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    New Rules!

    I keep forgetting the staff forum is private. I'll just quote myself on the matter: Basically: make a new email account, make a new PayPal business account, give them your real name, but pick whatever business name you want and that's what people will see.
  2. The High Quality Movie Patch resolution, 1600x680.
  3. It's probably fine, I just haven't tested for sure.
  4. Yes, but I have no plans to do so at this time. Eventually I'll probably play through the game with K1R and all my mods installed, but not yet.
  5. I don't recall - I don't have it installed at the moment. I've added them as a preemptive measure in the event that some anonymous individual releases a TSLRCM-compatible version of USM, which is most assuredly only a hypothetical and not something that was unexpectedly delayed due to mysterious circumstances. So, uh, you should wait until the hypothetical release of that, I guess.
  6. It looks like the middle ("after") one here:
  7. Force Affinity, a Jedi Consular/Jedi Master/Sith Lord-exclusive form: ..which sounds all well and good. However, Force Channel, which all classes get: ...does allow for Force regeneration during combat, at the same rate as Force Affinity, despite what the description says.
  8. It was me, but it's true. Also, one of the Force forms is worthless. I'm planning to do something about that, but I'm still debating what exactly.
  9. That is the appearance he has on the Xbox version, for whatever that's worth.
  10. You have to add the crystal to upgrade.2da.
  11. Both robe slots are still used in K2 so not really - something has to be replaced no matter what.
  12. I was thinking of doing that too, but probably not until I'm sure I'll have a regular update schedule. So there's still time for you to beat me to it and claim you were the trendsetter.
  13. That's not really possible because there are a limited number of body slots for the player. Unlike K2, which has separate models for the Jedi robes and Jedi Master robes, K1 only has one slot for robes. If you wanted to have two different robe models available for a character, you would have to replace one of the other model slots or use some sort of disguise item shenanigans.
  14. DLGEditor isn't pulling them from any game file; the animations are enumerated in the DLGEditor code. Where this information came from, I don't know. It's not in animations.2da or dialoganimations.2da or anywhere else I've looked.
  15. Animations in the 1000s are what I call "complex" animations - one sequence split across two or three different animations. They are meant to be added to consecutive nodes in the dialogue file, although they can also be scripted with as you two noticed. A typical sequence goes like this: 10xx: Start of animation sequence (fire and forget) 14xx: Middle of animation sequence (looping) 10xx: End of animation sequence (fire and forget) with the last digit incremented to give at least some idea of what follows what. Here's a real example: 1014: CROUCH_SHORT 1415: CROUCH_LONG 1016: COURTSY Unfortunately, the names aren't always correct or even spelled correctly. They still count as dialogue animations so that's why they don't match what's in animations.2da.
  16. This is typical of those texture upscale mods. I don't know about this one specifically, but others are known to be missing necessary TXI files as SH says, and/or have corrupted the alpha channels altogether, resulting in issues with any textures that require transparency or shaders. In short, you can't hit a button that tells an AI to process thousands of files and expect it to work with no further meatbag effort. Yet.
  17. FYI, the source file from skills.2da should be taken from patch.erf and not global.rim or 2da.bif. @ebmar noticed the patch archive and we explored its contents a bit. It contains a minor description fix for the awareness skill. That gets undone by this mod since it's using the unpatched version of skills.2da as the source in tslpatchdata.
  18. The lines are in StreamVoice\904\904KREIA. Towards the end, I forget which numbers though. The text is in dialog.tlk, starting at line 106329.
  19. It seems that originally, the final boss would be either Atris or Kreia depending on your game choices, but they must have cut that pretty early on. And that's fine. The frustrating part is that Atris has some voiced lines in the Trayus Core that Kreia doesn't and they would be really nice to have.
  20. There isn't any indication about a lot of things. My guess would be that you were meant to play as one of them as in the Atton vs Sion encounter, and then whichever one survives goes on to appear in the party confrontation scene, with perhaps Atton/Handmaiden being on Kreia's side. But there's no material left for such a thing. There's only one version of the party confrontation, and it implies a light side ending and that all the party members have been trained as Jedi. Also, frustratingly, some of the remaining content is only voiced by Atris, not Kreia.
  21. It's not really a bug. The envmap is supposed to be set to default in appearance.2da so the game loads the shader info from the model. It's default in K1 too. The issue is that the game always loads shader data from the texture on the model, and there is no texture on the model. They removed them from the K2 versions for some models, maybe intentionally. It seems to me that they willfully stripped the shaders off of a lot of NPCs, probably to improve performance in areas with lots of them. That's not an issue for modern PCs so it would be nice for us to have the option, but now changing the TXI data isn't enough. They need a model edit or the appearance.2da hack too. Hutts are also missing the bump map they had in K1. It's not in the files at all and would have to be ported to get their proper look back.
  22. You know TSLRCM restores these encounters, right?
  23. Oh, so that guy was supposed to be blue. That's one item off my list of testing notes then. Some people use it. Problem is none of us do, and haven't tested at all. There are some minor reported issues, but nothing game-breaking, I think, at least with v1.7.