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  1. How much of it did you drink before you made this post! "10% Juice?!" What is the remaining 90% made of? Also, we are going to need that before and after weight loss photo, holding a gym card with a motivational poster about triumph and world peace.
  2. jc2

    Move aside, Malak!

    This is worthy of reposting as the Screen of the week. All hail Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith.
  3. @DarthParametric Didn't you say the player doesn't learn all 7 forms?
  4. Not that I know of, but that is an excellent idea. I'm not sure what TSLRCM does to that scene, but to make this work, someone would have to do some scripting of the global booleans/numbers, some voice splicing and dlg editing to remove references to Talia or insert references to General Vaklu, might have to edit the battle a bit. Idk. But it is possible. More Jedi hypocrisy, don't get politically involved helping the Republic stay stable against the Mandalorians. Post-Mandalorian Wars, Master Kavar getting politcal as a "bodyguard," to keep Onderon in the Republic, but sees the player as fallen to the dark side if you ally with Vaklu.
  5. jc2

    Trask Ulgo

    Damn another dark jedi!
  6. This is a rather fantastic edit of Kreia's spoken words, the audio editing is impressive!

    Kreia Through the Eyes of the Exile 


  7. Managed to get in touch with Inyri Forge about permission to use Female Mandalorians in LME, so I guess I'll work on updating that. Thanks Inyri Forge!

    1. ebmar


      That is good news! Anyway, I'm on Lehon currently and just having a "deal" with The One which I know is very close to the where the mod triggers. Looking forwards to where the journey leads us!

    2. jc2


      That's awesome, I was wondering when you'd get around to it. You'll have to tell me how it goes!

  8. jc2

    Modding Checkup (Sept 2019)

    Possibly. I have considered it. Most of my blogs are just my quirky side narrating recent events to get a few chuckles from myself or others. Yet at the same time, they serve as announcements/advertisement of content. Huh. I'm not sure where my motivation from blogging is coming from, but that's certainly a byproduct of modding, and where does that come from? So if my goal of blogging was to gain attention for my mods, then advertising on /r kotor would be a proper course of action. I haven't thought about this in some time, would be an interesting topic to broach...
  9. Sadly enough, sometimes there is no reasoning with Steam or Steamies...
  10. Glad I could be of help. No idea, the only thing that matters is communicating what your mod does, so if you have to use images from google to show vanilla assets or something, then why not. Mabye another modder might have a better answer. I know for one of my mods, I pulled the concept art off of google images and used it, because I was too lazy to get screenshots, recently went back and updated that mod with screenshots.
  11. Either way, really. If you decide to upload all of them, simply label each individual part. It really comes down to organization and how you effective you are at communicating what is inside each zipped folder. Like, mentioned before, its helpful to people if they have an understanding of specifics and general concept. I'd recommend uploading them in groups, i.e. fixes for dialogue (dlg files) or group a bunch of .uti files that fix/mod/upgrade items. You could always attach them to this post and see what feedback is given about organizing them. The only other thing that comes to mind about etiquette is crediting tool creators, users, tutorial writers, etc...
  12. Congratulations on your first release! I would recommend showing a changelog, which would detail what you did. Otherwise, people will not know what you have done, thus won't download somebody's claim to "upgrade" or "balance" the implants.
  13. jc2

    Improved Grenades

    Just found this today, this is a mod by Xcom for TSL that is very similar (makes the Demolition skill increase the dmg of rockets and grenades) . Here is the link for anyone interested. > http://www.jumpstationz.com/ModsArchive/Xcom/xc_grenades.zip