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  1. To clarify, I can complete the quest just fine. My issue is that every time I talk to him after turning in the 1st journal, he repeats the history of Taris instead of the usual "You have returned."
  2. So, I was on Taris and got to the quest to locate Rukil's apprentice in the Undercity. I like to do a bunch of stuff at once so I explore all of the outer Undercity and get the Rakghoul serum, meet Canderous, and recover Malya's journal. I get the next part of the quest where I'm tasked with finding the journals of Rukil's father and grandfather so I grab them out of the sewers. Normally, I wait until I clear the Vulkar base to give them to Rukil but I decided to go back. And Rukil acts like I never found Malya's journal in the first place. At first I thought the issue came from installing the Bendak light side bounty mod halfway through Taris so I did a fresh run but the issue persists. My mods are: - KotOR 1 Community Patch - Sabers of the Old Republic - Sunry Murder Enhancement - K1 Bodies Stay - JC's Saber Effects - JC's Blaster Effects - JC's Back in Black - Helena Shan Improvement - High Quality Blasters - Iriaz on Dantooine (I do NOT have KotOR Restored Content Mod) - K1 Diversified Star Forge Prisoners - K1 Diversified Soldiers on Taris - TSL Ported Animated Swoop Monitors - Remove Force Armor Restrictions - Canon Galaxy Map - JC's Robe Adjustment - K1 Faster Scuba - JC's Security Spikes for K1 - JC's Dense Aliens - K1 Lite Upgrades - K1 Party Leveler - K1 Ported Alien Voices - Spectral Ajuna Pall Canonical Appearance - Traditional Mandalorian Blades - Training Sabers - The Real Vibroblade - Realistic Visual Effects - Balanced Pazaak - Leviathan Differentiated Dialogue - Sandpeople Disguise Fix - AI Upscaled Movies - SWTOR Revan Voice None of these mods seem like the type to cause these issues, but I am out of ideas. I have a few more that I can't remember right now but I will update once I'm home. I posted the ones I do remember in hopes it'll give some guidance as I've never had this issue before. That said, I did also make use of Flawless Widescreen but uninstalled it and replaced it with Unwis before I ever entered the Undercity. EDIT: Completed mod list.
  3. I would appreciate it. I use JC's lightsaber blade effects myself, but having a way to have SotOR inject the files would be an amazing new feature. I'm also trying to figure out how to rig my own .mod injection so I can get Bandon to be using his lightsaber model on the Endar Spire and on Manaan. EDIT: I also still have a clean version of the SotOR files if you need it. Though I doubt it since you made the mods.
  4. SotOR is Kaidon Jorn's old Sabers of the Old Republic mod. The reason I believe there's a conflict is because, when I run the TSL patcher for SotOR after K1CP it says that the .mod files SotOR would patch already exist and it is skipping those files. Since I value the fixes of K1CP above all, I always run K1CP first. I just want to be sure they both work if I can.
  5. So, I'm trying to make a compatibility patch between 2 of my must have mods for personal use only. How do I go about it when they both replace .mod files? EDIT: In case it matters, the mods in question are SotOR and K1CP.
  6. Is anyone else having an issue with Bendak showing up wearing blue armor instead of yellow?
  7. I have the GOG version of the game but the patcher just crashes instantly after I try to open it.
  8. Well I know ERFEdit is supposed to let me modify RIM and MOD files. Those are all in the Modules folder in the directory and I've installed all my mods. I just can't seem to get ERFEdit to let me actually do anything. EDIT: I figured it out. I forgot to change the file it was seeking from .ERF to .RIM.
  9. I know the Tutorials section would probably be ideal. I was just more hoping for a crash course since I'd be taking existing modified .mods and .uti/.utc files and modding those. I'm trying to also remember what the best tool for modding the .uti/.utc files were. I remember using a tool for Dragon Age that I can't remember the name of. EDIT: I'm also having a hard time getting ERFEdit to work. I hit the 'Open' option and go into the Modules folder in my directory but the application isn't recognizing any files to open.
  10. So... I recently decided to get back into the modding scene and was hoping for some info. I use a number of mods, including K1 Community Patch and SotOR, and was looking for ways to unpack and repack modules so I can edit the inventories of NPCs so the mods all work in tandem. Can anyone give me a refresher on what I need to do it?
  11. Just as a thought... but I remember it being said at one point that Kreia owned a double-bladed lightsaber. Would it be possible to make a version of the lightsaber file where she draws a double-bladed weapon as opposed to a single-bladed one?
  12. Does it have a hook for the medal you get at the end?
  13. JDub96

    SotOR Add-On

    Hello, As some of you may know, I've been trying to perfect the SotOR mod originally created by Qui-Don Jorn. In my efforts to do so, I've come across a couple of nitpicks I'm trying to get done. Amongst them is the creation of a lightsaber hilt model. I was hoping someone would be able to create only the mesh and textures for Bastila's lightsaber to match the attached image. I need a version that creates a red blade and a version that creates a yellow blade to replace the original SotOR files for Bastila's lightsaber. Any and all credit will go to you for it's creation obviously. Thank you for your time.
  14. Originally, my ideal lightsaber was a single-bladed weapon with either a purple or cyan blade. However, after completing Jedi: Fallen Order, I've really come to love Cal's final lightsaber. A double-bladed weapon that splits into two with a cyan blade.
  15. Here's a lesson I learned the hard way in this community. Quality content means not adhering to deadlines. DP and the crew are working as hard as they can on this project. What they need from us is patience and understanding. All is good man, just keep in mind that the best mods are the ones that aren't rushed.