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  1. jc2

    Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    Considering that nothing prevents Sith Ghosts from emerging (since disney erased that element of canon) , he may not actually be back, but have some sort of Sith Holocron. I doubt they'd go the route of SWBF2 EA though. S
  2. jc2

    Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    I don't think I can even bring myself to watch the trailer... I was so disappointed by the previous movie, and have such a distate for Rey, the character, that it is a complete turn off to see her with a lightsaber. Not to hijack this thread to talk about previous movies, but just to explain my lack of interest in the trailer and the movie.
  3. This looks amazing. As mentioned by DP, you've got your work cut out for you incorporating those textures into the game, which I look forward to seeing! If you do release it fully, would you still mind allowing use of it as a modder's resource?
  4. jc2

    Lehon Mandalorian Expansion

    There is no female model. If you are a female PC your appearance will show the male version of the Mandalorian armor. So to be 100% clear, armor is only in male format. It does not exist in any other form within the game. When you equip mandalorian armor it overrides your PC's gender and applies a "disguise" as if you were literally becoming another character like Malak. In the vanila game there is one model and 3 texture variations of the Mandalorian armor, these are used by both the PC and the NPCs. Without creating a female model, like that mod you listed did, there is no way to have female mandalorian armor.
  5. jc2

    Lehon Mandalorian Expansion

    Permission was not granted to use that mod, but feel free to install it and do your own tinkering to make it work. It is possible.
  6. Recruitable Yuthura needs to be redone and include a darkside version!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DarthParametric


      It was taken down because it was originally from Game Front, but it doesn't appear to be on the revived Game Front site. If you Google "Redemption of Yuthura Ban" you'll likely find some alternative, albeit dubious, hosts.

    3. ebmar



      If you Google "Redemption of Yuthura Ban" you'll likely find some alternative...

      Yeah! Finally got one. :cheers:


      ...albeit dubious, hosts.

      Dubious as in no screenshots available - even for a texture mod, lol.

    4. DarthParametric


      More like dubious as in hosting malware, etc.

  7. jc2

    Entry #2: "And. Here. We. Go."

    How's this coming along?
  8. I like the direction of the content, but not the content itself. Seems neat though. 


    1. ebmar


      Its content is a one big spoiler, lol.

    2. Mellowtron11


      Well the KOTOR 1 has been out for a while....

      It's cool that they actually revisit the game's locations though.

  9. Now this is podracing... 


  10. jc2

    Disciple Retexure

    This could not be more well said..... So are you looking for a mod that does this or asking for one to be created? Here's a mod that changes his look: http://www.cjt0202.net/mjpb3mods.php under New Disciple
  11. jc2

    Wrist-mounted flamethrower

    Whatever happened to this project?
  12. jc2

    Blog #100

    Safe travels, look forward to blog #101 "Another Happy Landing." On a side note, funny to see 2 of the three people in the example screenshot commenting.
  13. To my utter dismay, Shanilia has more issues with it.. Unbelievable. Will fix soon.

  14. jc2

    The Companions: Canderous Ordo

    Never seen that canderous armor before, also what's that picture/sign in the background don't recognize it.