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  1. jc2

    MOD:Sith Armory

    Yeah, or we could help you make a small script that would spawn those items in that backpack. @kexikus Correct me if I'm wrong, but unless there is a .mod (which only modders make) then that won't work; therefore, he'd have to rely on k1r or another mod. Or he'd have to recreate the entire module file and make it into a .mod file increasing the likelyhood of incompatibility with other mods, perhaps k1r depending upon how k1r tslpatcher was set up. I think the easier route and less likely to cause incompatibilities would be to use a script firing in that dialogue. Even that could be problematic if k1r mods that .dlg file. On a side note, @Arctrooper209 you could put some of the items in this scene, but also some of the items on the Leviathan,, for balance of items' sake and lore friendly. Manaan Sith base would be an interesting idea as well. Just some thoughts for you to consider. Okay, that makes sense, just curious.
  2. What happens when you search "save mission" into google? My mod shows up as the first result, when I try it on chrome browser both normal and incognito mode. I'm curious if that happens with other people. And I'm not sure what to think about that...

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    2. jc2


      @DarthParametric Woah that's interesting, I wonder what that means for data logging and search engine background shenanigans pre-determining our interests and changing the results we search. 

       @ebmar Yeah that's almost identical to what I got but with Save Mission first of course.

      @N-DReW25 Sounds about right, huh. 

      Thanks guys for searching that, quells my curiosity a bit!

    3. Mephiles550


      It has entirely to do with your previous search history and data logging, I'm certain.

      Sorry, man. I'm sure your mod is good, but it's not world renown lol

    4. DarthParametric



      I wonder what that means for data logging and search engine background shenanigans pre-determining our interests and changing the results we search. 

      Probably not a great deal. I got the mod page as the top result when searching for the exact phrase, i.e. wrapping it in quotes. But there's no fun in that.

  3. jc2

    MOD:Sith Armory

    Congratulations on your first release! I have a question though, did you only tinker with this file "backpack001.utp" and when someone installs your mod they put that in the override? That will cause any file named " backpack001.utp" which is a common tag and several modules (maps) have that tag, but have different things inside them. Because modules are all tightly packed up they can do this, but the OVERIDE folder overrides most files and will cause any module that uses backpack001.utp will then have the same inventory and be cloned all over the game. I once installed a mod that did this and had every footlocker i opened give me 100 credits and about 150 credits worth of sellable junk, I got rich fast, but it was sad to rarely get loot. I uninstalled that file after Taris, but still the memory remains. Additionally, do the Sith ever use these weapons against the players? Or are these items added to the game, instead of modifying existing weapons to be stronger?
  4. Welcome! I'm not necessarily proud, but excited to share a gameplay trailer I worked on. I hope it gives you a visual understanding of what to expect from LME, of course, about 60% of the mod isn't included in the trailer, simply becuase it would have dramatically increased the trailer's time. But to reiterate, LME seeks to create an altered main quest, that forms a triangular effect. Side with Mandalorian Faction, defeat both Rakatan Factions. Side with the One, Black Rakata, faction, and defeat Mandalorian, and Elder Rakata factions. Side with Elder Rakata, and defeat Mandalorian, and the One, black Rakata, factions. What's shown in the video: Main Quest triangle, Mandalorians speaking Mando'a, voice acting, battles, loot, quest logs, and a fan made Mando'a soundtrack by SazMando, which will be included in LME. What's not shown in the video: 3 sidequests are included if you decide to work with the Mandalorians. Party interactions, from the following list of companions: HK-47, Canderous, Juhani, and Zaalbar. Wearable Mando'a armor, stats of Mando'a weapons, increased difficulty of enemy foes (footage was taken on easy, impossible difficulty is intense in the added battles), oppotunities for LS and DS points, NPC interactions with Mandalorians, and some other secrets that the PC will be able to experience if particular choices are made. I plan to release LME relatively soon, but with finals nearly upon me, finishing work (such as typos, slight adjustments to different things ... etc) may make this a mid December release. Thanks for reading and watching! -jc2
  5. jc2

    Mandalorian Lehon Expansion

    Yes, that's a good observation, I will fix that typo eventually. Glad you got it to work finally, it might have been the exported file format that was causing issues.
  6. jc2

    Mandalorian Lehon Expansion

    Thanks to @UnusualCharacters for his excellent voice acting! Here's a small update of Lehon Mandalorian Expansion, this is the only Mandalorian character that is not speaking Mando'a, but due to the quality and repeated closure of services by volunteers, I've chosen to keep his voice acting in place and have ceased searching for another. The last Mandalorian character has received her lines and they have been implemented into the game, no external force is holding me back anymore! Overall, as of right now, a few spelling & grammar mishaps exist and a final test to confirm bug fixes are all that's left to do. Currently, I'm working on a gameplay trailer. I'm hoping to release LME before the end of 2018. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 18-11-2018 17_15.mp4
  7. jc2

    Entry #1: Back to the Future...

    For those interested and wondering the (historical) context of his post about his WIP TC "Echo of the Force," here is the holowan labs WIP thread link > https://web.archive.org/web/20140704134608/http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=208228
  8. I miss working on LME.... At least, it nears completion, regardless of my inability to finish the project (relying on other people forces one to accept patience, I have been given quite an opportunity to grow in that area!) But enough of the pessimism, it's good to see Deadlystreamers still actively producing content. Props to the people keeping it alive!

    1. Mellowtron11


      LME? What's that?

    2. jc2


      Lehon Mandalorian Expansion WIP link > 

       < Basically, it's an addition of a Mandalorian faction to Lehon and an additional faction to ally yourself with to gain access to the Temple and, subsequently, to gain access to the Star Forge. Comes with three sidequests, a main quest revision to entering the temple. A few good aspects, are increased battles, Mando'a language spoken by Mandalorians, and additional loot/gear to gain.

  9. I greatly respect your attention to detail in the credits section. It is always, a pleasure and of interest to me where your inspiration and resources come from. Congratz on the mod release, as well!
  10. jc2


    Who do you think? "She will break you..." that's Sion all the way. The other guy doesn't care if "you" get "broken" he just wants to eat you.
  11. jc2

    SKIN:Light Side Ending Masters

    This is neat! Does it follow your other mod which corrected the robes on each character as shown in the "revelation" cutscene?
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    2. jc2


      Every word mmm? Like the use of the word "a" and even the recognition of something being "new," when it happens to be something recent? 

      We shall see how this turns out, I'm skeptical, but not without some hope that it will be good. In general, live action series are of lower quality than films, so my expectations are already shriveled.  


    3. N-DReW25



      Every word mmm? Like the use of the word "a" and even the recognition of something being "new," when it happens to be something recent? 

      You realize that is a line from Luke from TLJ  right? Hence is why I said "All jokes aside"


    4. jc2


      No I did not realize that. Thank you for informing me of that. 

      That movie was only memorable to me for the amount of displeausre incured from it. I do not meditate on it any longer, nor I did find many of the quotes memorable. To me  (without this knowledge) it seemed like you were simply being overly pessimistic and antagonistic in a sarcastic manner supported by the claim of it as a joke. Clearly I was wrong. 

      I really do hope they don't (explicitive) mess up this star wars series, but I share your some of your doubts about this. 


  12. jc2

    Improved Dantooine Skybox

    Woah! This looks terrific!
  13. jc2


    Wow, these are some incredible screenshots of incredible mods!