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  1. Would anyone happen to know how I could go about removing feats from the level up list for both games? I'm trying to remove all the blaster related feats.

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    2. AmanoJyaku


      I agree with DeathScepter, it should not. From what I understand, feats.2da controls which feats are granted, while featgain.2da controls when (i.e. character creation and level up).

      I've never modded anything, but it looks like you would just remove the unwanted feats from feat.2da, then increase the number of granted feats in featgain.2da. Rows are 0-indexed, so row 0 is Level 1, row 1 is Level 2, etc...

      So, if you remove "Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Pistol" from all starting classes in feats.2da you should probably increase all the values in row 0 (Level 1) of featgain.2da by 1. If you removed "Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Pistol" and "Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Rifle", then increase the values by 2, etc...

      And if you removed "Implant: Level 2" and "Uncanny Dodge" from only the Scout class in KotOR, you should probably increase the value in column "sct_reg", row 3 by 2.

      I say "probably", because you may feel it's better to grant the removed feats at later levels. The mod I linked to removed 10 feats from startup, and I spent a lot of time figuring out which of the level 1 feats I wanted. It would have been better if I was only granted 8 feats, with the remaining two granted at levels 4 and 8.

      But, you want to apply the removed feats to weapons. I can't help you there, but I think it's doable.

    3. DeathScepter


      Well Within Kotor 1, I have notice there is Force Focus: Control and Force Focus: Alter. I do wonder if they actually work and if so, I should restore them. 

    4. TamerBill


      You should probably make a topic to ask for help rather than using a status update. Nonetheless, here's the answer.

      You want feats.2da, specifically the columns labelled ***_list, ***_granted, and ***_recom. There's one of each for each class.

      To essentially remove a feat from the game, set list for all the classes to 4 (means "not available for this class"), granted for all the classes to -1 (means "not gained automatically on levelup") and recom for all the classes to **** (means "never chosen by the Recommended button").

      Same for TSL, just with more classes.

  2. Looks like the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake is going to be a PS5 exclusive.

  3. I'm assuming there's no way to install this over a previous version of SLM? I have to use a fresh install of the game?
  4. I had the same issue. Uninstalling Peragus Tweak fixed it.
  5. JDub96

    Blasters Reloaded

    There's a K1 version?
  6. It's important because I'm also going to be making my own version of Malkior's Blasters Reloaded that's going to involve removing the blaster feats from enemies and NPCs as well. I just don't want to break anything since the prop weapon Tobin had seemed to be part of making that cutscene work.
  7. Really? I wouldn't have guessed that. I would have assumed that the prop weapons didn't actually work as proper damaging weapons.
  8. So... I'm toying with the idea of going through the modules of the games and editing the NPCs and enemies to have more consistent equipment. This was born of Col. Tobin switching from his Onderonian military uniform to Bronzium light armor. When I messed around with the Tobin files, I tried switching his heavy repeater to a heavy blaster pistol but that seemed to break the cutscene in the palace. Regardless, I wasn't sure if prop weapons are commonly used by enemies or just by NPCs we never fight.
  9. JDub96


    How does this handle the Handmaiden/Visas conflict and Atton/Disciple conflict? Do those remain exclusive on the PC's sex or do they both trigger regardless?
  10. My point was that I killed everyone, but this guard was hidden behind a part of the entrance so he never entered the fray. I'm just advising he perform a second sweep of the entrance.
  11. You might want to double-check the front door to the refugee sector. I had the issue as well and found it was because the Gammorean guard at the door was hiding near the transition point.
  12. Hm. I couldn't tell you what's causing the health bug.
  13. As I play through TSL using the TSLRCM mod, I have found that T3-M4, G0-T0, and HK-47 do not use the special droid weapons I have given them regardless of the combat role I assign them. Would it be possible to remake or port the Droid Support role from K1 for TSL?
  14. I'm by no means an expert... but if you want some help with .utc/.uti editing I'm down to help.