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  1. Just as a thought... but I remember it being said at one point that Kreia owned a double-bladed lightsaber. Would it be possible to make a version of the lightsaber file where she draws a double-bladed weapon as opposed to a single-bladed one?
  2. Does it have a hook for the medal you get at the end?
  3. JDub96

    SotOR Add-On

    Hello, As some of you may know, I've been trying to perfect the SotOR mod originally created by Qui-Don Jorn. In my efforts to do so, I've come across a couple of nitpicks I'm trying to get done. Amongst them is the creation of a lightsaber hilt model. I was hoping someone would be able to create only the mesh and textures for Bastila's lightsaber to match the attached image. I need a version that creates a red blade and a version that creates a yellow blade to replace the original SotOR files for Bastila's lightsaber. Any and all credit will go to you for it's creation obviously. Thank you for your time.
  4. Originally, my ideal lightsaber was a single-bladed weapon with either a purple or cyan blade. However, after completing Jedi: Fallen Order, I've really come to love Cal's final lightsaber. A double-bladed weapon that splits into two with a cyan blade.
  5. Here's a lesson I learned the hard way in this community. Quality content means not adhering to deadlines. DP and the crew are working as hard as they can on this project. What they need from us is patience and understanding. All is good man, just keep in mind that the best mods are the ones that aren't rushed.
  6. Hey dude? Stop talking. You're only digging the hole deeper.
  7. What if you actually linked it to the same scripts as the crystal? So that whenever the crystal gets enhanced, the robes are also enhanced as like a... side effect of the resonance of the Force with the crystal to the user? Place the robes in the container aboard the Harbinger so they're always nabbed before the crystal.
  8. Huh. Look at that. Thanks DP! Does it incorporate additional armor drops as well or am I using KSE for that?
  9. I apologize in advance if this has already come up (my mind is fried these days), but would the Community Patch also overhaul/correct the Sith uniform quest on Taris? From a logical and lore standpoint it makes no sense that only one uniform is obtained/taken away when Carth is likely to be at their side when they infiltrate the Lower City. I know some people have modified this before, but I wasn't sure if there were plans to incorporate it into the Community Patch as well.
  10. No pressure at all. I was just thinking out loud so there's no pressure to actually fulfill it.
  11. Think you could make a version of this with brown robes and a red cape for K1? It would make an awesome Qel-Droma robe replacer.
  12. Changing Xor back is simple enough. Just remove the associated files from the mod or edit the ones in the mod back to the vanilla appearance.
  13. Not trying to argue, just given my evidence. It was the Campaign Guide I believe that established Xor as Twi'lek. That said, wouldn't the dialogue fit since Xor himself was a Mandalorian as well? Superiority complex as it were.
  14. Is the Community Patch going to change Xor to a human? Because at some point his status as a Twi'lek was deemed canon.
  15. Disney couldn't make a decent Star Wars film if it smacked them in the face with a lightsaber.