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  1. After months of trying to figure out why a set of scripts didn't fire, I realized they were not included in the installer... Hours of work and anguish over nothing... Ah the inanities of modding (and poor detail orientation). Anyways putting some effort towards LME again.



    1. ebmar



      After months of trying to figure out why a set of scripts didn't fire, I realized they were not included in the installer...

      Dang. Better luck next time, jc2! 😂

    2. jc2


      Yeah it gets better, after banging my head against the keyboard and trying for hours to get another script to work, it turns out I misspelled the script into the dlg file. 

    3. ebmar



      ...after banging my head against the keyboard and trying for hours to get another script to work, it turns out I misspelled the script into the dlg file.

      Nuff said; I will never, touch scripting. :scooter:

  2. jc2


    Glad you liked it! Yes, I'm going to have to look into it sometime, but others should take note of this possible glitch. Idk why Shanilia would cause it to crash at that time, since I do not mess with that unit's dlg, utc, or even its scripts. I only have one script that checks if the PC has won the Pazaak tournament, but that is only checked when the player returns to Shanilia after winning it. I'll have to double check, but I'm fairly certain that bug was caused by something else First, my bad with the backup folder and install log, those were left after I test installed Shanilia and were accidentally packaged along with the mod. Pay them no heed, they will not hinder you, nor will they prevent the tslpatcher from creating a backup folder and install log for your installation, once you've run the tslpatcher that is. The di_hpm_readme exists as tribute to the original modder of the texture I use in Shanilia, if you read my credits it should be explained why that readme is there. But the requirements for using that modding resource was to properly accredit the original modder by having his readme included in my mod, which I happily complied with. Hope I've answered your all of your feedback to the fullest! Overall, I'm very excited to hear you enjoyed interacting with Shanilia!
  3. jc2

    Helmless Starkiller

  4. jc2

    Kill Marlena

    Hey Obi Wan Pere, so looking at the files the only issue of incompatiblity is the "tat18_10tanis_01." This file has a vanilla bug, which k1r fixes. I believe I fixed the issue as well. I would suggest installing k1r and then this mod, and you can choose whether you want to keep k1r's version of this file or mine. Mine will allow a little continuity with your decisions regarding the conversation with Marlena. Because of how little k1r changes this file, I would recommend going with Kill Marlena's version, but that's up to you. Regardless of which file you choose, it will not result in any crash or cause substantial harm to your experience. And you can still experience most of Kill Marlena without tat18_10tanis_01. To fully answer your question, yes it is compatible with k1r, but you'll have to choose which file you want to keep. No it is not listed in the k1r comp list, because I did not request it to be added, nor has that list been updated recently. Additionally, we have a file option listed on each mod for k1 to reveal whether it is k1r compatible; I thought I had it listed as compatible, but clearly I didn't. I hope that clears up some things. Hope this helps!
  5. jc2

    [WIP] Selven "Legends"

    Congratulations with your release of Selven!
  6. Happy 4th of July (for my American compatriots)!

    1. DarthParametric


      We need a fireworks reaction.


