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  1. For one of my mods, I removed an item property by making it require an upgrade part that doesn't exist. I hope that one day we can have an installer with the ability to delete GFF structs in a way that is safe for mod compatibility, but for now, this works...
  2. There's nothing in this mod that would cause such a problem.
  3. I'm not sure I follow. This mod is compatible with K1CP and K1R, but K1CP is not compatible with K1R.
  4. No, it makes no such change. @Wonder It will run on Android. See here.
  5. Oh, that's great. I'll take a look, thanks.
  6. Yes, that should be all of it. There aren't many changes: mostly to add missing journal entries as you noticed. You can add a file called appendf.tlk for the female variations of each line. TSLPatcher (and I presume HoloPatcher) will patch both dialog.tlk and dialogf.tlk if both append.tlk and appendf.tlk files are present. appendf.tlk needs to have the same number of lines as append.tlk, even if there is no translation difference. It would probably be easiest to duplicate append.tlk, rename it to appendf.tlk, and then modify only the lines that require a different translation.
  7. As in the unmodified game, the crystal stats are determined by your current class.
  8. Installing the glove option will not uninstall the gloveless option. It's not especially difficult to undo by editing appearance.2da, but it's not something which I could provide with TSLPatcher because the changes depend on what other mods you have installed and TSLPatcher has no way of accounting for that.
  9. This mod only alters the player robes and doesn't affect the appearance of any NPCs except a few Jedi who wear the same robes. It sounds like you installed one of the other mods you are using incorrectly.
  10. I posted my fix in the KOTORmax bug reporting thread.
  11. It is compatible with the Community Patch. I am not familiar with the other mods you are using, so I can't say what the issue is, but it should be compatible with any mods that affect the enclave area so long as it is installed after them.
  12. This mod doesn't alter any armor, only NPC appearances.