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  1. If they rely on K1R or TSLRCM at all I can't include them, but I will be adding something along these lines in the next version, when I get to it. Maybe over my winter break.
  2. MakePHN doesn't really work on alien VO in my experience, though I was able to generate lips for a Trandoshan by translating the line into English as close as phonetically possible and generating lips from the new audio & text.
  3. An issue like that is typically caused by the model having an MDL file from one source and an MDX file from another. I would suggest deleting any lightsaber models from mods that you're using until you figure out which one it is, then copy the model files manually or consider reinstalling it.
  4. See the discussion here. Basically, area models in KOTOR 2 won't render a room if it has no walkmesh, unlike KOTOR 1. Skyboxes in KOTOR 2 always have a walkmesh somewhere on the model to get around this. @bead-v had talked about updating MDLEdit to add a dummy aabb node when models are missing one but I don't know what the status of that is.
  5. JCarter426

    #5: Lips

    Ah, don't worry about it, either is fine. I'll PM you soon, maybe tonight at the earliest if I get my other work done.
  6. Are you the first person to upload a mod on Deadly Stream for a game they haven't played?
  7. Ah, I should've mentioned before. Not sure how much help it'll be now if you already worked through all the changes, but here are my notes on the differences between the function definitions in each game that I took back when I was making Odyssey++.
  8. This is a C++ routine, not a function defined in Neverwinter Script. It's defined in the source code for the game executable. Neverwinter Script is a separate scripting language that makes calls to the actual C++ routines. You can find a list of them in nwscript.nss. But they are implemented in C++, not Neverwinter Script. Since we don't have the game's source code, all we can really do is make guesses about how they work. I was skeptical of it being related to player coordinates—based on my experience with it, and what I've heard from other modders, I thought it was some sort of resource management issue with the game mistaking a reference to one trigger for another. However, I was able to repeat the issue on the Endar Spire in the same location after moving the door, and I don't believe there is another trigger in that location. For the record, I encountered the issue during regular play in the enclave, somewhere around the rotunda. I was able to repeat it on the Endar Spire without Trask in the party by warping back to it, and also by controlling a different party member.
  9. Given that she has different voice actresses in the trial and on M4-78, I am not certain that the one on Korriban was even meant to be Vash. There is an unused female Jedi head that was used for Kaevee in TSLRCM and TSLRP before it. Perhaps they were originally two different characters. The Vash on M4-78 was also called Mara at some point. The only thing that makes sense to me here is that he was talking about the Ravager crew and using "Republic" generally to mean non-Mandalorian. They mention that the Ravager was a Republic ship later on in the conversation after all. Still, it's weird. I remember having this conversation before, but I think it was on LucasForums. If you're talking about how killing Kreia doesn't kill the Exile, as far as I see it, there are a few different ways you can interpret this. For one, we only have Kreia's word that the bond could be fatal. Everyone else you talk to about it says that bonds don't usually work that way. Kreia manipulates the Exile by letting them believe things she knows not to be true, e.g. the Council being responsible for cutting the Exile off from the Force, so perhaps you could simply add this to the list. Second, Kreia herself says that in battle they will be able to shield each other from the effects of the bond—which is evident since damage to Kreia doesn't translate to damage to the player in gameplay—so perhaps this was never a danger for a different reason. The Jedi also describe some ways in which a bond can be broken, such as if one person falls to the dark side, or their if their feelings about each other changed. Whether Kreia fell to the dark side is a whole other argument, but a possibility, and I think it's a much easier argument to make that the Exile's feelings about Kreia changed after her betrayal. So perhaps the bond broke one of those ways. Finally, in some cut content in the dark side version of the enclave meeting, and in the final duel, Kreia talks about making the Exile feel the Force again and overcome the weakness of relying on Force bonds. So perhaps confronting Kreia and not being able to draw on their bond cured them of their bond addiction. To add to the confusion, Kreia has an alternate line in the enclave in which she says that she has severed their bond. I don't have any good answers for this. I got the impression that HK was dismantled so that he couldn't override the navicomputer voice lock, but then there's also talk that he was in the process of being rebuilt for some task. Neither am I, since Kreia, the Peragus staff, and even the disembodied tutorial voice mention the Ebon Hawk having a crew that we never see.
  10. It certainly seems that way. On the other hand, there are parts where the Exile was clearly meant to be in control, such as the encounter with Tobin and Visas' cell. @bead-v, @InSidious, @VarsityPuppet, @zbyl2, and I have discussed it at length on Discord in the past and honestly I don't think anything any of us have come up with makes sense of it. We have various ideas on how to resolve the awkwardness but everything we've come up with is almost certainly not what the developers intended due to some other weird part that contradicts it. How does Kreia get to Malachor? How do the Handmaidens get to Dantooine when the Exile is female? Who rebuilds the enclave in the dark side ending? I have no answers. I think we have to live with stuff happening off-screen for a lot of it for the sake of the pacing. Presumably T3 fixes the ship, and it seems that the party was all thrown out of the ship like how you get repeatedly thrown clear of shuttle crashes earlier. I believe these issues were things that Malachor VI intended to address. @VarsityPuppet@VarsityPuppet@VarsityPuppet hint hint
  11. This isn't an issue with the Jedi Tailor, as that doesn't affect the robes. It sounds like you installed the gloveless option, which patches appearance.2da to change which textures the party and the NPCs you mentioned use, and then somehow removed the textures. Try installing the gloveless option again, or manually copy the TPC files over.
  12. Well, there is the Force Enlightenment power that does exactly that, but you don't normally get it until late in the game. You could give it to yourself earlier with KSE. As far as extending the duration of Force powers goes, all powers run through the script k_sp1_generic, so compatibility is not really possible regardless of TSLPatcher. For better mod compatibility, spells.2da would have to be patched so the different powers use different scripts, and then new scripts would need to be written. It's a project I've considered before, but I am still busy working on improving the random loot system at the moment.