    2. Sith Holocron
  7. On behalf of members of Deadlystream community, We acknolwedge and honor the effort and dedication of a respected member of our community, Sith Holocron. As many of you know, Sith Holocron has been an admin on deadlystream for as long as many of us can remember. He recently announced his reitrement as of July 1st, 2018. Years and years of patiently handling and resolving conflict between modders, community members, moderators, and other admins, Sith Holocron went above and beyond the requirements of his position and actively sought out to create a friendly, constructive forum site. Often pointing forum members, through PM or forum posts, towards other members that would have the knowledge they sought. When I was new the forums, it was SH who pointed me towards certain members to ask about modding topics. Sith Holocron's outstanding management to maintain and uphold the Rules of Deadlystream, even when he may have personally disagreed with the rules, and, in some cases, when enforcing the rules was unpopular, stands as testament to his incredible dedication. Despite knowing that by his actions of enforcing unpopular rules and policies, he would put himself, personally, in the crossfire; he continually did so for the benefit of the community. Sith Holocron invested into the community in ways, many of us cannot presume to comprehend, as an administrator, and, to this day, as a member of the community. From critique and to praise, from engaging and encouraging modders to collaborate and create to reminding members of the DS policies, Sith Holocron influenced the establishment of countless mods. Here are a few of those mods: M4-78 Darth Sion and Male Exile Mod Lightsaber and Force Forms Want Kaah Gone Realistic Skybox fo Deathdisco's Coruscant Handmaiden and Female Exile - Kreia's Fall in HD with original Sound and music Star Map Revamp M4-78 Alternate SkyBox Pack 1.0 K1 Galaxy Map Fix Pack TSL Galaxy Map Fix Pack Ebon Hawk Model Fixes Recruitment of Master Atris M4-78 MOvies Remade Taibhrigh's Female Player Head Taibhrigh's PFHA04 Extended Enclave Dustil Restoration Telos Citadel Station Skybox G0-T0 Overhaul Dak's Armored Robes Trainable Disciple (Upcoming mod) Juhani Catlike Head Mod WE, as a community, are indebted to you SH for all the engagement, management, and innumberable hours you've put into Deadlystream. For over eight years of service towards our community, Thank you Sith Holocron!
  8. The Spoiler or non-spoiler build? Just FYI, it was just updated as well. I imagine you'd just be looking for loose 2da files that do not have properly created tslpatchers. And keeping in mind maximum placeables TSL can have, which DP mentioned somewhere, but since the update I cannot find where, nor have I had the time to track it down. But that would be a good peice of information to know about, for obvious reasons about placeables, which I'm sure you know all too well.
  9. I know how difficult it can be to wait for voice overs to come in, you have my sympathies...
  10. jc2

    The Sith Code X The Revanchist

    Hahaha, I remember finding this years ago! The voice over by UnknownCharacters was well done! The filter (which bears repeating) was good as well!
  11. jc2

    SHANILIA - THE Grey Jedi Merchant

    Hey Chrispap! Thanks for letting me know that there's a bug. I have a few questions to narrow this down. Do you mean Uthar and Yuthura, that scene in Naga Sadow's tomb? Do you have any other mods installed? What wwas said before this error appeared, if you can remember? I'll check it out myself and see if there's any issue. Did you go to Korriban as your 3rd or 4th planet, which would be after Leviathan? This error means that for whatever reason, means that there is an issue with the dlg file, should be fairly easy to fix. Were you able to get past that point, or are you still stuck there because of this glitch? P.S. Messaging me directly is the best way of getting my attention. Thanks for trying to help! I should really follow my threads so it notifies me....
  12. jc2

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    I am very excited for this renovating merger of some sorts between /r kotor and DS. I think this will certainly the SW Kotorian community, especially with leadership collaboration and communication among /r kotor admins and DS admins/mods. Though, if I'm being entirely honest, small part of me doesn't like the change, for no conceivable reason, other than it is more change to the DS community. All of the site renovations, and now this, feels very overwhelming, but I am quickly warming up to the changes. The Wikia including all of the tips, tricks, bugfixes, and known gliches, will certainly aid different modders and Kotorians with incompatibility issues. It is crazy to think our community will continue to expand, when these games came out over a decade ago! As for the porting rule, I was one such person who disagreed and vocalized my disagreement without being banned, while still adhering and supporting the DS rules against porting content. Currently, my modding endeavors will not utilize any ported content, since I'm still working on LME & Trainable Disciple, but I look forward to taking advantage of the new rule, if it is maintained. I'm feeling very motivated to mod as well! If this rule lasts, there will be some very interesting mods in the future! Perhaps we will see more modders returning and new ones appearing, because of the suddenly opened, new, modding potential.
  13. jc2

    Prestige Classes for Party Members

    I agree conceptually with everything, except Kreia, she should be a Sith Lord, no doubt. I really don't think it is that hard to script prestige classes, would have to look at the script that checks for PC's level before allowing the PC to prestige. Nonetheless, you'd just have to set up an alignment check with a level check for your companions, including a check to confirm that they've already become jedi.
  14. jc2

    #2: JC's Mod Showcase

    Very much looking forward to seeing the videos!