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  1. jc2

    SHANILIA - THE Grey Jedi Merchant

    Hey Chrispap! Thanks for letting me know that there's a bug. I have a few questions to narrow this down. Do you mean Uthar and Yuthura, that scene in Naga Sadow's tomb? Do you have any other mods installed? What wwas said before this error appeared, if you can remember? I'll check it out myself and see if there's any issue. Did you go to Korriban as your 3rd or 4th planet, which would be after Leviathan? This error means that for whatever reason, means that there is an issue with the dlg file, should be fairly easy to fix. Were you able to get past that point, or are you still stuck there because of this glitch? P.S. Messaging me directly is the best way of getting my attention. Thanks for trying to help! I should really follow my threads so it notifies me....
  2. jc2

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    I am very excited for this renovating merger of some sorts between /r kotor and DS. I think this will certainly the SW Kotorian community, especially with leadership collaboration and communication among /r kotor admins and DS admins/mods. Though, if I'm being entirely honest, small part of me doesn't like the change, for no conceivable reason, other than it is more change to the DS community. All of the site renovations, and now this, feels very overwhelming, but I am quickly warming up to the changes. The Wikia including all of the tips, tricks, bugfixes, and known gliches, will certainly aid different modders and Kotorians with incompatibility issues. It is crazy to think our community will continue to expand, when these games came out over a decade ago! As for the porting rule, I was one such person who disagreed and vocalized my disagreement without being banned, while still adhering and supporting the DS rules against porting content. Currently, my modding endeavors will not utilize any ported content, since I'm still working on LME & Trainable Disciple, but I look forward to taking advantage of the new rule, if it is maintained. I'm feeling very motivated to mod as well! If this rule lasts, there will be some very interesting mods in the future! Perhaps we will see more modders returning and new ones appearing, because of the suddenly opened, new, modding potential.
  3. jc2

    Prestige Classes for Party Members

    I agree conceptually with everything, except Kreia, she should be a Sith Lord, no doubt. I really don't think it is that hard to script prestige classes, would have to look at the script that checks for PC's level before allowing the PC to prestige. Nonetheless, you'd just have to set up an alignment check with a level check for your companions, including a check to confirm that they've already become jedi.
  4. jc2

    #2: JC's Mod Showcase

    Very much looking forward to seeing the videos!
  5. jc2

    Blogs: Header Photos

    Yeah, I noticed this as well! I like the catch phrase "ramblings of a Dark side artifact."
  6. jc2

    E-Hawk Got Pimped

    I very much just read GIMP instead of pimp....
  7. jc2

    Where the Wookiees At *TSL*

    Woah, that is a very good idea. It would require probably 2 additional modules for us to pull that off. Or could we reuse one of Nar Shaddaa's modules for a Red Eclipse area? Still how would you organize the manhunt? Urban manhunt for wookiees? The Telos idea seems very doable, though I'm not sure how much you could add. Would it just be a cameo appearance? Or would they show up on the surface of Telos with Bao'dur?
  8. jc2

    Where the Wookiees At *TSL*

    Yeah ikr! That's my point, would be cool to see. I figured I'd make a blog post as a note to self and/or to share the idea with the community. Mmm that's a really good point. However, Canderous in K1 did mention that the Mandalorians knew of Kashyyyk and even thought about invading it as a challenge, because of the raw strength wookiees had, but decided against it. Nar Shaddaa was a refugee center, but say Revan didn't disrupt the Slave Trade on Kashyyyk then perhaps the Exchange would use Nar Shaddaa as blackmarket. I was thinking more of slaves in cages for Nar Shaddaa than simply just living there. Having the wookiees show up on Telos is an excellent idea as well, both as part of black market or as helpers to the Ithorians to restore the surface of Telos.
  9. jc2

    Where the Wookiees At *TSL*

    In TSL, there are no wookiees, except for a single angry Wookiee... I'm fairly certain if you have that infamous NPC Overhaul you may run into a few more, but there are no important wookiee characters. In K1, there's an entire planet of them. I'm not suggesting porting Kashyyyk to TSL, but it would be interesting to see wookiees show up as a sidequest or potential companion interaction. For instance, if you had Hanharr mabye you'd run across some wookiees on Nar Shaddaa, either free them or sell them into slavery. This would allow character development of the PC for LS or DS points, it would highlight Hanharr's disregard for his people, and it would allow the PC an influence opportunity, more XP, and if you had Mira vice versa, though Mira has actual voiced lines, while Hanharr has alien VO. The location could be changed, but Nar Shaddaa seems the most believable location. Hanharr and wookiees are prime real estate for modding since they use Alien VOs and are not very prominent in TSL. Wookiees could show up as slaves of Czerka on Telos, and need to be freed, or captured and sold to the Exchange or G0T0. Additionally, a Big Z could easily make a cameo and have a hostile interaction with Hanharr resulting in the death of Big Z, or Hanharr for that matter... Not sure if i'll ever do this, but if I did work on a content driven lore expansion mod, wookiees would be included.
  10. Random thought. It might be difficult to inform new users how forums work and how not to violate normal forum etiquette if the site is set up with such a social media overtone. Also, all of my mirror links to deadlystream no longer work since the update, I guess I'll have to update that on nexusmods.com some time.

  11. jc2

    New Site Layout/Format

    I am pleased with the new update, I like the direction and intention behind the site's update. Yet I too am confused by the new layout, especially your point about the downloads section being a bit less obvious, since 80% of Deadlystream is the downloads section.
  12. jc2

    The Companions: Juhani

    Interesting! Even with the reskin though, Juhani still has a bit of a brick head.
  13. Okay, this site is woah. Anyways, ebmar you need Miles Sound Tool, which used to be freeware. I've found a reddit post that explains how you'd do it. > I meant to leave it as a link, but this update has me confused. Nevertheless, once you've done all that has been said to do in that reddit, you can then use any audio editing software like audacity to edit the audio in whatever way you'd like.
  14. jc2

    HD UI Menu Pack

  15. jc2

    Taris J'ika