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    JC's Minor Fixes for K1

    Version 1.1


    Summary This is a collection of various things that I found annoying enough to alter. I collect things that I don't think warrant their own mods into a single mod, to be released to the general public when it becomes more substantial. Contents I've divided this mod into five categories: Straight Fixes, Bug Fixes, Resolution Fixes, Aesthetic Improvements, and Things What Bother Me Fixes. Straight Fixes are fixes for issues I think are genuine errors or mistakes or oversights or what have you. There's a problem, here's a fix for it. No artistic license is involved. Bug Fixes really fall under straight fixes but I've separated them into their own category because they're more severe and there's absolutely no reason not to have them. They fix bugs that could potentially break your game. What I've included are either well known and easy for me to do a quick fix or came to my attention directly. There are lots of other bugs this mod doesn't fix, so I strongly suggest that you seek out a more extensive bug-fixing mod. Resolution Fixes are all textures from the game for which there were identical, higher resolution textures somewhere else in the game files. So I've swapped the lower resolution ones for the higher resolution ones. I've separated these from the straight fixes because a) I didn't make any of the content here - it's all extracted from the game, and b) they don't actually fix "problems" per se - it's just an increase in resolution. It looks the same, with slightly more pixels. Aesthetic Improvements are my attempts to improve the visual quality in certain areas. I've tried to maintain the original aesthetic of the game while improving the quality. But the nature of the improvements necessitates new content created by me. You might not like my work, or you might use a different mod that touches on these areas, or whatever, so I've isolated these from the other fixes. Things What Bother Me Fixes fix things what bother me. They might not bother you but they bother me, so I've isolated those as well. For a full release history, see the accompanied file.
  2. JCarter426

    JC's Feat Fixes for K2

    Version 1.0


    This mod corrects some errors in the feat.2da file, which determines what classes can get what feats. First, a number of feats available to the base Jedi classes were not available to the prestige classes. This appears to be an error, given the inconsistency. It wasn't even that no prestige classes could take them. For some feats, certain tiers were available but not the rest. Other feats were available to some classes but locked out of others, despite being available to all Jedi classes. So I've gone through and set all feats that seem like they were meant for all Jedi classes to be available for all Jedi classes. The affected feats are: Caution Close Combat Dual Strike Empathy Gear Head Regenerate Vitality Second, the Finesse: Lightsabers feat was redundant, because Finesse: Melee Weapons applies to both melee weapons and lightsabers. This was probably not the intent, but these feats are hard-coded, so I have no way of fixing them. So I chose to remove the ability to select Finesse: Lightsabers at all. If you want to build a finessing character and receive the benefits of this feat, you can select Finesse: Melee Weapons instead and get it for melee weapons as well as lightsabers.
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    MOD:JC's Minor Fixes for K1

    View File JC's Minor Fixes for K1 This is a K1 counterpart to my Minor Fixes for K2, a collection of various things that I found annoying enough to alter. I collect little things that I don't think warrant their own mods into a single mod, to be released to the general public when it becomes more substantial. That time is now. Submitter JCarter426 Submitted 08/07/2018 Category Mods K1R Compatible No  
  4. JCarter426

    MOD:JC's Minor Fixes for K1

    You're right, they should use punchthrough. I likely typed additive out of habit, or copied an older file without checking. I had been planning to change all those from TGA/TXI to TPC format anyway, so I'll do an updated version soon.
  5. View File Backstroke of the Old Republic This mod rewrites all text in the game using the finest machine translation services available. It is intended to offer a new experience to those familiar with the game. Submitter JCarter426 Submitted 04/01/2019 Category Mods K1R Compatible No  
  6. Version 1.1


