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  1. JDub96

    TSL Restored Content Mod

    How do I know if the installation worked? I just ran the executable and the main menu looks the same as vanilla. EDIT: Okay. So for some reason it's installing to my LucasArts folder instead of my GalaxyClient folder. How do I correct this? EDIT 2: Nevermind. I used the ModDB version. Problem solved.
  2. JDub96

    [Request] Missing Bao-Dur body models

    Well what about working the other way around? Making custom items that use those models specifically for Bao-Dur?
  3. JDub96

    [Request] Missing Bao-Dur body models

    So wait. The Zabrak race uses the same clothing restriction as the Wookiee race? EDIT: Also there does appear to be a minor offset where the prosthetic meets the sleeve. As if the arm going in is smaller than the hand connected to it. Would that be correctible issue, or would it screw with the overall armor/robe models?
  4. JDub96


    Would it be possible for someone to mod in an exclusion for a Jedi robe that Bao-Dur can wear while also allowing his prosthetic to be visible?
  5. JDub96


    Hey, I was hoping someone could confirm something for me. I read somewhere that Bao-Dur can equip the Zeison Sha/Jal Shey armors. Or at least one or two variants. Can someone tell me if this is true, and if so if these armors continue to show Bao-Dur's prosthetic?
  6. JDub96

    Revan's Head

    Preesh. @ebmar Okay so I edited it with GIMP, but now when I change the filename to .tga and put it in the Override folder, all I get is a white, textureless head.
  7. JDub96

    Revan's Head

    Anyone know what tools I'd need to make the head a little more flesh-colored and change the eyes to brown? I want to use this mod, but the eyes and skin tone are bothering me too much.
  8. JDub96

    Looking for Something

    No. I can say with certainty that it's a skin mod for PMHC04.
  9. JDub96

    Looking for Something

    I saw that one. Still not right. The annoying part is, I used to HAVE the mod in the above screenshot. But I lost it because it was on my old machine and I didn't back up my mods at the time.
  10. JDub96

    Looking for Something

    Already did. I think it's one of the mods that got lost in the crash when FileFront and LucasForums went down. Was hoping someone might still have it.
  11. JDub96

    Looking for Something

    Yours is actually what I'm comparing the above screenshot to. I'm trying to note some differences between that version and yours. I was hoping someone could point me to that particular version.
  12. JDub96

    Looking for Something

    Hey guys. I'm hoping someone can help me track down the head mod in this picture. I'm trying to compare something between this mod and another.
  13. JDub96

    Schematic Lightsaber Mod [SLM]

    Are the dialogues added by this mod voiced? I know probably not, but I am curious before installing.
  14. JDub96

    Effixian's PMHC04 from K2 to K1

    @Effix I've looked into that one. Problem is that they head is WAY too gray. Contrasts with all the other people in the game. If it had more flesh colored skin, I'd be using it. Also, the eyes are green instead of brown. Dunno if you'd be able/allowed to make those edits. I sure as Hell dunno how.
  15. JDub96

    Cassus Fett’s Unique Armor

    Shouldn't Cassus' armor be yellow? That's how he looked in the comics.