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  1. jc2


    Woah, very neat!
  2. jc2

    East Central

    Wow, this looks very different!
  3. jc2

    (Request) Basilisk War Droid Redesign

    There's a decent mod for Star Wars Empire at War that adds a basilisk War Droid more in line with the comics.
  4. So I'm working on a reflection for LME, should I make it a blog post? Or should I record footage of LME and talk about things?

    If you are not interested in LME at all, would you still give imput on which format you think would be better?


    Originally, I thought of doing a video and I started righting a script for it, but it's quickly devolved into a blog-like written article, so now I'm reconsidering what to do.

    1. ebmar



      ...I'm working on a reflection for LME, should I make it a blog post? Or should I record footage of LME and talk about things?

      I like the idea for a record footage; I'm guessing it'd work better with the narration [easier to catch the emotion of the caster], I think. 🤔

      Though both is very much welcome. 😬

  5. jc2

    Blog #100

    From there all the way to the East Coast? That's going to be quite a trip!
  6. jc2

    Playable Rattataki x13

    Combining this mod with Playable Echani and Playable Wookiees grants a lot of options, and I would certainly recommend installing these.
  7. jc2

    Playable Echani x6

    These are incredible and I still enjoy installing this mod for the added options!
  8. jc2

    Weapon Base Stats Re-balance (K1)

    This mod very much improves the capabilities of your companions, for example, HK-47, who is blaster dependent. This certainly helps balance things out, but it does increase difficulty, as your opponenets will also be utilizing these weapons. Some of the Sith troopers use a special NPC gun that is relatively weak, which is not touched by this mod creating some relative imbalance, but with any difficulty mod installed, or set on higher difficulty this problem is nullified. Overall brought back some of the fun of blasting things in post Dantooine gameplay.
  9. jc2

    Iriaz on Dantooine

    Hadn't had Iraaz on Dantooine before, changed the experience for me, in a pleasantly different direction, if you haven't tried this mod or K1R, I would certainly recommend that you give it a try. The added wildlife makes the planet and the modules more immersive and alive.
  10. jc2

    Blog #100

    Where are you now? Safe travels so far?
  11. jc2

    Achilles Game Balance Mod

    Mmm it might be in here. http://www.jumpstationz.com/ModsArchive/Achilles/ But I couldn't locate it on nexus or gamefront, despite it being removed from nexus to be claimed back by gamefront last year (IIRC).
  12. jc2

    Y-hello-W! :D

    Welcome Asi! Stick around, and feel free to blog or write about your JKA modding experience and progress in the forums. I'm sure people would be interested in following what you are doing! Good luck with finishing your project!
  13. jc2

    Sand People Territory: The Companions

    Woah, those are some crazy ideas. Also I had no idea that was custom, I assumed it was normal, because of the female NPC tuskens inside the camp. Haven't done a lightside playthru of Dantooine in a long time.
  14. jc2

    Blog #100

    Yeah traveling has a way of tiring you out, despite how little you (seemingly) end up doing.