretty strongly, for example the use of classic storm troopers gear instead of some new age helmets or armor design. But overall, I am skeptical of Disney star wars, still one of its directors is TCW director, so it's worth a shot to check out. Only a dozen or so days until it comes out.
  10. I very much like the merging of the kotor Mandalorian color style with the "modern" mando'a beskar'gam. Well done!
  11. How much of it did you drink before you made this post! "10% Juice?!" What is the remaining 90% made of? Also, we are going to need that before and after weight loss photo, holding a gym card with a motivational poster about triumph and world peace.
  12. jc2

    Move aside, Malak!

    This is worthy of reposting as the Screen of the week. All hail Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith.
  13. @DarthParametric Didn't you say the player doesn't learn all 7 forms?