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  1. This is correct I have a robe expansion planned that will contain a patch for this Shem's Prequel Robes and Kainzorus Primes Prequel Robes It's aim is to add all the missing K2 robes to K1 and then some more in with unique textures Its just taking a long time since I want it compatible with practically everything I'll probably make a WIP thread later if anyones interested
  2. Actually yeah! I thought it was from BOSSR but this is exactly what I was searching for
  3. Okay sorry for the double post but I just found it lol It's in Brotherhood of Shadow Solomons Revenge But im not sure theres permissions available to use the models from it
  4. Im almost positive the Axe has a model in some mod somewhere I just dont know if its available outside that mod as a resource After some searching it looks like the Beskad is already out there in this mod I'll look around for that axe though Im so sure Ive seen it
  5. If I may suggest something for his custom melee weapons? Perhaps keeping in the mandalorian theme you could give him a Mythosaur Axe or a Mandalorian Beskad? Or something inspired by them since they would likely need new models? I think if that could be pulled off it would make Sherruk and his quest very unique (Also I love that weird fan axe lol)
  6. Deltm

    Ahsoka Tano

    I must be out of the loop a bit I was not a big fan on everything the Administrators over there did or said but I must have missed all this jazz I'm so sorry to here that your were made unwelcome over there, especially after being a main poster of content for so long Hopefully there are no more issiues now that your here on DeadlyStream. I've lurked and posted and all that for awhile and all the staff are extremely well-spoken and polite unless your being an ass on purpose Regardless I can't wait to see what you've got cooked up here! I must ask however can we expect any kotor content from you aswell?
  7. Deltm

    Ahsoka Tano

    Woah! I didn't know we had a Jedi Academy board here Fancy seeing you here though Cerez, I thought you lingered around JKHub mostly Glad to see your stuff mirrored here though, the more the merrier if you ask me Welcome to DeadlyStream bud!
  8. This is very exciting Cant wait to see what this yields!
  9. Most scenarios on Korriban Especially the tomb stuff
  10. Loving the progress here. As for feedback the eyes "could" be changed to a light yellow like other protocol droids in this era(although I think the red looks fine) and the classic head fits B4D4 in my honest opinion. I cant wait to see more
  11. And why were those turned down again? I think the sound great
  12. Quick Questions about updating from 1.2 to 1.3: Will I need a fresh install? Or can I just install the mod with 1.2 installed and update the files?
  13. Hello All! I lurked here for longer then I'd like to admit and finally got the nerve to start posting/contributing. Hope to see you all soon
  14. If I recall correctly this was a debug character used by Obsidian. If your running through steam disabling cloud saves should fix it. Also I've heard deleting the "futuregame" folder in the K2 Directory solves it Just make sure to load a previous save after disabling cloud saves