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  1. I don't know how to fix the texture for Android, or if it even can be fixed. I don't have a way of testing on Android and so far nobody has volunteered to do so for me, so there's nothing I can do at the moment. As for the weapon failing to drop, it looks like that's an issue with the installer that I'll have to fix in the next version.
  2. Those warnings mean nothing. It's fine.
  3. I've heard that's the case with WAV files that lack the proper header file on Steam, but the files in this mod are WAV and have the same header as the original game files and those are the ones that are working (as they should). It's possible there's a difference between the K1 and K2 headers, but I won't have time to investigate thoroughly for a while. All I can say for now is that the audio files I tested work for me and I haven't tested any other audio files on any other system and can't.
  4. I can't say since it was SH who exported those audio files, not me; and I talked to him and he says he doesn't know either, because there have been no reported problems for the mod in K1. It's possible the audio formats are different, but I won't have time to look into it for a while.
  5. If it's crashing that probably means the model or upcrystals.2da is missing. I can only guess you didn't run TSLPatcher correctly, or since you're on the Steam version possibly the Steam Workshop is interfering.
  6. Basically, yeah. You should also duplicate the TXI data, but you might not have to. I was too lazy to take screenshots and then I forgot to do it the next day and that was a week ago. But yes.
  7. The easiest way is Composition --> Save Frame As --> File, and in the Render Queue click Photoshop and change that to Targa Sequence. That should export a TGA file in the correct game format.
  8. I used a free plug-in for After Effects called Saber. (The plug-in is free; After Effects costs many dollars.) It was made by visual effects artists who worked on the Star Wars films. It has a few shape options, like a line for rotoscoping, but it can also be applied to any layer mask. I used that feature to draw over the shape of the original game texture.
  9. Hmm, I wouldn't expect a problem from Windows but I have never actually tested on Windows 10. I can, but I'll have to get back to you.
  10. That I'll have to look into. It's probably a problem with the KOTOR 2 supermodel that got carried over. As to your original issue, I don't know. It doesn't happen to me, obviously. If you're on a non-Windows operating system it could be some file system issue.
  11. Hmm, actually that is one of the animations that should be fixed and it looks like the fixes aren't in effect. First, I'd suggest checking that you installed everything properly to Override and that you aren't using other mods that might conflict. Then delete all the S_Female and S_Male files from Override and reinstall. Alternatively, you could use the ported supermodel sets from Cloaked Jedi Robes or Slave Bastila. They include all the fixes.
  12. I'll need to see pictures. This only fixes a couple animations, but if there's a clear problem with another one, I can take a look.
  13. Move any files you want to install to Override. The readme says what does what.
  14. The one from the other day? That was just an edit of the description we prodded zbyl for so it doesn't unilaterally recommend using the Steam Workshop anymore. Don't use the Steam Workshop.
  15. You can find some old tutorials here. Editing UTC files isn't that difficult and you can do it with KOTOR Tool without much issue.