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  1. Yes, as I recall, I updated my mod with the same fix we added to the Community Patch. So either should work in the meantime until SS is able to add the fix to his mod.
  2. There's a mod to give Canderous helmet filter here, but I think it replaces all his lines. I'm not sure if it's something that can be turned on and off without editing every dialogue file that involves Canderous.
  3. Because you keep insisting that if Malachor existed, it would be the only place Malak would have taken Bastila without giving any evidence for that claim. Especially in the post I just quoted. Where is your evidence for this? The temple has a torture chamber for torturing Jedi which was successfully used to seduce a Jedi to the dark side. Fine, then, you were wrong. Happy now? I don't see how this is a problem. Revan was not personally responsible for everything that ever happened, nor should Revan be. KOTOR 2 goes in depth about the Exile's involvement in the Mandlaorian Wars because the game is about you, but it also builds up Revan as a master strategist and godlike figure more than even KOTOR 1 does.
  4. What is your evidence for this? It is by no means said in KOTOR 2 that Malachor is the only place to make Jedi fall to the dark side, or even the first: It seems likely that Lehon had the same property: Malachor is perhaps the most important of these three locations in KOTOR 2, but that is in KOTOR 2, when it is the only one of the three that has not been discovered and attacked by the Republic. If your alternative is that there is no choice and other people should not be allowed to make a choice that you disagree with, in a roleplaying game, then I cannot be convinced this alternative is inherently better. Yes, because it was the source of the infinite fleet. The Trayus Academy was not. Later, the Sith lost the Star Forge, but still had the Trayus Academy. No, this is not true: There is no definitive answer given in the game, and it is speculated that they had already begun to fall before discovering the Star Forge. You said the game gave you no opportunity to counter Kreia's argument, and I showed you a quote in which Kreia literally says "you were right." I don't know what more you want. Do you want another example of Kreia saying you were right? Yes, Canderous attributes the Republic's victory at Malachor to Revan's strategy. So does everyone in KOTOR 2. However, other people were there and did things that Revan personally did not do. There is no indication of any connection between Exar Kun's Sith and Revan's Sith in the game beyond this one line. I think it's a relic from an earlier draft of the game in which Bastila was Vima Sunrider and the game followed up more closely on the events of the Great Sith War, but that is only speculation on my part. On that note, though, you are willing to accept connection between Exar Kun's Sith and Revan's Sith in order to explain this continuity error, but you are not willing to accept a connection between Revan's Sith and the Sith of KOTOR 2 who were explicitly written to be survivors of Revan's Sith?
  5. It is not "more specialized." It's mentioned at various points in the game that there are many worlds like Malachor and Korriban that are wounds in the Force that the Sith used to break Jedi. So choose that Revan was light-sided. Those who prefer that Revan was dark-sided and are fine with the subsequent events should still be free to do so. I'm not going to defend the competency of NPCs in either game. But as for the two locations being different, yes, the place where Jedi were taken to be turned to the dark side against their will is different from the place where Force sensitives who have already turned to the dark side willingly go. They have conquered half the galaxy. It stands to reason there are many places in their empire that we do not see. But they weren't. That's not the plot of the game. And I don't see how it would be an improvement to completely disconnect the sequel from the original. I referenced this quote before. Most of what you're talking about here is Canderous' description of the war in general, not the Battle of Malachor V specifically. I would also point out that Canderous has some dialogue in this conversation that makes absolutely no sense in the context of either game: Regardless of the Exile's role at Malachor, according to KOTOR 2, the battle was Revan's strategy and Revan was still the impetus of the Republic's victory. But of course Revan was not the only Jedi there.
