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  1. jc2

    Old face, new community

    Welcome back! Be sure to check out the /r kotor reddi, which due to a merger of the communities, is actually linked at the menubar of deadlystream and has some helpful info about the game, in terms of troubleshooting, mod installation, fixes, lore answers, etc...
    What you see is what you get, but more Revan is always welcome! There isn't much to say, other than to mention that I enjoyed having this mod installed. 5 Stars.
  2. jc2

    [K1] Lyn Sekla "Legends"

    This mod makes this NPC very unique in design but still within universe asethetics. This mod looks quite good by itself, but benefits from having other twi'lek mods installed, such as Dark Hopa's, Darthparametric's, and Quanon's.
  3. jc2

    [K1] Selven "Legends"

    5 Stars! Took me a few deaths, a full party, and a few levels with shields, a few grenades, and a mine or two, but a very satisfying and challenging mini-boss battle.
    I like the new look, and it made it more enjoyable to enter that old part of Taris, anything that can add some new visuals to Taris is worth checking out!
  4. jc2


    Unless you plan to do some geographic landscaping module, the background for a volcanic or barren wouldn't really be that different, not to mention its an entire planet. Perhaps the urban and populated area is more arable, less arid, and less volcanic; therefore, you stil wouldn't have to worry about the volcanic effects. Just my 2 cents. Also, IIRC there's a limited to the music.2da at like 51, with the default at 48 or 49, so there isn't much room to add soundtracks.
  5. jc2

    Blog #99 - But what about "XXX" for a sound set?

    This is a very interesting niche you've found in kotor modding. Despite the unlikelihood of downloading these myself, I find these publications and potential publications oddly alluring to follow and enjoyable to see accomplished. I am most definitely looking forward to seeing these released!
  6. jc2

    Kast's Projects

    Yeah it took me some time to understand the recruit function and plenty of additional study.
  7. jc2

    The After/Party

    Mission looks boss!
  8. jc2

    MOD:[TSL] Legacy of Kain Soundset

    I love this new trend!
  9. jc2

    Blog #94 - The Problem with Master Vash

    I had no idea that her voice actress changed, nor the history of SW involvement both voice actresses had. Neat to know. I've never liked how TSL and mods treated Master Kash with her either dead or very limited by dialogue. With the single exception of a modded video, on your channel I believe, that had Master Kash fight Sion to allow the PC to escape, which seemed a little more befitting for a more likable and noble Jedi and accommodated the limitations quite nicely. I could get behind recasting or just giving alien VOs to her to integrate her back into the story/Dantooine scene.
  10. I agree to some extent however, Drew Karpyshyn was comissioned by EA to bridge the gap between K1 & TSL to an already prewritten SWTOR galaxy. (The book came out a couple months prior to two plus years of work on an MMO) I'm fairly certain most of his major plot points, especially the ending was written before he was given the book to write. Just from how rapid and short the book was, the most creative freedom he may have had was probably the dealing of Canderous and the helmet of Mandalore, but even that was already hardcoded due to TSL lore. Really, he shoudln't be held too* responsible for that mess, despite how lackluster it felt. In essence, he was paid to string a predetermined plot with some dialogue and little more. Still, Chris Avellone would be the best guy to write k3.
  11. jc2

    KotOR .lip file

    Which kotor?
  12. jc2

    MOD:Control Panel For Kashyyyk Shadowlands Forcefield

    Classic DP content. Phenomenal.