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  1. Absolutely amazing, it's great to see IG-88 get some much needed screen time, doing justice to the character from Legends. I'm very hyped. Cannot wait for a bounty hunter Mandalorian, though I'm wondering how much Mandalorian culture we'll see and how closely they will follow Legends material.
  2. These are great! My favorite one by far "my weapon isn’t doing anything!" @UnusualCharacters Well done!
  3. This seems very interesting! I'll have to check it out, is there any way to hear the lines without installing them or did you compress them so only the game (Miles Studio software) can access them?
  4. About to update Shanilia (after I found out it had issues idk 6 months or so ago...)feels good to finally fix these issues, but annoying nonetheless.

  5. Wow, Improved Grenades mod has 3.7k downloads on deadlystream... It's a nice mod, just didn't expect it to by the most popular mod. The second most downloaded mod I made is Revenge on the Sith Lady, this perplexes me and amuses me.

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    2. jc2


      @JCarter426 Haha, I had forgotten that my mod made the "List," that would certainly explain its popularity. 

    3. Salk


      I like the idea behind it but I was wondering if it might be possible to make the damage be different depending on how far from the center of the explosion the affected targets are?

    4. jc2


      @Salk Idk... I have no idea, that might be out of my league to pull off.

  6. I'm getting excited about K1CP, just reading all the changes/fixes/patches etc... It looks like they've really stepped up the quality and quantity!

  7. My only comment would be that several mods use the tslpatcher to modify the Modules, Streamwaves, Sounds, VoiceOvers folders as well as the override folder, such as BOS:SR, K1R, LME, etc... Those mods (u have shown installing with KMI) are just override folder mods that are fairly easy to install, either unzip +copy and paste into override or unzip + run tslpatcher. Unzipping might be helpful, but other than that I'm not sure what the usefulness of your KMI installer will be, especially if the user is less involved in the process, which in my experience has lead to many user errors. (I could explain this point further if needed. ) I don't mean to rain on your parade, and I am not familiar with modding those games, nor am I familiar with those tools, so maybe I don't have the full picture of what that installer can do. Just to clarify, besides unzipping and sending to the override folder, do you plan on implementing anything else?
  8. I'd say about 30 or 40 FP, since its quite powerful (transforming people to mindless beasts). Nice forethought to test on droids and bosses. I recall looking at rakghouls some time ago and trying to modify their claws to do more dmg, no idea how it turned out since it was so long ago and it was just a rabbit hole.
  9. Just to add to my position further, and I understand if you don't make these changes, just my feedback that's all, having the PC or PM use the dark force talisman and not lose FP seems wrong. On top of that, using it only once in a fight is completely wrong, as seen in the video the very first fight, the PC uses it twice. Also, I'd have to play it to know if the balance of losing their weapons countered by increasing their str and con, so making them "stronger" may not actually result in making them "harder to fight." Take it is as you will, simply my thoughts on the matter. Another thing you may have tested is if the talisman works on droids, if you haven't tested that out, I would recommend testing it.
  10. I noticed it did not take up any force points to cast. I would recommend for balance/continuity sake that you include a force deduction for casting that spell. If it doesn't take any force, does that mean I could also equip it to non-force users? Another question, is there a darkside requirement or jedi feat for equipping the item? Big fan of this mod though, seems like a fun addon.
  11. Gotta admit that Trandoshan Tailor mod sounds like fun.
  12. I'm with Mellowtron11 on this, very neat idea. Haven't seen it done before. From the screenshots, there is not a red and green variant; any chance you could help my Christmas kotor mod build out?
  13. ShemL still doing good work, trolling people...




  14. jc2

    hey all

    Welcome! Are you a k1 guy or TSL guy?
  15. The source code is right there, enter that into Kotor Tool (which can be found on this website) and compile the script given, then place it in the override. Modding does exist within the grey area of the internet, and even on more filtered sites like nexusmods.com, there is always a threat of malware. You can find Kotor Tool on deadlystream, kotorfiles.com, nexusmods.com, and several other places (even the recently resurrected gamefront.) Edited*