Treat Injury Affects Force Healing [TSL] 1.0.0

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This mod makes it so Treat Injury modifies the vitality points gained from Force healing powers.


The Treat Injury skill isn’t very useful for Force users, since medpacs become pretty much obsolete when you can heal with Force points. I wanted to make the skill more valuable to Jedi classes while rebalancing Force heals a bit.

Now, Jedi will need to invest points into Treat Injury to be effective healers. Characters with low Treat Injury will heal less and may want to rely on other party members with high Treat Injury for healing, or advanced medpacs/life support kits.

Lore-wise, it makes sense that a Jedi would need some understanding of the body’s healing process in order to heal effectively through the Force, and that some Jedi are more specialized in healing than others.

This mod may make the game slightly more challenging on average, since a Treat Injury lower than your character level will lead to less VP healed compared to vanilla. See details below.


In vanilla, the number of vitality points you gain from Force healing is tied to your level and Wisdom/Charisma modifiers, plus a flat bonus of 5 VP from Heal and 15 VP from Improved and Master Heal. This mod replaces the character level modifier by the average of your level and Treat Injury skill.

Here’s a breakdown of each power’s VP gain:

VANILLA:    VP = WIS + CHA + level + 5
NEW:           VP = WIS + CHA + (level + Treat Injury)/2 + 5

Improved Heal
VANILLA:    VP = WIS + CHA + level + 15
NEW:           VP = WIS + CHA + (level + Treat Injury)/2 + 15

Master Heal
VANILLA:    VP = WIS + CHA + 2*level + 15
NEW:           VP = WIS + CHA + level + Treat Injury + 15

With this mod, you’ll need a Treat Injury equal to your character level to heal the same amount as in vanilla. Points above or below this will increase or decrease the amount compared to vanilla.


To install, run TSLPatcher.exe. If spells.2da already exists in your override folder, an unaltered copy will be placed inside the “backup” folder in the location of TSLPatcher.exe, along with a backup of dialog.tlk.


To uninstall, remove k_fp_heal1ti.ncs, k_fp_heal2ti.ncs, k_fp_heal3ti.ncs, and spells.2da from your override folder. Replace dialog.tlk in the main game folder with the unaltered dialog.tlk located in the backup folder. If there's a spells.2da inside the backup folder, move it to override.


Should be compatible with any mod that doesn’t affect the scripts for the Heal, Improved Heal, and Master Heal powers.

Please don’t reupload without my permission.


KOTOR Tool - Fred Tetra
TSLPatcher, TalkEd - stoffe, Fair Strides

Screenshot uses Pramod Marlon's AI upscaled icons.

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