    This mod replaces the Jedi robes worn by the player and many NPCs with a more iconic, cloaked one based on a model from K2. I've made some fixes to the model and made new textures both to improve the quality and fit into the game more smoothly. There are two texture options: 100% Brown or Brown-Red-Blue. The Brown-Red-Blue textures maintain the color scheme of the K1 Jedi Robes. The 100% Brown textures look more like K2 textures, with different (brown) designs for the Jedi robes instead of different colors. Dark Jedi robes, of course, are always black. Both styles come with or without gloves for your player character. If you choose a gloveless option, your hands will be bare and match your usual skin tone. NPCs will still wear gloves. I've included most of these assets as a mod resource that can be found here.
  7. JCarter426

    JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1

    I haven't tested my mod with K1R as I don't use it, so I can't say whether it's compatible or it isn't.
  8. Aww. ❤️ But, hmm. As far as the icon goes I just forgot that. It's a separate texture file, which you can similarly figure out by checking the defaulticon column in baseitems.2da. The texture will be i + the defaulticon string + _0 + the texture variation, for example ia_class4_001 for the first light armor. These textures are in swpc_tex_gui.erf instead of the other ones. For the model, I'm not sure what you mean. You can't replace the model for just one item with a simple file swap. If you want to do that, you'd have to make a new line in baseitems.2da and then change the base item type in the .uti file, and even then you are still limited to one of the ten player models (A through J). So you could change the Republic mod armor from D to A-C or E-J, but you couldn't for example make it look like the Republic soldier armor without changing all other D models, because there are a limited number of available slots in appearance.2da. The only practical way to get around this is via a disguise item, like the Sith uniform, Sand People clothing, and Mandalorian assault armor. If you did want to replace all the D models, assuming you have your replacement models PFBC and PMBD already done, you'd have to install the .mdl and .mdx files for those, and replace every texture variation for every item on that model, of which there are 8 in K1. And that certainly can be done, but it isn't practical if you only want to change one item.
  9. JCarter426

    Fair Strides' Script Shack

    In K2, probably yes. In K1, probably no. I suggest using NWNSSComp instead. I've attached some batch scripts that'll compile all scripts in the NWNSSComp folder provided the games are installed or if you copy the corresponding nwnscript.nss file to it too. compile_K1.bat compile_K2.bat
  10. It's a model. If you check visualeffects.2da, you should be able to get the model name (which is usually v_something) and edit the model from there. Visual effects are typically particle emitters, so you don't need much in the way of modeling skills to change something like the color.
  11. JCarter426

    TSL Patcher

    I don't believe so. The closest thing would be to provide different options via the namespaces.ini functionality. This would give the user a dropdown menu so they can choose 1, 2, or however many extra feats, but you'd still have to set up each option individually.
  12. Figure out the file name of the item. Cheat code lists like this can help with that. Open the item (.uti file) in KOTOR Tool. Most of them can be found in BIFs > templates.bif > Blueprint, Item. Determine the texture variation, which the .uti file will tell you. Determine the model letter. The .uti file will give you the base item type, which refers to a line in baseitems.2da. The bodyvar column (very far to the right) will give you the letter. Determine the texture prefix. Check the character's line in appearance.2da and look for the texture column that corresponds to the model letter (e.g. texc). Male and female textures are usually different, so you'll probably have to get both. For player items, they're usually PFB-something & PMB-something. Add the texture variation number at the end of the prefix and you have the full texture file name (e.g. PFBC01 & PMBC01).
  13. First of all, you don't need to and probably shouldn't change the race. In most cases, you also don't need to change the model. You were getting crashes because you entered a model that didn't exist. What you want to do is change your appearance line so it looks like this: modela texa P_BastilaBA XYZ_Bast And then take a copy of P_BastilaBA01, edit it however you want, and rename it to XYZ_Bast01. Substitute XYZ for whatever prefix you want, anything that guarantees it's a unique file name, not used by the game or other mods (e.g. I would go with something like JC_Bast or if I had to do several different ones, JC_BastA, JC_BastB, etc). Appearance.2da has essentially two options. If the texture cell is empty (****) then the model will only render any textures that are on the model. When a string is input (e.g. P_BastilaBA) it is used as a prefix for the texture. This gets added to the two-digit texture variation on the item (default 01) giving the final texture name (e.g. P_BastilaBA01).
  14. That should be easy enough. You can do it in visualeffects.2da by looking for the entry with the model name (v_burnmark) and blanking it out with ****. Or if you prefer, swap the model out with an invisible one, like renaming a copy of plc_invis to v_burnmark.
  15. This is a visual effect model, v_burnmark. But I think the issue there happens because it's clipping with the sand dune, and probably nothing can be done about it indeed, unfortunately. It's just down to where the visual effect occurs and the shape of the area.
  16. JCarter426

