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  1. Always neat to see kotor footage of gameplay with mods I recognize! 

    VP's Ajunta Pall. 

    Effixian's Bastila Robes. 

    I think Circa's HQ Bastila. 



  2. jc2

    Lehon Mandalorian Expansion

    What do you mean by breaks? Could you elaborate on when the dialogue breaks? Does it hard lock the player from opening the door and continuing with the game?
  3. jc2

    Party Leveler K1

    It causes this? I did not know that, or had forgotten. I hope to look into this issue, could you elaborate on it a bit more?
  4. Always a pleasure to meet a Jedi. 

    Recommended this to a friend of mine, and I've installed it myself. It does exactly what it says and the quality of the VOs are good. It's a very small change, but it adds a little detail that makes the game feel fresh.
  5. My suggestions: Vashtere; Savary; Renevault; Vaah'ere; Vininard; Veer'zeen; Valor; Tribunal; Fenrehn; Valic; Lyzander; Venerate; Devouth.
  6. This is most useful and always helpful to see documented saves!
  7. Keep at it! What's your next step after the portrait?
  8. Time to expose myself, I played the orange mod. Had a blast. It was fun. If you play the mod like a parody of kotor, it feels rather satisfying. There is a bunch of hilariously strange dialogue. There were a few characters, that just made me laugh. It was like if a kid had written dialogue of what he imagined adult conversation/conflict would be like. There were strange objects outside, the sky was orange. Part of modding is taking creative license to recreate a part of your perspective of the game into the game, whether that answers a what if all this? Or a why didn't it have this? These questions and their answers, the mods themselves, are rather interesting to explore. When I played Cathalan, the orange shade was like the modder's orange pair of sunglasses for viewing kotor. There is not another mod like Cathalan, for dozens of reasons, but in terms of originality nothing quite like it. I had a good laugh, not as a mocker, but as someone who finds a ball, throws it against a wall causing the ball to bounce back at me and knock me down. It was surprising, unexpected, and overall different than other mods, especially of it's size and nature. I wouldn't recommend the mod to people who want an authentic kotor experience, but if you can get past the hubris of the modding "elitism," and you have a sense of humor for random things on the internet, even if they are a far cry from their point of origin, then you might just find Cathalan to be quite entertaining. All this to say, there are very good reasons why most people do not recommend this mod. Despite the many years from its creation, its infamy lives on. The wax-philosophical question is..... What tint are your sunglasses? *Note* The term modding "elitism" is not intended to criticize or advocate censorship of modders' criticism/critiques/comments or other (within reason) rationality. Nor does it disregard the valid critiques and claims brought against the mod and its author. The sole purpose of this term is to recognize bias and the arrogance behind that bias that may or may not have been previously or continually held. Used within this context, though there may be "elitism," take care to not let that bias be the sole factor of judgement.
  9. I prefer the longer cutscene, but I must agree the shorter one feels more polished.
  10. jc2

    Assault Korriban Academy

    Yeah, I think that the cutscene would have been a brilliant method! I forgot to mention another one of the issues, which was the door's description implying it was a fortress door, unassailable. IIRC it was something like "this massive door can only be opened from the inside." So either an alternative point of entry or massive force power justification, thus reinforcing the PEL. Perhaps about the voice acting, just take lines directly from PC's combat engagement in the tomb, the game already has Uthar swearing allegiance. It would be finnicky but I think with enough creative effort and minimalism, you could get something working. Perhaps if you had a way of narratively pre-occupying your party members, I.e they have to fight off screen somewhere, stop reinforcements, transmit some information back to the Republic, etc... It could also be fun to just recast those characters with other voice actors for the mod as a potential fix. Always interesting to hear your thoughts on modding DP!
  11. In early 2021, the concept of an aggressive and alternate path into the Korriban Academy was conceived. What if you could charge in lightsabers ignited and guns blazing into Korriban? Especially Post Events of the Leviathan (PEL)! CONCEPT QUESTIONS: What if there was a Darkside & Lightside routes of assault to Korriban Temple? Would you subjugate it as a Sith defeating Master Uthar and usurping his authority or would you recruit him as your pawn? This latter option led to the same issues of Shanilia of the PC deciding pre-unknown world (Lehon) which LS or DS path they'd choose, and creates a minor plot hole with Jolee/Juhani/Bastila and other PM who think the PC is saving the galaxy; thus the workaround is prevention of those characters accompanying or requiring the PC to do it solo. Raising the difficulty in terms of gameplay and modding those conditionals. Or would Revan enforce the Rule of Two, or merely adopt the Sith philosophy of testing and destroying the weak amongst them, and wipe out the entire Academy? This raises issues of the famed strategic mindset Revan was accredit for having. On the Lightside, would the PC eradicate all evil in open combat and take on an army? Would you lead a strike team of Jedi to launch a sneak attack and cripple the inflow of new Sith recruits? Would there be any room for repentance? The greatest point would be for the Lightside PC to actually save the fleeing Sith students in the caves. This entire incident would suddenly become a major plot point of the Assault Korriban Temple mod, while still being optional, as most of the vanilla plot would be removed. NARRATIVE CHALLENGES: For all these narrative reasons, the mod's creative direction was hard to settle upon. Eventually, I determine PEL was the only reasonable justification for the mod even existing, otherwise the PC is too weak and power scaling doesn't make sense. Though anyone could argue that this was countered by the vanilla game sending the entire academy at you. How do you accurately represent the Sith within the Temple responding to a Sith PC, it would be initial hostility followed by respect and a conversation with Yuthura/Uthar allowing the PC to subjugate or completely destroy them. Destroy has to be an option for PC expectations of Sith, DS jedi or DS elitist or Rule of Two, etc... Eventually, I settled on that, and the LS version was also PEL followed by an optional but recommended Jedi Strike team that had infiltrated the Dreshdae colony and were about to strike. Therefore, it would be more coincidental that the PC was there (Will of the Force) resulting in the death of all Sith, except fleeing students found in the cave. ENDINGS: The PC would then be able to simply walk into the Starmap module or be escorted by friendly Sith, dramatically shortening the quest list on Korriban and player time on Korriban. TECHNICAL HURDLES: On a technical standpoint, this required massive changes to all Korriban modules, massive changes to dialogue, lack of voice acting and replacement of aliens VOs, doors would have to be unlocked, party member specific scripts, enormous bug testing, compatibility issues for practically any Korriban mod, removing triggers, re-doing sidequests like the Mandalorian prisoner (planned to make him Republic), creating new sidequests like allowing PC to free & save Republic soldiers used as sparring partners. The more I write about this crazy idea, the more I like it! This was simply an idea I had for a mod, it would be awesome to see this or something like this done by anyone. I may in-fact come back to this project in the future. But, alas, I have an even more exciting and original modding project in development that may take me years to complete! Or like this modding project fall to the wayside and become yet another gravepost of the Journal of jc2. May the Force be with you, -jc2