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  1. Changing Xor back is simple enough. Just remove the associated files from the mod or edit the ones in the mod back to the vanilla appearance.
  2. Not trying to argue, just given my evidence. It was the Campaign Guide I believe that established Xor as Twi'lek. That said, wouldn't the dialogue fit since Xor himself was a Mandalorian as well? Superiority complex as it were.
  3. Is the Community Patch going to change Xor to a human? Because at some point his status as a Twi'lek was deemed canon.
  4. Disney couldn't make a decent Star Wars film if it smacked them in the face with a lightsaber.
  5. Regarding the change to Uthar and Yuthura's outfits... will that be an optional change? I intend to use a mod that changes the NPCs to wear Sith robes so...
  6. I have a 4 to 5k budget after years of saving up. I want a high power gaming machine with: i9 9900k Intel Processor ASUS Wi-Fi Motherboard NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB 32GB DDR4 RAM I just need to know a provider that sells products reliably.
  7. Hello all, I know I've not been a particularly useful member, but today I come to you with a plea for assistance. I'm attempting to build a new computer after my laptop bricked out on me. (Thanks MSI. -_-) Now... I've looked into the usual suspects for providers; iBuyPower, CyberPowerPC, Digital Storm, etc. However, I've come to see a number of horror stories in the consumer reviews for all of these companies. If I had the ability, I would simply build the machine myself. (I broke my hand some years ago and now it's impossible to keep it straight, so I'm liable to break something if I try.) So... I ask now if anyone knows of a reliable provider or method I can have a gaming machine built I would be eternally grateful. Thank you all for your time, and my apologies for the inconvenience of my request. Regards, JDub96
  8. Dunno if it helps, but I imagine you'd be able to use the Sabers of the Old Republic mod I uploaded in conjunction with the patch if you like. Dorn gave blanket permission to use it.
  9. May I make a suggestion for Jolee's hilt? Rather than use the SWTOR version, would you be able to rig a model with a standard metal hilt that's been supplemented with wood from Kashyyyk? I always envisioned Jolee's lightsaber as having fallen into disrepair in his exile and repaired with the resources available to him.
  10. Hm. I'll do my best, but my knowledge of modding is still in it's infancy. EDIT: By the way, if anyone has any skill with the above issue, as well as unpacking and re-packing .mods and TSLPatcher files, hit me up. I could use all the help I can get.
  11. Here's hoping Chris Avellone is stronger than EA. This is the first Star Wars game that's piqued my interest since Disney took over.
  12. Huh. That's interesting. In my version, she doesn't even bring up her lightsaber. I was actually hoping to remove that part altogether from the final version because I absolutely hate unvoiced dialogue. Plus it always struck me as a little jarring that Belaya just hands you her lightsaber. My final version will likely have the Belaya lightsaber thing cut altogether if that's alright with you.
  13. Dude... you should try for a Bendak Starkiller Legends!
  14. Is there a link for ChangeEdit? Or is it simply on this site?