    Backstroke of the Old Republic

    Version 1.0


    This mod rewrites all text in the game using the finest machine translation services available. It is intended to offer a new experience to those familiar with the game.
  17. I've never used the mod and don't know what it does, so I really couldn't say.
  18. Nothing. The code is already there. Removing the comment characters transforms the in between block of text from a comment back into actual code.
  19. // single line comment /* multiple lines with comments */ So you'll want to remove /* and */ to enable the code between them.
  20. JCarter426

    #7: Mod Roundup (April 2019)

    The semi-regular report on my extraneous activities continues. I spent the better part of March breaking and then fixing my computer, but there's some new stuff too. Here’s what’s been going on since last time: Updates Odyssey++ - Recent updates to Notepad++ radically altered the file structure, so I’ve updated Odyssey++ to keep up with that. New Mods Feat Fixes for K2 - Fixes some feat stuff for K2. Several feats weren’t available to certain classes for reasons unknown, and Finesse: Lightsabers didn’t do anything Finesse: Melee Weapons wasn’t already doing so it had to die. Security Spikes for K1 - Security spikes never did anything on the PC version of K1. I’ve replicated their intended function as best as I could, so when you use the item you get a temporary bonus to your Security skill. Or, if you prefer, you can choose the other option that removes them from the game altogether. Mandalorian Armor for K1 - Makes the wearable Mandalorian armor more consistent with other Mandalorian armor in the game so they follow the usual blue/red/gold rank system. Also fixes a few other oddities with Mandalorian-related items. Backstroke of the Old Republic - Edits all text in the game to provide a... different experience. Something Completely Different A while back, @A Future Pilot recruited @DarthParametric and myself to help with the next update to the K1 and K2 Community Patches. We’ve mostly been working on the K1 one first. AFP had a list of issues he’d been collecting since the last release, almost a year ago now, and we’ve checked off just about everything on that list. Between those and the other issues we found while fixing those, plus some more that were reported in the interim, I think we’ve easily doubled the amount content in the Community Patch. You can follow our endeavors on GitHub.
  21. JCarter426

