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  1. Unfortunately, in my case this does not solve the problem. Is this the final version of the fix? I managed to discover a few things: - if you unequip/equip your armor with your swords drawn, it will somehow reset your character's pose and move the off hand sword/lightsaber to the correct position in hand - it fixes the glitch and it works every time. - with a lightsaber in off hand, the flourish animation does not couse the glitch while running, but it does when standing still. - with a sword in off hand, the flourish animation always couses the glitch. I think this is because walking with a turned off lightsaber in your off hand uses a different animation than walking with a sword in off hand.
  2. What do you mean "this mod does not fix the Xor issue"? How can I make other messengers appear after Xor? I don't want to edit save files manually. I am looking for a bugfix that works with polish game version.
  3. I am a little confused... Is this Community Patch gonna work with polish version of the game if I play male character?