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Lehon Mandalorian Expansion



On the Unknown World, a MANDALORIAN faction is established! Mandalorians speaking in Mando'a (Mandalorian languaged created by Karen Traviss in Legends) and wearing custom Mando'a Beskar'gam. 

An alternate way into the Temple. No longer are you dictated by the order of which faction you speak to first, speak to all factions, then decide who to save, redeem, or slaughter,  until only one faction remains. Double-crossing applicable when deemed necessary by the player. Experience the culture of Mandalorians and their narrative of the Mandalorian War, or attack them on sight for their past warmongering. But know, that such actions do not come without consequences, and only the strongest may survive...

The choice is yours, and the battle awaits!

Three added side-quests! Quest logs, lore expanding loot, new Mando’a armor and NPCs, new battles, new consequences, new decisions, LS/DS opportunities, new Party Member interactions, a few RP secrets, new battle scenes, 

And an All New Lehon Experience…






Slower internet LME Light version available, only difference is that the audio is only playable in game, in condensed .wav format. Install both, by running tslpatcher, nothing else required.


Credits: Deadlystream Community

Fred Tetra for KT

Voice Actors/Actresses:

Belandrie as Burk'yc Brudii & Female Clan Ordo Recruit

Wil Wright as the characters Clan Farr Sentry & Clan Skirata Scout

Jaegun Clark (of Sandhawk Clan) as Clan Farr Champion

UnusualCharacters as Dar'tal (Basic VO)

Ner' Jate'kara as Clan Farr Recruit

Dreadelicious as Male Clan Ordo Recruit

nato as Clan Ordo Champion

JCPenny as Clan Skirata Recruit

SazMando for soundtrack

@ebmar  Voice Filter

@DarthParametric : Helpful Tool aiding Voice Filter work by ebmar

@Fair Strides for all the scripting help!

Beta Testers: @Haveayap, @N-DReW25, @Deltm @JuiceTin, @Nato

K1R Compatibility: Untested but theorized to work based on files, if K1R is installed first, then LME will make some changes to K1R, but nothing that should break the game.



1.0.0 Original Release

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Mr Ardvark

   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Very fun to play through. Writing and voice overs are well done, and the new battles are always welcome. Only Issue I ran into was some of the new Sith troopers dropping everything they had equipped on the star forge, stuff we aren't supposed to see like level 3 droid shields and heavy armor.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

As I have finished the playthrough, that means I have [partially] completed the adventure and enjoyment of this ambitious mod which I can say makes me very busy back then. Why partially? Granted, I must have missed some contents because this mod had choices and side-quests which forced me to take one at a time as the game's progress.

At the time this was written [and the mod's in 1.0.0 version] -- the mod decently constructed - not anywhere near perfect, and still need a lot of improvements as some part of it was broken. Missing DLG file, wrongly placed to-be-called scripts/conditionals which leads to broken contents, and few other stuffs that towards game-breaking and seriously need to be addressed by the author.

I should have given it *** stars for a relatively-poor execution, but I know the amount of dedication and hard-work put into this -not to mention the well written dialogues with plots, and decent voice-overs that I personally think enhances the intensity on the final planet of the journey- deserves at least ***** stars. But I gotta be fair, and **** what I think best with its current condition.

I can see myself always have this installed, because it blends really well with the game - and the game needs it, even.

Permanent spot in the mod list has been filled.

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It really is fantastic. Only bummer was that there was no way to have a peaceable solution. The One and his crew can get bent, but I felt it wasn't fitting for the Elders to get so trigger happy when you try and negotiate for their Mandalorian prisoner, plus it means I can't solve the sidequest.  I'll probably do a little homebrew tinkering with it just because I really enjoy the idea of a bunch of Mandos kicking Sith shebs. Just didn't like that I had to kill off the Elders to do it. 

Would you mind much if I adapted some of this into my overall fanfic? I would indeed give the modders the due credit. 

Response from the author:

Glad you liked most of it, by all means go tinker away! 

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