    #3: Porting

    I’m glad to be able to talk about porting. It’s not the subject itself that I find as mysterious and alluring as some forumites seem to, but it’s been such a taboo topic for so long that I find it refreshing to be able to talk about everything I’ve been repressing. Porting content from one game to another within the same series (e.g. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords) is now allowed on Deadly Stream. Because I’m allegedly “staff”, I was told about the change of policy a couple days before the official announcement, and I was shocked. I’m still shocked. Honestly, it feels weird discussing the topic even now. Not in a bad way - like I said, it’s rather liberating - but in an I’m still having trouble believing this is a thing sort of way. This would’ve been my tenth anniversary on LucasForums, if it were still online, and I was on the FileFront forums for a bit before that. Porting was always banned and I don’t remember when it wasn’t. When Deadly Stream went online, it maintained the same rules, and now that’s changing. It’s a shift in policy older than this website, put in place before many users here even played the games. It’s a surprise, to be sure - and I expect a welcome one for many. Given the nature of this modding website, I expect anyone reading this likely knows well enough about porting, but not everyone is a modder or PC gamer and I have been asked before what porting is and why it’s a big deal. Porting is taking copyrighted content - models, textures, music, or what have you - from one game and putting it into a different game. It’s a kind of modding, but the distinction is that regular old modding works within the confines of whatever game is being modded, editing the existing assets and/or adding new content created by the modder, while porting involves something that wasn’t in the game and that the modder doesn’t have the rights to. Why is this a big deal? It isn’t in some communities. Different sites have different rules, and some do allow it. But it wasn’t allowed in the KOTOR community until now, though I feel I need to add a qualifier to that. It was kind of unclear. Porting was certainly against the rules on LucasForums, and with LucasForums went the KOTOR community. While I was a reviewer for KOTORFiles part of my job was to make sure the mods I reviewed didn’t have anything that wasn’t allowed. We were, for example, instructed to be on the lookout for TSLRP when the beta was leaked. If you were to ask me if porting were allowed I think I’d say no, but I don’t think that was an actual FileFront rule. JK3Files hosted mods that ported content from Jedi Outcast to Jedi Academy. There were also a few KOTOR mods I suspected of ported content - textures I recognized from Jedi Academy, for example - as well as mods that included other copyrighted material like music and sound effects. Fortunately, though, nothing ever came under my review that called for an examination of the laws of porting. To further complicate matters, the official release of MDLOps - still hosted on StarWarsKnights.com - contains a tutorial on how to port the Tenloss disruptor rifle from Jedi Outcast/Academy to KOTOR. Bit of a mixed message there. Regardless, on LucasForums porting was certainly verboten. But for a long time, this was a moot point. There was a lot in the modding realm we couldn’t do. Until a few years ago, we couldn’t work much with head models - the animations would break, or something worse would happen. And unless you used Taina's Replacer, which didn't allow change in vertices, the smoothing would break. Even if you could get a model from point A to point B, it wouldn’t look as nice as it did back at A. Different tools could only handle different things. KAurora couldn’t do animations. MDLOps couldn’t convert lights or lightmaps, emitters, or walkmeshes. I don't know if room animations didn't work or if nobody ever tried it. All these things and more would break even if you were keeping a model in the same game. Most of these issues were only resolved last year with the development of KOTORMax, MDLEdit, and the updated MDLOps. For this reason, perhaps, porting as a reality was a rare concern. Only two cases from those days stand out in my memory, both of which involved screenshots taken in K1 to make textures in K2, and both of which deemed ok by the administration. On Deadly Stream, there was that fiasco with the credits. More often than not, the matter was merely theoretical - someone would unknowingly request something that required porting and be shot down for it. It was forbidden as a theory even though it wasn’t much of a possibility and I don’t know why. It was a rule from before even my time and I’ve never heard the issue properly debated. Porting wasn’t allowed, and you weren’t allowed to talk about why it wasn’t allowed. I find that a bit unsatisfying, so I’ll try to see things from both sides of the issue and debate myself. Argument A: Porting is a copyright violation. It’s taking something that’s not yours and distributing it without the copyright owner’s permission. In more extreme cases, publishers have moved to shut down mod projects/websites for fear of losing sales, such as with conversion mods that would remake a game in another engine. Modding as a whole is already on shaky legal ground, so it’s not wise to attract that sort of bad attention. The line is drawn here. Argument B: Porting isn’t anything like pirating a game because it involves a fraction of the content and requires the framework of a game to access it. It’s unlikely that any mod would negatively affect a game’s sales. If anything, more mods for a game is a good thing and content ported from one game to another draws interest in both. There’s nothing illegal about porting for personal use. The only part in question is the distribution of game assets - but that applies equally to all mods. The only difference is from which game the assets originated. It doesn’t make sense to apply a different standard of rules, especially for games in the same series that already share a lot of assets, like KOTOR. Those are the essential arguments, as I see them. At the risk of earning Kreia’s wrath, I’m not going to take a side. This is a bit of a coward’s way out that I can take because I’m a modder and I can port stuff myself if I want to and not rely on downloading it from Deadly Stream - more on that in a bit - but that really is how I feel. I don’t see it as a matter of what’s right or wrong or what’s legal but rather what you think is a good idea and how much of a risk you want to take. Some communities take a risk and never have any trouble. Some - not many, but some - have taken the same risk and had their mods taken away. It’s a subjective matter, and maybe that’s why I’m a little bitter about the LucasForums days - because I see it more