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  1. You also want to package it in a .mod file rather than overwriting the original .rim files.
  2. It plays for me. It could be that your media player has trouble playing it because it's less than one second.
  3. Yes, GiveItem does not seem to prompt any feedback or status summary whatsoever. That is what I used for my Vision Enhancement to unequip and reequip the player's clothing and headgear. I found a few cases of this in game code as well. I thought I had learned of SuppressStatusSummaryEntry from reading game code, but I've looked and I haven't been able to find a single use of it in either game.
  4. The way to do it in K1 is to call SuppressStatusSummaryEntry before the creation or destruction. // 763. SuppressStatusSummaryEntry // This will prevent the next n entries that should have shown up in the status summary // from being added // This will not add on to any existing summary suppressions, but rather replace it. So // to clear the supression system pass 0 as the entry value void SuppressStatusSummaryEntry(int nNumEntries = 1); For example: SuppressStatusSummaryEntry(); CreateItemOnObject("g_w_lghtsbr01");
  5. The global variable determining the player's gender is 000_PLAYER_GENDER. The values are: GENDER_MALE = 0 GENDER_FEMALE = 1 GENDER_BOTH = 2 GENDER_OTHER = 3 GENDER_NONE = 4 However, the Handmaiden is not available as a party member for a female player. It sounds like you are using a mod that adds this option but does not add additional dialogue to refer to the player as female.
  6. Protection against any physical damage protects against all three, as far as I recall. It would be worth testing whether that has to do with how the damage bitmask works, or whether that is hard-coded for those types. If it were the former, that would seem backwards to me. It would mean the more types of damage a weapon deals, the weaker it is, essentially.
  7. It's a bitmask, so 7 is 1 + 2 + 4, i.e. bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing. My memory is hazy, but I remember universal damage being different in each game. In KOTOR 1, weapons that say they deal universal damage like disruptors actually deal physical damage, and this damage can be absorbed by items that provide damage resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing like Brejik's armband. Whereas in KOTOR 2, they deal acid damage. I don't recall whether the universal damage type is actually used.
  8. There are no M2DA files for KOTOR, only 2DA files. TSLPatcher can be utilized to patch only the changes you want to make for better mod compatibility.
  9. Yes, you will have to rename the base as well or else you will run into issues with sabers occasionally having the wrong color, as well as an annoying error log.
  10. If you're updating from the previous version then yes, that should be fine.
  11. My Supermodel Fix has an option for K1 style running.
  12. Launch the game and look at the game's logo in the main menu. It should say whether TSLRCM is installed or not.
  13. You can find a tutorial on this in the LucasForums archive here. I believe in KOTOR 2, there is already a generic script that will make an NPC walk to random points without requiring a waypoint path as well. You could try finding an NPC that does this to take a look at their scripts.