  6. The implication of the dark side ending is that the Republic is destroyed. Obviously there had to be some semblance of a status quo for a sequel to happen and for the Republic to exist in the films. Revan's disappearance allows for that while also at least giving some recognition of players' choice in the first game. Even if Malak had access to the Trayus Academy, it was not his center of power. The Star Forge was. On the other hand, and I know you take issue with this, the Sith of KOTOR 2 did not have the Star Forge. In the wake of their civil war, their center of power moved. I don't understand what this means. The Sith in KOTOR 2 would not exist without Revan. Of course the Trayus Academy was connected to him or her. The Sith governor you meet was still being trained. Presumably, there, but that is beside the point. There were multiple training facilities. Korriban was not unique. Again, the idea that Revan had multiple masters was established in the first game. Zhar says that Revan had a master other than himself, and we are never told who this is. KOTOR 2, as a sequel, introduces us to a character that must have existed, but that we had never met before. You are given every opportunity to disagree with Kreia in dialogue, and the very nature of the game, with you as the player and Kreia as the final boss, forces you to oppose her ideologically. Kreia herself admits to her hypocrisy and that she has to be stopped: Nobody is forcing you to believe her point of view is correct. Chris Avellone has said that he wrote Kreia to raise questions that he had about Star Wars, but I think you are putting words into his mouth as much as he put into Kreia's. I'm not familiar with other Expanded Universe material relating to the Mandalorians from that time, so I can't comment, but this is a minor reference that players familiar with the films would understand and is irrelevant to the story of the game. I don't know how you inferred so much from a few sentences that say little more than "a battle happened." The Battle of Malachor V is a minor plot point that is barely mentioned in the original and elaborated upon in the sequel.
  7. Yeah, it's the fade out effect that causes this problem with certain hardware. I think I've had this problem on destroying NPCs that have bump maps. It's probably a memory leak or some similar issue.
  8. Those were added long after I took screenshots for the mod. But Yuthura's option and one of Uthar's are just the Sith uniforms they wear in the original game. Uthar's armor is the silver Sith armor like the governor on Taris wears. I don't know what you mean by "the other one".
  9. It is explained that after Revan disappeared, nobody was powerful enough to control the Star Forge: The existence of one academy does not preclude the existence of other academies for other purposes. The Sith have multiple training facilities in the first game: Korriban, Lehon, Manaan, Taris. There is no reason they couldn't have had another on Malachor, assuming it was even active after Malak took over. Chronicles of the Old Republic implies that it was abandoned at some point and reestablished by Kreia after the events of the first game: Although that source is riddled with continuity errors. I don't know where you got this from. The only character in the first game who explicitly mentions having trained Revan is Zhar: And that implies that Zhar was not Revan's primary master, just as in the second game, it is said that Revan had many masters: You disagree with the villain of the story's point of view. And this is a problem how? I thought this was an explicit reference to Jango Fett's death in Attack of the Clones. The only mentions of Malachor in the first game are: This seems consistent with the second game's depiction of the events to me, in as much as it can be consistent with so little existing information.
  10. I'm planning to address it in a future mod. Some NPCs use the N_JediCounF/N_JediCounM or N_JediMemF/N_JediMemM models rather than the ones worn by the player, so those also have to be replaced.
  11. There isn't any on Dantooine. The blue Mandalorian Battle Armor can be found in the Tomb of Tulak Hord on Korriban and in one of the Rakatan settlements on the Unknown World. See here. The only change to the item drops that this mod makes is to replace one of the Mandalorian Battle Armor drops with the unused Mandalorian Heavy Armor.
  12. Those are the right files, but you don't want to delete them. Install K1R, then Extra Saber Colors, then restore K1R's .mod files from the backup folder. And yes, you will still be able to purchase the crystals on Yavin Station. However, it might work with K1R as is, anyway. I'm not sure, but I also don't see why it would be a problem, as long as it's installed after K1R.
  13. Yes, I've received some reports of problems on Android. I think this is specific to the device's hardware, and I don't know of any way to fix it at this time.
  14. Yes, this is an issue with the robe animation from KOTOR 2. I'm planning to fix it in the next version when I have time. In the meantime, there is a partial fix available. Open the relevant MDL files in a hex editor, search for pause1 and pause2, and overwrite those characters with something else of the same length, like xxxxx1 and xxxxx2. That changes the names of the animations, so the model no longer overrides those animations, so it defaults to the ones on the supermodel. That will get rid of the arm glitch, but the arms will clip through the cloak more.