as a decision we should make as a community rather than an ultimatum that must never be questioned (even if most of us don’t know who made the decision or the rationale). But whether or not it was entirely by choice, that was what the community decided and I went along with it. That was then, this is now. It seems the community has gone in the other direction, and I’ll go along with it. The question has become not what is allowed but what is and isn’t possible. I imagine, in the coming days, as more people ask this question there will be some poking and prodding to explore the new horizons. So I thought I’d save anyone reading this a bit of time by admitting that I’ve known how to do a lot of naughty things for a while now. I’ve been porting for personal use - not to make mods, but for my film projects that demanded it. Characters from different games interacting with each other, locations we wanted to use in another context, or just things that were useful for cinematic purposes - K2 has a lot more animations than K1. I’ve already been poking and prodding for years now and I no longer feel the need to hide it. I’m not going to go into much technical detail yet - perhaps when the modding wiki is online, if it's permitted - but I can answer some general questions right now. For K1/K2: Can we port head models? Yes. There is some difference in the bone structure for each game, but there’s a specific process that works. It’s not even a huge difference, but it makes the lips of K1 heads clip in K2 and leaves K2 mouths gaping open in K1. My guess is Obsidian changed things during their development of the facial animation system that was never finished. The fix is essentially to copy the skin onto the appropriate game’s set of bones. Can we port body/full body models? Yes. Without any qualifiers. PCs? Party members? Aliens? Really? Yes. What about robes with capes? Yes. The supermodels would have to be edited to include the cape bones and their animations, but it could be done. I had one go at it but it’s a bit shoddy at the moment. Can we port other animations? Yes. With a few caveats. 1.) K1 has a limited number of animations that can be scripted, though new cutscene animations are an option. 2.) K2 has more combat animations than K1 and under different names. A couple bugs in K2 stem from failure to account for this, and unless they’re named properly for K1 the same sort of problem would occur. 3.) K2 has a ton of other new animations and they’re added all over the place, which complicates any sort of porting. Can we port models with their own special animations, like Darth Nihilus? Yes. The same animation concerns apply, but that’s it. Can we port textures - fancy ones, like bump maps and ones with animations? Yes. The TPC format doesn’t change, so even in the event that we’re unable to properly decompile to TGA/TXI, simply copying over the TPC is enough. I have a texture archive for K2 that includes all of K1’s textures (and any that happen to share the same file names are overridden by the K2 versions). Can we port areas? Probably. I’ve had one definitive success - m14aa, the Jedi enclave courtyard - and a few partial successes or failures. But it’s still early days and I suspect the problems may have been procedural. The courtyard has grass, running water, and room animations - all the things I’d expect to go wrong first - and zero problems. Lightmaps, which used to be destroyed during ASCII conversion, load fine thanks to the new tools. There is a difference in how each game is lit, so a ported module may end up too bright or too dark, but that can be fixed in the .are file. Good signs so far, but not enough for me to be confident in a hard yes yet. While we’re on the subject, since some of you seem to have been left out of the loop, we can also edit areas now. You might’ve seen area fixes in recent mods, but I’m talking full on editing like changing the lighting or texture mapping or adding a door to a new module. This would come in handy, for example, if one wanted to make new area mods that connect to the existing game, or integrate cut ones like the Czerka warehouse, or restore modules on Dantooine or Korriban that were left out of K2. Can we port feats/lightsaber forms/prestige classes/the upgrade system/the level cap/everything hard-coded? No. These were never porting issues. These game mechanics run directly through the game’s executable rather than an external file that we can mod. For the MMO: Can we port items? Yes. See MDLOps’ tutorial. Can we port vehicles? Yes. I ported the Mantis bounty hunter ship to K1 as part of an area model on Taris. I stripped it of its bump maps because I didn’t know how to work with those at the time, but I imagine if we could figure out how to convert the formats those could be included as well. Can we port character models? Probably. But you’d have to weight it to KOTOR’s set of bones, which isn’t easy or fun work. That’s kind of why there aren’t a lot of new character mods at all for KOTOR. I’m not at all familiar with how the MMO models are set up so I can’t comment further. Can we port areas? Maybe? I can import the models into 3ds Max. To get one in KOTOR would be a lot of work - making new lightmaps and walkmeshes, replacing any emitters like running water with KOTOR standards, almost as much work as making a new area from scratch - but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. Of course, KOTOR has issues with vertical space - can’t have one walkmesh on top of another - so there may be issues with the designs, depending on the area. But I don’t think poly count or anything like that would be a problem. The MMO seems to average around KOTOR’s level, some things better, some worse. I really just haven’t had the time to try it yet. These are all just my general impressions so far and your individual success may vary. But overall I'd say there’s a lot we can do and not a lot we can’t do - just a lot we weren’t supposed to do until now. The point of this blog isn’t to encourage porting, exactly. It’s your choice whether to do it or not. Because of the rules (the old rules) I’ve always strived to use assets that are in both games wherever possible. It’s more challenging that way, but it almost always resulted in fewer complications. Even with porting allowed, I’ll probably still do that in the future. It's simpler. But now that, surprisingly, after all this time, that is a choice people can make, I want to put this information out there so those of you who are interested in stepping down this path may do as you choose. I’ll be available on Discord if anyone wants to see some more examples of my porting attempts or get a more thorough overview of the process. Personal opinions not endorsed by FileFront Deadly Stream.
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    JC's Lightsaber Visual Effects for K1

