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  1. jc2

    SKIN:Light Side Ending Masters

    This is neat! Does it follow your other mod which corrected the robes on each character as shown in the "revelation" cutscene?
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    2. jc2


      Every word mmm? Like the use of the word "a" and even the recognition of something being "new," when it happens to be something recent? 

      We shall see how this turns out, I'm skeptical, but not without some hope that it will be good. In general, live action series are of lower quality than films, so my expectations are already shriveled.  


    3. N-DReW25



      Every word mmm? Like the use of the word "a" and even the recognition of something being "new," when it happens to be something recent? 

      You realize that is a line from Luke from TLJ  right? Hence is why I said "All jokes aside"


    4. jc2


      No I did not realize that. Thank you for informing me of that. 

      That movie was only memorable to me for the amount of displeausre incured from it. I do not meditate on it any longer, nor I did find many of the quotes memorable. To me  (without this knowledge) it seemed like you were simply being overly pessimistic and antagonistic in a sarcastic manner supported by the claim of it as a joke. Clearly I was wrong. 

      I really do hope they don't (explicitive) mess up this star wars series, but I share your some of your doubts about this. 


  2. jc2

    Improved Dantooine Skybox

    Woah! This looks terrific!
  3. jc2


    Wow, these are some incredible screenshots of incredible mods!
  4. jc2

    [WIP] [K1] Sherruk "Legends"

    I prefer the neo-mandalorian helmets, and think that if you are going to the trouble of making a new filter, then you should keep the vanilla helmet. I agree that the mask option is viable, yet the breathing mask doesn't make a lot of sense, unless you are going in the direction of a combat wounded veteran with lung/breathing issues. I think a face mask of another kinda could be good as well. Best of luck working on this mod!
  5. jc2

    Blog #84 - New version of a 10 year old video

    My suggestion would be to have bastila's lightsaber deactivate after she intially runes in.There's a script function to deactivate lightsaber, I can't recall what it is exactly but I was able to tinker with it at one time. Otherwise, you have the lightsaber clipping into her, not to mention that last moment when she uses the begging animation and the lightsaber goes through her. Tbh, I really enjoyed the original video, but this one was well done.
  6. Telos is a greek word meaning end, purpose, or goal. I had no idea....


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    2. Domino5555


      That could be interpreted in many ways: Telos was the end of the line for failed Jedi. Telos was the end of Darth Nihilus.

    3. jc2


      @Domino5555 Or it could mean Telos was the true ending of TSL!

    4. Domino5555


      @jc2 What do you mean Telos was the true ending?

  7. Interesting... the early kotor modding era. NPCs facing the wrong way, most of the NPCs were just reskined and items were changed. If I'm correct that was the first mod that tried to give Carth an ending if you were darkside. Would be a neat concept to implement the invasion of Manaan as Darth Revan, the extermination of the Jedi, the defeat of the Republic, and Revan's Sith Empire explored a bit from the eyes of his soldiers. I do certainly like the idea of Revan boarding a hammerhead (through the escape pod hatches of course) and wiping out some jedi and Republic troops. I look forward to seeing more of these older mods playthrough.
  8. I think you may have mistaken me for @JCarter426. But I like the direction these videos are taking, is there any chance you could add commentary/judgement on the mods towards the end?
  9. Cup of Caf... I love it! Mod fixes made fun. > 


  10. So I took a look at your installer and noticed the installer wasn't set up to handle if there was a spell.2da already in the override. You have it adding a row, and you have that added row Labeled 132, which is bad, because if there is any mod that adds row 132, then you will have just added a second row 132, resulting in a crash, or your mod failing to work. You do not want to have spell.2da to every modify the "Row Label." so remove that entirely. You can edit the "Label" though, which can be anything since it hardly matters at all, only helpful for people looking at the spell.2da to locate your mod. As for the .TLK changes, I cannot help you there. I steer clear of modifying the TLK file. Here's an updated tslpatcher changes.ini so you can open and see what the change I just spoke of. changes.ini
  11. Getting Close ... Standby for gameplay trailer #2! Project 77A1.avi
  12. The bugs never end.....

    Working on LME again guys, hopefully I can have something to show for it soon!

    1. N-DReW25


      Glad to hear! 


      "The bugs never end...." aye? Never has this meme been so relevant.


    2. Haveayap


      I swear the bugs are not my fault this time... well apart from the one where i accidentally took carth into the temple with me and broke the entire endgame 😂🤣😂 But hey, I killed Jolee with Carth so wasnt totally bad 🤷‍♂️

    3. jc2


      @Haveayap aahhaha! Yeah I fixed the sidequest questlog and, yes, the audio was skipping because I changed the location of the sound with the installer, simple fix of the installer files rerouted, just like I figured. 

  13. jc2

    Pending approval

    Very nice!
  14. Someone told Nexusmods that their Kotor 2 icon picture was from k1, they finally fixed it today... wow!

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    2. DarthParametric


      What was it before?

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I know I was at least one of the folks that mentioned that but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    4. jc2


      @DarthParametricIt was Darth Malak of all people, just an angled body shot with his lightsaber out.