    Version 1.1


    This mod replaces the lightsaber blade textures. I've made new textures using Saber, a plug-in for After Effects made by visual effect artists who work on the actual films, which they released for free on VideoCopilot.net. The new textures are of higher quality (1024x1024 vs the original 128x128) and should be more accurate to the movie look, given that they were generated with a tool made by movie people. I've adjusted some of the blade colors; I mainly used math to choose them, placing them at even distributions along the color spectrum, and sticking with the plug-in's default setting for blue. In more practical terms, this means yellow is a bit yellower, while green and violet are closer to the blue end. Blue itself is much brighter than the original. I've included two install options for the Heart of the Guardian and Mantle of the Force colors. The default is my approximation of the original game textures, while the Alternate Textures folder has them changed to look more like standard lightsaber blades since I had to do them anyway for the K2 version. Heart becomes orange and Mantle becomes cyan, if you choose this option.
  23. JCarter426

    JC's Darksaber for K2

    Version 1.1


    This mod adds the Darksaber, a unique lightsaber seen in the Clone Wars and Rebels TV shows, to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords. The Darksaber comes with a custom hilt and blade effect. The Darksaber's stats are better than the standard lightsaber's (+2 Charisma and +1d10 Unstoppable damage) but the item cannot be upgraded. I have integrated the item into the game, but I'll keep the how a surprise. One hint: You must search through the possessions of a certain Mandalorian.
  24. JCarter426

    JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1

    TGA and TXI. TGA is the actual texture, TXI contains the shader data, if there is any. The game uses the TPC format to contain both, though I doubt there are any included that mod given how long ago it was released.
  25. JCarter426

    JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1

    Hmm, I don't use that mod (can't even remember if I've tried it) so I don't know what robes it adds. I still have a lot of my own robes to finish, so I'm not really interested in making robes for another mod at the moment, but of course anybody is free to do this with the mod resource version if they want. Also, if you delete any of the added robe textures, they should default to the brown texture variant (PFBI01/PMBI01). That would at least get rid of the patchiness from the mismatched UVW maps.